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The Battle Finale of Legend! (620)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battle' started by Serebii, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Dialga and Palkia! The Final Battle!!

    With the legendary pixies now under Cyrus' control, Team Galactic are heading to the Spear Pillar to awaken Dialga & Palkia. Having been captured, Ash & Co. are facing a terrible trial. Will they be able to prevent Dialga & Palkia being awakened and will they be able to save the world?

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  2. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    WOW, Gliscor has learned some new attack
    it was great episode, just great
  3. JD

    JD .

    He didnt learn it in this episode... But yeah this was probably by far the best finale.
  4. pK'

    pK' ?

    Although I kinda felt ending was rushed, but it was good episode.

    I was surprised thrice while watching the episode btw.

    1) Shigeru, why didn't you use Blastoise? You deserve get butt kicked by Saturn.

    2) J..... Are you dead?

    3) When Mars screamed.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2009
  5. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    I was hoping to see more of the gang's pokemon involved- Monferno, Grotle and Buizel could have contributed in some way surely
  6. Mandi.

    Mandi. 3:

    I just kinda got up, cause I got to work. But I saw most of the pictures, thanks to imageshack. :>

    Aww, all the commanders got arrested I heard. :X
    I gotta say I love Jupiter's 'wacked-in-the-ol-head' face when she's tied up. Haha, wtf. xDD And here I thought Jupiter was somehow the most 'normal' out of the commanders.
    Didn't she say that she didn't care if she and everyone else died for the new world and ect.

    Mars screaming was cute. Definitely fits her character.

    The three commanders got arrested, but Pluto escaped (Stark Mountain anyone?) And Cyrus actually succeeded and created his new world ..just for himself?

    Saturn and Mars' faces when Cyrus tells them to BACK OFF, or what. I don't know, he yells and they're all ':O'

    Hmhm. I need to watch the episode still for myself to say anything. But it seems like all the characters got decent amount of screentime. And I'm sure they could have squeezed at least one more episode into this to make it not-so-rushed (i don't even know if it was rushed, but it probably was...xD) ..But yeah. It's probably the best we'll ever get for a villian team of course.

  7. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    tsk, tsk writers.

    I honestly have to say that, having seen both, I REALLY like the Magma/Aqua finale more. It was the same length of time really, DP150 was a solo mission like the rest of TG's episodes and not a finale part.

    Just wtf @ the ending. The only good use of my time while eating breakfast was the preview for 153.. now THERE is quality.

    Oh my trucking... how could they do this to Mars ;-; the look on her face, the anguished scream, how she just sat there like a shell in the car while Saturn and Jupiter talked about the weather.. :'(
    That is cruel depriving a young woman of her love. Well at least they can have a Ghost of Maiden's Peak 2.0 ep now 8\

    I love how Jupiter never really cares that much and by the end Saturn is like "this is gay" too while poor Mars cries herself to sleep every night now until she suicides in depression..

    gdi she and Cyrus are suicidal maniacs.. it was made to be o')
  8. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    I have to say these 3 episodes were nothing beside PHENOMENAL!!!
    The action was great the story was great and so was the animation and voice acting

    The episode also took another leap into being more Dark which shows that DIAMOND AND PEARL IS THE DARKEST AND BEST SERIES WE EVER HAD IN POKEMON!!!!

    Starts off with Ash,Dawn and Brock running forward to get their 3 respective pixies
    Upon orders skuntank and purugly hit them with iron tail and send them flying back....ouch
    Then Toxicroak sends the 3 pokemon flying
    Brock returns coragunk....:(:(:( damn
    Cyrus walks off with the mind controlled pixies following him

    Ash and co locked up in a cell on the helicopter
    TG appeafr at the entrance to spear pillar......that dome thing
    TR and looker in disguise are there
    Skuntank hits them witha flamethrower and reveals who they are
    They too get thrown into the cell.......everybody doing time today lol

    Saturn opens the spear key up and unlocks the entrance to spear pillar
    I have to say the insode of spear pillar looked pretty amazong...although it could have had more content than pillars
    TG start tp walk down the long staircase with nothing around it.....would remind of you movie 3: spell of the unknown....yas no what i'm talking about

    Jupitar at the entrance guarding
    OUT OF NOWHERE a giga impact hits skuntank
    Cynthias garchomp emerges and holds jupitar at clw point.....i sense some sub editng for this bit here.........well 4kids defo would have done it don't no about pkmninternational
    Cynthia releases the gang

    Now at the end of spear pillar the 3 pixies and the lustrous/adament orb are placed on individual pillars
    Cyrus uses that glove of his aka red chain controller i believe
    Very simillar to how when arceus creates a dragon in HGSS, three colours form in a triangle shape around spear pillar
    Dark mist starts to form all over mt.coronet
    We see gary and rowan and co look upon this

    Then inside spear pillar to windows open up
    Blue and Pink in colour
    Well in spiritual form
    The red chain wraps around them

    Out of nowhere a thunderbolt hits the TG control station and blows it up
    Pikachu riding Staraptor,Croagunk on Gliscor and Piplup on Garchomp appear
    Saturn releases toxicroak but Croagunk dives off sliscor and hits him on the head with a mega brock break attack and knocks him out....woooooo croagunk won

    Pikachu thunderbolts Purugly and Piplup Bubblebeams the Golbat
    Then the 3 pokemon each destroy the red crystal on their respective owners pixie's head
    Ash, Dawn and Brock run in and get their pixie

    The 2 dragons disappear
    Cyrus smirks and uses the glove again but this time.....
    They have the red chain/Arceus armour around them again

    A space time portal opens up in the background
    Pikachu, Piplup, Croagunk and Garchomp send a special(as opposed to physical) attack towards the Dragons
    Cyrus commands Dialga to attack with Roar of Time and Palkia with Spacial Rend...omg they listened

    The attacks cancel each other out
    Cyrus commands them to attack again
    The attacks are about to hit Ash, Dawn and Brock full on
    The 3 pixies come in and form a shield around them protecting them

    They all attack again this time managing to hit the red chains releasing Dialga and Palkia from Cyrus
    Cyrus then walks over to the time space portal
    He has a soliquoy of sorts with it....seemed very emotional and upsetting
    Mars screams and tries to run after him but Saturn pulls her back and tells her very quietly no..........very anime in general like

    Dialga and Palkia then go on a mad one and both attack a certain point in the air with their signature attacks
    The monitor back with Rowan goes off the wall

    The 3 pixies come to Ash and the other 2 and tell them they have to stop it....i think


    Ash orders an attack from Azelf who glows white and catapults tself towards the focus of the Mishap( i suppsoe)...prob somethng to do with willpower
    Azelf comes back tired and Ash smiles
    Dialga and Palkia go wild

    Then Brock, YES BROCK!! OMG HE'S DOING SOMETHING!!! orders uxie to attack it glows and through that brock can TALK TO THE DRAGONS AND mentally calm them down....knowledge in there
    Dialga and Palkia are then sort of froxen in a red and black lightning...like being paralysed in the anime

    Then Dawn orders Mesprit to attack who goes between the two Dragons and bursts out in white which releases the dragons from their fit of rage...emotion ;);)

    Then...i though this was very good
    The 3 pixies start circleing the dragons overhead and open up a portal which sends Dialga and Palkia back to where they came and settles everything including the weather
    Gary and Rowan look on amazed that it just stopped but Rowan has the look in his eye that shows he knew it was Ash and co

    The pixies then start flying in and around Ash, Brock and Dawn
    They do the same to Cynthia
    They then bid farewell to the group and disappear in a white sparkle

    Outside the spear pillar Rowan,Gary and the police are there and they secure the Lustrous and Adament Orbs
    We see the 3 TG commanders in the back of the police van and they talk and then Saturn looks up into the sky thinking about Cyrus i'm assuming

    Looker starts looking around and Brock asks who for
    We then see TR in their ballon and they shout something down to the group but we are not shown if the group hears or sees them
    TR then fly off into the sunset
    The grouo exchange some chit chat and then all look at Mt.Coronet

    I noticed Charon wasn't captured.....well not that i saw anyway so maybe the Heatran thing will come into play again later on in the series
  9. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    continuing from the last episode..

    1.man, Cynthia can be quite the ruthless trainer when she needs to be, Jupiters Skuntank didn't even see her Garchomp coming in, and then it threatened to impale her with it's claws.

    2.Croagunk knocking out Toxicroak, pure f-ing five gold star moment right there.

    3.Jeez Mars have you been training that Purugly? I mean before it was a threat and now it's just Pika fodder, chalk up another sinnoh victory for Pikachu I guess.

    4. I don't think anyone can deny the way they handled Cyrus in the anime was way different than the games and probably no one expected such an outcome, he got his wish to live in a new world, albeit it was destroyed by Dialga and Palkia after he went into it, and basically took the notion of insanity to a whole nother level.

    5.I like how Ash and co were able to handle the pixies, Brock and Uxie definitely fit with one another.

    6.so Team Galactic is down, or are they, Charon wasn't seen among the captured...

    Overall I feel that they handled this finale better than Magma/Aqua's although with Charon still free, it's not truely over yet.
  10. Mythic Mist

    Mythic Mist Indecent Exposure

    Yup. it seems Charon has eluded capture as he wasnt seen with the other commanders in the police truck. Mars' scream when Cyrus left them was unexpected as well. This team definitely deserved more episodes so they could establish the relationships they all had with one another, especially Mars and Cyrus...oh well, more time for backstory for the Stark Mountain arc! <_<

    Ending was a tad cheesy but it's still the best villain arc the writers have written. P.S. I think it was more in the last episode but I'll say it here anyway: i loved all the group shots they had with all three commanders. Also, Mars and Jupiter are sexy together. The End. :D
  11. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    If we see Charon on Stark Mountain I'm hoping we get to see some Mt. Doom-ish effects there along with Heatran.
  12. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    Another epic episode, not as good as the previous episode but still very epic. I was very glad Brock did some thing other than stand in the background like he normally would have. I liked that Gary did some thing too. I hope the writers keep up with this brilliant writing.
  13. phantasystar69

    phantasystar69 Well-Known Member

    what move was it?
  14. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Gliscor was revealed in the preview to learn Giga Impact in a few episodes.

    And, back on topic, this sounds awesome! I'll definetly bet that Charon will show up again, and Cyrus might too with Giratina.
  15. Katya Ivanova

    Katya Ivanova Banned

    I was completely captivated by the impact Cyrus's departure left on Mars. Her scream was merely a grimy window to her heart, which had shattered into a million pieces. You can see the sheer emotional state, or lack thereof, that she is in, when all three of them are in the van. She makes absolutely zero acknowledgement as to whether she knows where she is, what is happening, or even that Saturn and Jupiter are there. They mention Cyrus in the van and she does not react at all. This is basically the final nail in the coffin for Betelgeuseshipping, quite literally. Mars was just.. a lifeless shell in that van. It was actually really depressing to see.

    I am just in sheer disbelief at this episode, really. Poor Mars...
  16. Charizard Lord

    Charizard Lord Probably Napping

    A decent ending to a fantastic arc. I can't wait to watch it in higher quality. There's really little that needs to be said other than my personal opinion: it was great, and WAY better than the Aqua/Magma arc, but it could have been better. They should have spent more time developing the Admins and Cyrus...that would have made Mars' scream at Cyrus' "demise" more beleivable. Aside from those minor gripes, it was very well done. Also, I oved how it was focused more on the Lake Trio rather than the Dragons, seeing as we got three whole movies of them. Keep it up, writers!

    P.S. I noticed Charon eluded being arrested. I'm thinking...Stark Mountain Arc later on with Heatran? Strangely, he's come to be my personal favorite of the Admins. In the Anime, anyway, if only for his hilarious cackle. Here's hoping we hear some more "HyEheHEheHeHE!" sometime in the future! :)
  17. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    Pretty much agreed.

    Look, don't get me wrong. This kicked the living pazookie out of Kyogre/Groudon. But it wasn't perfect. I went in believing that Galactic needed a couple additional episodes to flesh things out, and came out believing the same. Dialga & Palkia actually appeared for a ridiculously short time. We didn't get too much out of Cynthia, and her encounter with Jupiter didn't extend beyond what we already got in the preview. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the gang's Pokemon participate in the apocalypse other than each character's "main" Pokemon.

    Now the good? Great animation. Great music. Nice involvement of the pixies. Brock being useful. Mars' scream. (Can Lisa Ortiz actually pull off something like that for the dub? Don't answer, we know the answer is NO.) Cyrus' suicidal leap into the Twilight Realm. And a satisfactory send-off for the commanders (sans Pluto, and I also wonder whether we'll see Handsome again). Overall an enjoyable three-parter and a decent conslusion to Galactic.
  18. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    See, the way I (and everyone I was watching it with for that matter) saw it was that they only destroyed the portal, sealing him, powerless, in a hollow universe.

    Of course (as I said on the Galactic club), even if exposure to the depths of space didn't kill him, and even if the lack of food didn't kill him (and let's face it, it's a cartoon with very vague laws of physics or survival), he's still mortal. He could live a hundred years and his life would still be a meaningless blip in the universe.

    Although frankly, even just going off the games I always saw him as borderline suicidal.
  19. Bliksem

    Bliksem The Quirky Quilava

    While it was a lot better than its Hoenn equivalent, I gotta say these series of episodes felt entirely too rushed. There were a lot of characters appearing with no major reason *why* they were there. I would have preferred a little bit more build-up, and the finale could've been stretched a bit as well. I wouldn't have minded a glimpse at what Cyrus' perfect universe would've been like.

    The fact that Giratina wasn't there was annoying as well.
  20. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    I don't think Pokemon Co. gave ShoPro the Permission to do the distorted Realm just yet. In fact, all that matters that they got rid of the villians of the series once and for all. Also I would also like to see the Team Rocket orgination slowly deteriorating every generation, to prove that ShoPro no longer want them to be a threat in anyway.

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