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I am testing a new team out. If anyone is interested in a VGC battle, PM me.
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Space Ghost

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Just looking for some semi-competitive battles, I guess that's how I would word it. Trying to avoid seeing the ever too abundant Khans, T-Flame Brave Bird, and all that stuff. Like to see more unique/random sets. I used mixed tiers, although I'm diligently breeding to have teams for each tier bar ubers.

Megas are welcomed, as are legendaries VGC ones anyway though I Rarely use em. Honestly, I'm not picky: doubles, singles, whatever I'm down just pm if you're looking to spar/battle.

Trainer Frankie

Looking to battle based on the recent Spooky Cup online tourney. Pm or vm me (though visitor message might be easier)

I went through my guys and developed a tam only to realize they once again banned transfered 'mons. It's a real slap in the face considering we payed for the ability to bring our guys to gen 6! TRANSFERED =/= GENERATED AND/OR ALTERED


Shiny Hunter 4 life
I have a team that I would love to try out in a double battle my friend code is in my signiture pm me if you are willing

Trainer Frankie

Always looking for battles.

I like to just raise a bunch of pokémon and then with things like number generators, my team (as well as my opponent's) are picked. If each trainer has at least 12 battle ready 'mons, then 6 are chosen for a team which we will then head to a 3v3 battle picking 3 from our generated pools to battle to the best of our ability. If any trainer has less than 12 battle ready 'mons, then what I like to do is just have 3 chosen and we use what was selected in the order selected. Either way, there is to be no altering things just for the battle (so if you happen to know their team has a big weakness to electric types, it's unfair to just for that battle tm electric moves; also items should be their norm item they use, if multiple megas are chosen you choose which, if any, to evolve during the battle). It's casual and fun and hoping to find more battlers who'd enjoy this.

My personal rules are I will not battle hacks. I don't care if they're legal, I don't think it's fair to just instaperfect your pokémon or give yourself whatever item you want. I'm lenient with clones, altered to change ball/name (wish this was possible in game), or even painted shinies. However no generated and/or altered pokémon, pokémon bred from known to be generated and/or altered (including popular hacked 6iv ditto), and generated items.


I Haven't haven't battled recently waslooking for a double or 6v6 mix battle but no legends, PM if you want to throw down :)


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Haven't battled in a while. Anyone who's up for a single, 6v6, normal battle in X/Y feel free to PM!


Shiny Hunter 4 life
Hey you all I would love to have a mix tier 6 vs 6 single battle with one über tier Pokemon each. My friend code is in my signiture

Just to let you before we battle I will be playing on omega ruby
Hey, new to the forums. Mainly signed up in the hope of some non competitive battles from this thread.
Would like to play xy doubles preferably. My pokemon are iv/ev trained but they're just Pokemon I like and most are at the lower end of the competitive scale. Please reply or send me a message if you fancy a 'just for fun' battle :)
I can do oras if this is easier, just need to transfer them!
(And please no vgc teams)


Can also jump!
It's been a long while, so i'd like to shake that rust off and get battling again! I can do any sort of format. However, i'd rather not have any Legendary or Mega pokemon(You could use pokemon that are capable, but you can't Mega-Evolve them!)...Some Mythical pokemon i could be more lenient with, as long as they aren't over-the-top unstoppable!

Also, if you have any special rules you have in mind that'll mix things up, i'm more than ok to hear them out. It'll be more fun that way! My FC is in my signature if you need it. Let me know if you'd like to battle sometime!

(Please note this is only for X and Y for the time being, i'm not quite ready for online play in OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire yet...)