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Looking for people to battle with for funzies

using my ingame team with mostly random evs (until I figured out that super training is actually easy)

There's a speed boost blaziken in it which I'm looking forward to replace since it's so OP it's not even funny. If you don't like it I'm fine with that, I will put something else in its place.

FC: 0361 7317 6761
Pm me!
Anyone looking for casual battle with random evs from an in game team, bar one ev trained poke. Also I have SB Blaziken but I can take it out if you wish, pm me I should be online all day


if anybody fancy a few battles later, go ahead and add me, my friend code is in my signature and vm me your code please :)


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Anyone around wanna have a quick battle? My FC is 1332-8514-3365
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need people 2 people for a 4 way battle

if you want to battle reply with your 3DS name and friend code thanks

nick jr 5155-3653-1670


Hey im not into competitive battles, i don't know how to 'EV train' and such i only use in-game pokemon i like/caught for fun.
FC: 3437-3347-7566 name: Grum :)
Would be fun to battle other 'normal' trainers like myself instead of pokemon who 1 shot you with non effective moves 0_0


Amemoth Fan :D
Looking for someone for a good fun battle using only in-game raised Pokes.. Add my FC and VM me back yours!


Hi there, i'd like to have some battles, i'm not into competitive stuff.

i'm good for any kind of battle except rotation, with no legendaries or mega-evolutions, my FC is in my signature, let me know what kind of battle you're feeling!

Note, i like using favorites :)
Sure I'll add you my friend code is :3437-3347-7566.
I'll just be using Pokemon caught while playing xD


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Anyone want to battle me? My code is: 2466-2515-4579, I'll try to add everyone


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I am ready for some casual battles. FC:0576-4813-5192


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Just a casual Poke player.. Not used to battles with actual humans :). Just using in game caught pokemon with no special training, including the special Blaziken. I don't need to use the Mega Evolutions if you dont want!



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I'm playing since the times of Blue/Red ^^ was never a competitive kind of player.

Just gimme one week or so to finish training the 6th pokemon on the team and I'll be available for battles o: I'm saying 1 week cause school's a bummer...

Feel free to add though, the FC's on the sig =)


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I'm looking for some fun battles. I have EV trained pokes as well as random ones, so add me! Friend code in the sig, just chuck a PM so I add you back.


Magikarp. The best.
Hey there!

I have some "kind of" EV trained Pokémon. I didn't train them for serious, just tested out some Super Training stuff with them and ended up maxing them out, in an almost organized way! And I'm only using in-games for now. I don't use legendaries, and it's no problem if you don't want me to Mega-Evolve!

My FC: 2809-7628-9010