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★Shiny Sylveon★

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Looking to do a multi battle or a rotation battle.
FC: 3823-8574-4857
IGN: Lorraine
Have to delete FCs after battling, keeping room for trades.
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Looking for new friend safaris pm me


Can also jump!
Hello, anyone up for some battles? I'm good for anything besides single, Without Legendaries or Mega evolutions. I also have a few ideas for different then usual kinds of battles like:

-Unevolved pokemon battles
-Single stage pokemon battles
-Single type battles
-OR if you have another idea in mind, let me know via PM, cheers!
Looking for a wifi battle so I can check ivs of pokemon I have been hatching. I'm only about halfway through so I can't use the battle masion and I've decided to postpone my MM hunt in order to continue the game until I can access the battle masion. So now I'd like to use one of the pokemon that I've hatched but I want to check ivs before choosing which one to use in my team. FC should be in my sig. Pm me if you don't mind helping, thanks :)


Bugs!! :3
Hi!!!!! I like having weird battles, especially mutlis, but definently Triples Rotations, and Doubles! I'm in for singles too.
I like to do special things, like mono types, ect. XP But keep it casual, I'm not competitive lol
Looking for a 2v2 4 player battle, if anyone wants to battle please pm me your and your friends pm

Going to send you a PM. :)

Me and my brother are looking for some 2 vs 2 4 Player Multi-Battles, also. If you're interested, just send me a PM with both you and your friend's/sibling's friend code. :D Thanks!


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looking for 6V6 battles.
megas dont matter. if you cant take down a mega, maybe you shouldnt be battling ;) im kidding. except not really
but hit me up :D


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looking for challengers fc is in my sig pm me with your fc if you add me


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I am looking for fun Double, and Single Battles. If you want I can show you the power of Shuckle! I am on anywhere between 9:00am-9:00pm -7GMT.
FC: 1821-9907-9539

O.G. Trainer

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Im looking for some really good battles. I will be available for a while. Im looking for 6v6 battles, I dont mind legends, we can discuss details later. Pm me you FC if you interested 1607-2796-3744...IGN:pharaoh


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Yo, up for any kind of battle. Glad that this thread likes casual battles, rather than competitive. 1375-8032-7618 is my friend code, single battles multi battles whatever. Add me, mesage me with your friend code if insterested.

O.G. Trainer

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If you would like to have a 6v6 battle, just send me a PM with your FC. I plan on battling until my face turn blue over this winter break.

I will reply with my FC and we can battle as soon we are online together. :)