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Ice Lock

Since I haven't been on sims for a while due to breeding my in game teams, I could do with a few friendly matches every once in a while. I've got one team battle ready now, few moves missing(Until ORAS) but it's usable. If you would like to battle me just PM me and let me know you have added me.

You'll find my FC and in game name in the sig, I play singles 6v6 OU, no ubers(Legends are accepted, just not ones that are in ubers), other than that use anything you want regardless of what tier or viability it has.
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Protector of Nature
IdyllicCritic, Bulbascore, WhyBuffet, and Great Horned Owl; I added all three of you. Feel free to add me as well.


Want to battle??
Looking for an ou xy battle fc in sig.


Legendary Outlaw
Anyonr for a Uu match?


New Member
Im pretty bored, so if anyone wants a battle lemme know. I prolly wont use any megas, but you can use whatever you want.
FC: 1306-6176-2237


Sinnoh champion
Hey, just added you, feel free to add back. :)

The Light Ruler

Light of Ruin.......
Looking to battle anyone using the official banlist to determine what's banned (i.e. no cover legends, mythical Pokémon, or Mewtwo). I prefer doubles and triples, but I'll also do boring singles.
FC is 2105-8891-2591


New Member
Watertribe, I'm up for a battle. What's your fc?

Or, rather, anyone? I just noticed the post is from two days ago. Let's liven things up in here and get some in-game battles going! XD
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New Member
All up for some 6v6 single battles. Hit me up and tell me if you're interested!


New Member
lets battle!!! 1 legend onlyand anything else is cool with me just wanna battle to add you to my friends and go on a safari


Active Member
I just got off work and poured a glass of good wine. It's battle time for me if anyone wants to hit me up. FC is in my sig.


Frozen in time...
Looking for battles with good players! Still on xy as I live in Europe :(
4098-2898-5899 is my fc, PM me if your interested (OU btw)


Pokemon Breeder
I have both xy and omega ruby so if you want to battle you can check out my page :D you can also check out my pgl for a secret base battle Igs is Howard


Well-Known Member
Looking for a casual sparring partner!
Have a team suited to all battle types, happy to take on any challengers :)
Not a team built for competitions, just for fun really but it's doing very well.
If you want to PM me and add me for casual battles for fun, or for experimental battles and practice battles to try new stuff let me know!
Also have a non competitive team of my favourite shinies that I use for fun.
Add me and let me know if your interested :)


Looking for casual battles' I enjoy multi battles but will play any type, have a mixture of ev trained (sort of) and random pokemon, friend code is in my signature, pm me your friend code and we will get to it as soon as!


Hi looking for casual battles in ORAS with someone who is roughly in the middle of the main storyline, I know levels can be raised to 50 but for reference my team is in the mid twenties (as of posting this but I will be playing regularly)...and if by chance you see this minutes after me posting, don't register my FC yet I haven't been here in over a year and am about to change it, I no longer have the DS mentioned currently.


New Member
I would like to battle as long as it's x and y because I don't have ORAS. Preferably a single battle but I'm fine with anything. My fc is 4141-1904-0667.