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The Battle Frontier of the Bands!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FlamingRuby, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "The Battle Frontier of the Bands!"

    Episode 1: Rock On, Pokemon!

    A summer breeze ruffled the bedroom curtains, revealing the room's owner sprawled out on his bed, his messy black hair splayed across the pillow. The boy appeared to be admiring one particular poster on the wall: a poster that depicted a brown haired girl clad in a sparkling blue shirt and black pants; clutching a microphone in one hand as she sang. Underneath the girl's picture was her name: Icy Kayou.

    The boy sighed as he admired Icy's picture. Oh Icy...if only I could play with you...or for you! he thought as he turned to look at a red-brown acoustic guitar sitting on a stand in the corner. Then we could go all around Kanto... He was about to muse some more until he heard a rustle on the floor. Huh? He quickly glanced on the floor, where he saw a tiny yellow mouse creature looking back up at him. "Oh! Hi, Pikachu!" he cooed as he cradled the creature in his arms.

    "Pika!" Pikachu chirped back in response to his master...until he heard a familiar female voice calling from the kitchen. "Ash! Dinner!"

    "Coming!" Ash climbed off his bed and started for the hallway, only pausing to grab a red hat with a black and green Poke Ball design from the hat stand by his dresser. "You hungry, Pikachu?" he asked the little Pokemon as he trooped downstairs. Pikachu gave an affirmative nod as Ash set him on the kitchen floor, where he skittered over to an already filled bowl. He watched as the other occupants of the house arrived and settled at the table.

    Ash, meanwhile, hungrily admired the meat and rice on his plate, but just as he was about to take a bite, he felt a stinging sensation on his hand. "Hey!"

    "Hey, yourself!" the girl next to him snapped, only pausing to blow a wisp of her flaming orange hair from her face. "Wait for everyone else to sit down first!"

    "What's all the ruckus about?" an older boy asked as he took his place at the table, only pausing to stretch his tanned arms towards the ceiling.

    "Ash is trying to start eating before we do!" the girl explained.

    "But I'm hungry, Misty!" Ash protested.

    "How can you be hungry when--"

    "ENOUGH!" the older boy snapped, pounding a fist on the table for emphasis.

    Delia sighed as she sat down at the table. "Thanks, Brock...you sure know how to stop an argument."

    "I've had lots of practice..." Brock assured Delia as he began to eat. "Which reminds me...I got you Ash's birthday surprise today..."

    "Good..." Delia smiled. "Should I wrap it or not?"

    "Nah...I want to cherish the look on his face when he sees what it is!" Misty laughed. At this, Ash's mind began to race as he ate: Could it be...did Mom really get me the guitar I wanted? Then I'll be able to jam along with Icy...


    Sunshine go away today...Don't feel much like dancing. Icy Kayou sang to a cheering crowd. Ash stood nearby, jamming along with the band on a red and white electric guitar. He smiled as the crowd began to cheer for him..."Ash!" "Ash!" "Ash!"...
    "Ash..." Brock waved a hand in front of Ash's face. "You there? I'll eat your dessert if you won't..."
    "What?" Ash gasped, instantly snapping out of his daydream. "I'd die without chocolate chunk ice cream!" With that, he raced to the freezer to get the ice cream...

    "What were you thinking about so hard?" Misty was curious.

    "Just daydreaming about my surprise..." Ash replied as he sat down with his ice cream.

    "Well, that's for me to know now, and for you to find out tomorrow..." Brock smiled. "By the way, May and Max are coming to your party...as are Hiro, Kamon, and Crystal."

    "Really?" Ash was surprised at this. "It's been so long since I've heard from Hiro..."

    "According to the letter he sent you today..." Brock continued, reaching for a piece of paper on the table. "he says: 'Kamon, Crystal, and I will be arriving in Kanto tomorrow--just in time for your birthday! But you'll find out what our presents are.'...sound good?"

    "Good? That's great!" Ash cried as he put his dishes in the sink and raced back up to his room...

    The next day...

    "Morning, big guy...and happy birthday!" Misty called as she opened the curtains in Ash's room, allowing the sunshine to stream inside.

    "Thanks, Misty..." Ash yawned as he climbed out of bed and trudged to the closet...only to see Pikachu resting on the top shelf! "Oh!"

    "Pikapika, Pikapi!" Pikachu replied as he presented a thousand credit bill to Ash. Ash just smiled, slipped the bill inside his wallet, and began to get dressed....


    Ash trooped downstairs into the festively decorated kitchen, just in time to see a wrapped present on the table. "Who's this one from?" he asked as he fixed himself a bowl of cereal.

    "That would be mine..." Delia replied as she tended to some bacon simmering on the stove. "You can open it now, if you want."

    Ash tore open the wrapping paper and smiled as he lifted a framed picture of him, Delia, and Pikachu from the ribbons and bows. "This is so beautiful...thank you." he stammered.

    "You're welcome." Delia replied as Ash set the picture aside. "I gave Pikachu the other part of my present..."

    "...which is nice and safe in my wallet!" Ash laughed as he put his bowl in the sink.

    "Well, hurry and finish getting ready, everyone will be here soon!" Delia called after Ash as he sped upstairs to the bathroom.


    Several hours later....

    Ash smiled as he admired the array of presents his friends had given him: CDs from May, T-shirts from Hiro and Kamon, a new video game from Max, DVDs from Crystal, and posters from Misty and Brock. "Thank you all!" he began. "The gifts are nice!"

    "Our pleasure..." Misty replied as she helped herself to more cake.

    "Hold everything!" Brock interrupted as he set his plate of cake aside and produced a blue bandanna from his pocket. "We still have to give Ash the big surprise!" With that, he proceeded to blindfold Ash.

    Delia laughed as Ash groped about, trying to find his way to the living room. "Did you really have to blindfold him?"

    "Why not? It'll make the surprise even nicer..." Brock replied. "Okay! Take a look!" he called as he removed the blindfold...and Ash gasped when he noticed what was before him: the guitar he had dreamed of, plus all the accessories!

    "YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Ash cried as hugged his best friend. "Thank you so much!"

    "Anytime, champ!" Brock laughed as Ash settled down in a chair, flicked the amp on, and begin to tune his new instrument.

    "Ooh, play something!" Misty begged. May and Crystal nodded in agreement.

    Ash thought for a moment, then began an oddly relaxing melody; over which he sang:

    There is, a house, in New Orleans...
    That they call the Rising Sun...
    And it's been, the ruin, of many a poor boy...
    And oh, I know I'm one....

    Delia was shocked! "I didn't know Ash knew 'House of the Rising Sun'!"

    "I taught him that one way back when he first started the guitar...seems like eons ago now..." Brock replied as Misty joined in on the piano to compliment Ash. He led the applause when the song concluded...


    "Thank you for everything, Mom." Ash smiled as he climbed into bed that night, all the while admiring both of his guitars sitting next to each other in one corner of the room.

    "I'm glad, Ash..." Delia replied. "See you in the morning..." she whispered as she flicked off the light.


    "Morning!" Ash called to Delia as he entered the kitchen.

    "Morning..." Delia replied as she finished cleaning the kitchen. "Would you mind going to the store to pick up a few things for me?"

    "Okay..." Ash replied as he accepted Delia's list and started for the door, Pikachu in tow. "Be back later!" He waved goodbye as he disappeared down the road.


    "Let's see...bread, milk, eggs..." Ash read as he studied Delia's list. He was about to read more items when he noticed Pikachu frantically pointing out a poster taped to a street light. "What is it?"

    "Pika!" Pikachu called. "Pika pi!"

    "Look at it? Okay..." and Ash walked closer to the poster and glanced at it. "Battle of the Bands...three weeks from now...and first prize is....FREE BATTLE FRONTIER PASSES???" Ash couldn't believe his eyes.

    "Pika pika, pika pika chu..." Pikachu sang, all the while "playing" a pantomime guitar.

    "You think we'd be a great band? Let's ask everyone when we get home, okay?" Ash assured Pikachu as the two of them entered the grocery store.

    To Be Continued....
  2. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    Heh heh heh. I can't wait for them to play some rock! But who's Icy? I like the plot and its his birthday? Well that's good. I like everything so far, and I hope you do well and for now I bid you adieu with good luck!
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Icy is Ash's favorite singer...and you'll get to see them play in the chapters ahead...
  4. Evanarios

    Evanarios ...yep

    Good job, sorry it took so long to review, but I have been busy. Plot, detail, length, everything were excellent and it was just great... Hope to see more :)

    Good ay!

  5. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thank you...hopefully, chapters will be released daily! (Episode 2 is in progress, it just barely cracks two pages now.)
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 2: The Birth of the Red Masters

    "I'm home!" Ash called as he set the grocery bags on the table. "Here's the change..." With that, he set the extra credits in the change jar sitting on the counter.

    "Thank you Ash..." Delia replied as she washed the breakfast dishes. "Off to play guitar for a while?"

    "Actually, I've got something I want to tell everyone..." and Ash raced into the living room, where everyone else was gathered. "Guys! I have great news!"

    "We just won 10 billion credits?" Brock joked. Misty just sighed--that was Brock's typical reponse whenever someone said they had good news, but judging from Ash's enthusiasm, she knew this was pretty important.

    "Not quite, but it's the next best thing!" Ash smiled as he unfurled a copy of the poster before the others, causing some curious murmurs to go wafting through the room.

    "Battle of the Bands?" Kamon asked, studying the flyer intently. "Sounds fun!"

    "Yeah...." Hiro agreed. "However...I'm not sure I can play anything, or even sing!" Crystal winced at this--she and Kamon both knew Hiro didn't have the greatest of voices...

    "That's okay, you can help us out!" Ash assured Hiro before turning to address Kamon and Crystal. "You guys want to help me make a band?"

    "I'll think of something to play!" Crystal assured Ash as she got up from her place on the floor and stretched. "I can play a variety of instruments, like fiddle, Pokeflute, saxophone, trumpet..." she continued, counting off the various instruments on her fingers.

    "If you need a bassist, count me in!" Kamon agreed, psyched at the prospect of playing in a band.

    "May? You want to help?" Ash asked as he turned to May, who was engrossed in a game of poker with Max.

    "Well..." May thought for a moment as she discarded a few cards from her hand, then drew three more. "If you're singing lead, I can probably sing backup...." She paused as Max interrupted. "Pair of Kings--beat that!" May revealed her hand to Max--a pair of Aces! Max sighed, knowing this was the third time in a row May had beaten him.

    "I think I can take drumming duty..." Brock began as he stared out the window. "Back in Pewter, a good friend of mine taught me both guitar and drums...but it's been a while since I've done any drumming, so I may be a bit rusty."

    "Hmmm...." Misty thought for a moment, then continued. "I've never played in a band before...I mean, I've enjoyed playing the piano for fun, but not in front of a few thousand people!"

    "It's not that bad, Misty..." Brock smiled as he placed a hand on Misty's shoulder. "In fact, performing's a lot of fun!"

    "Please, Misty?" Ash begged. "We need a keyboard player, and since you play the piano really well..."

    "Oh, all right....if it means that much to you..." Misty sighed as she got up from the floor. "In fact, I think I have a digital piano in my room somewhere..."


    "Wow..." Ash gasped when he entered the basement the next day. "You moved all this in here?"

    "Well, I had a little help..." Hiro laughed as he gestured to Max making some final adjustments on Misty's digital piano stand. "The whole practice in the basement thing was Kamon's idea..." he explained, gesturing to Kamon tuning a black bass guitar nearby the piano. "Guitars are over here..." he continued as he led Ash to a microphone in the center of the room, where both of Ash's guitars were waiting. "Max even tuned them for you..."

    "With my tusty pocket tuner!" Max added as he finished setting up a small mic on the digital piano.

    "What's the mic on the piano for?" Ash was curious as he selected his new electric guitar and settled down in a chair before his mic.

    "So in case I want to sing backup, I can!" Misty replied as she entered the basement and settled before the piano. After adjusting a few settings, she started a light melody. Ash and Kamon soon joined in, making a relaxing groove fill the air.

    "Sounding great, you guys!" May smiled as she entered the basement and took a place by a mic next to Ash. "But we still need a drummer..."

    "No problem!" Brock laughed as he entered the basement and made himself comfy at the drums. "Let's see if I remember how to do this..." With that, he started a steady beat...

    "Not bad!" Misty smiled. She led the others into a catchy groove complimenting Brock's own beat.


    When the song concluded, Ash turned to see Crystal applauding as she entered the room. "That was great, you guys!"

    "Well, since we're here...why don't we think of a name for the band?" Misty suggested. "I suggest 'Kanto's Rainbow'!" The guys all gagged at this.

    "Rule of band naming number 1, Misty...the band's name should reflect what kind of music it plays..." Kamon began. "and judging from that light groove we played earlier, I think we'll specialize on soft rock and light jazz..."

    "Good point, Kamon..." Crystal agreed. She thought for a moment, then replied. "How about 'Cool Rockin''?"

    "I don't think so..." Brock sighed. May and Misty shook their heads no in agreement.

    "Um...'Dancing Star'?" Max interjected.

    "Definitely not!" May sighed.

    "'Groovin' Pika'?" Hiro suggested as he stooped down to pet Pikachu.

    "Mmm...nah." everyone agreed.

    "How about 'Icy Groove'?" Brock suggested.

    "That's a little better..." Crystal agreed. "But remember, Ash gets the final say..."

    "What do you think, Ash?" Misty asked. "Any ideas?"

    "Hmm..." Ash glanced around the room for a moment, making a note of all the red he saw in the room: his cap and guitar, the drum set, May's clothes... "How about 'The Red Masters'?

    "Cool!" Crystal laughed.

    "Yeah! Perfect!" everyone else agreed.

    "All right! The Red Masters it is!" Ash cried. "Howsabout we jam a bit to celebrate?" He snapped a few times to count everyone off, and a jazzy rock beat filled the air!



    "That was a great song you guys were playing down there!" Delia smiled as she waited for Ash to get comfortable for the night. "I thought I left the radio on at first, but when I heard you guys playing, you sounded great!"

    "Thanks..." Ash replied as he pulled the covers up over his head. "Tomorrow we hope to get some actual songs written..."

    "Maybe you'll get an idea in your dreams." Delia replied as she turned out the light, leaving Ash to sleep.

    To Be Continued...
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2005
  7. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    I wonder what songs they are playing? Since my compurter can't seem to have the right stuff. Anyway Red masters egh? Nice name but who are Hiro,and Kamon? Never heard of those two but anyway great work.
  8. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    In case you're curious, Hiro is the GSC hero, and Kamon is the GSC rival...but they've patched things up since GSC...
  9. Rockin83

    Rockin83 Guest

    i though that was great! i thought this was the best bit:
    Sunshine go away today...Don't feel much like dancing. Icy Kayou sang to a cheering crowd. Ash stood nearby, jamming along with the band on a red and white electric guitar. He smiled as the crowd began to cheer for him..."Ash!" "Ash!" "Ash!"...
  10. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thank you!

    Coming up tomorrow:

    --The Red Masters' first official rehearsal goes horribly wrong...
  11. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 3: Shake, Rattle and Roll!

    Ash yawned as he entered the basement, where the others were having either a quiet jam session or relaxing on the floor. "Morning, everybody!" he smiled as he settled into his place at the front and began tuning up.

    "Morning..." Max yawned. "Like the decoration May and I made for the drums?"

    "Wha.." Ash turned to look at the drums, where he noticed that the bass drum now had "THE RED MASTERS" written on it in glowing red tubing that looked like handwritten script. "Very nice!"

    "It glows in the dark, too, so if you guys have to play at night, the audience will see the band name shining from the stage!" Max smiled, pleased with himself at his handiwork.

    "Looks good, Max!" Hiro smiled as he sat down before the console with all the mic controls. "When's rehearsal going to start?"

    "As soon as Brock and Crystal get here." Misty explained. "Brock's out mowing the lawn, and Crystal's..."

    "Present!" Crystal smiled as she entered the basement. "Nice decor on the drums..." she noted as she took her place at a mic on Ash's left.

    "Now to see how Brock reacts!" Ash smiled as he joined in the jam session Misty and Kamon were having with a light electric guitar riff.

    "React to what?" Brock asked as he entered the basement. He couldn't resist smiling when he saw the script. "Nice touch! I like it!" he laughed as he settled in.

    "Okay, we have our name, our instruments, now all we need are some songs to rehearse!" Ash cried, triumphantly strumming his guitar for emphasis. Brock added a drum riff in agreement.

    "One problem: Where are we going to get a song?" Misty asked, concerned.


    "Simple...we'll make one up!" Ash replied. He motioned to Brock, who began tapping out a light beat. Misty joined in at the digital piano, adding a bouncy countermelody to Brock's rhythm. Ash joined in a few moments later with a mighty strum, which only served as the prelude to a blaring solo. He smiled as he strummed away. With this song, we'll be a hit at the battle of the bands! he thought as he wailed away, unaware that half the Growlithes on the block were barking loudly.

    Then the girls began to sing: "Too far...take it easy....It's all right....Too far...take it easy....It's all right....Too far...take it easy....It's all right....

    "Go, Ash!" Brock smiled. He intensified his beat as Ash launched into a deafening solo...

    Meanwhile, in Professor Oak's lab...

    "Anything I can do to help, Professor?" Tracey asked as he brought a sandwich to Prof. Oak.

    "Not right now, thanks..." the peofessor replied as he took the plate from Tracey. "But thank you for the offer." He was about to bite into the sandwich when a high pitched note pierced the air, followed by the whole room shaking! "What in the world?" he asked as he scrambled to rescue a few statues from falling to the floor.

    "Char!!!!" Charmander yelped, appalled by the noise.

    "Bulba!" Bulbsaur agreed as he rushed to shield his ears!

    "Squirtle?" Squirtle quickly sat up inside his pool, surprised by the noise.

    "Char char!" Charmander explained as he hopped over to a drawer that had been jarred open by the shaking, rummaged through the clutter, and emerged wearing a pair of earmuffs. "Char..."

    "Squirt..." Squirtle sighed as he inserted his trusty earplugs to block out the noise coming from down the road.

    "What...earmuffs?" Prof. Oak was confused as to why Charmander was wearing earmuffs. "Ash must have his radio on loud...so this shaking's not an earthquake..." he mused as Bulbasaur walked by, a pair of cotton balls in his ears.

    "What's going on? Tracey asked as he entered the lab, bewildered as to why all the Pokemon were all frantically looking for something to shield their ears.

    "I'm going to go see what Ash is doing to make such a racket." the professor sighed as he started for the door. "He's making quite a bit of noise..."


    "Yeah!" Ash cried as he concluded his solo...just in time to see Delia in the basement doorway, a stern look on her face. "What?"

    "Ash...I know you want to win a Frontier Pass;" Delia began. "but isn't the whole rock band thing going a little too far?"

    "So you were the one playing that solo?" Prof. Oak joined Delia in the basement. "I must say, that was some nice guitar work, Ash!"

    "Too Far...I like that name for that song!" May smiled. Delia just rolled her eyes.

    "If you're going to practice, Ash, then at least give us some fair warning before you play..." Delia sighed as she trooped back up the stairs.

    Just then, Tracey appeared next to Prof. Oak, applauding as he came down the stairs. "So was that really you playing that amazing solo? I'm impressed!" Ash took a bow, flattered by the applause. "In fact, I want to help you guys out somehow..."

    "Depends...what can you play?" Crystal asked, unamused by Tracey's request.

    "I may not be able to play anything...but I CAN do this!" With that, Tracey produced his trusty sketch book and started drawing. "Okay guys, get your instruments like you're going to play something..." he asked.

    "What instrument should I be holding?" Crystal asked as she longingly glanced at a fiddle, Pokeflute, a saxophone, and various brass instruments, all gathering dust.

    "Hmm...the saxophone would be good, and capture the style of music we play..." Kamon suggested. He waited as Crystal grabbed the saxophone and May grabbed a tambourine from a second pile. "Okay, start drawing!" he called to Tracey.

    A few minutes later...

    "Okay, take a look!" Tracey smiled as he displayed his completed portrait to the others. Above the group's picture he had written "Live: The Red Masters!" in the same script that was on the drums. Below that was the dates of the battle of the bands, plus the group's contact information.

    "Wow!" May was impressed.

    "Very nice!" Ash agreed.

    "How bout it? Do I make a good PR guy?" Tracey asked.

    "That's a nice poster..." Prof. Oak commented as he took the poster from Tracey and started back up the stairs, allowing Delia inside. "In fact, I'll make copies of it so you can put it up around the neighborhood!"

    "While we're at it, let's record our demo tape in case anyone wants it!" Ash suggested. With that, he started a softer riff...The others joined in a few minutes later, with Crystal playing a somewhat recognizeable song...


    "It takes two, baby! It takes two, baby! Me and you...it just takes two! Delia sang along with Crystal as she began dancing to the music....

    To Be Continued....
  12. mindripper

    mindripper Guest

    A musical fic? Lol. nice idea!~! I have read all your chapters, and must say that it is pretty well done. The plot idea is being developed, and is very original. Points for that!

    You do have a tad too much speech though, and not enough descriptive text. Have some text to break up the speech at times. It reads better that way.

    There were few mistakes, and I did get waht you were trying to say, so I will not nitpick. Well done, and I hope to see you do even better in the future. good luck!
  13. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Coming up tomorrow:

    --The first song that is actually good!
  14. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    I can't wait! Your story is pretty cool especially for a muscial one and nothing betas a grop of trainers in a rock band. Well maybe not, but its pretty good! ^_^
  15. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thank you!

    Coming up:

    --The first song that is actually good!
    --Round 1 of the battle; The Red Masters vs. Blue Rival! (see if you can guess who leads that band)
  16. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman

    Your innovation never ceases to amaze me. Keep it up.
  17. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 4: Success!

    Crystal slumped to the basement floor, obviously bored. "Being in a band is boring when you don't have anything to rehearse..."

    "Much less not having most of the band here..." Brock agreed as he practiced a rhythm. "I mean, the battle is only three days away..."

    "...and although we have a decent repetoire of songs, every time we play most of them, we get yelled at or told it's not fast enough..." Kamon sighed as he tuned his bass. "I mean, what kind of music does Delia like, anyway?" Crystal shrugged--she wasn't sure what Delia liked either.

    Just then, Ash entered the basement and got comfortable at his mic. "Morning, guys!" Bored murmurs answered his greeting, puzzling Ash. "What's the matter? Don't you guys want to rehearse?" he asked as began to tune his guitars.

    "We do..." Kamon assured Ash. "but every time we play something, we either get yelled at or told it's not fast enough...so I was thinking we could write a song Delia would like." He paused as Misty and the others entered and made themselves comfortable, then continued. "So we need to know just what kind of song Delia likes." he concluded as he reached for some musical staff paper lying by the control console.

    "Well..." Ash hadn't really given much thought into Delia's musical tastes, but he figured it would probably help Kamon and the others out in writing songs. "She likes a good beat..." Kamon nodded as he wrote a few lines. "but not too fast." Kamon quickly erased the tempo marking he had initially written and wrote a new number in its place.

    "Okay...so here's the drum part at least..." Kamon smiled as he delivered a few pages to Brock, who immediately set to work trying the beat out.

    "I have some lyrics!" Crystal interjected, shoving a paper into Kamon's face.

    "Hold your Ponytas, Crystal!" Kamon laughed. "I'll write them in the guitar line!" With that, he continued to write.

    "You know what Brock's groove reminds me of?" Misty asked as she adjusted a few settings on the piano.

    "What?" May was curious.

    "A disco beat!" Misty replied. "I mean, we could have a disco ball above us as we play..."

    "I can arrange that!" and Hiro pressed a button on the control console, making a disco ball descend into the room. Oohs and ahs wafted through the room as the ball made tiny silver sparkles go dancing through the room.

    "Way cool!" May cried as she grabbed a pair of shakers and began shaking them to Brock's beat.

    "Guitar part for you, with lyrics..." Kamon called as handed Ash his part. "Would it be fine if May or Crystal sang the second verse?"

    "Ooh!" Crystal begged. "I want to sing the other verse!"

    "Then, you can!" Ash smiled as he started to practice his part...

    Several hours later...

    "How is everything down here?" Delia asked as she walked into the basement to check on the others.

    "Well...we wrote another song..." Ash began. "and I think you'll like it! Wanna hear it?" he asked as the others got into position.

    "Sure, Ash; I'd love to!" Delia smiled as she found a char by the basement entrance and sat down.

    Ash snapped a few times to count everyone off, and a pounding disco beat began resonating through the room. As if on cue, the disco ball also appeared, making the already light filled room even brighter. After a short piano intro, a spotlight appeared on Ash, who began to sing as he played...

    Shining so bright...make my spirit proud and strong!
    This world,
    I hold so dear...I will fight, defend its peace!

    Standing here, the wind blows, show me the way...beneath the, great ocean, treasure's array...
    Come take my hand, and I will guide you there....so follow me!

    Dreams will begin, I'm singing Super Live!
    Our light shines down upon this world, our great stage!
    Love and my promise comes in Super Songs!
    I give my courage to you... hear this song of love!

    After another short interlude, the spotlight shifted to Crystal, who sang:

    Starlight, the time has come!
    Grant me wisdom for my quest!
    So when, the future comes...my faith will be as it should!

    The ice will, be broken, unite as one...one person, will rise up, against the dawn...
    The truth inside me guides me steady on...to win the fight!

    I give my love to you in Super Live!
    Our tears and sweat protect this world, our great stage!
    Shout out the battle cry of Chosen Ones!
    Memories of this world will unite us as one!

    When Crystal finished her verse, the spotlight returned to Ash, allowing him to do a short solo. Yet as he played, he noticed Delia clapping along as May and Crystal danced to the beat...he took that as a good sign as he sang again:

    Standing here, the wind blows, show me the way...beneath the, great ocean, treasure's array...
    Come take my hand, and I will guide you there....so follow me!

    Dreams will begin, I'm singing Super Live!
    Our light shines down upon this world, our great stage!
    Love and my promise comes in Super Songs!
    I give my courage to you... hear this song of love!

    I give my love to you in Super Live! Crystal sang again.
    Our tears and sweat protect this world, our great stage!
    Shout out the battle cry of Chosen Ones!
    Memories of this world will unite us as one!
    The two began to trade off on the choruses, Ash singing one chorus, and Crystal the other:

    Dreams will begin, I'm singing Super Live!
    Our light shines down upon this world, our great stage!
    Love and my promise comes in Super Songs!
    I give my courage to you... hear this song of love!

    I give my love to you in Super Live!
    Our tears and sweat protect this world, our great stage!
    Shout out the battle cry of Chosen Ones!
    Memories of this world will unite us as one!

    Dreams will begin, I'm singing Super Live!
    Our light shines down upon this world, our great stage!
    Love and my promise comes in Super Songs!
    I give my courage to you... hear this song of love!

    I give my love to you in Super Live!
    Our tears and sweat protect this world, our great stage!
    Shout out the battle cry of Chosen Ones!
    Memories of this world will unite us as one!

    Finally, Misty played one last interlude, concluding the song. Delia stood up and began to applaud. "Wonderful! I actually liked that song!"

    "You did? Really?" Ash was psyched.

    "Yes!" Delia replied. "You should play that in the battle!"

    "Oh we will!" Ash set his instrument aside, ran to Delia, and gave her a joyful hug...

    To Be Continued....
  18. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    Great everythings great so far! I like it when you made the disco ball came down. That was fun heh and so far so good.
  19. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Well the song I chose for this chapter had a disco beat, so I thought it was appropriate.

    Coming up tomorrow:

    --Round 1 of the battle: The Red Masters vs. Blue Rival! (take a wild guess as to who that band's leader is...)
  20. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    I'm guessing...Gary? Kinda makes since since he's Ash' former rival after all.

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