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smogon ou battle anyone? pm me


Amemoth Fan :D
I'm up for a battle, anyone? No Uber please!


New Member
Hey I would like to battle anyone with a competitive edge. I have more than 50 pokemons to choose from that I would like to try out in different scenarios. It would be nice if you also are willing to try double and triple battles too. However I am not interested in battling you if you use legendaries (or any pokemon with 600 in base stat).

Send me a pm if you are interested.


Active Member
Looking to do battle with someone that has the same team. The way I'd like to do it, is to have a draft in which each person takes turns selecting one Pokemon until 6 have been chosen. Then after the 6 have been chosen, each player gets 1 week to catch/breed and train their 6. On the 7th day we battle. Single, Double, Triple or Rotation. I prefer Triples or we could even test them out in each scenario. Rules are, each Pokemon is set to level 50, any breedable Pokemon can be drafted, no duplicate items, and preferably only drafting Pokemon that you don't already have bred and trained. This way each player will end up with at least 3 Pokemon to use in the future. PM me if interested.


Hey guys! I have practiced and I can battle in any modes now! I don't want Smogon rules involved, let have fun!

I am good in doubles of course if you want more challenge from me!

I am free on weekends, weekdays I go to work. Feel free to PM me to exchange 3DS FC then we can battle once we both are online!


New Member
I prefer singles, but I'm open to any kind of battle. Bring whatever pokemon you like. My FC is 4897 5984 7450 for any interested.


Mixed Tiers, no ubers, 6x6 Singles?
Friend Code is 3625 - 8985 - 6135


anyone wanna battle 6v6 single ou?


Active Member
I prefer casual battles with EV trained Pokémon. Mixed tiers, no ubers/legendaries whatsoever. PM me if interested and we can set things up .3.


Well-Known Member
If you want to have a intense OU battle just PM me.


New Member
Seung 4613-7573-2085

Looking for 6 vs 6 single battle :D, PM me.

Thanks :D.

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
I'm looking for people to regularly have single battles with to check the Ivs of my pokemon since I can't go to Kiloude yet...Thank you for your help ^^


New Member
Matt: 4313-1123-2491

Looking for Doubles, any non-legendary pokemon anyone?

Ray of Light

New Member
Looking for an UU or even OU battle :) Just something to test out a new team. PM me or so

FC: 3668-8309-5437