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The Authors' Profiles

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Ryano Ra, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Absolute Beginner

    ~Edited on 13th September, 16:50 pm~

    Name: The Doctor

    Age: Let's not get carried away!

    Strong Areas: Parts in a story really rich with description, like a battle, links to past chapters leading to the denouement and ways of setting up my plot (I'm not sure if that's the same as above). I've also developed a new flair for random comedy a la Breezy/Saber.

    Type Of Writing: Journeys, good vs. evils, secret organisations and some that are close to the original source. Even though I like to tweak it a bit.

    Current Stories:

    The Hoennian Dream

    Golems sealed away, terroist organistaions, prophecies, cursed jewels, betrayal, vengeance, death, soul-selling, a slowly dawning apocalypse...welcome to Hoenn. (Banner by Saffire Persian, faceshots by Pokesho; cancelled)

    Future Stories:
    Fire, Rain and Leaf

    Years ago, Giovanni had a showdown with Ethan Cameron to the death. Ethan promised that his child would bring down Giovanni once and for all...now his twins Jack and Laura tour the Kanto region, Gym Battles and Contests galore await. With it lies a greater fate... *This is connected to my fic on FF.net, Battle Frontier, NOT to The Hoennian Dream.* (Banner by Bay)

    Neo Genesis

    It's been two years since the Mewtwo incident and slowly life is returning to normal. In the region of Johto, Taylor Butler is starting his journey. But what comes next involves a lone trainer named Kamon, the resuurection of Team Rocket, his friend Crys, five legendary Birds, three legendary Beasts and a secret organisation....just what is The Trinity? (Banner by Saffire Persian)

    Irons In The Fire

    Ten years ago, Daniel Char Sr. dazzled audiences with his film debut, Pokemon Kanto. Now, however, his son shall take the rein. Shortly after gaining critical success with the remake of his father's debut, FireRed and LeafGreen, Danny Jr. is set to gain his first lead role in the upcoming Mystery Dungeon, along side his father's old friend Ethan J. Pikachu and his female co-star, Chelsea Torchic. What follows next, however, is a palava of events involving a flirty Smoochum, a goth Mr. Mime, a penny-pinching Meowth, a shoplifting Clefairy...and a washed-up Psyduck. But hey, whoever said making movies was easy?

    Kingdom Hearts Trinity

    A few months after the fall of the Organization XIII... Ryu Tajiri is a cadet for the Arcadia City Military and is taking his Advanced Cadet Studies. Shortly after the first session, however, his world is attacked by a race of dark creatures and his mentor Garu is wielding what looks like a large black key..."A Keyblade?"

    Writing Tips: Include a rough plan for your next chapter. Go through any ideas you have until you find the one that fits.
    Read the Advice for Aspiring Authors and the Fanfiction Rules threads. The majority of fan fictions are closed because the authors have failed to follow the guidelines set.
    Take criticism with grace. Start insulting your fellow forum-goers and you will face a ban as well as a closed thread.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2006
  2. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman

    Name: ~RaikouRider243~, Raikou Rider, Josh

    Age: 18

    Strong Areas: Spelling and Grammar...my absolute best strong point. I will usually only have one or two spelling errors per chapter at the very most.
    Planning. I will have the ENTIRE story planned out before I start writing chapter 1, and I will deviate from the plan only rarely once the fic is underway.
    Battle Scenes. The transition from the RPGlike turn-based battle script to the actual fight in the fic is almost seamless. That is my secret to writing battle scenes. My battle description is where my best description is.
    Use of Music. To my knowledge, I was the first SPPF fanfic author to make the use of music in a fanfiction, and at least two other authors here (Billy5772 and FlamingRuby) have done the same thing. I always have an appropriate music track for a scene.

    Weak Areas: Pacing. Since I suck at writing scenes of comic relief, like classroom scenes, etc., my fics tend to be faster-paced than they should be.
    Character Development. Making round characters is something I have a lot of difficulty with simply because my filler scene writing sucks. Also, in the original version of The Johto Saga, my three main characters turned out to become quite Gary Stu. A certain reviewer said they still were a little bit so when I posted my latest version...
    Lack of Inspiration. Ever since I started writing my Pokémon Origins series, I haven't been able to move away from it. Every fic idea I have had (I've had one involving the legendary birds, one involving just one of the legendary Beasts, and a few others) have seemed to merely rehash the plot of my first series.
    Lack of Complexity. I have not been able to work in a significant side plot alongside the main plot of a fic, making it lack depth.

    Type Of Writing: Adventures are all I write.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write characters that are laid-back for the most part but can critically think when necessary.

    Current Stories: Pokémon Origins - Volume I: The Johto Saga
    Three college students of Ecruteak's premier university have their dreams of three legendary Pokémon of the Burned Tower come true, but at what cost? Rated PG for mild language. Rated 4.82 out of 11 votes.

    Pokémon Origins Volume II - Return of the Beasts
    The Ecruteak historical documents speak only of one side of the legend of the Beasts. Explore the other side of the legend with characters from The Johto Saga in addition to new, unforgettable faces. Rated PG for mild language and mild to moderate violence. Rated 5.00 out of 2 votes.

    Future Stories:

    Pokémon Origins Volume III (working title)
    Two years after awakening the trios of mystical Beasts, the balance of power among the legendary Pokémon is upset, and the battleground is the Sinnoh region. The Beast Riders are the world's only hope against the conflict among the noble Pokémon. Can they rid the world of the power-hungry, legend-hunting masterminds who seek to conquer the world?

    Writing Tips: Don't try to force the story--let the words come from your heart and the story should write itself. And if you get the highly annoying condition known as Writer's Block (actually when is a more accurate word), just put the fic away and do something completely unrelated.

    Once you get a good inspiration for a fic, write a detailed synopsis of EVERY chapter in the fic. Two to four paragraphs per chapter should suffice. If you cannot write that much for a chapter without going into great detail, either you need to think about the fic in deeper detail or completely scrap it. The key to finishing fics is to know almost exactly what will be going on in every chapter.
    Last edited: May 2, 2007
  3. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    *Updated Dec. 10, 06*

    Name: Saffire Persian
    Age: 18

    Strong/Weak Areas: Personally, I believe my strong points are the characters - I love to delve into character relationships, simple or complex. My weak areas are probably proof-reading (I dunno, maybe I'm a bit impatient?) and battle scenes. No matter how much I like them, I never seem to be able to do it quite right.

    Type Of Writing: Fantasy/Adventure/Drama... all types, actually. My favorite, however, is by far Fantasy. Although my type of writing also ends up being very character oriented no matter what I do. POV-wise, I've generally kept to 3rd person, however, I still love first person, and oddly enough.. 2nd person, to me, is quite fascinating and really fun to do... So, yeah. And I'm now in an obsession with second.. because I really, really like it for some odd reason. *shruggs*

    Type Of Characters: No specific type for me! I love writing all kinds of characters with a variety of personalities.. I suppose you could say I like to stray into the darker sort, but meh, I like them all.

    Current Fanfics

    [Pokémon POV/Adventure/Drama/]
    [Current Chapter Up: 2]

    Harrowed by perplexing visions, Castor the Absol's endless search for their meaning sends him into a journey that will disprove everything he once believed.

    [OT Short Story/2nd Person]
    [Current Chapter: Changing Skies Pt. II]

    It is the inevitable constant that governs each passing moment.
    Children Grow Up. Friendships Fade. Dreams Die.
    Or so we think...

    Current One-Shots


    [Original Trainer/2nd Person/Drama]

    You should've noticed it before. (But you didn't.)

    Come, and relive the memories. (Don't worry. Time will freeze, Eternity will wait, and Death will stop its inevitable course for these few precious moments. For they are yours, and forever will be.)

    Transcending Destiny

    After years of searching, Joel finally believes he has the key to, perhaps, transcend the destiny that has been laid before him.

    [Comedy/Romance/2nd Person]

    The war is on! The bugles are blazing, the bells are ringing, and the drums are sounding! Ready, steady, go!

    Future One-Shots

    [Spring/Summer 2006]

    Come play - you will, won't you?

    [OT/Drama/1st Person]
    [Spring/Summer 2006]

    When Daniel finally returns home, he finds a stack of letters in his sister's room - letters that he sent her during his Pokémon journey.


    What does it truly mean, to be human?

    [Spring 2006]

    "I always wondered why he'd go back, time and time again. But now, I do -- even if it took me dying to realize it."

    [Summer 2006]

    They say that bells are always ringing at the top of Mt. Pyre... but why? Katherine is about to find out.

    [Spring 2006]

    For humans, Multiple Personality Disorder can be a bad thing - but for a Dodrio, Singular Personality disorder is all the more deadly.

    Future Stories

    [Original Trainer Fanfic]
    [Summer 2006]

    What was supposed to be a routine trip to Agate Village for Luna Altaira, turns into a journey she never would have imagined.

    Writing Tips: I dunno if I can give anything of value, but when it comes down to it, some of the simplest things I can give are, for one thing, use a spellchecker! If you don't have MS word, download Open Office for free. Also, don't make your characters flat and boring, make them dynamic - don't make them over the top, but make them interesting enough other people can connect to them. Also, have fun when you're writing your stories! Write what you want to write, don't write what others want you to. If you don't have fun writing your stories, you won't go anywhere with them.

    *Banners made by me ^^
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2006
  4. dolphinxx

    dolphinxx Water Trainer

    Name: Dolphinxx
    Age: 12
    Strong Areas: dunno
    Type Of Writing: Animal
    Type Of Characters: Animals
    Current Stories: Zara:The Life Of A Cheetah
    Writing Tips: Description,Description,Description.
  5. Demise

    Demise ...An orange blob...

    Name: DS, Demise, Demise-sama, Massacre Author, Block Writer, or Weirdo

    Age: Just to let you know, I'm eleven.

    Strong Areas:writing humor, I can never ever stray off the path of writing humor. Probably a suspense moment might be included in my fics, but rarely. Writing humor may be one thing, but I also have a strong like to evil things.

    Weak areas: Unable to write what I want because it's unlike me, things like; sadness, romance, and good quality mystery. Maybe a bit of it. ;.; Loss of inspration, no reason to write the fics anymore.

    I used to be junk at vocabulary, but I have discovered the theasarus! I might start writing new words and the definition whenever I read a book. And now I have discovered...THEASARUS. COM!!! It's really helpful...^_^ yup.

    Type of Writing: You guessed it...HUMOR! Also sarcasm. My path will always be humor, don't know, don't care.

    Sometimes my description doesn't make sense...Of course I like writing evil things, so don't sue me if I kill someone in the fic, it goes as I plan. I might even kill my favorite character. But who knows...*BUM BUM BUM*...they might be raised from the dead. o_O

    Though, chapters of my stories...usually come out after one day, I always have the story in my head...in blocks...I already know how to end sad ones. ^_^

    Type of Character: Naughty, sarcastic, sane, dense, smart, dopey, stupid, evil, nice, the list keeps going.

    Mostly, I like shaping evil characters, that's fun. Smug people might be my favorite. Giddy because I'm modeling them after a certain annoying friend IRL. Of course my favorite one is naughty charcters, I could finally shine my evil self onto paper. ^_^

    Though, sometimes I sorta like to model them after myself, because I'm emo! -_____- Or not...

    I have many mysteries, and I like mysterious characters. So, what I hate writing is thier descriptions and names. So, the character wouldn't be too much of anything in the genre except mysterious. Thus, making it more easier for me to note flex out thier personalities, but, for me, it's hard to keep the person a mysterious character. You know me, I explode with secrets that I'm dying to share, and I will.

    Current Stories: None yet, I'm still working on ALL of them. I don't think it is worthy of being posted.


    Eleven Years
    PG 11 [Why you ask? Because I'm eleven.]

    Summary: A boy embarks on a aimless journey, undecided where he'll go. He wanders into many lands, and faces many foes. He used to be an imcompetant ninja in his dojo. He finally noticed his purpose, within a girl that he is equaled with. A breakout of a demon woman, Haya, whom he trapped with the help of the other ninjas, caused him to leave.
    He searches for Haya, wanting to kill her, for a reason unknown, but he has a strong will to become stronger.

    On the Sly

    Comedy/Serious/Drama PG 11 for minor swearing.

    CO-WRITING it with Literate

    [A bit serious, and a bit dramatic, but mostly comedy. It's not a parody...either...]

    Summary: Naruto and his squad has been sent on a mission to Tokyo, Japan, by the Hokage, Jounins, and Chunins. They are to destroy a traitor's documents of their Hidden Villages, and to go to school.

    They find that living a normal life, is harder than they suspected. Squad Seven were forbidden to use their ninja skills in the public or the midst of others, and not share any information of the Villages with any body.

    Yet, when things are going roughly in school. Kakashi reports that there are other ninjas who wants to kill them.

    Current Area in Serebii: Chapter One
    Current Area in Modifying: Chapter Three
    Current Area in Writing: Chapter Thirteen (All in one week...)​

    Stories on HOLD:

    Not much...Okay so there are, but it's at a low go...here are the list of fics that might fortunately make it onto Serebii forums:

    Troublesome Trio
    Humor PG 10+
    A Journey of three troublemakers who went through a lot before becoming important people. <Note> I overwrited it with a commercial. T^T I'll have to start from the middle.<Note> (Ha, it's going into the trash heap.)

    Through Crimson Eyes
    Humor/Suspense PG 10+
    It's glum to travel with a rival. Journey of a Champion, who has to become a new person. (Out the window, *get outta here!*)

    Through Azure Eyes
    Humor/suspense PG 12+
    An eevee looking for a cure out of pokemon form. Formally Champion of Hoenn, now pokemon. Against her wishes, she gets captured, would this new life corrupt her search for a cure? (Might be buried under my minds.)

    Arise of a Dark Lugia
    Humor/Suspense PG 12+
    A very peculiar journey, with a task hard to keep, and unbelievable teams. (I might pick it up after a year...maybe...)

    WBS: Writer's Block Show
    Humor PG 10+
    Uh...Just a random story used to beat out my hyperness. If you are a fan of certain pokemon or gymleaders, I advise you to not read it when it comes out. Otherwise you may read it for your own amusement. I would post some of the contents to warn you before the episode. (I have writer's block for a Writer's Block Show. Ain't that exciting. And YES, people, I know 'ain't' isn't a word.)​

    Future Stories: The things that I have listed up there. ^^ AND:


    Tainted Cherry Blossom
    PG 13: Serious/ a bit of Drama/ a very teenie wince of humor/ Gore (Yes, heed my warning about PG 13. Guys, it sounded reasonable...for something like that...*mutters: it can't be just PG 11..*

    It was a regular day at the Hidden Leaf Village. *sees people running away* T^T Guys it isn't anything about the story on the plot! It's sort of another dimension, and it doesn't have anything to do with the main Naruto plot. And don't worry, it won't be crappy.

    A major massacre had happened in Hidden Leaf village. Certain ninjas from squads have been murdered one-by-one. Though, authorities don't know who did it. Readers would know. (It's open murder...so what? :D) After the village have obtained peace and something called the golden time, an unlikely person...betrayed those who knew the person as a friend. It wasn't the assasin's fault, it was the other side that thirsts for power and free will. The part that was holding him/her back from killing and wreaking havoc, as been over powered.

    (I better shut up, before I spill any more beans. :D)
    Coming soon. Late 2006...Or maybe earlier. It's undecided....

    Tips: Sometimes people who give harsh crits can be judge to be a flamer. Well, not all people out there is nice, they give harsh crits to help you improve, if you take it the wrong way, then you will not be able to continue writing. Take harsh crits the positive way and you'll be able to overcome harsh insults and such. And keep writing.

    If you are persistent, please improve your writing before posting another story. Who knows? Maybe that story might be better than the last one. And people would see major improvement.


    AND remember...uh...the tips...yeah.

    -^~^- DS
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2006
  6. Literate

    Literate black cat, black cat

    Name: Literate

    Age: 13

    Gender: Girl (Although, my actions and thoughts are of male. I think.)

    Strong Points: Plots, ideas, characters. But mostly plots and characters. And grammar....And dialogue. For some reason I can always make the characters realistic. o_O

    Ideas: I can get them after seeing/reading anything. I try not to get them sometimes, but I just do. I dump most ideas I get, though.

    Plots: After one or two days after the idea. Or after I find that I need to put some more action into these things. I can change it during the actual writing too.

    Characters: I can make any kind, anytime. They're just so easy to do. Most are self-inserts and since my personality ranges from cold-hard depression to overly enthusiastic to mysteriously silent, I can make any character.

    Weakness: Lack of attention. I never seem to finish long stories. Maybe I'll write a one-shot. And spelling, though I usually catch myself on that. Description, lack of attention, I just get a bit bored doing this, I'd rather a psychlogical stories with no background no nothing. Length.... I never can make it long. The only near-completed story I wrote was only five chapters.

    Type of Writing: Serious-kind humor. Serious and solemn and things. I can easily come up with agnst-type stories. At least that's what my friend says. Mystery, mystery, mystery is my recent obsession. ;p

    Type of Character: Pretty smart like me. Sane, at least. Then the varities just go on and on....

    Stories Up Now:

    Through Emerald Eyes
    Through Emerald Eyes is a first person narrative by Celadon Viridian, the current champ of Kanto. She has been enjoying her peace and quiet until, out of the blue, strange weather patterns appeared. Now it was up to her and Cyan Indigo, her companion, to investigate the problem in Johto, for now.
    Chapters: 4
    Currently: Being left to die. I'll come back to this idea later.

    Me first one-shot:

    Time Will Tell
    'Hook...Line...And Sinker...'
    Think you know what it's like to have deja vu? Think again.

    From Me, Myself...and Nothing
    'Congratulations Literate, you have now broken the second wall...'
    -Note: This is extremely short.-
    Seven walls...to break...the seven barriers...can crack... When all are gone...broken into shards...madness and insanity will come... The second is gone...

    Future Stories:

    ~| Project Assassins: |~
    -PG to R-Mystery-

    ||| Assassins- (Original) |||
    --Arc 1 (Title Pending)
    --Arc 2 (Title Pending)
    --Arc 3 (Title Pending)
    ||| Decipher- (Epilogue) |||
    -- Shot 1
    -- Shot 2
    -- Shot 3
    -- Shot 4
    ||| Back to the Past- (Presequel) |||
    -- (Pending)
    ||| Following Footsteps- (Sequel) |||
    -- (Pending)

    -PG-13 or R-Mystery-
    For death, gore, and adult concepts.
    'Is there a meaning in life?'
    Travel back to ancient China, when the dynasties still rule. Step into the lives of four young assassins, staking their own lives for nothing. Experience the pain and sorrow of their past, ones that can't be related with. And find out what they truly wish for. Life or death.
    At Ch. 6: Mirrored Memories

    Back to the Past
    -PG-13 or R-Drama/Mystery-
    For something...
    'What really happened before?'
    Before they were assassins...before they threw their lives away...something happened...
    It tells the stories, every single word...what they experienced, every single moment... It tells the hopes, every single sound...what they originally wanted, every single wish... It tells the dreams, every single thought...what they would want to have gained with their life, every single thing... And it told the times, every single second...when their futures were crushed... It told everything...
    Coming in 2007 or 2008

    Following Footsteps
    -PG-13 or R-Mystery-
    For something...
    'The assassins left a huge mark in history...'
    She was raised in a prominent family, with everything she wanted and wished for. She was taught the manners of a princess, showing respect to everyone she met. She was told the story of the Ning's fall, everything from the start to the finish. She was the only daughter of the last Ning Empress of the Middle Kingdom. She was YiJing, and now...the second Ice Heron...
    Coming in 2007 or 2008

    For mildy adult concepts.
    --Summary not avaliable--
    Coming in 2006 or 2006

    Future One-Shots

    On the Other Side of the River
    For simply mild read.
    'What's is on the other side of the river?'
    Ever wonder what insanity has to offer?
    Coming in Fall 2006
    (Note: I know it's a one-shot; I just don't have time to write it.)

    After Dark
    For mild horror unsuitable for young audiences who read at night.
    'There are dreams... and there are nightmares...'
    From creaky floors to howling winds, see what paranoia does to some people...
    Coming in Fall 2006

    Future Fanfiction:

    Diverse Existence
    -Co-written by-darcstars-litestars
    For craziness and magic.
    '...hell's angel...heaven's devil...'
    --Summary not available--
    Note: Darcstars and I wanted to co-write something. I suggested this to her a few weeks ago but she denied it then. Just now she said she wanted to do it. -_-
    Coming in Summer 2006

    -Not Yet Rated-Fantasy/Mystery-
    'Have you ever wished eternity would end?'
    "Find him. And tell him to stop this disaster."
    -Cosmos, Keeper of Order
    Look out the window, the day is passing, ever quickly or ever slowly. Stare into the sky, the light is moving, steady darkening or steady lightening. Glimpse the ball of flames, view the sphere of white, what a sight to be seen. Now what if someone thinks past all the facts of space, all the times and places, all things real and imaginary... No one can, can they?
    Note: Started it.

    Chaptered fics tend to take longer to come out. ^_^'

    Tips: If you first want to post a fanfic, check the basics. See if the grammar is near understanding, and check the spelling of each word. So you'll have a decent fanfiction when people look at it. Okay?

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2007
  7. Ash_Junior

    Ash_Junior Irredeemable Nerd

    so I'm doing a repost--so sue me! the old one is deleted, and this has most of the same content (with a LOT of added content). :p

    My Pokefiction resume

    Name: Ash_Junior

    Age: 18, STILL never been kissed, and VERY proud of it!

    Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at writing long fics. I'm mediocrely strong in the areas of plot, and people have told me that I have good characters. I feel that I can draw people into my fics more than most, simply because of the amount of countries and their original cultures, sheer numbers of Pokemon I have made, and enormous backstory for all of it. Another of my strong areas is my ability to churn out work (when I'm in the mood). Recently I made a fic that was nine pages long in Open office (available for download at openoffice.org) in, are you ready for this, an hour and a half. that's probably about my average speed of writing, but I have a lot of RL distractions, so I don't write as much as I could.

    However, I definitely consider my strongest area the fact that I can write faster than most people can read. I write a lot and I write often.

    Weak Areas: If I had to pick one major weakness in my writing, it's that I generally can't stick to what I planned for the fic. Just ask Elemental Charizam about the Hell Hath no Fury plans that I sent him. Partway through, I switched tacks completely.

    Type Of Writing: Oddly, even though I generally dislike romance in my own personal life, I've found myself drawn to it when I write more often than not. I consider myself a pretty good romance author, as well as a good action/adventure author, with, of course, a little bit of subtle humor as well. But I don't limit myself to any one particular type. I can do anything, I'm sure, I just choose not to do certain stuff.

    Type Of Characters: that's easy. The gung-ho take-no-prisoners, we-will destroy you girls; relatively silent, yet admirable male heroes; antagonists; and Ash and Misty. For the most part....I've made some memorable stupid characters (ask Saffire Persian about my original Retribution. Just....try not to look puzzled when she jumps up and down and yells about sticks and stones).

    Complete Stories:


    What If...

    On an otherwise uneventful night, Ash becomes poisoned by Beedrill. Things that have been hidden are brought to light, feelings are brought forward, all while everyone is desperately trying to save his life. Will they succeed?

    Read What If...and find out.

    ”Some Things Never Change"

    A rather odd AAMRN (Ash And Misty Romance Novel, for those who don't know. It's not a novel, but that's what I always call AAMR) that was written towards the beginning of my Pokefiction career. It's still somewhat good, if a bit Dependant on capital letters (I was terrible back then, remember). If you're looking for a few cheap laughs, take a look.

    A Pokemon Christmas

    It's been several years since Ash Ketchum retired from training Pokemon and took a professorship at Pokemon Tch. Now there's only one more thing that he needs to make his life complete....A sweet AAMRN centered around Christmas, this is definitely better than Some Things Never Change

    The Choice

    My original May/Misty jealousy parody, I was reading a lot about how people were annoyed with the cliched May/Misty finding out Ash was seeing the other, and swore to break them up/make Ash like her/get rid of the other, and eating the brains of anyone who got in their path (okay, so I made that last part up). This was my solution, and eventually led into The Battle of the “M”s

    The Battle of the “M”s.

    A parody of the many May and Misty jealousy fan-fics, this is just the first chapter. I've got the rest lying around somewhere, but none are as good as this one. I suppose it could work as a one-shot, but it was meant to be done as a chaptered fic.

    Fishing Opener

    Ash and Misty are participating in the Blackthorne City Fishing Contest on the Lake of Rage, when they come in for the day. A storm during the night forces them to remain in Misty's personal Johto retreat. What in the world do they have to talk about?


    All's Well that Ends Well:

    A trainer comes to Oak's lab to recieve the starter Pokemon that has been dreamed of for years. However, there has been a break-in, and the Pokemon have all been stolen! Will our intrepid hero apprehend the bandit? And, more importantly, will the hero ever get his starter?

    An askance look at what has become a badly cliched beginning for journey fics...the theft of a Pokemon, a la GSC.

    WARNING: this fic contains extremely good plot twists and is written in the 2nd Person.


    What would happen if a Porygon were to regain consciousness without being controlled in laboratory conditions? What conclusions would it reach? This chilling one-shot provides one clue to these questions.

    Engaran Wars Trilogy and Related Fiction

    Blaine: The Search for Moltres

    Blaine has been searching for the legendary Moltres his entire life, and now he thinks he knows where to look. Will he find what he was looking for, or has he spent his fortune in vain?

    One-shot that I was inspired to write while I was writing the Battle of Cinnabar Island in Operation: Celebi.

    Prologue to the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga

    Six years before a young man named Ash Ketchum wakes up late on a very fateful day, future Indigo League Elite Lorelei Belle Winters runs away from home to begin her journey...only to be swept up into a conflict far greater than anything she had ever imagined possible. In the icy wastelands of Nuschantz, among a deadly civil war, she has a mission to complete, and won't let anything stand in her way.

    Spin-offs of HHNF (Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga

    Bugsy: The Johto Reconquista

    Currently hosted on my geocities site (but not connected to the library), Bugsy: The Johto Reconquista tells of what happens when Bugsy leaves HHNF mid-fic and returns to Johto to fight against all the different teams that had taken it over.

    Someday, probably after Time of The Titans (see below), I may come back to this. Once I get a working title page and stuff up for it, I'll post a link to it.

    Johto: A New Beginning

    Sarah Gilchrist, a former Loyalist Blizzard, is recruited by Gym Leader Steven of Blackthorne City to be one of his Gym Trainers. Two years later, however, after a short trip to Azalea Town with Lorelei Bell Winters, Sarah is inspired to embark on the Johto League challenge. Every one of her five foot six inches an anti-hero, Sarah often makes choices radically different than one would expect from an average Johto trainer. When Team Rocket steals one of her Pokemon, this is self-evident. Has Team Rocket met its match in this woman and her crusade to bring it down?

    Like the Bugsy fic, this is also on hiatus. I definitely want to get back to this one, but I've got to continue with my momentum and finish work on the Engaran Trilogy before coming back to this. By the way, this is the only trainer fic of mine that has survived (I accidentally deleted my other one, which had a talking Meowth, a pair of Rockets, and a Pichu kicking their collective derrières. Be glad that it is no more).

    Book 1 of the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Operation: Celebi
    (Links to the chapters won't be there until ~3 PM 2/3/06

    use this one until then:


    eight years after the events in Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's Saga, Lorelei Belle Winters is back, this time as part of the Kanto Elite Four, along with Karen, Bruno, Agatha, and the Champion, Lance. Giovanni is captured during a crack-down on Team Rocket in both Kanto and Johto. That capture sets in motion a series of events that is impossible to stop. Before long, the unbelievable has happened--Kanto has been invaded.

    Current Stories: Book 2 of the Engaran Wars Trilogy; Retribution

    Kanto is in ruins, a shadow of its former self. Engara has total control of the country, and has handed the reins over to what is left of Team Rocket. But there are some that still resist, in the face of overwhelming opposition and death if they are caught. They are the brave men and women of Rocket-Bane. And they will not rest until Kanto is once again free.

    Retribution was another of my earliest pieces that survived an accidental mass delete. Basically, I started the story with the idea of an underground bunker and a bunch of Kanto starters defending it. Throw in some safari zone stuff (ask Saffire about the sticks and stones), and you've got a crappy start to a crappy fic. As I went on, I explained to myself that TR had control of the surface, and the people of Rocket-Bane wanted to free Kanto. This link is to the old version, and is more of a teaser to the upcoming version than anything else. It gives a basic lay-out of Rocket-Bane and its inhabitants and their customs. Don't worry—the real thing will be WAY better.

    Future Stories:

    Engaran Wars Trilogy Book 3; Time of the Titans

    I don't want to give much away, but here's a teaser trailer for you all...

    This is the fic that I'm working up towards. The ultimate battle. absolutely powerful Pokemon pitted against each other, with mankind, caught in the middle, taking sides as well. It will be like a version of World War III, about thirty years from now. With Pokemon. And Legendaries. And super-powerful Pokemon even more powerful than that (the afore-mentioned Titans. And no, they aren't captured. They don't even come to our dimension that often. Only in times of great emergency).

    Possibly a RL (Timeline?)/Pokemon CO, replete with standard sci-fi alternate reality stuff...featuring Seymour the Scientist (ya remember the MT. Moon guy?) as a prominent character.

    Maybe a fic with the Samurai that Ash met in Viridian Forest way back when he first started. About how he catches up with Ash, and battles him again...

    Maybe a sequel to What If...as I have had several demands to do so. At one point I was going to, but then I got interest back in finishing HHNF/O:C


    have I piqued your interest?

    I hope so.

    As you can see, I have a lot of experience writing. All in all, I've probably written around three hundred pages MS Word. I'm proud of that achievement. And that's all in the last four or five years (not sure on the exact date I started writing). Some people are lucky to get to fifty pages MS word. For me, that's only five chapters.

    I'm in the process (have been for over a year) of getting a personal website up and running. If you're interested in taking a look around, click on the banner below:



    Writing Tips:

    1. Listen to people with more experience than you do.

    2. ignore flames that say to give up. writing is a skill. The more you practice, the better you'll be.

    3. try creating a Pokemon or two. If you're having trouble starting, try blending two established Pokemon into your own, or try *shudders* an Eeveelution. Whatever you make, put it into your fic, and make it better because of it.

    3b.for an example of a Pokemon I made when I was starting out, I have a Poke named Vulithe. nope, not an Eevee. it's a Vulpix/Growlithe cross, made when Ninetails breed with Arcanine. The evolved form of Vulithe (who evolves with a Fire Stone) is Arnine. I was gonna do Nine something, but since both Pokes have "nine" in their names, I couldn't really do it.

    Disclaimer: I have only done the Johto: A New Beginning Banner. The other banners were done by Scrap (HHNF), Saffire Persian (Retribution), and Tezza/Topaz of WoC fame (Operation: Celebi/Ash_Junior Laboratories).
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2006
  8. Zathire

    Zathire Overly Rugged

    Name: Look above
    Age: 18
    Strong Areas:
    Well I don't want to decide for myself so based on other's views, I nail description and paint pictures clearly. Sometimes I've been critisized for painting them so clearly it leaves nothing for the imagination.

    Which brings me to my weak areas. I don't draw the line right. I either go overboard or not far enough with pretty much everything in my life.

    One of the hardest problems right now is character developement vs plot speed. You know how those intros to books develope characters but take away from from how fast the story progresses. In my blessed-creativity-inducing-ADD-opinion, I'm all for speed, "let's define them in the action scenes",(that my veiw) but one of my friends thinks I need more growing up time in my story. ...but then again he reads BATTLE history books that are so big&boring I'd have a stroke looking at them, that's why I'm posting it here for some other opinion.

    Type Of Writing: My writing is always loved fanticy or science fiction. Personally I like to make the unreal have a dull sence of realism to it.

    Type Of Characters: Anyone with a particular stuborness or lack of something that makes them odd. Usually I like to make hard core people that laugh arrogantly in the face of death, or overly determined characters.

    Current Stories: The Fall of Nawkamea
    An intense sequel of events shrouded in mystery. Something is about to errupt from an acient phrophecy and its up to a very odd conjuntion of characters to find out not only that they're in threat but to figure out what they must do or what they are actually up against. The plot doesn't show it's true shape for a long time nor do some of the best characters show up until its almost a third of the way over.

    It is immensly violent and hardcore in some of the later chapters. I'm suprised no one decided to tell me anything about it. I really need reviews from a larger audiance. What's wrong? What's right?

    Also as a almost joke, I put up Adjel the Ruthless.
    I don't expect much to come from this but I decided there must be alot of uncreative people out there so I did a pokemon one portraying the view of a villain.

    Future Stories: I might put up a story about space fleets and a certain universal connection that's descovered between them and a twist of aliances.

    Writing Tips:

    When writing dialogue:
    Remember to include any physical descriptions of the speaker and listener, like them turning their head down or twittering their thumbs.

    Also there's more than the word said...
    Said /Stated /Spoke /Told /Instructed
    Remarked /Suggested /Prompted /Commented
    Presumed /Assumed
    Demanded/ Ordered /Commanded
    Pronounced /Articulated /Clarified /Elucidated

    Specified, verified, confirmed, reinforced

    Inquired /Questioned /Asked/
    Pleaded /Begged /Requested

    Laughed /Giggled /Chuckled /Chortled /Cackled
    Scoffed /Sneered /Jeered /Mocked /Ridiculed /Chastised /B******
    Taunted /Teased/ Harassed

    Warned /Threatened

    Barked /Snapped /Expressed
    Burst /Exploded /Exclaimed /Announced
    Bellowed /Uttered
    Yelled /Hollered /Cried /Shouted /Spat
    Screamed /Screeched /Shrieked /Squealed
    Snarled/ Growled /Howled /Roared

    Advertised /Promoted /Endorsed
    Boasted /Bragged /Claimed
    Cheered /Encouraged /Rooted /Applauded

    Whined /Groaned /Moaned /B****ed /Grumbled /Complained /Cried/ /Bawled /Whimpered /Wept
    Droned /Yawned /Drawled
    Nagged/ Criticized

    Mumbled /Murmured /Muttered
    Whispered /Chirped /Squeaked /Peeped
    Stuttered /Sputtered

    Interjected /Interrupted /Intruded

    Lied /Denied

    Answered /Replied
    Retorted /Countered
    Added /Continued /Ended /Started /Began

    Huffed /Breathed/ Panted
    Gasped /

    Thought /Considered /Contemplated /Pondered /Wondered /

    Remember that you don't forget to include all the senses.
    There's more than sound and light in this world.

    And last of all and by far most important...
    When it comes to making a story your story, that means there should be something that is overall different and completely orginal about it, giving it meaning.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2006
  9. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    Redoing my profile, since my last attempt was like, futile (whatever that means :D)

    Over the year, I have developed new skills, strengths, weaknesses, as well as better attitude. :)

    Username: Ratiasu, although I'm considering a change.

    Name: Cynthia. Isn't that nice? ;)

    Age: 11, turning 12 on May 17th

    Strengths: Illustrating emotions, grammar and spelling, vocabulary

    Weaknesses: I tend to confuse my readers, and there's the occasional attack of the typo, and I catch WB too easily. I get it every month. Just deadly.

    I'm writing You're Not Alone, filled with action and adventure and all that, and I recently started Sayuri, an original trainer fic that has more to it than just collecting badges. ;)

    My characters vary. I guess that's it.

    Advice: Always use the criticism you get. You will improve greatly. I have learned this through experience.

    I started out like this:

    Ash walked up the hill. The wind stirred his black hair. A yellow mouse perched on his shoulder. They were starting a new journey.

    Now I'm like this:

    A teenage boy, perhaps around fourteen years of age, treked up a slope and reached the peak. The wind swirled around him, marking his triumphant steps. A yellow mouse stared into the horizon with his human friend. A journey, a quest of some sort was waiting up ahead.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2006
  10. Chareon

    Chareon -blinkblink-

    Name: Chareon...

    Age: 16 in four months!!!

    Strong Areas: Well, if I have to brag about myself, I'd say my plot and my vocabulary. For a while, the only salvation to my horrible writing was my storyline. Now, I have discovered the thesaurus!

    Type Of Writing: Fantasy stories, all the way. It's the only thing I've ever typed and probably ever will. My father is a writer for a living, and I have learned much from him. When I write, my chapters are short and sweet, but I must remind myself not to rush the information out. I'm getting better though...

    Type Of Characters: I absolutely love writeing klutsy, sweet and smart but immature. I also enjoy writing the exact opposite for contrast.

    Current Stories: Currently, I'm working on a Pokemon fan fic titled The Price of Freedom, which is now on revision 2.
    I'm not going to do much of a reveiw, seeing as that I would give away too much, but here's a bit... New trainer Miyah discovers she has a much higher calling than she ever imagined as her suspicious new powers take her and her Pokemon on a journey to separate right from wrong.
    At the moment, my rating is at four star.

    I also have written a short story trilogy, which is known as the Charidian Trilogy. Only the first third is posted, Change of Fate, and it could really use some reviews. The next two parts will be posted as soon as Change of Fate gets more readers.

    Future Stories: A Pokemon fanfic titled Sagacia... I've started on it already, I'm just waiting to post it.

    Writing Tips: Don't ever take criticism the wrong way. That's the worst thing you could do. I know from firsthand experience that your pride at your new story can be smashed into anger quite quickly. Be patient, and explain yourself if your readers are wrong. If they aren't, then listen to their advice! They have the editing advantage of not knowing what's going to happen.

    -that's all!

    ;196; ~Chareon
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2006
  11. Clockworkz


    Name: Clockworkz

    Age: 18

    Strong Areas: Descriptions, plots, vocabulary, imagry, grammar and spelling
    Type Of Writing: Fiction, normally in Naturalism, while expressing existentialism.

    Type Of Characters: I like to describe characters that share things in common with me. I can identify with them better, and I feel more into it when I do that.

    Current Stories: Team Rocket: The Unremitting Strife, still in progress.

    Current rating: PG-13 (may become R later on...). Current Star Vote: 4 stars. Action/adventure.

    Future Stories: Still in its conceptual stages: Team Rocket: Scientific Exploits (working title). To be done in a journal-esqe style. This will outline the backgrounds of the Mewtwo and Armageddon Projects, as outlined in the Pokemorph MUSH's timeline. Permission pending. The story will be written if I am allowed to write it.

    Writing Tips: Read a lot of books. Make sure you read some of the great authors, like Camus, or Faulkner. Extend your vocabulary that way, and delve into a greater understanding of the English language by using professional examples. Try to use a thesaurus as little as possible. It can make your work sound less genuine, especially if you tend to air the side of simplicity.
  12. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Name: Sandra or Hikari_Blaze.
    Age: 12
    Strong Areas: I'm good in writing humor and insanity stories. That's my specialty. My other good points is romance.
    Type Of Writing: Romance and humor.
    Type Of Characters: I use my Pokemon team from Sapphire and anime/manga characters like Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura.
    Current Stories:

    New Story:
    Fusion Fantasies - A girl who seeks revenge on Cipher. A boy cursed by the spirit of an unusual Mightyena. Cipher's back and when the path of these two cross, they'll do anything to stop Cipher. For themselves and the region of Zondia.
    Up coming chapter: Battle of the White Fox and the Red Wolf
    Rated PG-13 for violence and language.

    I wrote a lot of other stories but too lazy to list. Look at fanfics in the link in my sig.

    Weakness: Drama, tragedy, and angst.
  13. CelestialTime93

    CelestialTime93 Graphic Novel Artist

    CelestialTime93's Profile

    Name: Mackenzie or CelestialTime93
    Age: 12 (turning 13 this Spring)
    Strong Areas: Descriptions, clothing designs for characters, detail, and fantasy series.
    Type of Writing: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure, and the occasional funny love stories (Just Like Heaven, A Lot Like Love, etc.).
    Type of Characters: I try to stay within the same ranges, and the only crossover I've ever done is Kim Possible/Pokemon series called "Pokemon Generation." I had to transfer the Kim Possible characters from Disney cartoons to TV Tokyo Anime. It was pretty hard, but I finally got it. The first book is finished, and I'm editing the second one.
    Rating: G to PG-13 (rarely any higher for Pokemon fics)

    Current Stories:

    Old: Pokemon Generation #1: A Forgotten Relative: Ash doesn't know that he has a 20 year old cousin. That is, until now. Meet 20 year old Kim Possible, a girl who could do anything, including saving the world. When these two reunite after 10 years, adventure immediatly follows, as Giovanni is out for revenge on the two half-cousins. Now, only the powers of Pokemon Generation that is joined together with the two half-cousins and their friends (the elements of Pokemon) can save them, and help the team find Ash's missing father. Book one of 12.

    New: Hidden Legends of Mysteria: 10 years after the series, Ash and Misty, now married, are 20 years old, and their adopted son's godfather, Brock, is 26. When Sean comes home for the holidays, these three soon learn that their son is not home for the holidays at all. He's after Misty's pendant, the one that Ash gave to Misty on Christmas! But what happens when Misty gets hurt and ends up in the hospital, and Sean is still after her pendant. Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and some old friends, are gonna have to do whatever it takes to stop Sean before anybody else gets hurt. But, what secrets does the Pendant of Mysteria hold?

    The Butterfly: Featuring Mairead Nesbitt's "The Butterfly" from her CD, "Raining Up." The dopplegangers of Lugia and Ho-Oh attack Ash during a normal day in Pallet Town. Now, Ash, his baby cousin, Matt, and his friends, must travel to the Crystal Caves to find the real Lugia and Ho-Oh, and reunite the two sides as one. Can they make it back to Pallet Town for the Spring Festival?

    Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story: Ash just turned 9 years old, and his father, Daniel, takes him to the Pokemon Ranch, where he meets Dreamer, a racing Rapidash, the fastest of his friends. But when Dreamer falls during a race, Daniel recieves news from Nurse Joy that Dreamer must be put down. Heartbroken by the trauma, Ash is determined to get Dreamer back on his four feet and start racing again. Inspired by the incredible true story, and the movie from Walt Disney Pictures, "Dreamer".

    Upcoming: Pokemon Generation #2: Hidden Legends: The adventures of Pokemon Generation continue, as the two half-cousins, Ash and Kim, along with their friends and family, set out to the Orange Islands, where Team Rocket is out to capture the Pokemon Generation Guardians. But what happens when they are caught, and their forced to confess the secrets of Pokemon Generation and the Legendary Pokemon? This is the fiercest battle yet! Book 2 of 12.

    The Pikachu Star (Korean Character Names): Pallet Town and Cerulean City was under attack, leaving behind scars that would never heal of the people, and a lover is taken away from Jee-Yoo (Ash), as Yee-Sul (Misty) is forced to marry the evil Lord Yae-Hyeong, the one who had caused all of this destruction, including the cause of Jee-Yoo's death, with one of his soldiers shooting him while he was protecting Yee-Sul. But when Jee-Yoo miraculously comes back to life, after Yee-Sul's capture, he soon realises that the only way he's going to stay alive, is if he could find and rescue Yee-Sul before Lord Yae-Hyeong marries her in seven days. Meanwhile, Yee-Sul weeps over what she thinks is Jee-Yoo's death. But when she overhears one of the soldiers that Jee-Yoo is still alive and he's coming to get Yee-Sul, her hopes are much too high to be let down. And so, the magical journey on the seven nights of The Pikachu Star begin. Will Jee-Yoo make it in time?

    Ho-Oh and Articuno: Out there, in the Pokemon World, there are a total of eight legendary Pokemon, known as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and of course, the two leaders, Lugia, and the extremely legendary Ho-Oh, whom can only be seen through the eyes of one boy.......

    Meet 16 year old Ash Ketchum, a now great Pokemon Master, and his friends, 23 year old Brock Harrison, 12 year old Max and his 16 year old sister, May, and Ash's long time friend, 16 year old Misty Waterflower and his Pikachu.

    When the group meet a mysterious woman that looks like a woman version of Misty, things begin to get strange. Giovanni is after Ash, as bait for the legendary Ho-Oh. Heard of the news that Giovanni and Team Rocket are after Ho-Oh, the woman springs into action and searches for Ash, who had ran off mysteriously into the woods, after a strange psychic occurance. But what danger has Ash gotten himself into? And who is the strange woman, who looks so much like Misty? Coming March 2006.

    Weaknesses: Tragedy/Angst, explict adult fics, little kid fics, anything over the rating of PG-13 is out of my bounds of strength.
  14. StellarWind

    StellarWind The Sylvan Saber

    Hmm. Might as well post somethin' here.

    Name: StellarWind Elsydeon (Just Stel would do. ^^)

    Age: Eternal. Stuck on this particular planet for 20 years.

    Strong Areas: Worldbuilding. ^^ I absolutely love taking worlds and giving them my own twists. I also have a major fondness for description (very helpful for aformentioned worldbuilding, let me tell you) and I consider battles and to some degree action scenes to be my forte' otherwise.

    Weak Areas: FILLER. I can have major plot points set up but the filler between them can get me stuck for bloody decades. ^^;

    Type Of Writing: Well, I usually write strange Fantasy/Sci-Fi hybrids - usually serious, but more often than not with their moments of comedy. I also like writing one-shots from the perspective of characters that have little background to them, trying to give them some kind of a back story where the games or series didn't (this includes some PokeMon POV fics.) I do quite a bit of original writing, too, but I'm yet to actually post any of it here, so... Eh. ^^;

    Type Of Characters: I have a fondness for characters with more than a dash of mystery about them, scholarly, intelligent characters, or just about anything that comes to my mind, really. I don't really limit myself to specific kinds of characters. They just burst in my mind and kinda write themselves. ^^;

    Current Stories:


    My current ‘ongoing’ work – A trainer fic set in Hoenn. Or at least, that's what it wants you to think...

    Finished Stories and One-Shots:


    The story of a Scyther that has come full circle, told from her point of view – based on a Scizor belonging to an RP character of mine. NOT for the faint of heart or the canon-obsessed.

    When Life Is Just Re-VOLT-ing

    Ever wondered why do Voltorbs blow themselves up of their own free will? Exactly.

    Hades (Non-PokeMon, Digimon Tamers)

    What happens to Digimon that die but their data doesn’t get absorbed? Renamon finds the answer… Set before the events of Digimon Tamers.

    Sealed in Ice (Non-PokeMon, Final Fantasy VI)

    Tritoch, the frozen Esper, reflects on the world and the passage of time.

    Writing Tips: What can I say here that hasn’t been said before? Just keep your fics readable, don't jump between tenses like a crazed Spoink, mind your punctuation, grammar and spelling and always remember. When the clock strikes seventeen, remember the magical feathered walrus! ^^
  15. [Cano]

    [Cano] Sig [Cloud] Mugen

    Name: SigCMugen
    Age: 17
    Strong Areas: Description, plot and character development. I find these areas the easiest to right about because I think of it as just writing down my exact thoughts, and that's what makes it easier for me. I also find it fun to describe vivid scenery using similies and metaphors. Oh, and I LOVE contradictions, or oxymorons. Things like:
    His appearance symbolized the beginning of life anew, his long flowing brown hair gently cascading along his back, his white trench coat trailing inches above the dirt and gravel road beneath him. His wingspan reached several yards, tip to tip, his black ominous feathers neatly aligned one atop the other, the pattern representing the pureness and order of the Stairway to Heaven. The Angel of Life, the Dove of Resurrection...Lucifer.​
    These kinds of descriptions are my favorite to write, because to me it seems easier to visualize within my own mind. It sets the boundaries of the character's appearance without having to say, 'It's kinda like this, but not too much like this.'
    Type Of Writing: I love to write Fantasies and Sci-Fi. However, I still try to retain a sense of believablity in the plot and overall story. So I'll never be the one to write a story about zombies created through alien abduction (weird example, I know). That's just not me. I like to read stories that seem plausible, even possible to happen, and that's visible in my writing style and preferences.
    Type Of Characters: Emotionally hardened characters, characters who blame themselves for the most out-of-your-hands reasons...I like to write and develop these kinds of characters, because I feel that if I were created into a character, that that's the type I would be.
    Current Stories:
    Invisible Silhouette
    Welcome to Fuego, a land of strength and ferocity, a land of honor and determination...a land in fear. Welcome to a land veiled in darkness, a land afraid of its own shadow...
    Welcome to a land ripe with natural talent, a land with new faces and breeds of pokemon.
    In this land, a new evil calls all the shots. An evil that is forever present, yet never visible. An evil that's unique, yet generic.
    Welcome to Fuego.​

    [OPTIONAL]Future Stories:
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Equivalency
    Set in the world of the popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, this tale begins with a recap of the incident within Laboratory Five. The truth of the Philosopher's Stone has been revealed; now the Elrics have been backed into a corner, from which there is no right way out. On one hand, they can abandon their quest for the Stone's power, and accept the bodies that they created for themselves. But on the another, they abandon their very beliefs as alchemists to forge themselves a tool with which they hope to regain everything.
    Feeling lost and unsure, Edward Elric leaves behind his younger brother Al to conduct some dangerous research...but what returns isn't the 'Fullmetal Alchemist'...​

    Writing Tips: Obtain as much criticism as you can, and add it to your own. Remember though: no amount of constructive criticism in the world outweighs your own thoughts and feelings. Take what other people say, and run with it, but make sure that at the end of the night, your result is something that you're willing to back with all of your soul. Even the slightest doubt within yourself can damage everything you've worked for, as well as your hopes of gaining anything in the future. And never compare yourself to anyone but you, because otherwise you'll get nowhere fast. One thing that you need to realize, is that there will always be someone out there who is better than you, period. So it's a fools errand to try and best any and everyone with whom you cross paths. In the end, you should only compete with yourself.
    Interesting Fact About Me: I love fence hopping! And just jumping in general. I also love using my feet; so I love things like 'dribbling' a soccer ball, or playing hackey sack. Without my legs and feet, I'd die...
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2006
  16. Kamex

    Kamex Team Rocket's rockin

    Time to update mine:

    Name: Kamex (previously Blue Pokemon Master)
    Age: 17 (18 in a few months)
    Strong Areas: I've got creative ideas.
    Type Of Writing: Action, adventure... that type of thing at the moment. I also tend to put a little romance in my fics, without enough to make it a major genre, but then who doesn't? Lol.
    Type Of Characters: I like to write about heroic characters. I also like to write about characters that do bad things because of a harsh past, such as a horrific incident that happened when they were young. But in general, I like to write about as many different kinds of people as I can.
    Current Stories: I've had Pokemon War, but my current fic is Doppelganger. It's about a boy who didn't find himself worthy of going on a Pokemon journey, but when he finally does, not only does he make many friends, but the journey itself is more epic than any normal one. Why? Because he ends up learning to be psychic throughout the journey so that he can hold his own as the hero in an ancient civilization's conflict. Makes for an interesting story, eh?
    Future Stories: Well, I've got many ideas, but until I choose one I'd better refrain from explaining any...
    Writing Tips: I don't remember if I said this last time, but don't write when you're too bored too. It'll only make you write boring material in your boringness (if that's a word). Either get yourself more inspired, or wait for another time to continue your fic.
  17. Mysteria Pearl

    Mysteria Pearl Queen of Mushy-ness!

    Mysteria, huh? That's pretty cool, cuz my name is Mysteria Pearl (not in real life)and I love AshxMisty, now I wanna read it :D
  18. Infinite Master Sceptile

    Infinite Master Sceptile Bow to Groucho

    Name: Infinite Master Sceptile, A.K.A. IMS
    Strong Areas: I love creating intricate plots. My weakness is my incredible laziness.
    Type Of Writing: I have ambitious plans but nothing to show for it so far. I aim to write an epic trilogy about a war.
    Type Of Characters: I like to write about outsiders, people on the fringes of society, reluctant heroes, and heroes that become villains.
    Future Stories:
    The Auranian War
    For years Kanto has been at war with their ideological opponent, Aurania. All efforts have converged upon the Sevii Islands. Kanto has systematically driven the Auranians out of nearly every Island. The Auranian army is now holed up in Sevault Canyon, awaiting the Kanto attack. Participating in this siege is a private by the name of Mike Surge. With his Elekid and Pikachu, he marches into battle, totally unaware of the reverberations this will have upon history.
    Clouded Jewel
    It is October 31st, 1997. Emilio Harmon's birthday. And the beginning of his journey. And he has just been to the morgue to identify the body of his alcoholic father. Not an auspicious beginning for a kid from the slums of Saffron. Also very unlucky is the fact that his starting Pokemon is a Purple Jeweled Staryu (with a penchant for waffles).
    At the same time, three kids in Pallet are awaiting impatiently their birthday, where they will claim their birthright.
    There is a man named John Terrance, hiding in the mountains, plotting a 'hostile takeover' of massive proportions. He will stop at nothing for vengeance.
    In the corridors of power, business continues as usual.
    One person sits at a chessboard, waiting for someone to make the first move.
    Three children of privilege in the rich community of Pallet wait impatiently to begin their journey.
    Death will be the least of Emilio's troubles.
    You thought you knew Pokemon?
    Think again.
    Writing Tips: Be persistent. Procrastination kills fics. Don't be lazy like me.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2006
  19. Praxiteles

    Praxiteles Friendly POKéMON.

    Name: Dragonfire, soon to be .:pyroken Serafoculus:.

    Age: 11, but don't think I don't have as much experience - or skill - as some of the older authors. You'll regret your judgement. I'll make sure of it XD

    Strong Areas: Getting the plot onto the Word document. Period. I have a sixth sense that goes off when anyone - including myself - writes sentences in an indecent manner. Even if the smallest phrase is misused, I sense it just as distinctly as I would sense a blow to the head.

    Weak Areas: Description. I know all the tips experienced authors give to less experienced ones, but I don't have the instinct for description that I have for other areas. I can learn how to have plot twists and other things that point out a good fic, but description is one of those things that I have to have a seventh sense for in order to use well, and I don't have that seventh sense. I just don't have it.

    Type Of Writing: I prefer Adventure fics over anything else. Maybe it's because I myself am adventurous, or maybe it's just that feeling we all get when we read about someone going on an adventure. I'm not sure why I like it.

    Type Of Characters: I like characters that are dark and efficient, yet have quite a temper; who use brain over brawn and often dislike some other character, therefore putting a bit of dry humour into the fic. They don't show any of their emotions (save for anger) to all but their closest friends, and so are often regarded (incorrectly) as heartless and emotionless. Sort of like me, actually.

    Current Stories: The Upholder of Duty, which is, of course, an Adventure fic. You can find the summary in my signature. I'm feeling lazy today.

    Writing Tips: Kids, remember two things that I specialize in:

    1. If you're going to try and make something good, read, and read professional, completely error-less stuff. It's the only way you'll get the sixth sense that I have. I've been spending my entire life reading whenever I have had free time, and that's how I've got a feel for what sounds right and appropriate for the mood you're trying to develop. This way, I learnt perfect grammar before I even had an English class about it. I found out when and when not to put articles even before I knew what 'the' and 'a' were pronounced as!

    2. A way to proofread that makes the job a bit less intimidating is to write one sentence, proofread that, write another sentence, proofread again, and so on. It definitely seems to the mind as a way that requires the least work, even though you have to proofread the same amont of sentences. Also, after you finish a paragraph, reread it to see if it flows right. If you're using the method I said earlier, there's a good chance that your sentences are short and snappy. The only time the method I said does not apply is if you're inspired, and you're on a roll. You wouldn't like to break up your inspiration, now, would you?

    3. Here's something that I figured out when I read The Pokemon Rebellion. We all hate short and snappy sentences, don't we? But they can actually be used as a useful tool. When you want to create a mood of a type of dreaminess, as if it's like a dream, use long, flowing sentences, and when you want it dramatic or scary, suspenseful, use small and snappy sentences. It really puts the reader into the mood you want.

    I'd write more, but I'm lazy, and my hands are getting sore, so that would be all.
  20. Bay


    ***The Tales of the Mistress of Water: My fanfiction works***​

    ~UPDATED September Eight~ (Will update from time to time, so look at the date!)
    Latest Update: Finished posting "Take Fifty Five!" and right now am working "Mori" and "Nothing, Everything". "Mori" will come in September (I hope) while "Nothing, Everything" won't come out for a little while (January 2007 at the latest ).

    Name: Bay

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Plot: My stories are not really the most plot driven. Usually when dealing with plot, I would make the scenes more essential to the theme of my story.

    Types of Writing: I liked to write parable stories, poetry, history, War, and Fantasy.

    Types of Characters: I usually go for characters that are just human, whether it be a real human or Pokemon. My characters would make you think they are perfect, but they have their own flaws.

    Strongest Point: I can organize my stories really well. Also, I can write good descriptions and how to write what is going on a character’s mind.

    Weakest Point: My grammar is not my strongest point. A few times I might make grammar mistakes. Also, I tend to change the original scenes and put in a different scene if I felt that scene is not good. Sometimes I cannot makeup my mind which scene is better fitted with the story. (Happen liked that with one of the novels I was writing and that led me being unhappy with that project and stopped it all together).

    I have some good amount of writing experience(mostly stories and poetry not Pokemon realted), but I kind of stop writing to learn how to write better stories dealing with plot, grammar, character developement, etc. and better poetry on writing themes better. For now I am writing from scratch but as time passes I will get better and better each step in the way.

    Heart of the Sea (Parable/Drama/Chaptered Fic)
    PG 13
    Chapters: Eight
    Progress: Completed!
    Rating: Five Stars
    A fisherman is about to call it quits for not having caught a single fish for forty days. On the forty-first day, the fisherman is suddenly going to have the biggest catch of his life, until it is taken away from him. (Based off from the novella The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway).
    (Banner made by Saffire Persian)

    Take 55! (Comedy/ Multi-Part Short Story)
    PG 13
    Chapters: Um...actually, it's a one-shot but broken into three parts =O
    Rating: Four Stars
    No one says making movies would be easy! Join two producers Mell the Swellow and Pidge the Pidgeotto as they are going to try to make a Pokemon movie with unexpected results. Wars, dramas, and a shortage of cameras will make them really worry about the picture now!
    (Credit for the title goes to Pyroken Serafocuslus and banner made by me. )

    How Sneasel Got Its Claws To Be So Long (Comedy/Drama/Short Story)
    Current Progress: Done
    This short story is actually going to be part of the other short stories in a project started by Smile Guy called How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks and Other Short Stories . Basically it will be a little ditty of why Sneasel have long claws.

    How your imagination can run wild at times! Anyways, here are a couple of works coming soon:

    Nothing, Everything (Drama/Suspense/ Chaptered Fic)
    {I actually got quite a chunk of chapters done already, but not going to post it yet until things at college settled down. Um...more info can be found at the preview thread of it }
    Winter 2006/2007
    PG 13/R
    Current Progress: 41% Done (Cureent writing Chapter Tweleve)
    Everything is hidden from us. Is it good to keep secrets?
    There comes a time when questions need to be answered.
    Now is the time.
    But sometimes, answering the questions will not be easy.
    Not only that, but are you ready when the answer comes to you?

    Benice Norni's paintings of Legendaries had always sparked the imaginations of many people, both old and new. What is intersting is there is a story behind his paintings. That will later led a group of people on searching the answer to the questions this classical Pokemon artist had left out. (Summary pending).
    (Based off from Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code").
    (Banner thanks to katiekitten)

    Mori (Drama/One Shot)
    Mid September 2006
    PG/ PG 13
    Current Progress: 100 % Completed (but still needs to be posted ^^;)
    { Yep, the story is done! ^^ Still, it won't be posted for a while. Needs some editing. ^^;}
    Gabby Norris, a Grass Pokemon Trainer, was traveling through the region of Norte. While traveling, she found a nomadic tribe whom they call themselves the Dartars. She will then learn how Pokemon are not only used for training and coordinating. Also, she will learn a little history of the Dartars from a girl named Mori Mahn.
    (Banner credit goes to CHeSHiRe-CaT, used to be The Cheshire Cat)

    The Different Types of Love (Drama/Horror?/Tragedy/One Shot/Non Pokemon)
    July 2006 (Will come soon I hope)
    PG 13
    {I know I got "Mori" to do, but I felt like doing this project after being inspired by Literate's story}
    One night a mother fell in love with the man of her dreams. The only problem was she has to take away the most precious gift in order to gain his love. Soon, she will learn an important lesson.
    (Might change the title of the story. :/ )


    Pure Distance (Drama/One Shot)
    Coming Fall 2006
    PG/ PG 13
    Jamie Bliss always dream of training a Suicune ever since he was a little boy. After coming back home from journeying a couple of regions, he saw an injured Suicune and took it home to take care of it. While taking care of Suicune, he will find out about Suicune that he had never knew before and will have a conflict on what to do with Suicune.
    (Banner thanks to CHeSHiRe-CaT, used to be The Cheshire Cat)

    Perappu's Song (Fantasy/Drama/First Person Pov/One Shot)
    Fall/Winter 2006
    Let yourself follow the beating of the drums, your heart listening to the lyrics coming from the heavens, and your mind thinking of memorable friendships.
    (Banner credit goes to Amazingkiss)

    The Game (Drama/Suspense/Chaptered Fic)
    Spring 2007 (not sure yet)
    Three Pokemon hunters from the well known hunting organization the Pearl Scythers are going to embark on a journey they will never forget. The hunted Pokemon will teach them a little thing about surival, teamwork, and consequences. Who knew a game can be both nerve wracking and enlightening.

    Tips on writing: There will be times when you believed this scene does not seem to fit the storyline. Try a couple different versions of that scene you do not like and see if you really want to change the storyline a little bit, but no not do it too much or else you will be making a whole new storyline you might not like. Also, if you seem to have writers block, it is good to take a break for a few days and then looked at the story again. Lastly, when writing description, try to make it flow and not like a big grocery list.
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