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The Battle Frontier Chat-Room Guide / FAQ

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Note: Sign up here to gain access to official chat-room

>>Battle Frontier Sign-Ups<<

To make arranging battles with Frontier Brains simpler, a chat-room has been set up so you can contact them in real time. While sending a Private or Visitor Message on the forums is another option, it's generally recommended that you join the chat-room community for a variety of reasons. You can easily contact anyone associated with the Frontier, and you can converse with fellow challengers, and engage in Pokémon related or miscellaneous conversations.

How to reach the official chat-room

The chat service we use is Xat. You can sign up for free (Optional).

>>Battle Frontier Chat-Room<<

Once you click the above link, you will be taken to the Official Battle Frontier chat-room where you will be given a default name. To change your name, simply click on your name (it will have a green icon next to it) and everything should be straightforward from there.

Setting up

The next thing you can do is set up your own profile. To gain the full experience we urge you to firstly sign up with Xat as you would a forum. Not only does this save a moderator's time in making you a member, but once you have made an account you can use it on any PC, and so you will not be required to create multiple accounts.

Once you are fully registered, you can add your own avatar, account messages etc. To do this, you must once again click your name and open up the editing options. For avatars, the recommended dimensions are 30x30 pixels, and they can only be used on Xat if they are uploaded to a Photobucket account. Once you have made your avatar, simply upload it to Photobucket and copy & paste the direct image link into the picture section of your profile.

Identifying Frontier Brains

When you enter the chat-room, there will normally be four groups of members on the chat. These groups are guests, normal members, moderators and administrators. Frontier Brains will have white icons, while members will have blue icons. Having a green icon indicates that you are currently a guest and need to be approved by a moderator/administrator. You may need to sign up to Xat and/or simply contact a moderator/administrator using 'Private Chat' to gain access. You will be required to produce your forum username.

Frontier administrators will have a gold icon.

Rules of the chat-room

  • Respect the moderators and owners of Xat, who are the Frontier Brains and Frontier Owners respectively.
  • Complaints regarding a Frontier Brain's inability to battle shall not be tolerated. Please understand that all members of the Battle Frontier will give priority to their personal lives. Consistent inactivity from a Frontier Brain shall be dealt with by the Frontier owners.
  • Adult topics shall not be tolerated within our chat-room. Please bear in mind that younger members may also be present.
  • Any hate speech shall be punished with a minimum of 48 hour chat-room ban. If caught, you shall receive a warning, and repeat offenders may be permanently banned.
  • Bullying and/or ganging up on any members of the chat-room shall not be tolerated. Punishments include permanent banning.

If you are reluctant in following any of these rules, you will be given a punishment by the Frontier Brains and/or owners depending on the severity of the offence.​
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The chat-room link has changed due to various glitches with the old chat.

You can get to the new one by clicking the link in the first post.
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