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The Battle Record Thread V3


Call me Robert guys


Legends Arceus is a masterpiece & SV will be too!
Wouldn’t call it great since all their win rates are in the 60s(except Pikachu and Mimey), but at least they all have winning records against superb opponents. Every other gen had a team with only one or the other.
Percentages really don't matter to me coz it depends on so many things
It's mostly that they have more Ws then Ls, and the quality of the Ws they have. So yeah like you said, winning records against superb opponents
JN team is the best Team Ash has strength wise, zero contest and all six of those mons are at the top of Ash's list competing Greninja, Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape, Krookodile, Lycanroc, Incineroar


Humans are tools
Kinda glad to see now every JN mon as a great battle record
Which is bound to improve for Masters 8
Exactly why people should wait for series to end before passing any judgement in mid series like they did with gengar and sirfetch'd, gengar is now second most important member after lucario.


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Late to the party, but I'm hoping that the Dragonite-L arc is over. Give 'em at least one good win, maybe two in the Masters Tournament.


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Added -_-...
I already predicted wooloo being taken out in that one hit. Seriously between that battle and those 3 losers was a waste of time