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Amemoth Fan :D
Anyone wants to battle? I only have 4 Pokemon though that I use for my ingame. Please no legendaries or Mega evolution though ..


Hi, I'd like to battle someone in an a single, double or triple battle! I have 8 badges, and my pokemon all have maxed EVs, optimized well but not perfectly. My friend code is in my signature, pm me so I can add yours! :) ;006;


Hi all! If I am online when anyone is, I'll battle w/ whatever Pokemon I've in my pack, unless I'm egg-hatching -- I reserve the right to choose not to battle with 3 eggs and 3 Pokemon <g>... Or, if I happen to have just gotten my butt stomped by someone and I'm feeling "down" from it... *Some* butt-stomping's really are worse than others...

I have 2 FC's, please feel free, and, to use them for Friend Safari. Also, please email me if anyone who has posted an FC here *does not* want to let me use it for Friend Safari... I don't know why that would be, but it gives an avenue to say "no". I say this because it seems the types of Pokemon you get to catch in Friend Safari change with FC's... Only had 1 to try, so I'm not yet sure.

I always play one game as a "boy" n' one as a "girl", the differences *used* to be fascinating, but less so with these latest games...

X -> Elf-Friend 4914-3703-7303 (Trainer ID Riley)
Y -> Ryoverde 4613-7237-6490 (Trainer ID Rowan)

Thanks, one and all!


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I would like to battle, but for some reason I don't have a friend code. Can anyone help me? This is the only thread I could find involving friend codes.

Puma Italia

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I would like to battle, but for some reason I don't have a friend code. Can anyone help me? This is the only thread I could find involving friend codes.

Your friend code is found on the home screen, tap the box with the smiley face and you will find your friend code.


Dumb Idiot
Single battle
I perferr to keep legendaries out


My friend code is 3308 5317 5380


Hey guys, im trying to make a competitive team, and need some help on seeing if my team needs any improvements/looking for criticism on my playstyle. Lost to my friend and got sweeped pretty bad..so hoping to get some practise :(
FC is 0104 0297 2348 if anyone likes to help out :)



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I'll jump in on this. I've mostly been wanting more friends added for the Friend Safari (I don't have any yet because it's taken me a bit to figure out how all this friend-adding works with the 3DS - I'm way behind on a lot of the wifi stuff, game sync and dreamyard just went over my head). Since I couldn't find any type of "add me to friends" thread, I figured this would be the best option. I do like to battle but don't do so competitively. I always have lofty dreams of finally EV training a Pokemon but then get lazy and don't devote the time. I'd be up for a casual battle, and I've noticed I've been trying to find some Passerbys to battle at times and not having luck. I haven't been that big of a Mega Evolution fan. I didn't use Lucario, but did have an Aerodactyl on my team and just got the mega stone for him and I loved how cool he looks. So now I'm back on the fence. So add me please!!!

FC 4897-7120-5734


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FC is 2122-6736-0132. Mainly looking for friend safari. Didnt find a friend safari thread though... anyways msg me back if you add me!


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I'm looking for a battle. PM me so we can exchange Friend Codes.
Hi, guys! I'm looking for someone to battle with. My team is rotating, so a lot of them don't have certain movesets or EVs, but you may fight 1 EV trained Pokémon or all 4- or even both my shinies!

My FC... I think it's in my sig, but if it isn't, I'll post it here.

EDIT: It wasn't. My FC is 2707-2741-9594.
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