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The Authors' Profiles

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Ryano Ra, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Ryano Ra

    Ryano Ra Verdant Vitality

    The Authors’ Profile
    This was approved by the Fan-Fic Moderator, Dragonfree. Here, authors can post their own profiles about writing. That way, it would be much easier for authors to post what stories they have out, and give out writing tips to their reviewers. Also, they could really go technical and post great comments about their story to attract more reviewers. Well, when doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

    Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.

    Age: Your current age

    Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.

    Type Of Writing: Your favorite types of writing you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humor, or Fantasy stories.

    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.

    Current Stories: List all of your current stories that are out. Summaries are optional. For stories, list rating, star-vote counts, genre, ect.

    [OPTIONAL] Future Stories: List all of your future stories that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.

    Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help new authors that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

    Well, with that said, I’ll set an example by submitting my profile first.

    Name: Serpent Syra (AKA Syra, Sy, Ry, or 'Rawr')

    Age: Fourteen

    Strong Areas: A few of my strong areas in writing are definitely descriptions and plot. I love to describe everything that happens, which can create vivid scenes and juicy paragraphs. My abilities of description come from my complex mind, since I sometimes visualize things in a different world, a different type of way. I love to create my own worlds with lots of beautiful things and items that'll grab interest, and that's partially where my description talent comes from. My plots always seen to twist and turn my readers, usually because I develop cliffhangers and roadblocks, which means that the plot could be turning into something different when it actually isn't.

    Type Of Writing: I am a complete Fantasy Writer, since basically all of my writing tends to fall in that category. I am starting to develop reasonable skills in the Dark Romance department, in which I'll be experimenting with throughout my upcoming years of Pokemon writing. Also, I'm a lover of writing Action Fanfictions, Origin Fanfictions [like how Pokemon started out], and then there are Documentary Fanfiction, as in like Animal Planet specials and such converted in the Pokemon Version. However, you'll be finding a sum of Fantasy pieces and Action fanfictions from me, so prepare for magical adventures, violence, and beautiful new worlds.

    Type Of Characters: I love to write dark characters, now that I have been magically touched by the personality of Lucy. I also love to write about two characters developing a hardcore relationship with magical twists, loss, and scenes that'll blow your minds, wondering if they are still together or not. Pokemon Rangers seem to be quite excellent for me to write about as well, and Pokemon Trainers are definitely one. Outside of Pokemon, I love to write about characters who are underclassed or vagrants, as well as safeguards, protectors, kings, queens, royalty families, and guardians.

    [CURRENT PROGRESS: Chapten Ten]

    “The adventure of a lifetime, accompanied by sheer chaos, deranged legendaries, and the complex universe of the Slinx Insanity Virus. Soon, there will be a Horizon with No Dawn.”

    Shadow Beauty

    “When people look into my eyes, they see a stronghearted beast. However, when I look at my reflection, I see an atrocious being that does not deserve the Gift of Life.”

    The Fairy-Tale Sea

    “They say that around the world of legendaries lay an ultimate fairy-tale around an angel who tried to capture one before. However, what Life has to offer now must pay revenge on the rule-breaker.”

    Eternity's Prison

    “When a warrior takes the life of his own kind, he suffers greatly. With one choice by the legendary known as Latios, shall he be released and die or drown in eternal pain, locked in eternity's prison?”

    [COMING SUMMER 2006]

    “Freedom is a blessing from Heaven, a gift that leaves many in infinite happiness. However, when on the brink of death, sometimes, the greatest feeling is giving up what you have greatly cherished.”


    “The Gods of the End promised they would end life as fast as they created it, only when the balance was broken. Together, Mew and Mewtwo will destroy the earth, and search until the end of time.”


    “Lies, happiness, battles, pressure, blood, sweat, and tears - all will bestuck to the Spiderweb of Life, forever cherished, no matter the outcomes. Come and soar on the wings that hold the memories.”

    [COMING SUMMER 2006]

    “Adventure through the land of Kanto, when the shinies were about to be sacrificed. Legendaries have gathered and are ready to exterminate the beasts. The Shining Tempest Legacy is about to begin.”


    “Deep within the jungles of Galabonia lies a terrorizing assassin organization known as the Jade Clovers. They fight, they kill, and they win. Live the tale of two assassins as they fight for vengeance.”

    Writing Tips: Try using a Thesaurus to replace smaller words with more vivid words. It will make your writing seem more unique, and will have a rather better taste to it. For example, instead of using 'sad' in a sentence, try using gloomy, depressing, cheerless, poignant, or distressing. For 'happy', you could use content, joyful, cheerful, jovial, ecstatic, or even the phrase 'on cloud nine'. Trust me, a Thesauruses give the best synonyms for words. But do not rely solely on the Thesaurus. Make sure the synonym is being used correctly, for their have similar meanings towards one another, not the exact same meaning.

    Make a handy pocket Dictionary come to good use to double-check the words, making sure they fit the sentence and the message you are trying to give, whether it is an action or a descriptive paragraph. And make sure to give your characters life, and place them into an original plot and setting. And look what the result is -- a true fanfiction.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2006
  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me Staff Member Moderator

    Name: Dragonfree. Also known as Butterfree, but usually Dragonfree.
    Age: 15.
    Strong Areas: Characterization, definitely. It seems to be a natural thing, considering that even *shudders* the original Quest for the Legends was praised for its characters. To tell you the truth, I never actually decide "Okay, this guy is going to be really short-tempered and mean". I just decide "Okay, this guy is named Sean" and his lines magically appear ever after, without me having to bother thinking about it at all. I'm also very good at covering plot holes so that everything makes sense afterwards, which is what every bit of a mystery in The Quest for the Legends came from. I discover a plot hole, I invent something that makes perfect sense and explains the whole thing, and the way that interacts with other plots and all that becomes, though I say it myself, very clever. Who's ever heard of a Pokémon fic that ties in with ideas from Hinduism, where the author wrote a list of like 30 or 40 things that had happened before chapter 15 or so that mattered even though normally people wouldn't really notice them? It's also very, very unpredictable ;)
    Weak Areas: Okay... not being a native English speaker means that my vocabulary is not very extensive at all, so no dramatic fancy-worded descriptions for me. In my best work yet, I have managed to replace that with a certain feel to the writing style, but I can only do that when I'm in an exceptionally good writing mood. Basically, my descriptions are kind of dull. (I don't know why people keep telling me they aren't, because they definitely are.) I'm also very, VERY bad at making my fics long (says the person who's written over 200 pages of her main fic <<). The Quest for the Legends is an exception. I need to have some kind of a plot to turn to early in the story, because as clever as it can turn out when I turn plot holes into plot twists, I need to get far enough to have some plot holes. In The Quest for the Legends, I had the trainer journey. In The Type Chart, I had the original plot of The Matrix. But my only other attempts at chaptered fiction have all failed due to simply not being able to do anything with the story after writing the first bit.
    Type Of Writing: It depends on my mood, really. I tend to write dark stuff a lot, but then again I can also write humour. At least, it's a rule of thumb that somebody always dies or at least gets injured in everything I write.
    Type Of Characters: Depressed ones. Half of my characters are depressed in some way or another. This depression can show itself in various ways, either by violent tendencies, love for sharp objects, isolating themselves, going on and on about their troubles non-stop out of sheer need to get it out, or whatever may suit the character in question.
    Current Stories: The Quest for the Legends, in my sig, which is a trainer fic that's rather more Pokémon-oriented than most, with a darker plot that does not involve an evil team, and the character I'm in love with. Then I have one-shots called Irony, Pokémon Master, Sunset Beach, Mew, Legendary Revenge, Last Defense and The Pokademy Awards - all of which are dark except The Pokademy Awards, which is humour. Sunset Beach, by the way, is probably my best piece of writing ever, won Frostweaver's Standard of Excellence award at Pokécommunity, and is, as you'll see if you read his review of it, stuffed with symbolism and stuff. It should be in the Completed Fics section, and it's not long. Try it, you won't regret it.
    Future Stories: Well, I've been toying with the idea of a fic about a Shadow Tyranitar being purified. Stay tuned.
    Writing Tips: Firstly, listen to everyone. Secondly, don't listen to anyone. Basically, read everything your reviewers have to say, but make sure that you weigh them to yourself and decide whether you're going to do what they say. If one person tells you you're describing too little and another person says you're describing too much, it does NOT mean you should just ignore both of them; it means you should read both of their points carefully, look over your writing and think for yourself which you believe is right. Also, don't give up! Inspiration can hit at the most unlikely moments, and even if you think you've written yourself into a corner, you might just be able to find a hole in the wall and crawl through there, even if that's cheating a bit. After all, that's what the entire plot of The Quest for the Legends is made of, and as far as I know, there's no way to tell now if I haven't told you.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2005
  3. billy5772

    billy5772 SENIOR

    Name: - Billy5772, or just Billy577...j/k plain ol' "Billy" is fine

    Age: - 15 EDIT: Just turned 16. Booyah!

    Strong Areas - Probably a tie between subtle humor and action sequences. My current fic has some pretty exciting action sequences in almost every chapter. After those two would probably be characterization (mostly through dialogue).

    Type of Writing: - Mostly action. My latest fic is probably in the same genre as Spiderman 2 in that it is loaded with action but also has a little bit of emotion in it.

    Type of characters: - My characters are pretty diverse but my main characters are usually (I say usually like I've written more than one successful fic) serious with a sense of humor or one of those people with kind of a dry sense of humor who is good for comic relief but serves other purposes.

    Current Stories: - Lost in the Haze is my current story. It deals with a lot of things that aren't too common in Pokemon fics. The main storyline revolves around a boy named Chris who winds up on a pokemon journey without a pokemon...and that's where the conventionality ends. He meets a girl named Lucy, who isn't really what she seems. She's quite detached, while at the same time emulating a warm and friendly personality. Her true identity and past are amongst the myriad plot twists that make this fic so enjoyable. Alongside their journey, in a different place but intertwined with the main story (to be revealed how in the story) is a Pikachu who has evolved from Pichu but forgotten how to use electric attacks. In fact, it is revealed that there is an epidemic of pokemon evolving only partially (whether that be losing the ability to use attacks inherent to their specie or physical deformation). Lost in the Haze will follow this Pikachu's journey of "betterment" as he seeks to compensate. The two journies collide eventually, brought together by the appearance of the Haze, a destructive force able to take the form of the legendaries.

    Current Stories: - Worlds Away is my current story. It's really a fun read. It has a lot of action and a nice story line with Jack, a scientific researcher from our dimension getting transferred to the world of Pokemon as a job given to him by the D.R.L. (Dimensional Research Laboratory). It is his job, along with his robotic companion and guardian, to scout out this strange world and report back to his own. I think one of the most innovative things I have done with this fic is staging battles between Jack's robot and other Pokemon trainers' Pokemon. It really opens up a wide range of attacks besides the conventional Pokemon attacks and allows for some awesome creativity when it comes to fight scenes (I think that that is really my biggest strength, battle scenes). I have written another one but it is soon to be re-written and I won't mention it.

    Future Stories - I've got one coming out in May. I won't ellaborate, just keep your eyes peeled. Wait, that sounds painful, just keep them open.
    EDIT: It's out now! Check out this new fic called "The F.O.D." I still can't elaborate on what it's about because you really won't know until like chapter 4 or so. Read it though.

    Writing Tips: - Do your best to be creative. Before you post a story, make sure that it brings something new to the table. I've read so many "She got up and went to the Professor's lab to get her first Pokemon!" fics that it's ridiculous. One time I was tempted to reply "I think I've played this fic on my GBA before" to a fic that was straight from Ruby but I didn't because those kinds of reviews are discouraging. That leads to my next tip: always be encouraging to others. I know that that isn't really a writing tip, it's more of a reviewing tip but it's a tip nonetheless. When replying to someone's fic, I always try to accentuate the positive aspects of it rather than focusing solely on the negative. That's it.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2006
  4. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Name: Chibi Pika, known mainly as Chibi, often called Jade at my school, and I'm never saying my real name --;

    Age: 16

    Strong Areas: Plot. Ever since I discovered...what it was, I've just been good at coming up with bizzarely original storylines. In fact, even before I made my fic decent, I had already made up this whole intricate saga with Legendaries and Pokégods and a slew of things that were completely my creation. When you add in my "Plot Bits" sections, there's even more fun seeing how many zillions of tiny forshadowing bits I have in just the first 10 chapters and how ridiculously inconspicuous they are. ^_^ Most of them I didn't even put in the fic intentionally, they just happened. oO;

    Also, characterization. In the original of my first fic, charcterization was pretty much the only thing I got half-way right because I based my lines off of my friends, so I ended up with rather well-rounded personalities. Nowadays, I don't even have to think about particular traits of a character to get their lines right.

    Additionally, I love battles and all-out raw action. Scenes like this are the easiest and the most fun to write.

    Weak Areas (couldn't resist): My vocabulary sucks. Although I try to describe vividly, my description often comes across as rather flat, depite the fact that I go on Thesaurus ransackings every two seconds while writing. Also, the beginning of my fic is horrible. I don't know why, I wrote it to the best of my ability, but it's kind of annoying knowing that it drives a lot of people away and gives many wrong impressions about the overall plot....

    Also, I hate transition scenes. I hate 'em, I hate 'em, I hate 'em, and nothing will ever change that. So it's a bit of a problem that there are inevitably a lot of them in LC. >>

    Type Of Writing: I love suspense, hiding things from the readers is so much fun, and also hidden personalities. Action is my all-around fave, though.

    Type Of Characters: Characters based off of people I know, because it makes lines immensely easier and personalities more well-rounded. Also, my Pokémon experiments: Chibi and Razors are two characters in my fic, and for some reason I love writing about how screwed up their lives are. Which brings me to that I love charaters where, no matter how much crap you throw at their situation, they still keep at it and don't let it daunt them. This trait shows itself in many ways in my fic, from indifference the world, to ruthless ambition, to a residing hope in life itself.

    Current Stories:
    The Legendarian Chronicles
    Genre: Action/Suspense
    Rating: PG-13 (Violence, blood/gore, language)
    Stars: 4.87, 30 votes.

    Part I: Birth of a Legacy
    Unbeknownst to all, Team Rocket has reached the brink of world conquest, and the only thing that stands in their way are their own top members who have different plans in mind…but when young trainers are recruited to fight Team Rocket, alliances turn deadly as double agents on both sides are revealed, and with no one left to trust, the only objective is staying alive...

    Part II: Rise of the Chosen
    With all quiet in Team Rocket, hundreds of trainers busy themselves with the upcoming World Championships. But when a twist of events leads to dispute between the top Rocket leaders, a deadly race for the legendaries is set into motion, with the world's top trainers mere spectators in the middle of the most groundbreaking war ever.

    Part III: War of the Legends
    With Kanto and Johto scarred by Legendary clashes, a long-running conspiracy is finally unveiled, and light is shed upon the true origins of Team Rocket. When the Eight Chosen join the Johto Force to accomplish their own purposes, however, the alliance between them and their Legends is pushed to the brink. It is a risk they are willing to take, though, and only through it will an unlikely solution be unearthed...

    Part IV: The Second Revolution
    The war is over, but the Revolution is just beginning--the awakening of the most powerful creatures the world has ever known has finally come to pass. But in the midst of a new conflict, the true intentions behind the Chosen pact are finally revealed, and as alliances are torn apart, the balance between human and Legendary comes crashing to the ground.

    Part V: Return to the Realm
    The rage of the Legendaries cannot be quelled, and even the renegade members of the Order have their doubts about regainign the destroyed balance. but when the Legendaries become mere pawns in the Pokegods' unknown plans, one final legend will come into play. The only question is: is it worth the sacrifice?

    I like dark one-shots. ^^ Pretty much the happiest ending I've ever written was a: "The future is gonna suck, but I'm ready and maybe I can change it." X3

    Remnants (PG-13): He was mutated for their own purposes, abused for their goals, and yet he still had hope for his fate...until now...
    Anew (R): Not all journeys are fluffy and candy-coated, some just go horribly, horribly wrong.
    Acceptance (G): When left with no way out, the only remnant of hope often lies in the acceptance of one's fate....
    Wings (PG-13): In one second, everything can change. And in an instant, everything you ever knew can be torn apart.
    Inevitable (G): Even in the darkest times, a ray of hope can defy the most imminent inevitablilities....
    Reaction (G): When a Team Rocket Executive is chosen for destiny, little more than a reaction can betray the Legendaries.
    Meaningless (PG-13): There is always something worthwhile in even the most fruitless and impossible quests, even if it is simply the goal itself...
    Ambition (G): It started out as a quest for self-satisfaction...it evolved into an obsession for glory....
    Different (G): He was different. They feared him. But only Mew knows the truth behind his identity...and his destiny.
    They Say... (G):You can't always believe what they say....
    Escape (PG): Entei fell long ago...now Raikou has followed suit...and Suicune can't stand it anymore...

    Future Stories:
    Eternal Darkness (PG-13): An Action/Fantasy, PokéPOV trilogy that is the prequel to The Legendarian Chronicles

    Part I: War of the Tribes
    In the year 1024 ad, tribes of Pokémon coexisted with humans in equality underneath the rule of the Pokégods. Corruption is at work, however, when a new seventh tribe bands with foreign conquerors to search for the ultimate power that was locked away in ancient times...and absolutely nothing will stand in their way.

    Part II: The Quest for the Crystals
    With the world on the verge of war, four young warriors rise to the challenge of awakening the great Legendary Guardians that were banished. For centuries, however, great heroes tried and failed to locate them. Could the mysteries of a certain "Four of Destiny" be the answer, or could there be a deeper conspiracy...one that could plunge the sacred realm into battle...?

    Part III: The Legendarian Legacy
    One last battle in the sacred realm seems to carry the fate of the world on its shoulders when a twist of fate unleashes the ultimate power and engulfs the land in death. The Pokégods seem to know more than they claim, however, and there was a reason they hid their knowledge. A reason that, when defied, will ultimately pay an unbearable price....

    Outcasts (PG): A one-shot about how one's place is not always with one's own kind, and when there's nowhere to go, the only escape can sometimes be the in ones you had beside you all along.
    Initiate (PG): A one-shot that shows how even the simplest things can lead one to stray down paths one never would have trodden otherwise....
    Unresolved (PG-13): A one-shot about how conflict can tear the closest apart, and tragedy can leave the tears unmended.
    Searching (G): A one-shot about a fruitless search, and a lost outcast trying to belong...and the answers that lay buried deep within...
    Understanding (G): A one-shot about how one final thing can push you over the edge...but within your hatred, understanding can take hold.
    Revolution (PG-13): The Legendaries were always the most powerful beings on earth...not anymore.

    Writing Tips: Accept your weaknesses! Weaknesses make you stronger. The only way you will ever improve is if you become dissatisfied with your work and always strive to be better. The worse you think you are, odds are, the more talent you have. I dunno why, but things always seem to work that way. Just try not to end up with a low self-esteem, like me, because although admitting your weaknesses will help you improve, focusing solely on them will lead only to you never liking anything you write and always expecting the worst from reviewers.

    Last edited: May 13, 2006
  5. lilbluecorsola

    lilbluecorsola Binky-boo! <3

    Name - lilbluecorsola(Blue)

    Age - Twelve, going on Thirteen

    Strong Areas - I'd like to say Description, but instead I'll say Emotions. While I used to pay a lot of attention to describing characters and setting, I find I focus more on the Feelings that I'm trying to convey One-Shots more now.

    Type Of Writing - Mostly dark, emotional(and hopefully powerful) One-Shots.

    Type Of Characters - I do Pokémon perspective, mostly.

    Current Stories - The ~¤Life of a Legend¤~ series, which tell the stories of the true life of a Legend. So far Celebi, Mewtwo, Jirachi, Mew, Lugia, and Ho-Oh have been written. The series is currently on haitus.

    ~¤Jirachi's Dream¤~ further explains Jirachi's true predicament and is more powerful than the original, I beleive.

    ~¤Eyes of Ho-Oh: Final Trials¤~ is my most recent One-Shot. It's also my longest and best writing so far. Ash encounters a silent girl one cold winter night, who happens to be his twin. Sort of.

    Ash sees the world as happy-go-lucky, and, being the special child he is, Ho-Oh is able to see the Good of the world through his eyes. He attracts Love, like a magnet. But, Ho-Oh also created another child, one who attracts Hate instead. This enables Ho-Oh to view the two sides of the world at once, both Good and Evil.

    As most of you know, lately Ho-Oh has been considering destroying the world because there is too much Hate. But, before the final decision is made, the two seekers of Love and Hate were brought together for a final confrontation to see who triumphs, and the battle may just decide the fate of the world...

    Future Stories - Hide and Seek, Unwanted, and Beginning of the End: Armageddon(Will hopefully be my first chapter fic, and the final sequel to LilyPichu's Finality...)

    Writing Tips - Try not to stress yourself out over description. As long as you've got a good plot, character development, and most importantly(IMO), emotions, you don't need to have great description. Remember, the point of a story is to convey a message, not confuse everyone with your uber advanced vocabulary. Also, remember to listen to your readers. You're doing this for yourself, and for them. Don't you want everyone to be happy?

    Finally, just do your best.

    Au revoir! ~<3
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2005
  6. Asrialys

    Asrialys Well-Known Member

    Name: animekid
    Age: 16
    Strong Areas: I guess I'm good at coming up with ideas (hopefully unique) for stories.
    Type Of Writing: Can't really say for sure. But so far my ideas or stories tend to be tragic.
    Type Of Characters: Seemingly happy characters that have some sort of mysterious or unfortunate past.
    Current Stories: The Shining Eevee is about Christopher Parry receiving his grandmother's Pokemon's six baby Eevee. He loses one egg after an attack from a mysterious group that want the eggs. When the eggs finally hatch, each Eevee seems to be unique. Christopher and his new friend, Katherine Malone, must keep running and fighting to get away from a mysterious organization. What is it about these Eevee that makes them special? What happened to the sixth one? This fic takes place in entirely made-up regions and features a few made-up Pokemon.
    Future Stories: I have several, and I apologize for being a bit vague for protection purposes (yes, I'm that paranoid). One story is a one-shot about the beginnings of a certain Pokemon. Another is about the great guardians that have protected the world for as long as anyone could remember. And the final idea is about how Red ended up in Mt. Silver.
    Writing Tips: Use spell-check and try not to impress readers with a broad vocabulary because it could seem inconsistent with how the story is written. Of course, don't be so repetitive and try to keep from using any form of "There is" (i.e. was, were, are). At least use it as little as possible.
  7. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Name: FlamingRuby (but you can call me FR for short)
    Age: 20
    Strong points: Coming up with ideas, humor, music, and first person writing
    Type of characters: I mainly work with the existing characters, but when I do create new characters, I try to base them on me and people I know

    Current Releases:

    "Adventures in Pokesitting"-Can Ash, Misty and Brock survive a wild week of babysitting a mischevious Azurill? (complete!)
    Pikachu's Diary series-Think you know everything about the anime? Not until you've read what Pikachu has to say about it! Take a peek into his diaries for Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Houen, the Battle Frontier, Shinou, and beyond! (on hiatus)
    "The Ash and Pikachu Show"- Ever wondered what it would be like if Ash and co. hosted a variety show? Find out what such a show would be like!
    "The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies"-Who knew that a Beautifly would give Ash the power to become the handsome mega-popular superstar Kochou? Follow the band's rise to stardom, all while trying to evade two Rockets that want to steal their spotlight!

    Coming Attractions:

    "Pokemon: The Guardians" Ever wonder what Pokemon would be like as a magical girl anime? Join Ash, his guardian Pikachu Ikazuchi, and his friends as they set out to save their world and Mew's world!
    "Ruby Rescue Files" Anima, a girl who could care less about being a Pokemon Mistress, soon learns to appriciate Pokemon when she becomes one herself and joins up with the rescue team Team Ruby.

    Gems of Wisdom:
    --EVERYTHING can be inspiration! Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for new ideas!
    --Try to maintain a fine balance between too little and too much information.
    --Your plans for your chapters are not set in stone; feel free to add to them, delete parts of them, or move events around.
    --If you need gag ideas, watch cartoons! Many classic Looney Tunes gags can also be pulled off in the Pokemon universe.
    --Listen to music while you work and try to imagine what might be happening in sync with it, or imagine who could be singing/playing the song.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2006
  8. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

  9. ClowSui

    ClowSui look! a shiny dragon

    Name: clowsui, aka kai or randomheart or dranzers or RH or dom or dominic
    Age: 11
    Strong Areas: i'm generally even in all, but if i were to pick one? ideas
    Type Of Writing: action/adventure, i love to read humor and romance and a/a
    Type Of Characters: angsty, adventurous, mysterious, romantic
    Current Stories: the new wind of the forest - inactive
    living the sppf - new chap needed
    Future Stories: organization series - a kh one shot series that talks about the organization from com.
    Writing Tips: keep ideas that you want somewhere that you can remember. ideas in stories play a prominient role (as you should know). you may recall your ideas later...who knows? the important thing is, your ideas come in handy real often when you recall them.
  10. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Name: HellKorn (HK, Wolfman, PopKorn, David, Dave)

    Age: 14

    Strong Areas: I actually have three areas were I am decent in. First off, I am probably known for my characters thanks to my main fic, which is also my first fic. Both humans and Pokemon always have personalities that people can relate to, and they are quite realistic. Another might be dialogue. While I mainly a dialogue author, it shows in my writing, which helps get out conversations that could be seen carrying on in real life. Finally, plot twists to an 'basic' idea. While my main fic didn't start out that original (Which is also my first fic), I have learned on how to put in plot twists that truly add to the story, and makes things that people would've never expected come true.

    Weak Areas: While these aren't really stand out things, these are things that I can very well improve on. First off, my typos in a fic. While I can easily understand grammar and spelling, I hardly ever check over my fics for typos, which leads to multiple errors showing up in my fics. However, that problem is usually corrected with help from reviewers such as Zimmy. Also, I could get just a little bit better in description, but that isn't a thing that you would notice in my fic, since I am not a main based description author.

    Types of Characters: Any type that you could think of. Whether it be a cheerful, caring person, to a one who only dwells on the horrid things in life. I am well diversed in making characters have their own unique personality.

    Types of Writing: Pretty much anything, it varies from Trainer Fics, to Shipping, to very Angsty fics. So again, I like to try about damn near everything, similar to my characters.

    Current Stories:

    While many of you are accustomed to the Ash we know in the anime, and some of you with Red of the manga, I believe that both sides could be considered a true story of a whole. I wanted to see how Pokemon would've turned out if it had been more mature, not as 'kid-friendly', as this is what I came up with. The first part of a six part saga, Ash is just the typical trainer who is starting out his journey. While it seems normal enough, he, along with his rival Gary, and a young female trainer that is met later in the fic, soon learn that they are caught up in something that is bigger than what they could ever dream of.

    Before they had even started out on their journey, their was a small conflict between two sides, and one man's rage and revenge could change the outlook of the Pokemon World itself. His fight against the Elite Four has come to an ultimatum, either stand by and let him take control, or watch all of Kanto burn to the ground, leaving nothing but ashes in the wind.

    As Ash and his two 'friends' venture on, they learn of the secrets that have been going on behind the scenes, and a very dark and morbid plot that not only has the potential to bring down Kanto, but everything in this world as we know it.

    Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence, Slight Sexual References, Crude Humor)
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Humor
    Current Length: 19
    Star Rating: 4.61 (18 Votes)

    (I know that it sounds like the typical based off Ash journey fic, but out of the more recent chapters it has gotten a lot better. Some foreshadowing starts around Chapter X, and that is when things start to pick up and reveal itself.)

    We have heard tales about how Groudon and Kyogre waged the war between the land and the sea, but what of the orbs atop Mt. Pyre that is said to contain the beasts? What of their origin? How were they exactly made, and how did they work? Did they serve their purpose well? And who was resposible for creating them, and the ones around its mystery.

    That is the question that will forever be unanswered by mankind. The only ones who could answer that question are Kyogre and Groudon themselves, but they are in a deep slumber, away from human eyes. However, their is one legend that has been thought to be true to the events, but that tale isn't a happy one. Quite the opposite, it might just be the one thing that may better of being unheard and unknown by humans and Pokemon alike...

    Rating: R (Blood, Violence, Gore, Language, Sexual References, and Drug References)
    Genre: Action/Spiratual/Tragedy
    Current Length: 1
    Star Rating: 4.50 (2 Votes)

    (The main ideal of this fic is inspired by the first of the third generation Pokemon Video Games, and the two amazing movie trilogies, 'The Matrix' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. I hope to give people background onto the orbs themselves, and while Kyogre and Groundon will appear, the orbs are in truth the main concern of it all. Sadly, it has gotten to be dead, as I haven't updated since I put up the first chapter since late December. I do plan to update it soon though, and I will continue on from there.)

    My first one-shot that I ever made, this was a fic concerning Lance and the trails and tribulations that he has to go through at every battle he must fight through. He tells the world of what really goes through the mind of an Elite Pokemon Trainer like himself.

    Rating: PG (Slight Crude Humor, Language, Violence)
    Genre: Angst/Action
    Star Rating: 4.67 (6 Votes)

    A not so typical Questshipping fic. After his journey through both Johto and Kanto, Kenta relaxes to think about how is life is going in general, and his mind strays to Marina. Trying to come up with the best advice from his closet people, he remembers recieving advice from the least likely person in the entire world, and he aims to try out the advice.

    Rating: PG-13 (Crude and Perverted Humor, Violence, Language)
    Genre: Romance/Action
    Star Rating: 4.75 (4 Votes)

    Future Stories:
    "Genesis of Malevolence"

    This one-shot is a story about how Giovanni's life all began. Why he came to become the leader of Team Rocket. Why he is a man who is hell bent on overtaking the known Pokemon World.

    Rating: R (Violence, Blood, Sexual References, Mention of Rape, Drug References)
    Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Action

    "Pokemon: Generation Johto"

    The sequel to, 'Pokemon: Generation Kanto'. Nothing much can be said about this story, otherwise it would be spoilers for 'Pokemon: Generation Kanto'. But what I can say is that Kenta (Gold), Kamon (Silver), and Marina (Crystal) will be appearing in it.

    Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence, Slight Sexual References, Crude Humor)
    Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Humor

    Advice on Becoming a Good Author: First, read around and check out some high quality works of fanfiction to see how they do it (Five Star Fics for sure, Four Star fics are a good choice as well). Don't try to duplicate it, but know how it is done. Second, get out there with an idea of your own, and show it to everyone. Third, listen to everyone's advice, take it into consideration, and see which ones would help you out. Finally, go forward with that knowledge, and create a memorable fic.

    Also, one last thing to mention. If no one reviews your fic, don't give up. But don't keep on posting after around five or so chapters, because you want people's input by then. Try sending out PM's asking if they could review it for you, and if you are good enough, they will stick to your story.

    Edit- I do realize that this is probably the longest profile so far, and it will probably stay that way unless someone dares to make it longer than mine. So I would like to thank those who have read the entire thing... personally, even I wouldn't sit through all of that. @.@
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2005
  11. Trinx

    Trinx The T

    Name: Trinx
    Age: Twelve
    Strong Areas: My strong area? Well, just for sake, my WEAKEST is the vivid words, and my strongest is plots, they just...come to me all the time.
    Weak Areas:Vivid words, >_>, describing things, sometimes getting out of one of my character's personality.
    Type Of Writing: Fantasy
    Type Of Characters: Characters that are loud mouthed, ignorant, etc, the exact opposite of me in real life, :p
    Current Stories: Trinx, the Warrior

    Writing Tips:Make sure to always try to use vivid words, like for example, instead of say, try announced, exclaimed, shouted, screamed, etc. Also, describe your surroundings well. Organize your ideas so you don't get confused (yes, think of those evil writing classes that you take in school, :p)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2005
  12. Name: RetiredGamer64 or RG64 for short
    Age: 20
    Strong Areas: I have absolutely no idea. I just started writing. o.o
    Improvement Areas: People speaking in quotes. I can't find my communications book >.<
    Types of Characters: Many different types. From wickedly evil to unbelievably angelic.
    Types of Writing: Anything I can use to make into a good story.
    Current Stories: "Tyrant" I've already posted a description elsewhere.
    Future Stories: "Love In Peace" Also posted in fic ideas. Cannot be made until "Tyrant" is halfway finished.
    Writing Tips: Keep a dictionary and a communications book by your computer. This helps in looking for better words. Inspiration can come in the weirdest ways, Try eating a extra cheese, extra sauce pizza while playing a hamtaro game and listening to Dr. Mario music followed by a healthy dose of Disgaea(RPG) and see what happens!
  13. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    Name: Breezy (or Jamie, whichever you prefer but since P-Arts is also a Jamie, you can call me my full name, Jamiely. --; Oh yuckers)

    Age: 15 (boring age *sigh*)

    Strong Areas: Strong Areas? I have a strong area in writing? But I suppose (as I've been told) that I create pretty good plots and cliffhangers along with developing characters.

    Areas in Need of Improvement: Misplaced modifiers or basically sentence structure in general (whether it'd be modifying it or variation of it). I suppose updating stories too *shrugs*. Minor grammatical errors as well.

    Type Of Writing: Humor for sure followed by suspense then action/adventure closely followed by mystery. Romance is okay as long as its tied in with one of the genres I've said above heh. I'm also a "dialouge writer" as HellKorn and I like to call it since we use uber amounts of dialogue instead of narrative. =P Dunno, I find it easier for the character to explain things than a person looking inside of the story.

    Type Of Characters: A mixture of everything from sarcastic to stupid, intelligent to idiotic (which is the same as stupid but meh, needed another "i" word), funny to freaky, you name it, there's prolly some character that has a characteristic like it.

    Current Stories: o.0 Whoo boy . . .

    Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure

    Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor
    Rated: PG - PG-13 (Mild language)
    Star Vote: 4.65 somethin' rating out of twenty-eight stars (895 reviews at ff.net surprisingly (and only like thirty constructuve reviews sadly -.-)). 'Course more than half of people relating to Muddy and other characters of mine or spamming it up but meh) and around 390 (I belive) reviews here.
    Length: 50 chapters (46 at ff.net)

    Realizing Fate

    Genre: Suspense/LIGHT romance
    Rated: PG-13 (Language)
    Star Vote: Around 4.82 at 13 votes (44 reviews at ff.net and around 86 reviews here)
    Length: 10 chapters

    Who Shot Brendan Birch?

    Genre: Mystery/Humor
    Rated: PG-13 (Language)
    Star Vote: 4.89 average at 18 votes (140 reviews at ff.net and around 122 here)
    Length: 16 chapters I believe

    The Lost Chronicles of Johto

    Genre: Parody/Humor/Action/Adventure
    Rated: PG - PG-13 (Language again)
    Star Vote: Noneya yet (7 reviews ff.net and 5-ish here)
    Length: 1 chapter

    Those are just the main stream ones but my other fics are The Kero Chronicles, Muddy & Flare, Hoenn Poems, and May I? (t3h revised version). I'm sure I have more but I just can't think of them heh. Finished fics though are Blind, Dignity, Shadow on the Wall, Never Let Me Go and all the past PPG and Hamtaro fics I use to write at other sites. =3

    Future Stories: Let's see . . . got quite a number of those too.

    The Set (possible new title though): Pokémon are always read in many different ways such as they hunger for the dark, are looking for a friend, have hopes to evolve and other such things . . . But in this case, it's all acted out. Welcome to Pokémon Incorporation, a busy little place where famous Pokémon characters from other stories (request form somewhere in Authors' Cafe) join and . . . eh, got to plan it out a bit better since I'm still scratchy on details.

    Some mysteries after Who Shot Brendan Birch? too that I still need to plan out.

    Writing Tips: Don't ever give up no matter what anyone says, but always listen to what your reviewers say in order to get opinions on how to improve your fic. Be patient with getting readers and reviewers too.

    This one isn't really a writing tip but more of a tip to reviewers. While reviewing new writer fics, especially that of the inexperience, try not to be too cold-hearted. Be specific, point out things, but use common sense too. Don't reword there work so it looks like what they said it wrong when it was fine in the first place.
    Last edited: May 6, 2005
  14. Nagashi

    Nagashi Master Coordinator

    Name: Pyro/Jamie

    Age: 14

    Strong Areas: Umm..... er... I honestly don't know! *breaks down in tears*

    Type Of Writing: I like to write drama, action/adventure, and things about extremely evil people ^^;;

    Type Of Characters: Mary-Sues..... I'm getting better though, they're starting to become more angry, aggresive and sometimes just plain not nice.

    Current Stories: Pokemon : The Johto Chronicles

    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories: Dead Walk: One Houndoom, lost and without a cause. With the vastly declining population of his kind, he has no idea where to go after his trainer gets killed. That is, until he hears of one pack.. This shows his journey through Thenta as he searches for 'Mons like him...

    Blocked Mind (One shot): Through his hatred of Psychic Pokemon, John Forcast made a gym. Not just any Gym, but the ultimate weapon against psychics. All of his Pokemon have been trained especially to take down and challenger foolish enough to bring 'an abomination' in, until one day he meets Will... the Elite.
  15. Raindrop

    Raindrop Guest

    Name: Raindrop, Rain (also called Lapras, Lap or Sophie, whatever you prefer ^^)

    Age: 15

    Strong areas: Well..Since english is not my mother-tongue, I believe I can sometimes use a word one time too many. I still try to vary my language and I do my best to figure out phrases and strange words in the dictionary..
    I focus very much on my plot and story, which I think is among the most important things in a fanfiction, or stories overall. I try to describe and paint with the words without making it too much (I myself get totally lost in a text if you use about a whole page only to describe one thing). I love to write about mysteries and dark things which confuse the reader as much as the character her/himself; and you get more and more clues along the way.

    Type of writing: Many dark feelings and much "there's something evil in all of us" writing, but at the same time that there's something good in all of us. I write mostly about adventure, fantasy and horror I think (I don't like calling it action, makes me think about those hollywood movies Oo), but there's still a small amount of romance in there aswell. If there's no love it can't be human X)

    Type of characters: Characters that complete eachother. While one is a bit modest and overprotective, the other can be outgoing and funny. I try to use many different ones. Also twisted minded and helpless characters entertain me aswell XP

    Current Stories:

    L I N K

    Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Horror(?)
    Rating: PG - PG-13


    "What would you do if your entire world that you live in was flipped upside-down?"

    That same question is asked to Amy Hart, a somewhat normal teenager with somewhat normal teenage problems. She live her unworthy life, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Everybody she meets seems to hate her for some reason, but she cannot understand why. Is it her way of being, the way she dress? Or maybe her endless passion for the game Pokémon.
    Pokémon is what keeps Amy going through day after day. Her soul is wrapped around it, the world and the monsters fascinate her. She doesn't know why, though. There's just something that makes her feel that she is connected to it somehow..

    Shortly after her 14th birthday strange things begin to happen around Amy. Her beloved Game Boy starts to act wierd, mysterious sounds echoes in the nights. And most strange of all; that odd man that always appear on the bus, always wearing the same dark clothes, always sitting down on the exact same seat. Always making all voices go down when he passes by.

    When Amy walks home from the bus one day, she gets startled when someone suddenly grabs her and take her away to a place she's never been to before. It's the mysterious man again. He speaks in riddles, but reveals that he can give her a life that she always have wanted. If Amy agrees on his offer he will take her to visit another world. Amy immediately thinks that this is some sort of prank by the kids in school, but the man seems serious. She hesitates, but accept the offer. Well, what does she have got to lose?

    Writing Tips: Figure out your plot before you start writing. If you don't it usually ends up being confusing and quite random. Every act has a consequence, big or small.
    Try not ot use the same words over and over again, it gets repetetive and boring to read.
    And mostly of all, try to be as original as you possibly can be! No idea can be wrong if you use it correctly :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2005
  16. Name: Obsidian Blade, Blooddragon, Sevielle, Cassie
    Age: 15 as of 6/11/04, though I still keep thinking I'm 13
    Strong Areas: Er, can't this be "weak areas"? I have no idea what I'm good at - been told I'm good at a whole range of things but disagree with them all. -_-; I am good at writing the lines for Raijin, though. o_O;
    Type Of Writing: I write action/adventure, drama, angst, romance (only for DBZ, mind), supernatural and anything else that I happen to become fixated on. I'm terrible at humour, however.
    Type Of Characters: I love arrogant characters (*cough*Raijin*cough*), adventurous characters and cold, powerful characters. Flaws can be pretty cool to write; I can't stand writing clumbsiness or stupidity, however.
    Current Stories:
    A Houndour oneshot

    A routine hunting trip turns disasterous when a young Houndour and his father stumble on the wrong sort of human... {contest entry piece}, kinda links in with

    Raven: Emerald Fist
    The Mechyena Saga

    Raven Thomas is a strong-willed girl caught under the obsessive rule of her father, a man so stricken by the murder of his wife by criminals that he is willing to go to any lengths to keep his daughter safe, even if that involves training her in the martial arts against her will. Sick and tired of being told what to do Raven finally decides that it's time to break loose: to hunt down the dream of her childhood and train up a team of powerful Pokemon. as Raven is about to find out, however, the world is not going to let her do that so easily.

    Chased by a mechanical dog with the power to crunch cars into pieces; haunted by a criminal gang with intentions unknown; eaten by the main support of a sacred tower... all this sort of thing becomes everyday business as Raven attempts to go through the motions of a Pokemon journey as usual. That's rather difficult, however, when your team currently consists of a naive but battle-loving bird, a loyal but rather stupid dog, an arrogant and human-hating dragon and a human-phobic spider. Oh, and being somewhat illegal doesn't help much either...

    [size=3]Just a Girl[/size]
    Everyone has talents. But not everyone's talents cause their parents to hole them up on islands for their own protection. Sheltered from the outside world on land "cleansed" of the Pokemon "threat", Cassandra is not ready for the results of a freak storm...

    Twisted Hierarchy
    Second person Rattata oneshot

    Fighting in the finals, a Rattata comes up against its natural nemesis... {contest entry piece}​

    Advice to other authors: Read. Anything and everything: the more you read the more you become aware of the different ways of making a story interesting. Even if what you're reading is bad, you can usually figure out why it's bad and make sure you don't make the same mistakes yourself. Examining how published authors describe scenary and characters can also come in handy. Oh, and don't be afraid to write what you want. If you see tons of criticism of journey fics, self-insertion characters or OT/OCs, that doesn't mean you have to scrap any ideas for such fics. Most of the "I hate <some genre or another> 'cause it sucks" comments are based on the bad fics out there, so if yours turns out to one of the good ones you've nothing to worry about. ^^
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2005
  17. Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

    Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune Kawai Nogitsune

    Name: Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune (Also referred to as Flat or Flatulus)
    Age: 16
    Strong Areas: I do write reasonably long chapters and occasionally go into detail of what is happening. I’m quite good at making my plots different than other peoples; though being different does not always mean good…
    Once that is understood I can tell you what I am really good at: Detailed character history, more than would ever be completely revealed but all of it leads up to making a realistic character, not always a nice character but still a realistic one; portraying details about my characters’ personalities and their relationships with others subtly; and being able to think up situations that are interesting to see my characters in.
    Type Of Writing: My writing is a bit dark, but the moments when the darkness fades is when the true wonder of my writing is revealed, with the adventures and fantasy that were previously hard to see because of how focused my writing seems to be on the dark side of life.
    Type Of Characters: I try to have a range of different types of characters but usually I’m stuck with ones with pasts that have greatly impacted on how they act, usually not in a good way, and truly desire to avoid going back to the way things were before, though they have trouble accepting that they must also change who they are if that is going to be an option…
    Current Stories:
    Destiny of Understanding
    Genre: Adventure, fantasy and just a little bit on the dark side
    Rating: PG (Currently nothing has happen to warrant having this rating
    Star-Votes: 5 stars, 2 votes, 5.00 average

    Writing Tips: It is more important to develop a characters past than their personality, with a well constructed past a characters actions easily flow through the story in a way that seems more realistic, even if you do not mention their past, than if you just created a character with no past and tried making up a personality for the empty shell that they are. It may seem confusing about how this could work, but only when you forget that with a past you are certain to accidentally reveal some of it and then the emotions of the character will be justified to the readers, it is then up to the character how they handle their emotions which will decide whether they are good or evil.
    Actions without a good reason behind them are empty, though if they have no reason at all then they could not happen at all

    Don’t give up on a fic just because no one has reviewed it or everyone who has didn’t like your plot… Keep it going, one day someone who likes your fic will find it, then they’ll contact their friends which like similar things and then you’ll have a fan base, it could take a long time for it to happen but it is worth it just for the first supportive response you get (As long as it is a detailed response), the others that come afterwards can just be considered a bonus.
    Updating at different times of the day and on different days of the week will make your fic be on the first page
    No mater how horrible something seems to one person there is always someone else who’ll consider it the most wonderful thing in the world
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2005
  18. Elemental Charizam

    Elemental Charizam Sudden Genre Shift

    Name: Elemental Charizam, Charizam, EC, and you aren't getting my real name, BI is on to me....

    Age: 15, and 2/3

    Strong Areas: Um, yeah, I have to have strong points now? Well, plots I guess, I can write fairly intricate plots, and incorporate random infomation (when I first wrote it) to create twists and foreshadowoing. I think the overall plot. I always descrbe stuff, and I have a good vocabulary too.

    Type Of Writing: Action or Fantasy are my favourite genre's, though I often incorporate a bit of Horror into them.

    Type Of Characters: Sarcastic or comedic characters are the ones I find easiest to write, along with insanely happy people. I try to vary my characters, and they do come out fairly balanced. Unlike HK I don't have any saracastic fire pokémon at all. None.

    Current Fic:
    Into The Fire: Rise Of The Red Star (PG 15, Horror/Action)

    Adam and George start their journey's across the Houenn region, planning to collact badges and compete in the league. But things start to turn bad when Cinder (Charmander) gets visions of a cursed isle's past, and a former resident and her Dratini keep crossing their path. They're about to be caught in the middle of a celestial war fought between two of the most powerful legends alive...

    I would like to point out they aren't 'destined' in a prophecy to save the day or anything. Notice the 'Rise' in the title? Who says anything is saved at all...
    I'm gonna shut up before I reveal more plot, just saying it isn't a total Trainer fic, or a total Mystery fic.

    Future Stories:

    Just A Little Unwell: A very slowly progressing fiction about an insane Mew, who uses her awesome power to destroy her creation... But why?

    Week In The Life Of Magma Agent Mark: A sequel to the crappy and ignored 'Day In The Life Of Magma Grunt Mark'. Do not read its prequel, its not neccasery, really. Anyway it's an account of the conflict between Team Aqua and Magma from the eyes of one Magma agent.

    Writing Tips: Stay in school. Seriously, the best way to improve is listen to advice, keep writing and to read a few five-star fics every so often.

    My long crappy profile. BTW 'Into The Fire' is linked in my sig, in case you wanted to read it.

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2005
  19. Lily

    Lily you were the one.

    Edit as of 7/8/06~ I've changed too much. :D

    Name: LilyPichu, Lily, now Kairi
    Age: 14

    Strong Areas: Ideas. Many, many ideas. Flexibility with all genres, as well as one-shots.
    Type Of Writing: It varies; I've tries horror, comedy, romance, angst...mostly I retain a simple sense of writing style, evading jargon and of the like.
    Type Of Characters: Philosophical ones. Simple ones. 8>
    Current Stories: You don't want me to list all of them. XD~
    Future Stories:
    Finality II. Coming out horribly slow.
    Writing Tips:

    I'll put this in later. >.>

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2006
  20. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me Staff Member Moderator

    One note about that, though - the programs can sometimes be mistaken. For example, if you use the name "May", you'll get a lot of grammatical errors where she does something, because the program will think you mean the word "may" and will insist that you change "May answered the question" to "May answer the question".
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