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The Battle For The Badge! (063)


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Love this Epi, never knew Mewtwo was part of it..i think its the best gym battle episode


This episode was the greatest of all because it features Ash's last Gym Battle here. Since Giovanni didn't battle him for unknown reasons after leaving and putting in charge of Team Rocket for the gym, they were the ones who battled him. I really enjoyed this episode because the Pokemon League is almost here!


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I thought that Ash was going for Giovanni, but since it was Team Rocket instead, I felt a little bad. :(

Though, It was awesome to see Mewtwo for awhile before the offical first movie came out. Really wicked.

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I wonder who Gary battled in the end to get his badge.

I don't think it ever said did it?


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I liked this episode, it was cool. Also, Blue Snover, Gary battled Giovanni and Giovanni used Mewtwo. Okay, about that. It was cheap, because Mewtwo is a legendary and a second Mew!

Jessie and James as Gym Leaders were cheap because they tried to hurt Ash, on purpose. Good thing Ash won and TR got shocked!


I liked this episode, it was cool. Also, Blue Snover, Gary battled Giovanni and Giovanni used Mewtwo. Okay, about that. It was cheap, because Mewtwo is a legendary and a second Mew!

Jessie and James as Gym Leaders were cheap because they tried to hurt Ash, on purpose. Good thing Ash won and TR got shocked!

They weren't cheap because the pokemon they were using were Giovanni's to begin with. Ash managed to defeat all three of Giovanni's pokemon, as well as Arbok and Weezing, with Pidgeotto, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu. Pidgeotto even managed to defear Rhydon, which seemed a bit strange, but nonetheless, it was a win he deserved. The outcome could have been different if Giovanni had actually battled Ash himself, but still.


Great gym battle.

Too bad we have'nt seen Persian fighting.

And Gary's pokemon were so strong, i loved them.


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Gary was doing well against Giovanni until Mewtwo entered the battle. That's too bad.

Anyway, good episode with several things going on. Gary versus Gio, Togepi getting lost, Ash versus Team Rocket. How they fit that all in is anybody's guess.

Loved that at least Ash got the finally badge without much difficulties but I'm mad that Gio didn't face Ash. 7/10


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This episode was ok... Not a good thing when the battle with Mewtwo was more exciting than Ash's gym battle. It was good to see Ash finally earn his final gym badge for Kanto.



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I remember that when I first saw this, I didn't know that was Mewtwo. I thought it was a robot or something. ^^;

I was glad to see it beat Gary, though. I didn't really like Gary all that much when I was a little kid, so I was glad to see him lose for the first time (I think it was the first time?) ^__^

Ash's gym battle was okay. It would have been better if he actually got to battle Giovanni, though.


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It was cool to see Gary again. Dunno how he got ten badges though. Cool to see Mewtwo and incredibly cool how this tied in with the movie. Cool to see Ash finally pull through and beat Jessie and funny how Gary rugby tackled Meowth. 9/10


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After someone posted the song "One the Road" I immediately remembered this song and HAD to see some discussion on it :p

I remember being sooooo excited that Ash was FINALLY getting his 8th badge and battle Giovanni, the leader of TR. However. I kinda felt cheated when he just up and left, putting JJM in charge. Like, he KNOWS they are incompetent. *sigh* However, if Giovanni had battled Ash (with or without M2) I don't think Ash would have stood a chance at winning.

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gary got beat by mewtwo and didn't even bother to ask mewtwo's name either sigh


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I really was disappointed that Ash had to battle TR for his last badge...

I also thought the electrocuting part was rather stupid


^ The above. It was made even worse when Ash never got around to actually battling Giovanni.

As for the episode, I kind of wish that we got to see other official gyms outside of the eight that we see from the game even if it was just for one episode. Watching Ash battle Team Rocket was an interesting twist for a moment but it was basically watching a glorified version of something that we see almost every episode anyway. It was disappointing.


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Gary's so awesome having 10 badges and going for his eleventh lol. Why did Ash throw Togepi though? It's not scary at all lol. And how coincidental that it would happen to fall on Team Rocket. Jessie's fall was hilarious.
I don't understand how Giovanni got to be a Gym Leader in the first place. Surely the boss of thieves shouldn't be allowed? He doesn't even use a specific type of Pokémon either. I also found it weird how when Gary sent out Arcanine, Giovanni didn't tell it's Kingler to do anything for about 3 moves. Gary did get pwnd with that Mewtwo. It was funny when Team Rocket bring Togepi to Giovanni and it's of no use at all.
I actually really liked that Team Rocket were made Gym Leaders. Good thing they got Pokémon to use. I loved their schemes with shocking Ash in his little pedestal, even if it did backfire by shocking Jessie too. I also liked how they make their own rules halfway through the Gym Battle. To be honest, it's getting really old how Pikachu manages to defeat Team Rocket with a single attack. They could have really made that final Gym battle a lot better.
I love this episode.

- Gary having 10 badges, just to show that he is better than Ash.
- Ash suffering was funny, but it was good that he still won.
- Team Rocket as gym leaders, using good Pokemon.

However, as Calamity stated in the post above me, this didn't feel like a final gym battle, it could have been much better: a long and exciting fight between three strong Pokemon from Giovanni (not Mewtwo, three non-legends) and Ash (and it was sad that Charizard didn't take part in the gym battle, he should've been in the final gym battle as well).