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The afro is powerful
Wanna do 6VS6 battles no legendaries plz!
We can also trade to evolve
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Pokemon Trainer
Multi-battle with me and my friend anyone? PM if interested :>
friend code is 4141 4046 0120 Gintoki

i'm looking for any type of battle

normal, flat

only have legendaries in lvl 100 so can only do legend fights on free

i have enough of each type of pokemon to do 3v3 of only one type, except for fairy types
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Halcyon Day

New Member
Recently made a bug type team and I wanted to see how they do. Anyone up for a battle? Any battle will be okay.

PM me if interested.
FC 5429 6807 5522


Well-Known Member
Looking for someone to battle with on regular basis.
VGC, smogon, multi battles, I don't care :)

FC in my sig :)
LF someone to do a couple single battles 6v6 with.
pm if interested and can maybe add each others FC
see you in game :)


New Member
Me and my friend are making a doubles team together, so I'll be down for multi-battles sometime soon.

0146-9354-4097 my friend code

1048-8824-0927 my partners friend code
Hey, if anyone wants to battle me, add my friend code and I'll add yours! We can have a whale of a time! *hint hint*


Would anyone like to have have a 6v6 battle with me?


Well-Known Member
does anyone want to have a multi battle with me and my friend? anyone pm me if you would like to multi battle with me and my friend! even if it is just you there is a chance another person can partner up with you! pm me so we can set up a time! thank you!


Anyone lookin to battle? I have a typical OU team (no legendaries), but I've been making a lot of competative UU and NU pokemon that I like to use. PM me your FC if interested. Mine is in my sig; if you can't see my sig, ask me for it in your PM

Obelisk 1

Defense Trainer
Hey, I'm a long time breeder/trainer but I am new to battling in X, and I'm looking for some battles to see where my team needs tweaked. PM me if you are interested in some battles, using standard 6vs6 or 3vs3 UU/OU battles. No ubers though


Well-Known Member
I am not big on competition so looking for a fun casual battle 6vs6 single or double doesn't matter to me send me a PM if interested


Baby Bopper

I'd like to battle 6 vs 6 if anyone is up for it. Super casual though. I suck and you'll probably win, but BOY do I like to battle.