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Leader of the Dark
Hello everyone. I'm still looking to get some Single battles going.

Dances With Steel

Johto Specialist
Just bored and looking for some battles, pm me you're interested


Uchiha Itachi
Pm me for a battle :) Please no legends, mega gengar, mega khangaskhan, and blaziki in general

Miltank+ Dragonite=evil

You'll never know!
Add me and I'll battle, my FC is 3411-1409-7113 :)


Dragon Trainer
I will be looking for a single, 6-6, no restrictions battle later tonight. I want to mainly battle an Iv bred, Ev trained competitive team, because I want to test out my Events Team. Because I do not mind what you use, you can have duplicate Pokemon and Held Items. My only rule is that neither player can switch out Pokemon. Once your guy(or girl) is in battle, its in battle until it faints. Pm me if interested.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
I'm down for some double battles casual. PM me. My code is 1332-7805-8539


New Member
Hey Guys, newbie here. Just had my team through doing own research and wanna test it out on 6v6 Single Battle! I don't mind having legendaries or Mega Evolutions in battle but please not more than 2 Mega Evolutions + legendaries in total!!

PM me if you're interested. FC is in my signature.


PS: Only Pokemon Version Y


Active Member
I'm ready to throw down in some Multi battles! 4 Player Pokémon is the best kind of Pokémon. Feel free to invite, I'm always up for a Match. Cheers.
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Looking for casual 6v6 Rotation Battles of all types. Info is in my sig; PM me if interested!


Me and a friend are looking for casual multi battles for the next couple of hours. Inbox me your FC and all that good stuff.


I want to show off my team that nobody can predict what moves they have! Let's exchange FC and once we are online on PSS, we can battle!

Pm me for this~

I prefer doubles but singles is fine with me too!


Leader of the Dark
My Dark types are bored and looking for some battles.


Reputable Trader
Looking for people to have VGC battles with, all pokes set to lv50, all vgc rules apply