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The Battle Record Thread V3


Call me Robert guys
Might as well remove other Goh's mons in the list?
Na, the ones that are here can stay but the fact that each of them have like 1 battle or around there should tell you all you need to know.


Call me Robert guys


P4P Elite
I think I have to review that Sirfetch'd situation... Normally, double KOs are shown successively... But not this time... Rotom declared Altaria first...


Too old for your rubbish..
Rotom declared Sirfetch’d the victor and THEN it fainted and was declared unable to battle afterwards. It was no different than all the times Pikachu has collapsed due to overexertion after being declared the victor at the end of a battle, it just happened mid-battle this time.


Legends Arceus is a masterpiece & SV will be too!
Hold up, since when does Meteor Assault cause recoil damage?

Last I recall, it just immobilizes the user due to energy expenditure, and extrapolating on that, it can be assumed that Sirfetch'd just fainted from overexertion.
Meteor Assault cause no recoil. Sirfetch'd "fainted" because he used his energy to perform Meteor Assault. He won fair and square.
Yeah I meant recoil damage as in overexertion
I mean ig its up to debate, but it seems more of a tie to me