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The Battle Arcade - Prohawk

Discussion in 'The Frontier Brains' started by Ragnarok, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok #BeastMode Staff Member Super Mod


    Arcade Star Prohawk


    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  2. Prohawk

    Prohawk A Professional Bird


    Frontier Brain's Specialization: BW2 OU Weather Domination

    Explanation: Once I have accepted your challenge, you name two weathers. I'll choose one of those and you have to bring a team using that kind of weather. Clear Skies do not count as a weather. If you fail to bring an appropriate team (by accident or not) you will automatically forfeit your challenge. All Smogon standard bans apply.

    All challenges are Bo3. You may change teams between matches, provided they are of the same weather.

    Availability: You can find me on the SBF Xat, or alternatively on the Danger INC. channel on PO. VMs are also acceptable. Do not send PMs as they will get lost in the chaos and most likely ignored. I try to be as active as I can, but weekends are probably the best time to find me. GMT +12


    Good luck to you all​
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
  3. Jr Breshears

    Jr Breshears PKMN Breeder

    Congratz Prohawk :D
  4. ShowMeTheMankey

    ShowMeTheMankey mckayla face

    well deserved son
  5. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    good luck man
  6. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Nice job Prohawk.
  7. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    congrats my friend
  8. ShowMeTheMankey

    ShowMeTheMankey mckayla face

    Maybe you should make a banner for it and put it in your sig! You don't seem to have many :/
  9. This is what I have to say to prohawk, and it has been said. But read it, and gleam from it the infinite knowledge of my wisdom.

    (10:40:24) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: a[CG]batmonkey
    (10:40:42) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: not gunna congratulate me in my thread?? it's your approval i seek...
    (10:40:47) [CG]batmonkey: Really?
    (10:40:58) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: you brought me to serebii lol
    (10:41:02) [CG]batmonkey: I did
    (10:41:23) [CG]batmonkey: It appears my influence on your pokemon life has been great
    (10:41:31) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: indeedy
    (10:41:31) [CG]batmonkey: but truth be told, you hit the mark long ago
    (10:41:35) [CG]batmonkey: The point of fear
    (10:41:39) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: yes, i know that too
    (10:42:01) [CG]batmonkey: Cause if I am afraid of playing someone for fear I might lose
    (10:42:05) [CG]batmonkey: that is because I know they are good
    (10:42:10) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: =D
    (10:42:16) [CG]batmonkey: You sir have mastered weather as I have clear skies
    (10:42:27) [CG]batmonkey: It is not often one would gain a loss in home territory
    (10:43:08) [CG]batmonkey: I have not taught you everything I know, but I have taught you as much as I can
    (10:43:12) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: haha, you should post that in the thread -D
    (10:43:13) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: =D
    (10:43:13) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: *
    (10:43:20) +ShowMeTheMankey: this is some kung fu panda ****
    (10:43:20) [CG]batmonkey: Now GO WEST, YOUNG ASH!
    (10:43:47) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: hahaha
    (10:43:56) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: i enjoyed your message mankey
    (10:44:00) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: very touching =D
    (10:44:28) [CG]batmonkey: Now there is just one final lesson that must be taught
    (10:44:46) [CG]batmonkey: i don't know what it is, so If someone could teach it to me so i could teahc it to you, that'd be great
    (10:45:51) [CG]batmonkey: But rest assured when the time comes, I will know what to say, and deep in your heart you will already know it
    (10:45:58) [CG]batmonkey: for that is the way
    (10:46:01) [CG]batmonkey: Of the bionicle
    (10:46:21) Hunt Or Be Hauntered: o_O
  10. EZ Target?

    EZ Target? You Lack Da Moxie

    yeah what magic said but completely different so .... congratz
  11. Avicii

    Avicii Oh hai.

    Congrats man. You deserve it.
  12. BLUES.

    BLUES. Something else

    Congrats on getting to be a bran:p
    Ill destroy you later ;D
  13. Makaveli

    Makaveli Gone for Good.

    Congrats bro.
  14. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    cong rats!
  15. Jazz™

    Jazz™ Not exactly Orthodox

    And you've been saying you're a brain for too many things...
  16. SneaselFTW

    SneaselFTW #215

    COngratz pro, live long and prosper

    vulcan sign
  17. Prohawk

    Prohawk A Professional Bird

    Thanks everyone for the messages ^^

    I know I told some people I would be officially open on the 6th because of exams, but procrastinating is fun

    Challenger: Jazz Hands
    Game 1 - Loss 0-6
    Game 2 - Loss 0-4

    Totally got trolled by a certain poke, gg
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
  18. Jazz™

    Jazz™ Not exactly Orthodox

  19. Prohawk

    Prohawk A Professional Bird

    Challenger: Legolover8

    Win - he brought a team that was against the rules
  20. SneaselFTW

    SneaselFTW #215

    Confirmed :(
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