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The Awakening (T, a Pokemon movie 16 adaptation)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Alfred the Second, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    An adaptation of the ideas used for Pokemon Movie 16. Mainly, Mewtwo vs. Genesect, Red Genesect and Mewtwo's transformation.

    I do not own Pokemon or the movie.

    Spoiler warning:
    Those who haven't watched the movie, not familiar with the story line through other means may have to be careful as this fic will adapt the ideas of the movie.

    Main Characters
    (as of chapter 1): Mewtwo

    The Awakening

    1.Mewtwo: I am here

    In a distant urban region far away from Kanto or Johto, called the New Tork City, the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo has made its home. ‘Home’ was too big a word for the Pokémon which existed only in the rumors framed as the urban legends of the metropolitan city. The Pokémon, whose existence was shrouded in a mystery for most part of the living world, hardly had enough friends or a family to come back for. While the wild Pokémon that resided in the nature preserve, the dark alleys and the sewers underground were terrified of its powerful presence, Mewtwo never appeared before humans and their Pokémon out of fear. Fear not about its own safety, but for the safety of the humans who would ultimately be driven by their selfish desires to capture the strongest Pokémon.

    Mewtwo was a man-made Pokémon, a creation of the genius Dr. Fuji, who had made a breakthrough in the field of DNA cloning with his thesis on the advanced cloning system. Aided by the criminal organization, Team Rocket, Dr. Fuji had worked on the cloning project to create the strongest Pokémon Mewtwo using the fossilized DNA samples of the mythical Pokémon, Mew. The experiment was a success, the consequences were a disaster. They had managed to create the strongest Pokémon, but in the process they had also created the most dangerous one.

    Having tasted the bitterness of betrayal from its creators, Mewtwo escaped from the clutches of the man who once claimed to be its partner. Vowing to destroy the self-centered humans and the Pokémon that sided with them, it had invited a couple of powerful Pokémon trainers so that it could create its own army of clones using the trainers’ Pokémon to aid in the obliteration of the current world and to accompany it in the new world that would be a place only for the cloned Pokémon to live.

    But one human, a ten year old boy named Ash Ketchum had changed its life…by sacrificing his own. The human sacrificed himself to stop the meaningless struggle Mewtwo created. In the end, the clone Pokémon that always thought it was a victim, was made the villain by the boy’s selfless act. Mewtwo wanted to eradicate humans because they made it an existence whose sole purpose was to be their tool. But the boy made it realize that clone or not, it was still a living creature that had its own will and it could live life as it wanted without any interference from humans. It wouldn’t be able to forgive the men who wronged it, but even so it would not seek meaning in life through destruction. The value of a life was something Mewtwo understood the most.

    Having come to a conclusion that it deserved to enjoy the beauty of the world as much as every other natural born Pokémon in the world, Mewtwo searched far and wide for a place called ‘home’ and finally reached the place called New Tork City.

    New Tork at first glance was a generic metropolitan city, a place infested with humans and tall skyscrapers. Then why did Mewtwo, who despised humans or at least wanted to stay away from their sight, choose New Tork as its home? The answer was a mystery, even to the clone Pokémon.

    There was more to New Tork City than just the urban settlement it was, there were hidden mysteries about the city, mysteries that linked to the world of Pokémon million of years ago. The psionic Pokémon didn’t knew what the mystery was when it set its foot on the ground for the first time, the soil it sets it foot upon seemed familiar, the air was nostalgic and the characteristic scent from the flowers which bloomed in many beautiful colors made the Pokémon feel as if it belonged here. It could perhaps be the DNA of Mew that was connected to this strange place, but without a doubt Mewtwo knew it was the place it searched for. New Tork City was its ‘home’. It would have preferred to call a much isolated location as its ‘home’, but the entire world still seemed like a strange place to it.

    To a Pokémon that couldn't enjoy Mother Earth as much as everyone else does without feeling guilt, New Tork City was a wonderful exception. It was free of the feelings that plagued it ever since its birth, it was free from the questions that haunted its existence. The doubts that wavered in its mind, plunging it into a sick sadness were no longer there, making Mewtwo feel fresh and alive, something it hadn’t experienced since it was thrown into the lake filled with pure water in Johto.

    Little did Mewtwo know at the moment that there was another Pokémon who was searching for this place called the ‘home’, and that the Pokémon was another sin that the humans have committed in the name of creating the strongest Pokémon on Earth.


    That's it for Chapter One people. The second chapter will be the adaptation to Prologue of Mewtwo's Awakening.

    I am not perfect, and I am pretty sure writing a character created by Takeshi Shudo is certainly a daunting task. But if you are willing to read this fic to its completion, you are more than welcome to discuss with me through the Private Message Feature. I hope this fanfiction reaches your expectations.

    Yours Truly.
  2. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    Not a bad beginning, it's very interesting. I didn't find any grammatical errors either.

    Anyway (as for myself), I'm normally a bit iffy with giving details summarizing the show when it's a fanfiction (if you get what I mean, like it's for the fans and most of the time the fans know every nook and cranny) but seeing as how this was a small prologue and it's based off of what the anime would do, I'll let it slide. :p

    I liked this part, it just feels like Mewtwo had some instinct to go there.

    I wonder if Mew will play a part in this fic later? =O

    dun dun dun...

    I think this is like your shortest chapter ever. :p
  3. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Thank you for the review my dear daughter.

    First, I have to summarize everything Mewtwo had undergone to give people a good idea of its mindset. Sure the people have watched the Movie Strikes Back and Mewtwo Returns, but still a summary of the events is needed to put things into motion. Redundant information or not, a few stuff need to be mentioned to make people have a grasp over what Mewtwo had gone through in these two movies and feel for it.

    Besides I majorly skipped Mewtwo returns because I didn't want this chapter to be a repeat of what happened in the movies but to convey what is needed for this fanfic.

    Yes, this is my shortest chapter but that's because I am waiting for July 11 to come and go, to get more source material.

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