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Playing Pokemon Sun
Hello, I would like to have some single battles, I don't mind what tier the Pokemon you use belong to.
If anyone is up for a single battle, let me know! Any Pokemon are fine with me. Just looking to have some fun battles! My friend code is in my signature.


New Member
Anyone want to battle I can go for any type of match I don't mind if you bring legendary pokemon either


Dark-Type Fanatic
If anyone wants to do a 6v6 battle, PM/VM me please. Keep in mind it will be Doubles - and bring Ubers if you like, but I'd advise against it as there are none on my team. Fairness and all. :p

Ray of Light

New Member
Battle me please! Trying out an UU team, I'd like to try multiple times. FC is 3668-8309-5437


Baby Bopper
Hey, anyone want to battle? Real casual, or hardcore, whichever, I'm as flexible as a yoga instructor!

FC: 1435 - 4923 - 2035


Pokemon Master
I am available for a battle standard rules! PM me!


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Looking for a double battle.
  • No legendaries
  • Pokémon up to level 26 please
PM me if interested

Nidoking 357x

New Member
Looking for some fun battles. Im not using ubers but you can if you want. My friend code is in my signature.


New Member
Looking to do doubles. No ubers, that includes the banned megas. Friend code in my sig.


Shiny Hunter
Looking for active friend codes of people that love to do Multi battles.
No skill level required but dont use Ubers. Give me a PM/VM with your friend code so we can become friends and enjoy some great Multi battles !


Friend code is 4854-7285-3625

Challenge me when on or on me and I'll add you I use a ou team but I don't care what you use.


New Member
Name: Crisco
FC: 4484-9038-6001

Looking for new friends to battle with! Singles, 6 v 6, lv. 50s, use anything but legendaries, normal rules. Anyone can add me the more the merrier!


Active Member
Name Jamell
Fc 2509- 2087- 3614

Hey everybody looking for some standard level 50 OU battles. Add my friend code and challenge me whenever I'm online


Looking for NU/RU. FC in my profile. Message me and let me know what kind we're doing. Only reason I'm not doing OU or UU is because I hate seeing the same Pokemon and same moves over and over.