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The Battle Corporation Vs. Assassin's Alliance

Discussion in 'Guild Wars' started by Sparkbeat, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!


    ~5th Gen OU 5v5 War. First clan that gets 3 wins is the winner.
    ~All battles will be best of 3. Players are allowed to change teams in between matches.
    ~ All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 OU standard BW2 OU rules.
    ~ Anything smogon banned will be banned for this war including Drizzle+Swiftswim, Tornadus-T, and Deoxys-D.
    ~ No trolling, flaming, or spamming!
    ~ The results of each battle needs to be posted and confirmed on this thread.
    ~ All battles must be done on the main PO server or the main PS server


    The Battle Corporation

    Sky Driver

    Assassin's Alliance
    That Crazy Russian
    Cosmic Fury



    TBC on left ; AA on right

    Contrail Vs. TheNewGuy24
    Rairyan Vs. DragonicWari
    Fabian Vs. Cosmic Fury
    Godzilla! Vs. Zoroarkforever
    Anakbae Vs. That Crazy Russian

    TBC Vs. AA

    Deadline: May 21, 9:00 GMT -5

    Good luck to both sides! Great War guys!
    Last edited: May 13, 2013
  2. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    good luck to both sides lets get em TBC
  3. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Good luck to both sides, and may AA have the hax in their favor!
  4. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Good luck to all sides, especially TBC.
  5. Godzilla!

    Godzilla! King of the Monsters

    Good luck to both sides, especially AA cause I love Skarm and MS :p (I love TBC equally as well)

    Target set and locked! Time to go in for the KILL >:]
    Last edited: May 9, 2013
  6. Asbestospoison

    Asbestospoison Excellent Driver

    We can do this AA!
    Good luck to TBC too. You'll need it...
  7. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    aight we got dis, AA

    gluck TBC
  8. Tehero

    Tehero Like A Boss

    Good luck guys and gals.
  9. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    contacted gl all
  10. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    good luck all :D
  11. Narin

    Narin The Forest Sage

    Good luck everyone :)
  12. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Kinda redundant but good luck everyone!
  13. I lost 2-1 to Godzilla!

    Should I post the replays?
    Last edited: May 10, 2013
  14. Godzilla!

    Godzilla! King of the Monsters

    won 2-1 against ZoroakForever

    I gotta admitt been a while since I had to actually think HARD against one of my opps.

    Also he got me good first game but I just had to turn it up for TBC.

    I don't think u need to post them.
    Last edited: May 10, 2013
  15. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Certainlly fun to watch. Saw a few things I need to try out myself.
  16. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    Nah, you're good. Updating op.
  17. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    great work zilla :D 2 more TBC
  18. AnakBaé

    AnakBaé Well-Known Member

    Dr. Zilla is on a rampage, great work man.
    Contacted my opponent.
  19. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    i try get this battle done tonight or over the weekend but not heard anything back from my opponent
  20. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    GGs Bae

    Won 5-0 first match, then lost the next two 2-0 and 4-0. Anakbae wins.
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