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The Battle Tower: Liaison In Larousse - Join the Fight! (v.2)

The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
The Battle Tower: Liaison in Larousse

Overview: You are a young upstart Trainer and so far life has been going good. You have a few Badges under your belt and most of your Poke-roster has reached their final evolutions or are about to. Wanting a break from your journey and to forget about the hassle of your journey, you decide to take a train to Larousse City and enjoy the sights and sounds of the high-tech metropolis.

Forget that. When you arrive, you head to a nearby Starmiebucks only for a Secret Service rejectee to call you to the office of Mayor Lund. Lund explains to you that a terrorist organisation called Necro Shadow and they have been terrorising Trainers everywhere, forcing them to surrender their Pokemon and Battle Keys. Lund explains about the Larousse Tournament at the Battle Tower and that in order to enter, a Trainer must first collect the four Battle Keys from the North, South, West and East Ends of the city; Tactics, Skill, Wisdom and Determination respectively. Once that happens, you are licensed to enter the Battle Tower tourney. It occurs every year and thousands of Trainers gather from all different regions to claim the top prize: the Larousse Tower Trophy.

The problem is that Necro Shadow appear to want something at the Tower and it's your job to find out. No-one knows if they want the title or something underneath the Tower but whatever they want, they're certainly ruthless about it. Trainers are losing their Keys and Prize Pokemon everywhere and you've got to stop it. You need to win the four Keys and get as far as you can up the Tower and find out what Necro Shadow want there. To do so, you must compete in miniature battles for the Key and then head to Larousse Square for the Tower. Be warned, the Necro Hunters are out for them as well, so take them down while you can. It's all up to you...


Due to the untimely departure of The Great Butler, I am restarting the sign-ups. I've edited the rules slightly however and the sign-up form. You are one of several skilled Trainers chosen by Lund in order to nail Necro Shadow and put a stop on whatever it is they want from the Battle Tower. This year is the annual Larousse Tower Tourney so it makes an excellent cover to find out what they want. You have been commissioned as a flaneur; an operative who uses a disguise to gain information. You have two goals: 1) Work your way up to the top floor and earn the title Tower Champion; or 2) Work with the Larousse Elite and halt their plans underground. Don't worry if you lose in a battle, as you won't be out that easily. Rather, you'll be working behind the scenes to help out as well, so everyone gets a fair shot in this RPG. That way, if you enjoy participating, then the experience doesn't have to end just because your battles do. You'll need to hold on as this story is going to twist and turn like a rollercoaster. But you need not worry yet as for now, your goal is clear: the Tower Trophy and the Tower Champ title!

Character Sign-Ups

Description (4-5 lines AT LEAST):
Personality (No Gary-Stus or Mary-Sues please; if I believe your character is either Sue-ish or Stu-ish, you will be rejected, 4-5 lines AT LEAST):
History (Nothing cliched like 'parents died', 'can't remember past' or 'fabulously privilged life'; 4-5 lines AT LEAST):
Section You Start At (North, South, West or East):
RP Sample: (I need proof you can RP to a high standard. It must be valid and have a link.)

Pokemon Sign-Ups (one per Pokemon)

Gender (If genderless, state the gender it's closest to):
Description (Any markings? Please state if this is the case):

Things To Know

1. If a Pokemon can learn a move, then you may use it.
2. Pokemon from all regions can be used, even Shinou; for the latter, however, use Japanese names. They can be Romanized but I need proof (I'll check on Bulbagarden so don't think I'm not prepared).
3. Maximum 2 Shinies in a team of 6 and 1 in a team of 4.
4. Post frequently, but don't go overboard.
5. Posts need to be long, but a short post, provided it has good information, can be allowed.
6. Standard RPG rules still apply.

Earning Keys

There are four Key Keepers, like Gym Leaders, who you need to earn your Key from. When in a battle with a Keeper, make the post descriptive as you can; what their Pokemon look like, the attacks they use, everything. Think of it like writing a fan fiction; make it descriptive enough to keep the readers' attention. Here are the four Key Keepers:

1) Syrus
Location: North Town
Key Given: Magnet Tactics Key
Rules: Three Pokemon each; the challenger can switch around Pokemon while the Keeper cannot.
Title: Polaris Pulverizer
Description: Syrus is unusually short for his age (a subject he's very picky on) and tries to hide this by using magnetic boots that increase in size whenever he activates the current. His hair is sky-blue, and is typically a crew-cut; that way, there's less chance of a staticky afro. His attire consists of a yellow jacket with magnets on the blue sleeves and light blue jeans with blue-and-yellow sneakers.
Personality: As mentioned above, Syrus is sensitive about his height problem and hates it when people use the word 'little' or 'short' in their sentences. If he does, he gets very angry. A gifted youth, Syrus always sets his sights on the big obstacles, like his height problem, and always manages to think up a solution.
1) Magnum-Jibacoil (Magneton evo)
2) Sigma-Female Plusle
3) Omega-Male Minun

2) Rena
Location: South Town
Key Given: Spider Skill Key
Rules: Three Pokemon each; battle starts off as single battle for two minutes, before upgrading into a double battle, where the Trainer and Keeper send out a second Pokemon.
Title: Insect Princess
Description: Rena is tall (this is heightened by her stilletto heeled shoes) and thin, and typically wears a red evening dress with a spider-over-web design on the front, just below the chest; it serves to hold together the seperate ends of the dress. Her dark-green hair is kept long over her back and the only decoration is another spider ornament. Her earrings are golden spider webs hanging from what looks like a silver teardrop.
Personality: Rena is a confident Keeper and utilises her Bug-types to be used as annoyers. Her favourite strategy is using Spider Web to stop her enemies from retreating and then poisoning them with Toxic. All for the sweet pleasure of watching her opponents suffer. Sadist by nature, Rena always sets up her strategies in advance to trap her opponents and then watch them struggle. If they do manage to win, she is graceful in defeat.
1) Female Beequeen
2) Male Ariados
3) Male Beedrill

3) Beka
Location: West City
Key Given: Draconic Wisdom Key
Rules: Four-on-four single battle; all Trainers must call out their Pokemon when the battle begins and send them out one at a time; Trainer can decide whether to switch modes from single to double.
Title: Lady Dragoon
Description: Beka is of average height and wears a dragon themed attire; mostly a set of greens and reds. More specifically, an emerald jacket over her thin build, itself covered by a scarlet shirt and green jeans with yellow Rayquaza markings on the legs. Her hair is a mixture of fiery-reds and blonds and is tied into a ponytail at the back of her head. She stores her Pokemon in golden wrist gauntlets shaped like Rayquaza's head, two on each arm.
Personality: A very hot-headed Trainer, Beka battles with a combination of raw power and speedy strikes in an attempt to severely lower her opponent's stamina. One of her favourite combos involves the Endure & Flail combo as a way of finishing off the opponent, despite the fact that her Pokemon will be low on health too. Beka is a strong battler, and battles only to improve herself and to face new challenges.
1) Male Flygon, Furai
2) Female Milotic, Izumi
3) Female Dragonair, Hikari
4) Male Salamence, Sorro

4) Aster
Location: East City
Key Given: Elemental Determination Key
Rules: Five-on-five battle; starts off as a double battle, before going into a three-on-three single battle; challenger is the only one who can switch Pokemon.
Title: Elemental Champion
Description: Aster is typically tall and thin, but tries to hide this by dressing in sharp clothing; namely a silver-and-black suit with a black shirt underneath and a tie with five images on it; wing in top left, flame in top right, water drop in bottom left, cracked earth in bottom right and thunder bolt in center. His hair is a dark crimson and is cut short, and he wears underneath a pair of blue denim jeans and dark slip-on shoes.
Personality: Aster, by nature, is a cool and collected Trainer, and it isn't easy to really get on his nerves; when you do, however, you'll regret it as he really flips out, even frightening the Pokemon. If you think it's all just to get him to make mistakes, that doesn't happen as often as you'd think. His mind is on the battle on all times, even if it does slip away from time to time. Aster is one of the Larousse Elite and serves as Lund's second in command.
1) Male Mukkuhawk, Avian
2) Female Ninetales, Burstfire
3) Male Floatsel, Tsunami
4) Male Steelix, Metallico
5) Male Rentrorer, Dynamo


1. No Legendaries what so ever. If you have one, even if it's befriended, I don't care. You will be rejected.
2. You cannot have a team full of uber-Pokemon e.g Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence. I will only accept two maximum.
3. If you are unsure about your team, I will point out where you went wrong.
4. If you want to have multiple starters, you can only have two maximum and they have to be from different regions.
5. No battles where you knock out all your opponent's Pokemon with one Pokemon, and only with one move. If you do that, I will disqualify you.
6. I don't understand 1337 speak or chat room tongue, so proper English in sign-ups.
7. Do not bash, flame or insult other members who sign up. Do so, and you'll be taken down.
8. If you need to do some Bunnying, then you need permission from the member who created the character and it cannot be out of character. If I get a PM from the member saying you stole the character, or if the character is performing OOC, you're off the list.
9. Nothing cliched like "parents died" or "can't remember past", or if your character seems to be invincible and perfect, rejection will follow.
10. If I feel you have not put enough effort into your character, you will be rejected.
11. I will only give you two chances; waste both and you cannot compete.
12. You can reserve a place but you must sign up within five days; if you think you will be unable to access a computer during the five days, please state so in your post.
13. No Godmodding; if you manipuate the RPG for your own desires, you will be disqualified.
14. I will inform you the results of the battle via PM and these will be judged fairly. I will not pick favourites.
15. I will only select the twelve best, so put some effort into sign-ups.

1) The Doctor - Game Master (Default)
2) metagrossiron_fist - Jack Mariner (South Town)
3) Literate - Aileen (East City)
4) The Burnt Shadow - Jonathan Fakir (North Town)
5) Canis Lupus - Joseph Regulus (North Town)
6) Kamia_Jay - Simone Channings (North Town)
7) WaterTrainer411 - Reserved
8) Deathspector - Reserved
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Razor Shiftry

Cynthia = Porn Star
Hey hey, sound cool dude! Here’s my sign up…

Name: Jack Mariner
Age: 18
Gender: male
Description: Jack’s a nice looking lad, being quite tall (about 6’0) with messy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. His facial features are quite worn into him, having high cheekbones, a slightly blunted nose and a thin mouth that’s nearly always curved into a slight smirk. His body structure is being reasonably thin and light framed and has a few muscles due to travelling a lot. Jack’s clothing are simple and comfortable, just a pair of white and worn out trainers, dark blue, reasonably tight fitting jeans and a loose fitting yellow t-shirt with a small logo on the left sleeve, and a red jacket over the top for when it gets a little cold.

Personality: Happy, fun, and loves to laugh, Jack is quite outgoing and likes to enjoy himself all the time and his laughing is known to be very contagious. But there is a different side to him, Jack uses his happy self to hide behind and keep his emotions under tight control and one of Jack greatest fears is what would happen if someone found out about his past and if someone sees him when he can’t control his emotions. So, to help to control them, he trains himself and his pokemon to be the best they can and now has an unwavering determination when he's focused on something. He enjoys acting and once auditioned for a movie but only just failed but that has never stopped him from pretending to be someone else just for a laugh.

History: Mariner by name, mariner by nature, yes, Jack knows how to sail. This is because his hometown is Lilycove and his dad was a sailor that worked in the dockyards and so, sparking his love of the water, or you could say it’s in his blood. But, sadly, while he loves the sea, he also fears it and hates it. But don’t be confused, he doesn’t hate water, he just hates the sea. This is because, when he was 12, there was a tragic accident out at sea and his dad died, causing Jack to become depressed and suicidal. He also became very violent, so his mum, concerned, paid for counselling and 2 years, Jack managed to learn how to control his emotions tried to become famous by becoming an actor, but failing that, tried to become a famous pokemon co-ordinator but while doing so discovered being a pokemon trainer was also fun and he had a natural talent with it. He also realised that could take his mind off his grief and he hasn’t looked back since.

Section started at: South

Nickname: Breeze
Gender (If genderless, state the gender it's closest to): female
Species: Beautifly
Description (Any markings? Please state if this is the case): being marginally smaller than the average Beautifly, but with larger wings, which enables her to be faster than the average sort.
Personality: while Jack appears to be outgoing and happy, Breeze is quite a timid, quiet and thoughtful pokemon. And is nearly always sitting on Jacks head, when she’s not flying around or battling. Breeze was also Jack first pokemon and is very loyal and comforts Jack when his emotions come up. But even though Breeze is a shy pokemon, she can also be very curious and, when something catches her eye, she may warily flutter off and have a closer look and may, if it is a pokemon or human, sit on their head. She becomes very affectionate when someone scratches her chin or gives her a hug and may cry out loudly with joy.

History: Breeze was Jack’s first ever pokemon and was caught as a wormple which quickly evolved to a Beautifly. Originally taught how to perform in contests, when her trainer decided to become a trainer, she still retains the habit of attacking in a beautiful, show-offey way but is learning not to.

Nickname: Blaze
Gender (If genderless, state the gender it's closest to): Male
Species: Blaziken
Description (Any markings? Please state if this is the case): more lithe and agile than normal Blaziken’s due to his hasty nature, Blaze’s leg feather’s are also a darker shade and the rest of his body.
Personality: deeply loyal but also very grumpy, Blaze often has lots of mood swings and may turn violent, to even his own team mates. But while being violent, he will also do the opposite and stay, even in the most extreme of dangers to help out anyone. Blaze has proven himself in many battles and prefers hand-to-hand combat. The pokemon he has the most respect for in Jack’s line up is Breeze and Star because breeze can understand Blaze more than anyone else and with Star because she she is also a fiercely competitive fighter.
History: the second pokemon Jack caught, Blaze was grumpy from the start. Feeling as though he had lost his freedom, he would counter-act his anger by, in battles, fighting so powerfully that he would, besides knock the opponent out, nearly kill them. Blaze only started respecting Jack when, during an earthquake, ran into a building and with him in order to save someone who had been knockout in a stairway

Nickname: Star
Gender (If genderless, state the gender it's closest to): Female (Jack always calls her a she so that’s what everyone thinks)
Species: Starmie
Description: Bigger than normal, this has given Star more stamina and has made her a deadly opponent. Her gem also has a slight reddish tinge to it.
Personality: feisty and with a sharp attitude, Star and Blaze became quick friends. While her bigger body may have slowed her down, this has just fired up her want of power and her attacks strike mercilessly and accurately. But just to contrast completely, Star also has a motherly nature and when around young/baby pokemon, she will be extremely gentle and will play with them and has been given the unofficial title of Sparky’s mum.
History: Jack received Star from a young trainer who had fished her up as a Staryu and evolved her, only to find her personality change dramatically. Finding it hard to look after her, Jack traded his Swellow, Ace for Star and from then on, distrusted her new trainer. But Jack discovered a new side of her when Sparky hatched and now spends a lot of time together with him.

Nickname: Sparky
Gender: male
Species: Lanturn
Description: Jack’s rarest pokemon, while not being a complete shiny, Sparky’s light ball is tinged with blue and his skin colour has some purple flecks in it.
Personality: quite shy and bashful, Sparky is still quite a young pokemon. He still has the annoying tendency to unleash showers of sparks, which occasionally catch on to things and set them on fire. Sparky still has to learn to control his powers but in battles, he focuses so much that his attacks may become a little erratic and he will become so surprised that the attacks will fizzle out or, as it once happened, try and stop it, which caused the local electricity supply to black out for a few hours.
History: Jack found an egg washed up on the beach not to long ago, and seeing no owners around decided to keep it, which hatched out to be Sparky. Star and Jack instantly took on being the Chinchou’s parents and soon, evolved to a Lanturn.

Nickname: Tara
Gender: Female
Species: Flygon
Description: has the same (ish) sort of build to Breeze, being that Tara is slightly smaller than the average Flygon but with larger wings, allowing her faster flight. Her fan at the end of her tail is also larger then normal.
Personality: loves to laugh. End of story. That could some up Tara in three, simple words. Basically, Tara is an incredibly jolly pokemon, which isn’t helped by Spiky’s antics, which can cause her to roll on her back and break her ribs for not being able to stop (figuratively, not literally). She is just naturally happy pokemon and finds depressing pokemon and people (like Blaze) boring and leaves them alone (which is fine to Blaze). Like Breeze, Tara also has a huge curiosity gene and if anything catches her eye, she will instantly dash off to see it, which can lead her into trouble. But if everyone begins acting serious, then she will realise that the situation isn’t a time or messing around and, like all of her teammates, will focus on the task and get it completed.
History: Tara was caught along with Spiky in a double battle in the ruin desert in Hoenn. Tara annoys Jack the most and makes the most of it by laughing her head off every time he sweat drops. But there is one advantage to Tara’s laughing, as Jack found out with a battle against a Linoone, is that Tara is nearly immune to the effects of tickle, and all that happens is Tara laughs harder and then destroys her opponent with a dragon claw – while laughing her head off…

Nickname: Spiky
Gender: Male
Species: Cacturne
Description: bigger than normal but considerably stealthier. Spiky’s spikes are also abnormally larger earning him his nickname.
Personality: Naughty and evil…but then again he is a dark pokemon…well, he isn’t evil but Spiky can be by abusing his faint attack…which he does all the time. He just has an addiction to scaring people and Jack often thinks that in a past life, Spiky was a ghost pokemon that also had and addiction to scaring people and laughing manically.
History: as said with Tara’s history, Spiky was caught with Tara in a double battle as they were together at the same time so both are really good friends. There’s not much to say about Spiky, as he keeps himself to himself (except during one of his tricks) and during battles, will quickly analyse the opponent and fight strategically. He a bit of a smart *** really.

RP sample…from Elemental Quest V2

Jack grimaced as the drunken old man next to him sloshed down some more of his ale. He had to play this carefully. Jack smirked at his memories of being on his dad’s ship and how easily it was to start a fight with drunken idiots. Jack called out to the maid for a mug of ale and paid for it with a silver coin. ‘Blimey’, thought Jack, ‘times must be hard if the booze is so expensive’. The maid came back and dumped the ale on the table in front of him. ‘Well’, said Jack aloud to himself but cleverly in way that sounded as though it was directed at someone. ‘I see service has gone down a bit’
‘Yer, It has, hasn’t it?’ said the old man and gulped down more ale. ‘Its been all this bad luck merchants been hav’n re-cent-lee…’ the man shook his head and Jack could see that this man would collapse soon, and, see that he would get no more information out of him, moved on to another target, with a bit more life in him. Jack found a merchant sitting in the corner on his own, and obviously depressed about something.
Jack pulled up a stool and began talking to him in merchant tongue. ‘Yer all right mate? Ya look a bit miserable, bad business?’ said Jack mildly cheerfully.
‘Who wants to know’, said the merchant suspiciously.
‘Just clam down, clam down, only enquiring that’s all, my good friend, I’ve been away sailing way west and since I came back ‘ere, my dad’s business hasn’t been doing’ that well, so I’m just wondrin what's been going on that’s all’, lied Jack easily.
‘You say business in the west is doing all right?’ Jack hid a smirk – ‘caught him!’ thought Jack – as the merchant carried on, ‘ my business are in the north and east of ‘ere and things ain’t been doing to good, I mean, just the other day, I got news that one of my cargo ship has sunk in a storm in the west! Do you realise how much that’s cost me?’ Jack nodded knowingly as the merchant talked, ‘that’s 700 gold’s worth of silk gone! Worthless! And do you know what's worse? I haven’t had any news from my business up in the north and all me fellow merchants are saying there’s a great big sparkly dragon up there, terrorizin’ people up there!’ the merchant was talking very loudly now so Jack passed him his ale to calm him down. ‘Right’, thought Jack, now for the had bit, don’t want him to be suspicious now…’
‘Where up north are ye saying? Strait, towards the northern wastes?’ Jack inquired but it seemed like the merchant was glad to be able to tell his troubles to someone.
‘Nah! Its north, north west of ‘ere, me lad, up by the sparklin’ lake, you know?’
‘Yeah, I know, ‘ere have another drink on me’, Jack called to the maid again and paid for another mug of ale. ‘Thanks for the talk my friend’, said Jack, slapped the merchant on the back and walked out, glad to be out in the fresh air and out of the claustrophobic atmosphere of the inn. ‘Well’, thought Jack dryly, ‘it seems like its true what they say of merchants and Sailors – the gossip does spread faster than the Plague’. Jack started walking to the north gate of the town, and closer to his goal…

Is this ok? any changes, just tell and i'll do them...


black cat, black cat
Hey, I remember this. I'l use the same sign-up as I did last time.


Name: Aileen

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Aileen stands at nearly 5’ 4” with a sleek and sturdy frame, and her skin tone is pretty medium-ish. She wears baggy pitch-black cargo pants that match her midnight silk blouse perfectly. White-streaked black sneakers suit her fluffy clean socks. Her shoulder supports her navy stripped white sling bag, and a similar patterned belt hangs loosely at her waist. She is often seen with oval glasses that has a tint of metallic indigo. Her brown hair is left loose, constantly hanging in front of her face, nearly covering her strangely white eyes. Her expression is almost always neutral, and her voice is usually soft enough not to be heard.

Personality: She’s a quiet girl, keeping voiced opinions out and would rather think behind another’s back. When she does say something, no one’s around to hear, so she isn’t very sociable. She has quite a few friends, most of the time, she hardly says much to even anyone. Her self-esteem is low; she doesn’t defend herself from biting remarks about her, especially about her white eyes. She feels the most peaceful near her pokemon, playing with them every day and even occasionally managing a slight smile. She’s nothing of a strategist, but often times she plays with the logic around her.

History: Growing up in quiet Verndaturf has its ups and down, good and bad moments. Aileen received just that. Ever since she was little, she would always lie down, on the grassy lawn of her home, and stare up at the sun and the rolling clouds, accompanied by her two young Eevee. She didn’t have a proper education with the pokemon, so she isn’t exactly an expert in pokemon types, moves, and even the basic items. She was idle most of her life, leaving her in a state of eternal boredom, until she started her journey. Wrenched from her peaceful home, she was faced with the difficulties of being a trainer. She failed to do most of what everyone could already do, battle with pokemon, train, and even catch them was a challenge. And she only had her pokemon as her companions, through the long journey. After nearly four years, she’s gotten the hang of being trainer and learned by experience nearly everything about pokemon. She’s now sure of her abilities, her pokemon proving her right.

Section You Start At: East

Other: Eh. None?


Nickname: Ani
Gender: Female
Species: Umbreon
Description: Her ears are slightly larger than other Umbreon, basically for hearing Aileen “shout” out commands and complicatedly for tracking purposes. Instead of glowing yellow rings, they’re neon blue. [Shiny]
Personality: She’s calm and collected, and not easily swayed in battle. She likes moving around, so it’s hard to get a hit on her. She prefers physical attacks, and is snappy when people comment on her weak defenses. Ani is naturally curious, a bit too curious for her own good, as she had gotten into trouble before because of it.
History: She was born a playful, romping, hyper Eevee, always running around chasing butterflies. Her hobbies were to smell flowers, bat at Wurmple, and chase Whismer that happened on her trail. Now she’s matured, she knows more that to cause trouble for her trainer, and she easily obeys commands, dependant on Aileen only.
One night, in the middle of the rainy Route 119, they were caught by surprise when a sudden invasion of Oddish came about. Unable to fight the hoard of pokemon, they soon were cornered by the plant pokemon. Ani evolved from the playful Eevee and defended her trainer, with swift-footed Quick Attacks. Since then, her speed has ever dominated all else’s.
Other: In the order from highest to lowest, her stats go as: speed, attack, special attack, special defense, and defense. [Contrary to normal Umbreon’s.]

Nickname: Aki
Gender: Male
Species: Umbreon
Description: Other than the fact that his eyes are a bright yellow, he’s normal.
Personality: Also calm and cool, he hardly let anything bother him. He’d rather stay in one place than even walk around. Due to this, he’s reactions to attacks are on the mark, more than his older sister’s. He never cares about anything, and in deep thought most of the time, always spacey even in battles, and his mind is well learned.
History: Being the younger sibling he is, he tried to exceed his sister in races and relays, yet always failed. He was not an athletic type, so in response to his weakness, he learned Shadow Ball from a neighboring pokemon. His mind is more complex than any other pokemon, and in their early days of the journey, he took over battling for a while.
When he evolved was later in the journey, perhaps along the creepy Route 121. They were being played with by the nearby ghosts in Mt. Pyre and his rapid firing of Shadow Ball didn’t work too well; his sister’s attempt at physical attacks went nowhere. The instant he turned into an Umbreon, he easily pinpointed the ghosts and destroyed them with Pursuits.
Other: In the order from highest to lowest, his stats go as: special attack, special defense, defense, attack, speed. [Slightly unusual than of normal Umbreon’s]

Nickname: Alyx
Gender: Male
Species: Ninetales
Description: He has a white star shaped spot on his forehead, in a diamond format.
Personality: The oldest of her pokemon, he was also the first pokemon Aileen had caught. Wise and smart, he’s the settler of disputes within the team. In battle, he moves elegantly, and easily evades and constructs attacks. Nothing takes him by surprise, and it’s surprising that he can stand special attacks. He’s roused by comments on his feminine appearance, which, in most opinions, is actually true.
History: Born and trained in the highest area of Mt. Pyre, he had raised above all normal Vulpix. Specially chosen and trained by the ghosts, he harnessed the power of many moves early, before his time. Alyx, because of this attention, hasn’t learned most physical attacks, and his favorite move to confuse opponents with is Confuse Ray.
He met Aileen and her two Umbreon the day after they were attacked by ghosts. He guided them through the mazes of the mountain, in pity, and at the end of the tour, he grown fond of Aki and his funny ramblings. Seeing many opportunities to grow in mind, he went with them, learning more than he would if he had stayed.
Other: In the order from highest to lowest, his stats go as: special defense, special attack, speed, defense, attack.

Nickname: Ally
Gender: Male
Species: Breloom
Description: He’s normal.
Personality: One of the still young pokemon on Aileen’s team, he’s a freshly evolved from Shroomish. He’s always loves to jump into things, and has lost several battles before. But instead of sulking like other pokemon, he tries his best to not be depressed. He likes playing around with his teammates, both annoying and cheering them from the dumps. In other words, he’s comic relief.
History: Ally started as a wandering Shroomish in Petalburg Woods. He was energetic and lighthearted, and messed with Alyx the Vulpix a lot, mostly bugging him. Unlike the rest of the team, he wasn’t born with any talent, so it was hard to battle, and most of the time, he would lose. But when he started to train with Ani, he learned many skills, and even won a few battle from time to time.
It was in a battle when he evolved. Nearing the end of his line of attacks, he suddenly grew white, and earned a more useful body to maneuver in. Since then, he has beaten many pokemon, both big and strong.
Other: In the order from highest to lowest, his stats go as: attack, speed, defense, special attack, special defense.

Nickname: Arin
Gender: Female
Species: Kirlia
Description: She’s smaller than usual Kirlia.
Personality: Arin’s shy and timid, and she’s scared of many things. Being the latest addition on her team, she still isn’t fully evolved. She is afraid of most of the team, of their seriousness and their greatness in battle, excluding Ally because he can connect with her feelings. In battle, she often times uses Toxic, and she has no great weakness or strength.
History: Meandering around Route 102, she, as a small Ralts, had gotten lost and didn’t know what to do. When strange voices came, she would hide herself in the bushes, scared of intrusion. When the day came and Aileen was walking down the path, Ally saw her out in the corner of his eyes and found her hiding spot, tackling her to the ground with great pleasure.
Arin admires Ally for his excessive energy and self-esteem. Promising herself to one day be as great as him and the rest of the team, she disciplined and worked hard, under all the supervision of Alyx, Aki, and Ani. In result of that, her speed is near invisible, special attacks were boosted, and her defense of special attacks were upgraded.
Other: In the order from highest to lowest, her stats go as: special attack, special defense, speed, defense, attack.

[I'll insert in the RPG sample when I find one. Most of the RPGs I had participated in died too fast.]

Here: The Ruin (One that had just started) Not nessessarily my best, but...
As with everyone else, Art wandered towards one of the walls, running a small finger upon them. They were old, he saw, not that old, though. He stared at his now dusty finger. Peh, it was also dirty too; how long have it been left alone? What-thousands of ages? Nah, too far fetched. Wiping his finger on his white pants, his eyes wandered towards the floor. Lovely, it was stone. He stared at the others that were also looking around the area. He turned his head slightly to glance at Percy, and shifted back towards the ground again.

Art had no intention of having someone watch him as he was not goofing off. He rapped the floor with his knuckles, recieving a sharp pain. He winced a bit, before concluding: Hollow. The floor was hollow; there was something underneath. There was also a fountain nearby; stone. He looked up around the ceiling and upon the windows. He frowned slightly; was there nothing to play with?

Just then, a loud bang sound echoed through the room. He whipped around to stare at the door; was it wind? Probably... He glanced at the others; they were freaked, badly. What for? It was just wind? On second thought, maybe he would have fun here.

He kicked the ragged carpet edge; a puff of dust came out. There was something dark underneath it, as it fluttered back into place. He knelt down examining the edges and the worn out tapestry. It had frayed threads, many a hole shattered upon it. After closely gazing at the fabric, he took hold of the edges, and tossed it into the air, dust bunnies fell everywhere. He glanced back at the spot where he saw the black thing. It was gone.

Maybe Art was getting a bit frightened too and hallucinated the splotch. But, he swore he saw it. Then again, the carpet had an amusing feat, flopping back to the ground.

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metagrossiron_fist: Hmm, nice sign-up, but I'll need a link to the sample. Other than that, Accepted.
Literate: Accepted of course.

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metagrossiron_fist: Hmm, nice sign-up, but I'll need a link to the sample. Other than that, Accepted.
Literate: Accepted of course.

ok then, just click the lil' arrow next to my name in the quote and you can see the sample.
and you might want to make a cafe thread


Name: Nicholas Rivera
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Description: Nick wears practically the same outfit every day, mostly because he has like 12 of them in his closet. Nick is tall at 5'4. He weighs at about 120 pounds. Nick wears his standard blue cap. He also wears his favorite blue Starmie shirt and blue jeans. Nick wears standard adventuring sneakers. Nick keeps a huge backpack filled with all of his things at all times. Nick has long legs and arms. A short neck. Nick had a small oval head with small ears to match.

Personality: Nick is a loud kid. Nick is mean and agressive towards people. Nick acts like a bully all the time. That also explains why a lot of people stay away from him. He's only nice to the people he likes as friends or family. Nick is really smart, but has two main weaknesses. One the simplest mistakes are usually the ones he misses. Also he is the clumsiest person you have or ever will encounter. He trips on everything. Nick is very focused and attentive, Nick doesn't really has beliefs, he only believes what he sees when it's proven in mathematical or scientific facts.

History: Not much happened to Nick dueing his short life. At age 5, he was given a Staryu by his parents, which he loved and raised until this day. Nick's family is of upper-middle financial class, so Nick gets a lot of the things he wants. Nick doesn't necessarily live a fabulous life. He has to work for a lot of things he earns. Nick also has to do a lot of dirty-work which isn't exactly fabulous to get dirty, even if it means extra cash.

Section You Start At (North, South, West or East): West


RP Sample: (I need proof you can RP to a high standard. It must be valid and have a link.)

RP Sample from Pokemon Battle Academy 2.0, on the second page


"Thanks a million, for this wonderful Heracross, it's a blessing indeed." Nick had thanked the instructor and Nick continued, "Let's go Heracross."

"Herra--herr-cross!" The cute Heracross replied with excitement and jubilation.

"Yep, I can see where your coming from Heracross, I feel a renewed sense of jubilation as well. I can forsee that this year will be most entertaining and informative indeed." Nick then continued, "Ahh, so you are a female Heracross! That means your name should be Queen Hera, like the Greek queen of gods. Colossal Strength and powerful influence, which makes a good ruler indeed, wouldn't you agree Queen Hera?" Nick asked in excitement

"Herra-herr--cross!" The Heracross gleefully cried in a sense of anxiousness, and captivation by the beautiful ocean view, that could be noticed from the hall windows.

"Hmm, it says in this book I carry, that your best stat is your Physically Offensive stat, known as Attack. That I am aware of though, and your Attack Base Stat is... *glancing down the page*... "Oh, god, 125 Base Attack, impressive indeed." Nick practically dropped the book as he looked at that amazing stat.

Nick barely didn't even notice that everyone basically left and Nick still had to go to his dorm to pick up his kit of starting supplies.

"Hmm, where is my dorm...? Oh, not here, nope not here either, bingo! Here's my dorm." Nick noticed quickly

Just like that Nick tripped, his reputation for being the clumsiest kid on the planet started at this moment.

"Ouch. That hurts. Okay then, let's see, ah here we go, Five pokeballs and a letter with 500 Pokedollars. Perfecto." Nick replied

"Herra-herr-cross" This cry was more of a laugh at Nicks clumsiness.

"Hey, that's mean, ah well. Women... Anyway, I might as start out with a plan of which pokemon, I want to catch during the course of the year. Let's see..., I want a Beldum, a Nincada, a Slakoth, a Staryu and a Chansey. Those are pretty hard to catch, and evolving them will be an even greater challenge. Right Queen Hera?" Nick asked still quite jubilant

"Herra--herr-cross!" Which might have possibly meant, that Nick better not be plotting on replacing Heracross, of course, Nick sensed no emotion in this cry for sure.

"Meh, I didn't pick that one up." Nick said finally starting to sedate after the rush of excitement, Nick initially recieved from coming to this prestiegous academy for learning the sciences and mechanics of pokemon.

Nick exited his dorm room, hopefully to make a friend, or just do some social analysises on people, whether he would take to them or not.

Pokemon Sign-Ups (one per Pokemon)

Nickname: Satan
Gender: Male
Species: Starmie
Description : Looks like a regular Starmie, except for one thing. It's blue. Yep, a Shiny Starmie. It's gem is somewhat cracked, but that regenerates.
Personality: It doesn't have much of a personality, except for the fact that it takes on Nick's personality. Nick and Starmie are like Bonnie and Clyde. Starmie is evil, but great in battle.It is unable to show any kind of emotion rather than hate.
History: Given to Nick at age 5 as a Staryu, Nick eventually found a Water Stone at age 7 and gave it to Staryu, to evolve.
Other: Shiny.

Nickname: Ross
Gender: Male
Species: Metagross
Description: It looks like any old Metagross, except it's probably a little heftier. The average weighs at about 1200 lbs. This one weighs in at 1754 lbs. Also is taller than an average Metagross. Average height is 5'3, this one is 5'8.
Personality: Aggressive. That helps it in battle. Is almost as mean as the devil(Starmie). Can show afection, I think.
History: Not too much.

Nickname: Gina
Gender: female
Species: Gengar
Description: Meh, it looks exactly like the Gengar any standard pokedex shows.
Personality: Wicked. Evil. Dark. Mean. Gengar is just like the other two,except it uses its ghostly powers for evil. Only shows affection to Nick.
History: Nick's parents gave Nick a Gastly at the age of 6. Then it was a Haunter at age 7, lastly, Nick traded it and traded back to get a Gengar at age 9.

Nickname: Gary
Gender : Male
Species: Kirlia
Description: A lot taller than the average Kirlia. It looks like its on steroids. It's 4'11 and 115 lbs. It otherwise looks somewhat average.
Personality: The only nice pokemon on Nicks squad. It cares for the other pokemon. it doesn't recieve much love back. It is pretty quiet and shy.
History: Nick captured a Ralts at age 11, now it's a Kirlia, because it's had a lot of battles.
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Name: Blake Masters

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: He wears a dark-blue shirt with a thunderbolt pattern on it that looks like its about to strike you, dark-blue pants, black-army-style boots, and green gloves that have no fingerholes. He has spikey brown hair, light, shining blue eyes, and a big red scar on his forehead that was given to him by Rayquaza during the battle in Larousse between Rayquaza and Deoxys.

Personality: Blake is good, kind natured and fun loving, but despite those factors, since his brain was damaged by Rayquaza he sometimes gets a random jolt of ruthlessness which can usualy lead to people getting hurt or sometimes even death. Blake cant afford an operation to fix this mutation, so until he gets enough money he'll just have to live with it. He also loves jokes and pranks, but his mutated brain can lead to him sometimes doing ones that are a little too serious.

History : Blake has been living on the streets of johto since he was 5 years old, he never knew his parents, or why they abandoned him, he just knows that the world can be mean on him. When he was 9, he was wandering an alley when some thugs approached him, they were about to beat him up, when a coragous Tyrouge jumped down from a rooftop and defended blake from the thugs. Blake befrended the Tyrouge and caught it in a pokeball he found on a street corner, and the little Pokemon became his starter.

He then decided to go on a pokemon journey, and after capturing some more Pokemon, he travelled across Johto to get the badges, and after getting the badges, his next conquest would be Hoenn, but when he got to hoenn, the boat took him to Larousse, where the battle between Deoxys and Rayquaza was taking place! Blake got caught in a blast impact between the two, and was immediatly rushed to hospital. The doctor told him that his brain had been mutated by the blast, it cant kill him but it can cause symptoms of rage and agression.

He wandered the streets of Larousse for 7 long years, and nothing really happened, until once when he was at a local Starmiebucks, an agent called him to see the mayor, who told him about Necro Shadow and their plans, and that he wants him to help because of his amazing battling skills. Blake was thrilled that he finally had some more excitement in his life, and gladly accepted. He got an appartment in the north so he wasn't living on the street anymore.

Section You Start At: North

Other: None

RP Sample:http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=4275090&postcount=14

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Hitmontop
Description: Your average Hitmontop, except for the fact that one of his eyes doesnt work that well since he was in a battle with a Jolteon that used pin missle on him, and one poked him in the eye.
Personality: Pretty mischivous, just like his trainer, Hitmontop loves pulling pranks on people, but he he is absolutely ruthless in battles.
History: Blake's starter, Hitmontop was caught and befrended by Blake when he was just a Tyrouge, after he defended Blake from a bunch of thugs.
Other: None

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Gyrados
Description: 3 words:One-Big-Gyrados! Gyrados is very big compared to other Gyrados, which were big anyway, and it's roar and power can leave people scared stiff.
Personality: A pure fighting machine, Gyrados loves nothing more than attacking helpless Pokemon, and sometimes even people! Sometimes, if it has nothing to do, it will just attack any random people or Pokemon.
History: Blake caught it as a Magikarp while fishing, even as a Magikarp it was a powerful bully that no-one liked.
Other: None

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Salamence
Description: Slightly bigger than other Salamence, and its wings are a little smaller, but other than that it is just a normal Salamence.
Personality: Probably the kindest Salamence in the world, it cares for others, charms other Pokemon, and loves helping out with things.
History: Blake found an egg while en route to Goldenrod City, and it hatched into a baby Bagon, Blake wandered what a Bagon egg is doing in Johto, and he still wanders that.

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Granbull
Description: It has a really mean look in its eyes which scare people, and it is very strong and very fast.
Personality: Like Gyrados, a pure fighting machine, it was a bully in the first place but it has probably learned from Gyrados to be more of one.
History: Blake caught it as a Snubbull near Goldenrod, it was beating up an Oddish, so Blake caught it to save the Oddish and to hopefully teach it to be nicer.
Other: None

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Tauros
Description: A very bulky body, sharp horns and a frightning look, so most Pokemon mistake it for the mean, evil, bullying Pokemon that it isn't. It has blazing speed and is one of Blake's fastest Pokemon, second only to Salamence.
Personality: Like Salamence, a kind-natured and loving Pokemon that would love nothing more than helping people out and bieng nice.
History: Blake caught it in the Safari Zone in Kanto when it was nursing a Kangaskan baby back to health, but the mother thought Tauros was attacking it, so Blake caught it to save it from the mother Kangaskan.
Other: None

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Arcanine
Description: Bright fur that shines in the sun,and a majestic looking body that makes Blake's other Pokemon feel jealous.
Personality: Like Hitmontop, Arcanine is a bit of a joker, and it loves making other Pokemon feel jealous, but despite those, it is a great battler.
History: Blake found a Growlithe egg while on his way to Blackthorn City, and as soon as it hatched, it shot an Ember at Blake and set his hair on fire, that s a moment that him and Arcanine cannot forget.
Other: None

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Looks interesting...

Name: Jonathan Fakir
Age: 19
Gender: male
Description: Fakir is a serious looking young man. His wavy hair is a snow white color and his eyes were colored bloody red. He has a few carved scars in his back and arms. He wears a sleeveless black shirt to hide the scars in his body and a dirty white cloth around the scars in his arms. He wears regular black pants and a dirty, slightly torn red scarf around his neck. He also wears red gloves with a metal ring around the wrist. This would be what you would regularly see him in. In a few occassions he would switch his scarf for a white jacket to wear or just wrap around his hip, but this is scarcely done. He wears sunglasses sometimes, but this is also rarely seen. He wears a string necklace that carries a blood stained wedding ring. In his pocket he carries a small pocket diary with several stitched in pages. The expressions you would ussually see on his face would be slightly amused, annoyed or just blank.

Personality: Fakir is a cold and harsh soul who provides little help to others when it comes to battles or other problems. He hs a great belief that pokemon are all powerful and legendaries don't count as higher level beings. He likes to keep his enemy confident and persistant, he believes that their persistance can bring out an inner strenght that provides him with a sense of determination and life. He's not very optimistic and doesn't take jokes too well. He can control his emotions. His anger would ussually be expressed in an annoyed stare. He doesn't really talk with others much and would ussually just murmur out a few words and leave. It would be really difficult to get into a conversation with him. If you talk about his past, he would ignore you and just leave.

He may seem quiet and cold, but he's actually quiet emotional, even though you don't see it through him. If you talk to him about life and emotions, he would probably talk to you and help you if necessary, but if you're doing this to just get information about his past, he'll instantly stop the conversation. If you learn to understand him, he would slowly reveal fractions of his life. This is extremely difficult, because of his quiet attitude. Plus the people who know him well are unknown. Talking to him would be long and safe, but the fastest way to find out his past would be reading the diary in his pocket. But this is also a bad idea, he can instantly get ****** if you just read his diary. He can easily forgive, but his attitude will just turn out a bit more negatively. Overall he's a quiet trainer with a harsh and cold exterior, covering a core emotional kindness.

History: Fakir carried out a normal life, he was a trainer at the age of eleven, traveled the regions and collected pokemon. This was an average life for him, but one day, his life changed. He was only the age of sixteen when he met his girlfriend, Vanilla Harvester. She was a kind and pretty young girl and was a quite talented trainer and coordinator. She taught him several techniques of being a pokemon trainer and even taught him a few ways of the coordinatior. Soon, she had to leave him since she was going to enter a competition in Hoenn and he was going to stay in Johto to compete. He knew he was too young for marriage, but he wanted her to remember him. So he gave her a wedding ring that was to be placed around her neck. She gladly accepted it and soon the two departed. After two years, Fakir joined a group of trainers known as Team Rocket. He eventually gained a pretty fair rank. Due to his emotions, he never brought back all of the stolen pokemon of the trainer. He left the one who the trainer was most attatched with. He joined Team Rocket, because the trainer thing was getting a bit tiring for him.

Soon he robbed a girl, which suprisingly happened to be Vanilla. Realizing that he was on the wrong side, he instantly retired and returned Vanilla's pokemon and went back on the road with her. Wondering why he quit his position, several Rockets spied on him to find out his reason. The grunts reported it was because of this girl called Vanilla. The rockets then ordered an instant assassination of the girl. The rockets atempt was foiled by Fakir who decided to return for Vanilla's safety. Unfortunately, the rockets wanted him to prove his loyalty to them. So he carved symbols in his body to show that he'll stay with them. The rockets were actually expecting pokemon, but they still accepted. Fakir once more carried out his work, but was less forceful than before. He was thinking too much about Vanilla. One day, he was sent on an assassination mission. Of course, he wasn't going to kill the target.

As soon as he had reached the target, he unleashed his pokemon to beat the trainer. But as soon as he had finished, he left the trainer to bleed. He wasn't dead, just badly hurt. The next day, he found on the news that Vanilla was attacked by the rockets. He demanded to know why they broke the promise, they explained that he was the one that attacked her. Filled with anger, by thier trechary, he attacked his entire squad and left most dead. Unfortunately, there were a few who had escaped. Fakir then rushed to the hospital to check on Vanilla. He found the ring necklace around her neck, covered with blood. The doctor explained that she wasn't going to move anywhere for a long time. Fakir eventually took the ring and kept it with him. He gave Vanilla a new one, so the blood won't remind her of her tragic experience.

Fakir then traveled around Hoenn for a year, instantly winning every badge. He decided to take a break in Larrouse City. Soon he discovered that there was a terrorist group known as the Necro Shadows in the city. He also discovered, from a few videos, that several of the surviving rockets where working as Necro Shadows. He decided to join the tournament not for the championship, not to stop the Necro Shadows, but to destroy the surviving rockets of the Necro Shadows. As soon as he has done this, he would leave Larrouse and disqualify himself from the tournament.

Section: North

RP sample: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=4305767#post4305767

Shugo the Cobra

This was going to be easy, I instantly moved aside and avoided Eggman's attack. Eggman then looked up on me and tried to deliver an arm thrust. I simply leapt over him. He was way too slow, not suprised. He hasn't fought with Sonic for quite a while, that he hasn't been working out much either. Eggman then crossed his fists together and slammed them on top of me. I had to admit, that attack was a bit strong, but he was only Eggman. I instantly grabbed his leg with my tail and pulled him down. With Eggman down, I pulled out my saber right at him. Eggman gritted his teeth angrily. "Will you just give up?" I asked," I'm giving you an oppurtunity to simply surrender and spend, I don't know, twenty, fifty years in jail?"

"I don't need your sympathy Cobra," eggman barked," However you aren't Sonic, so you're not as fast as he is, which means." Without warning, one of Eggman's random mechs attacked me from behind. I fell down while Eggman had his fist ready to pound me. "You're not as strong as him."

He dropped his fist right at me, but I pushed the mech up and sheilded myself. I went into a defensive position and gave a grunt. "Not as strong as Sonic?" I asked," Sonic maybe the fastest thing alive, but he's not the strongest. I've met several fighters, stronger, smarter and even more merciless than Sonic. They could wipe out your entire empire faster than Sonic can."

"Enough talk!" Eggman said," Time for action." Eggman attacked with another arm thrust. I leapt up in the air and avoided the attack, but I torpedoed back down to suprised Eggman. As soon as I went down, Eggman gave a powerful punch at me. I was sent flying right into a building. This battle was getting pretty boring, Blaze, Dark and Knuckles get to have fun, tossing Eggman's robots around, while I'm stuck playing with this loser. Eggman then ordered his dragon to fire a blast right at me. I instantly left the building and avoided the mighty blast.

Could this get any cheaper? Maybe I should've joined Zero on the ship, he might get to do something interesting. I needed to end this quickly, I aimed right at Eggman's heart and released a powerful shot. But the dragon's talon came in the way and blocked my blast. Now I didn't see that one coming. Nevertheless, I charged towards Eggman to deliver one final slash, but Eggman gave a sinister smile as several wires from the dragon came and pierced through my body. I fell plummeting from the sky, down to the earth. But before I could touch the ground, Dark caught me and placed me safely on one of the buildings.

"You doing okay?" Dark asked," That attack was critical."

"I'm fine," I weakly said as I coughed out blood," I'm ending this no matter what."

I slowly stood up and got into my saber mode and dashed towards Eggman, but once again, the wires struck out and the dragon's talongs slammed me away. I was red lighting, my body was going critical. How could I have underestimated Eggman? Filled with frustration, I gathered what I had left and charged at Eggman. I avoided the wires, talons and bullets that shot out to me. I then launched out a bloody slash, but Eggman instantly dodged and ordered his mechs to attack. I was instantly struck down by several mechs.

"This is the end Shugo the Cobra," Eggman laughed," You're almost as annoying as that Sonic the Hedgehog. Dragon, destroy Shugo with your mightiest blast!"

Without hesitation the dragon, delivered a powerful blast of energy right at me. The mechs flew off and shot several bullets right at me, along with the chaotic blast. I closed my eyes, waiting for death to take me, but soon a light shined in my mind. Soon Lightning and Heart appeared in front of me.

"How can you be giving up now?" Lightning asked," You have survived worse."

"How can I continue?" I asked," I have died so many times but never tasted death."

"Do you really want to die?" Heart asked," I might've died, but I'll remain in your mind with Lightning forever. You have several people who care about you so much, that they would risk their lives for you. Dark, Blaze, Cream and even Knuckles are all fighting, for you to end this war against Eggman and for you to finally realize, that there is more you can do in life then wait for death."

With that my eyes were opened, I gathered my strenght and I felt once more a new power within me. My glowing gems shinedout brightly and coccooned me. "Shugo," Heart smiled," You never had a super form, but now we give you one final gift. A super form of your own. Use it well."

With that I closed my eyes as I crossed my arms together. My body began to shine a glowing color of my original. Suddenly, my cape slowly wrapped itself around me, protecting me from the beam. I then opened my eyes and found that my body was unbruised. I then released my arms and yelled out, Chaos Crush!" With that, the great beam died down. I flew towards Eggman, avoiding the wires, talons and bullets once more. Eggman ordered his mechs to attack again, but I dodged and instantly took them out. With that I faced Eggman and gave him a powerful punch off his machine. I then looked right at his ultimate weapon. "It's time I destroyed Eggman's empire. I entered deep in the chaos core and found that it was continously flowing with chaos energy.

My chaos crush had disrupted it, that it began to overload. I closed my eyes, as I dived deep down in the unruly chaos stream. I clapped my hands together and performed my chaos crush technique. My super form had died down and I wasn't sure if I was able to withstand this sort of power. It felt like a pool of unmerciful acid. But I released the chaos sheild, my sheild began to spread, but it was weakening because of the ocean of chaos energy. I focused harder, but the harder I focused, the weaker my barrier got.

But I soon felt a gently touch in my shoulders, by Lightning and Heart. They both whispered," You can do it. Your parents believe you can." My parents knew of what was happening. I couldn't let them down. I then released my hands and soon the barrier spread to its maximum level, corrupting the chaotic energy in the entire dragon. The giant dragon soon began to roar, as a beam of light shined out of the gaps of its body. Finally, with one last roar, the dragon exploded into a number of burning metal scraps. Outside, Dark, Knuckles, Blaze and even Cream saw it.

"He did it," Dark said," Impossible."

"Shugo's done it before," Cream smiled," Nothing's impossible for him."

"But then that means he's dead," Blaze said.

"He isn't," Cream smiled as she began to close her eyes again," He is too stubborn to follow death. He won't stop until he has done his final mission."

OCC: Sorry, if I destroyed Eggman too soon, but I wanted to do this now. BTW Shugo's not dead, yet...

Pokemon Sign Ups

Nickname: Summer
Gender: male
Species: Charizard
Description: It's a normal Charizard
Personality: Calm, playful and a bit lazy. Summer would prefer to slack around and do whatever it wants rather than battle. However, if Fakir calls him, he'll loyaly do what Fakir says without question. He also worries about Fakir's harsh condition. Even though he treats him and the others with respect, he fears that Fakir might go a bit too far with his lust for vengance. Even though he thinks some of Fakir's methods go a bit to the max, he follows loyaly.
History: Summer was Fakir's first pokemon, during the Johto and Kanto journeys, he evolved into Charmeleon. Helping Fakir capture pokemon beat gymleaders, etc. He also helped Fakir to relax a bit and also provided a little spark in the journey. He supported Fakir's love for Vanilla and tried to make them much closer. When Fakir joined Team Rocket, Summer began to see a darkness inside Fakir grow. During the assassination mission, Summer was the only one ordered to attack Vanilla. He was stunned to see that the target was Vanilla. He wanted to inform Fakir, but showing loyalty he continued to attack her. When Fakir found out what he had just done, he ordered all his pokemon to attack the squad. During the attack, Summer evolved into Charizard and unmercilessly attacked several Rocket trainers. Know that this was what they deserved, Summer didn't seem to like this. He started getting much worried for Fakir when he found that entered the Larrouse Tournament, just to beat the living daylights out of the surviving rockets.

Nickname: Winter
Gender: female
Species: Sneasel
Description: Winter has a long red feather on her ear, her eyes seem much more feminine and she is ussually seen doing a peace sign after every battle.
Personality: Winter is a tough and energetic Sneasel. She likes to compete with several pokemon and has a sort of rivalry with Summer. She would prefer to follow her instincts rather than listen to Fakir, but she still listens to him. Either way, Fakir often allows her to fight by herself. Winter is an independent battler who likes to gloat and make others look up to her. She can act a bit snobbish at times, but she knows when she goes a bit too far.
History: Winter wasn't Fakir's second pokemon, she was actually one of the pokemon Fakir caught in the ice cave. She was a tough pokemon to catch, but Summer eventually defeated her. Unable to accept her loss against Summer, she strives her best to prove that she's a better pokemon than Summer. She has never actually lost a battle for Fakir. Summer has lost a few, but still retains the position as Fakir's best pokemon. As soon as Fakir joined Team Rocket, Winter was called out more often than Summer and has reached the position of best pokemon used in Team Rocket. As soon as Fakir brought attacked his squad, Witner instantly took out numerous trainers. She too had doubts about Fakir's intentions, but seeing the new evolved Summer, she did it anyway.

Nickname: Jazer
Gender: Male
Species: Hitmonlee
Description: Jazer seems to be much taller than an average Hitmonlee and its eyes seem a lot more menacing.
Personality: Jazer's Fakir's third best pokemon. He's not as powerful or mightier than Summer or Winter, but he makes up with incredible agility and intelligence. Hitmonlee's IQ seems to be much higher than a Hitmonlees', but still nowhere near an Alakazam or Abra's. He is ussually the one who comes between Summer and Winter if they ever get into an unwanted argument. He also seems to act as the big brother of the group. But even though he's the voice of reason, he would ussually have to stay out of the two's way, due to obvious reasons. He is loyal to Fakir, but at times does things that are against Fakir's wishes. He even goes against some of Fakir's methods and secretly finds alternatives to Fakir's methods. He is deeply concerned about Fakir and is hoping that there would be a way to change him.
History: Jazer was won in the fighting Dojo of Saffron. Jazer easily made friends with Summer and the other pokemon and also with Fakir. As soon as Winter entered the scene, things began to complicate for Jazer. He ussually went out of his pokeball and stopped fights between the two. Because of Jazer's mature attitude, Fakir placed him as the smartest amongst his group. Jazer also helped develop Fakir and Vanilla's relationship. As soon as he joined Team Rocket, Jazer started to feel a concern towards Fakir. When Fakir ordered to kill the Team Rocket Squad, Jazer was totally shocked with his orders. He knew he had to kill the Rockets, but he was actually responsible for some of thier survival. No one knew this and he was hoping that Fakir would forget about Team Rocket. Unfortunately, when Fakir had found that there were survivors working as Necro Shadows, he deeply worried that Fakir was turning into something that Fakir never wished.

Nickname: Skyler
Gender: female
Species: Castform
Description: Skyler is a young Castform so it's obviously shorter than a smaller one.
Personality: Skyler is a charming and naive little Castform. It's still quite young so it doesn't know much about the world. She likes to play around and enjoy life. She also looks up to Fakir and his other pokemon. She looks up to Fakir as a caring trainer with serious ambitions. Summer, a strong and caring leader, Winter as a tough and energetic sister and Jazer as a wise father figure. She still has much to learn and is ussually calm and pleasant to be around. She is especially close to Winter, since she sees her as an older sister. She also comforts Fakir, whenever he's terribly serious, due to its cure face, Fakir can barely say no to it. This is normal to the other three since she does look awfully cute.
History: Skyler was the newest member to the team, she was discovered in an abandoned plant in Mauville. Fakir eventually nursed her back to health and became an instant member to the team. Although she's playful, she is a tough pokemon to use. She often hangs out with Winter, but Jazer and Summer try to spend more time with her since they think that Winter's a bit of a bad influence on her. Skyler eventually knew that Fakir has lost a bit of his sanity and understood because it was out of love. But because of Fakir's actions, she is now a bit confused with the emotion love.

Well, hope it's okay...

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Okay, I signed up for the last one, and I am putting ym sign-up back up for this one.

Name: Joseph Regulus
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Description: Joseph has brown hair that is seemingly untamable. He has bright blue eyes that seem to shine in the moonlight. He stands at about 5 feet, 2 inches, and weighs around 83 pounds. He loves bright clothing and can often be seen in bright shirts, and jeans. He has many bruises along his arms from his Pokemon, who he is around often. He is tanned, and has a slender body, making him easily recognizable. He often wears an amulet around his neck with a silver wing on it that he won in a tournament held at the lighthouse in Gateon Port. He wears sneakers, and short white socks. He is not muscular, but can easily defend himself if needed. Joseph has a light splattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and he wears some rectangular, black glasses.

Personality: Joseph is a very happy person, always being optimistic. He is very kind and is against being rude. He was picked on when he was younger, making him afraid of "big" people. He is a loving person and cares much for his family, and will endanger himself to get those he loved out of trouble. Joseph is very smart, and is on time for everything. When with his Pokemon he seems carefree, but when it is time for school again, he is focused, and ready to go. He is a very outgoing person, and always ready to make new friends, making him a known person in school, and around town. He is practically famous around town, but that doesn't get to him. He is still a very kind person, through and through, and loves to help out. He loves to read, and has practically read through the public library in Gateon Port. He often plays with people's Pokemon during the day in summer, while they are away. He earns money this way and has strengthened his love for Pokemon.

History: Joseph was born and grew up in Gateon Port. His father worked at the Lighthouse, while his mother worked in the Pokemon Center. He went to school in a public school, making lots of friends. At the age of 10 he got his first Pokemon who was a small Trapinch. He loved the Trapinch like a brother. He began to play with others Pokemon while they were away, and so he began a business. He made money, and then, at age 11, he found a small Growlithe. People, now noticing that he had 2 Pokemon, began to ask him to battle. Over the year, he battled and gained fame throughout Gateon Port. Then, one day while on vacation in Agate Village, he found an abandoned Roselia. After returning, he got an invitation to the lighthouse for a tournament. The winner would get a mystery egg! He competed in the tournament, getting up to the finals, where he was pit against the school bully. Miraculously, he won with the Roselia he had recently found. He obtained the Mystery egg, and made it his goal to hatch it. About a month later, it started to crack. It finally hatched, revealing it to be a Remoraid. He then decided to evolve his Pokemon. After training for a while he had the Pokemon he has now, and was invited to Larousse City!
Section You Start At: North
Other: Nothing!

Nickname: Twitch
Gender: Male
Species: Vibrava
Description: Twitch is like the average Vibrava. A small bug-like creature, Twitch has large green wings, and looks slightly like a cricket. He has a small black dash on his right wing and another on his small head.
Personality: Twitch is very nervous most of the time, earning the name Twitch. He is respected by Joseph's other Pokemon because he was Joseph's first. He is kind and helps Joseph's other Pokemon. He is very afraid of storms, and will quiver in fear of them.
History: Joseph found Twitch in the desert and Joseph's father said he could keep him. Twitch was wandering in the desert, lost. He was injured by an attacking Swellow
Other: Twitch is usually Joseph's first sent out Pokemon.

Nickname: Woof
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Description: Woof is like all other Arcanine, excluding the dash of orange on his left side. He looks like a giant dog, colored red. His mane is very fluffy, and is like Joseph's hair, untamable.
Personality: Woof is a very bossy Pokemon, but knows his place in the pack. He can be very nice, but also very mean. He is a loving Pokemon, and as a Growlithe, took care of the Roselia that Joseph found.
History: Joseph found Woof in a dark alleyway, being harassed by a group of bullies. Twitch (still a Trapinch) came in and stood up for Woof. The bullies ran away, and Woof became Joseph’s Pokemon.
Other: Woof is often Twitch's partner in battle.

Nickname: Rose
Gender: Female
Species: Roselia
Description: Rose is a very special Roselia. She, instead of having a red rose and a blue rose, has two purple roses. She looks like a rosebush, with eyes and a mouth.
Personality: Rose is very kind, and does not like to harm. She instead of hurting in battle uses status inflicting moves to harm the opponent, and protect her, and others. If she is hurt too much though, she will bite back with an intensity of a million rose thorns, driven in.
History: Joseph found Roselia in Agate Village. She was abandoned, and loved Joseph immediately. She helped Joseph win the Tournament, and win the Mystery Egg.
Other: Rose often protects her teammates, and works well with Inky.

Nickname: Inky
Gender: Male
Species: Octillery
Description: Inky looks like an octopus. He is reddish in color, and has a snout-like thing on his face. He has small yellow dots covering his tentacles, unlike other Octillery.
Personality: Inky is a very stubborn Octillery. He often refuses to do what he is told and will continue on. He is very eager in battle, almost too eager. He often needs to be protected by Rose, because others hurt him when his is attacking the opponent. He is Rose's best friend, and will protect her like she protects him. When hurt badly enough, he will try and keep himself safe.
History: Joseph won Inky in the tournament at the lighthouse as an egg. He hatched Inky, and raised him until he became an Octillery. Inky would stick to the wall, and not want to come down as an account of being so stubborn
Other: Inky goes all out and attacks. He works well with Rose.
Carrying Udi in his arms, Joseph entered Viridian City. Gazing at the sights, he headed to the Pokemon Center to heal Udi. The young nurse looked up form her computer.
"Hello, and welcome to our Pokemon Center! How may I help you?" she asked Joseph.
"Hi... Umm... I just got my first Pokemon, and he had a fight, so could you possibly heal him?" Joseph asked her.
"Sure! Just hand me her Pokeball, she said, and recalling Udi, Joseph gave her the Pokeball. The machine dinged as it worked to heal Udi.
"Your Pokemon is healed to full health! WE hope to see you again!" she said, and Joseph left the building. Seeing the Gym, Joseph headed over towards it. He tried to open the door, to see that it was locked. Seeing a sing by the door, he read it. Currently away. Come back with 7 badges to get this badge.
"Well Udi, I guess we are moving on to another town!" Joseph told Udi.
"Bah! Bulba!" Udi barked, and Joseph and Udi set off to the next town to continue their journey. They left Viridian City, and continued off, to a new adventure. Walking along the path, Joseph and Udi encountered a large patch of grass.
"You want to go in Udi?" Joseph asked him.
"Bah! Bulba!" Udi barked in reply, and the walked into the patch of tall grass. Suddenly, there was a rustling in the grass. Looking over, Joseph saw a small blue Pokemon running around.
"Nido?" it asked. Whipping out his Pokedex, Joseph knew what it was.
"Nidoran Female. The Poison Pin Pokemon," the Pokedex told Joseph.
"You ready for this Udi?" he asked Udi.
"Bah! Bulba!" Udi barked as he jumped down from Joseph's arms.
"Udi! Use Tackle attack!" Joseph ordered. Udi began to kick his legs back, then charged at the Nidoran, with a cry.
"Bulba!!!" she cried as she hit the Nidoran, sendign it flying through the tall grass. Enraged, it came back to use a Tackle on Udi.
"Udi! Counter it's Tackle wiht Tackle!" Joseph ordered, and the two Pokemon charged at each other. They were going head to head, and Udi was being hurt by Nidoran's horn.
"Udi! Move out of the way!" Joseph commanded, and Udi stopped pushing, and lept aside, leaving the Nidoran to go flying. She went flying, util she hit a tree, then slumped down in pain. Grabbing a Pokeball from his belt, Joseph threw it at the Nidoran.
"Go Pokeball!" he yelled as the ball hit the NIdoran. The ball engulfed it and it shook three times, then settled wiht a ding. The Nidoran was caught.
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Character Sign-Ups

Name: Simone Channings

Age: 15

Gender: female

Description: Simone is about “5 1’ and around medium weight, she has a very curvy figure due to the women in her family being well, “very curvy”. And for no doubt she loves to show her “hourglass” figure. People may call her a ****, but she really doesn’t care, this chica just keeps telling herself that they is merely green with envy and she can’t do anything about that. Simone is a really lucky girl since she is half African-American and half Hispanic, (Cuban to be more specific.) She has soft pecan-skin that glistens mostly in the sun, not because it’s a natural glow but she has oily skin. Luckily for her, they have skin products out there that can help a sister out. She has dark brown wavy hair that reaches to about her elbows and is mostly in braids or pulled up. Simone hates her hair down and free because in anytime and any moment it will start to fly away.

Her eyes are so dark, you could pretty much call them black due to their hue, a long but thin nose sits in the centered of her face while big brown lips that are constantly sparkling with lip gloss. You can’t see them far away, but if you look really close, all around her cheeks are tiny little freckles that adorned her face. She pretty much wears anything that is fresh and hip, and wouldn’t be caught dead anything “overly baggy” she loves tight things and that’s how she like her clothes. Simone as two piercing in each ear and has at least five bangles on each arm so you can pretty much hear her a mile away.

Personality: One thing about Simone is that you can’t say that she is shy, she is the most opinionated and loud talking person in the world. If she doesn’t like you she will tell you to your face and you better like it or she will come hunt you down. She isn’t necessary a bully, but she will call you names and torture you if you did something to her or say something to any of her friends that makes her mad. Being raised in the projects of Saffron City, she knows how to talk back and to fight with her hands so I just got one thing to say: do not mess with this girl! Due to her past, she has a very bad temper and hates to tell anyone about her life.

Even though she can be obnoxious and has a very short temper she will forgive you pretty much after she stops yelling at you. Some people take advantage of her forgiving ways which is something that Simone DOES NOT like. She is usually the life of the party and loves to make jokes and likes to make people laugh. She is pretty athletic, and loves to run and play basketball or football with the boys; but the sport that she hates with a passion is soccer. She is okay around boys but she isn’t comfortable with boys she doesn’t know. She kinda goes into “withdraw” which the more questions she is asked, the quieter she gets until she pretty much stops talking and makes a fool of herself. This chica can make friends very easy and pretty much everyone like her, to an extent. Actually the truth is you either hate her or like her and there is no borderline

History : Simone, has not had the friendliest path to the road of life, while others played and had fun, she had more of a sad depressed life in the beginning. Her mom Chalica went to the sperm bank to fertilize her egg, she did not want to be in a relationship with a man, but she still wanted babies. The fertilization was a success and baby Simone was born.

The couple of weeks after exiting the hospital nothing unusual happened, Chalica had the time of her life raising her baby with the help of her sister Toni. They would bathe the baby all the time, dress her up in silly little outfits and just giggled as a family would do everyday. At two years old, that's when the problems started, Simone would cry constantly, she would whine all the time, and went through loud and harsh tantrums that would literally shake the house.

After another year Chalica could not take it no more and so with the aid of her sister, went to the hospital to see what was wrong with her baby daughter. Shocking news echoed in Dr. James office. He said it was risky for women to go to sperm banks since they did not know what kind of diseases ran in the father's family. Then the doctor told them some depressing news; that she had a mild case of being bipolar. The difference was she wouldn't be in that particular "personality" for only about half an hour each time and she would feel more to anger then sadness.

The only good news was that she could take a prescription that could tone her "actions" in that time zone to almost ninety percent. Also there were minor after effects so with a little encouraging she agreed with the doctor and Simone has been on her meds ever since. When she got older she wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer but since her mother was overprotective, instead she reluctantly let her only daughter to the Pokemon Battle Academy. However she was not lonely, she still had the help of her sister Toni and her second child, De Andre; who was born when Simone was four.

Section You Start At : North

Other: She takes her pills every time she eats a big meal.

RP Sample: (I hate how Serebii makes your posts small and this is an rp from another place) “Isn’t this cute Cherish?” Simone exclaimed as she held up a lilac silk ribbon carefully from its case.
“Flaaffy! Flaaff!” the pink sheep growled cutely, its tiny paws held on to the cloth of her trainers’ pants. Simone stared at her Pokemon sweetly before her bronze hands rummaged back into the container filled with bows and collars. The only reason she was here was to kill time, her brother was coming here because today was the day that he was getting a Pokemon. Since it was too far to walk and Rising Sun was still healing from an intense battle with a Raichu, he had to take the bus here.

Of course her mother had a cow; she always has a cow about a lot of things. Chalice desperately wanted Simone to take him with her to Cradle Hill; she tried to explain to her that she had no transportation whatsoever. It took a few tries and a couple more begging from De Andre that she finally agreed that he could take the bus there. The only rules were he could not talk to strangers, be rude and most importantly -to Simone- that she should be right at the bus stop to pick up De Andre.

That was a day ago, and she had been waiting here for about three hours. She did not know why in the heck it was taking so long, she secretly hoped that nothing happened to the bus, but her stubborn big sister ego sprouted up and she also hoped that he was punish from waiting for such a long time. She picked up the Poke’Nav that hanged with her golden cross necklace and frowned at the time. “Three-thirty? Yippers, I’ve been waiting three and a half hours now.” She cursed under her breath which made Flaaffy flattened her ears and whined.

The trainer looked at the cotton -sheep Pokemon sighed. Due to her “disorder” every time she cursed or said other foul things, it meant she didn’t take her medicine, and that meant she would have another of her episodes. That wasn’t the case though, she took her meds and it wouldn’t be another two or three hours before she had to take them again.

She picked up her precious Pokemon and almost staggered a little bit; she didn’t remember Flaaffy being this heavy. “You need to lay down with the sweets Cher; you weigh more than a Wailord!” Cherish only giggled, as she stared at the bronze face that most of been mixed with African and Hispanic. “You think that’s funny huh?” she grinned, the Flaaff only locked onto her eyes innocently as she suddenly started to squirm and her tiny hands and feet dashed madly to the container filled with the ribbons and collars.

Since Flaaffy startled her, she accidentally lost her footing and Cherish was sent sprawling into the plastic tank. “Flaaff! Flaaff!” Cherish squeaked as she held in her tiny paws a pale blue ribbon with silver streaks. “I guess you like that one…” Simone sweat dropped as she saw her Pokemon madly fall in love with the ribbon. “Well come on lets go, its on sale so we can get it.” The African-Rican put her hands in her back pockets and started to walk with her prized Pokemon skipping merrily behind her.

It didn’t take long to purchase the merchandise and they both walked out through the automatic doors with Flaaffy posing often in mid air to show off her new ribbon to the giggling passer bys. She took a seat by on a bench and waited for the bus. She had gone to almost every shop so now she had really nothing to do. Finally, about fifteen minutes later, the familiar yellow and blue bus appeared and a stream of kids came rushing out of the door. After looking for a couple of seconds, she finally found her brother walking to left, clearly trying to find her.

They looked so a like but so different; he took more of the Spanish genes while she had both, but more of the African American stood in her. A cloud of straight but wavy dark brown wrapped around his head and beautiful dark brown eyes sparkled in the light. His bronze skin was even tanner than her owns; which especially appealed to the girls. “Hey Andre! I’m over here!” She yelled as she thrust her hand in the air and waved frantically.

He heard her voice and turned to the right, and started to jog in her direction. “Yo, what’s up?” He said coolly, giving her dap. “Nothin’ much bro, just waiting for yo butt to come!” She laughed even though she wanted to strangle the bus driver’s neck. “Can’t help that, we got into traffic and got stuck there real long,” He shrugged as a couple of girls swooned over him from behind. “So,” De Andre started, smoothing out his navy blue and red jersey. “Where is this Prof’s lab?” Simone shrugged her shoulders, she actually really didn’t know, she was hoping someone was going to take her. Cherish just stand in the middle of the two looking as innocent as a Pokemon could be.

Pokemon Sign-Ups

Nickname: Sa-Rai

Gender: Female

Species: Mawile

Description : Nothing out of the usual with this Mawile, maybe just a bit petite but nothing that would draw a crowd. She also has pink ribbons tied in her hair.

Personality: Since she is the first Pokemon Simone got, she has a very strong bond with her than any other Pokemon. She is the caring mother in the group, always the one breaking up the fights and pretty much teaching life-lessons to her teammates. People and Pokemon say that she should have been a Chansey instead of a deceiving Pokemon like Mawile.

History: She leave a pretty normal life as a child, she was content in the caves in Dewford Town. One day while she was playing with her brothers and sisters, a man known only as Professor Birch was capturing Pokemon for his lab so he could take them to his trainers. He captured the whole Mawile family and they played together at the lab until they were giving to trainers. Sa-Rai liked Simone the first time she met her and they are the best of buddies.

Other: N/A

Nickname: Rising Sun

Gender: Male
Species: Pidgeot

Description : He is fairly bigger than the average size of his species so two people can get on his back than one. The crest of feathers on his head and tail or a chestnut red/ brown mixture.

Personality: Rising has got to be the calmest and the most mature of the team. He hardly speaks to anyone and if he does it’s probably to Coolio or Sa-Rai. A lot of his teammates call him “stiff” because he doesn’t know how to have fun, but in reality he just likes to train and sleep instead of having a conversation with someone. He has no self of humor and talks almost like a calm military officer. Rising Sun is pretty much on good terms with everyone except for Joker who he wants to maim really badly.

History: He was made fun of when he was Pidgey due to not playing with his brothers and not talking to other Pokemon period. He was always made fun of and was the outcast of the family and his flock. Rising Sun was to the extent of glee, (an emotion alien to him) when Simone caught him.


Nickname: Gus

Gender: Male

Species: Grumpig

Description: His right ear is torn because of a little “debate” with Jazzy, and his head and stomach is a shiny goldenrod which classifies him as a shiny.

Personality: He has the personality of a dirty mechanic and the manners of one too. Some days he hasn’t even heard the bar famously called soap. A lot of teammates stay away from him due to his odor but that doesn’t stop him from having a good time and laughing his head off at stuff that isn’t even funny. Him and Joker are pranksters and they both loved to play pranks in anyone, especially Rising Sun. Everyone calls him Uncle Gus because one time a random Spoink came up to him and asked him if he was his Uncle.

History: Gus’ life didn’t start on the right foot for him because since he’s shiny, he was sold on the black market for years and years until Simone bought him so she could rescue him from his tragic lifestyle. He is always happy due to the fact he doesn’t have to live that kind of lifestyle anymore.

Other: N/A

Nickname: Joker
Gender:: Male

Species: Jolteon

Description: He was the oldest of his family of Eevee so he has the most muscle and strength out of his siblings. His eyes are chocolate brown and the tufts of his ears and the bottom of his paws are also a chocolate brown.

Personality: He has to be the funniest Jolteon that the world has seen in ages. Every sentence that comes out of his mouth is either very funny or very sarcastic. He would win first place in a sarcastic competition and would talk about how he hated to win it. He loves to bother his team, especially Rising Sun and Jazzy; although he usually gets beat up by them a lot. But this does not bother him at all, he keeps being his old funny self. The only person he does not play jokes on is Sa-Rai who is his adoptive mother; he loves her to death, he does what she says and even calls her mother. To him, she is the only one that really cares for him, including Simone of course.

History: As far as he can remember, he was alone in the world. He believes that when he was an Eevee that his parents abandoned him and was isolated from his family. One day he was trying to find his family, a Gilgar came out of nowhere and attack him. After the ordeal was done, he was left wounded and poisoned. Luckily Simone was on that path and nursed him back to health. She named him Joker because he was always clowning around. Sa-Rai rose to the job of raising him and thinks of him as her son.

Other: N/A

Nickname: Jazzy

Gender: Female

Species: Mimiroppu

Description: A silk beige scarf is tied snugly in a bow on her waist and her eyes are a peach-brown. Other than that, she is a typical Mimiroppu.

Personality: Since she is the youngest and the newest addition to the team, she is spoiled rotten and always gets what she wants. She has an attitude identical to Simone except meaner and more obnoxious. If she doesn’t get what she wants she either pouts or cries a river of tears. Sometimes she doesn’t listen in battle so she usually gets the wrath of Simone when she doesn’t take her pills.

History: Given to Simone as an egg, the whole team had a part of raising her and spoiling her.

Other: N/A

Nickname: Coolio

Gender: Female

Species: Sandslash

Description: The spikes on her back or smaller but spikier than the average Sandslash.

Personality: She thinks she is the coolest, hippest and tightest Pokemon in the world. She loves to “give love” to everybody and talks like a rapper. Overly- friendly and caring, she is the best friend of Sa-Rai and pretty much to anyone that meets her. Even Rising Sun likes her because he “amuses him”

History: Nothing exciting really happen to her, she was caught by Simone when she was a Sandshrew and grew up to be the happy and hip Sandslash she is to this day.

Other: N/A
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I haven't Role Played in ages, and my writing might be a bit rusty, but I'll try my best to warm it up as soon as possible, and get cracking in this Role Play. My character is based upon the boy genius Artemis Fowl, from the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. If anyone needs a link, I can provide one. Anyway, the Sign up Form:

Character Sign Ups Sheet

Name: Artemis Vortex.

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Artemis, is thin, pale and sickly to say the least. Due to lack of sunlight, the hours spent in front of his computer screen have literally whitewashed his face, giving him a pallid complexion, and a look of malnourishment. His skin is tightly wrapped around his bones, leaving him no room for fat to grow, not to mention that he's not a heavy eater. His cheek bones are prominent, and while this is often considered a good thing, it would be considered a bad thing, when all that's separating the bone from the outside world is a thin layer of skin. His eyes are a piercing blue colour, and seem to expand and contract, depending on his mood. When Artemis is in a scornful and overly-intelligent mood, his eyes are thin slits, much like a snake. But when he's genuinly afraid, or worried, his eyes grow large, to such an extent that one would almost deem it impossible. His hair is an odd shade, betwix brown and black. While it cannot be classified as pure dark brown—it's too dark for that—it cannot be classified as pure black either. This has often flumoxed people when trying to conduct a survey on hair and eye colour. Due ot his rich upbrining, Artemis has grown accustomed to wearing a two piece suit, custom made by the finest tailors in the land. His faourite suit is dark blue in colour, with thin grey lines running down the length of the blazer and pants; coupled with a white shirt, red tie, and equally red kerchief, hanging out of his chest pocket. He wears black shoes, made from the finest leather in the country, again, made only for him.

Personality: People have rarely seen a boy as talented in the mind as Artemis. He has baffled his elemntary school teachers, by not only passign their tests with flying colours, but also the tests of children four years ahead of him. Because he was not being challeneged enough at his school, he was home-schooled by some of the countries leading philosophers and college professors. Yet even then, they looked upon this young boy as a one in a million child. His brain hold such an amount of knowledge, and is still thirsty for more, that these professors and philosophers have trouble keeping up with his pace of learning. Despite his intelligence, and obvious knowldge of the world, the one thing that he lacks is communications skills. While his vocabulary surpasses any child of his age, or older, his skills with other people are dismal. he doesn't know how to make a friend, let alone ever had one, and cannot talk nicely, even when he intends to. This often leads to no one talking to him, which leads to him spending more time on his computer, researching on some topic or another, so that he can keep his mind off not having friends. Yet this keeps nudging his concsious, and when he is alone, and not doing anything, he often broods on this thought. Believe it or not, his dream, and goal in life is more than anything else, to have a friend who he can trust and rely on in the toughest of times.

History: Artemis was born to Nathaniel and Marisa Vortex, two incredible powerful and intelligent people. Nathaniel Vortex is in charge of a large trading company, based in Olivine, Johto. Called "Vortex and Co.", the company is the largest single trading entity in the world, and makes enough money to make Nathaniel the sixth richest person in the world. He mostly deals with spices and leather. The spices are from the rich fields in Azalea, and the leather from the Miltank Farm just north of Olivine. Marisa Vortex, believe it or not, was once Marisa Redwood, the most successful business woman in all of Kanto. Her company was mainly a company for consultance and auditing for other major companies. Within a few years of emerging into the world, "Redwood Consulting and Auditing" became one of the most famous firms in the corporate world. Marisa met with Nathaniel while he had made a business trip to Saffron (where she was based). They immediately fell in love, and together, moved back to Olivine, had their companies merged to create the second most successful company in the world. Together, they are unstopable.

Then they had Artemis.

He was born in Olivine, and since then, has lived in Olivine, Goldenrod, Slateport, Lilycove, Cinnabar, Pummello and Azalea. And in each of thsoe cities, he outspoke the top debaters, and won countless quizes and debating prizes. His prenst were actually afraid that Artemis would grow up to become one of the world's most dangerous men. With his intelect, he is easily one of the smartest people alive, yet he is not physically strong. Any strong person can overwhelm him, and force him to use his brains, in order to go against the laws laid down by the various governments. Yet so far, his brains have proved too much for anyone to overwhelm him; yet it's only a matter of time...

Section I start at: West

Pokémon Team:


Nickname: Avaron

Gender: Male

Species: Absol

Description: Avaron is a normal Absol; perhaps a bit larger in size, and
shinier in skin texture, but that is all.

Personality: Avaron is a quiet, and non-controversial Absol. He prefers to wait in the shadows, behind his master, and only show himself when absolutely necssesary. He is in some ways, Artemis's bodyguard, as he would leap in between Artemis and a flying bullet. Because of this, he is very loyal, and Artemis trusts him like no other; Avaron being the only living thing that is allowed into Artemis's room while he sleeps, and is vunderable to attacks.

History: Avaron was Artemis's first Pokémon, and the only one that he actually treats like a sentient being, rather than a slave. Avaron was captured by a trained capturer, who wored in Vortex and Co. He caught Avaron, and gifted it to Artemis. Artemis named it after his favourite philosopher, and from then on, Artemis has taken time out of his busy schedule just to spend time and train with Avaron. It makes Artemis happy to put his theories about Pokémon battling into practice. Usually, Avaron tries these out before any other Pokémon.


Nickname: Corum

Gender: Female

Species: Charizard

Description: At first sight, Corum looks like a normal Charizard, large wings, horns and a long snout. But when you look a second time, you see her eyes. Large emerald ovals, glowing with such an intensity that it scares off even the most powerful of Pokémon and their Trainers.

Personality: Corum has a a very firey personality, reflecting her Pokémon type. She's extremely lively, and has troube controling her emotions. She's very open with whatever she does, and cannot hide her feelings. When she's sad, she'll cry openly; when happy she'll jump up and down in joy; when angry, she'll release a snort of fame. However, she has a extremely strong sense of good and bad, and will often get into fights with Artemis when asked to do something she feels is wrong. Often, Avaron has to intervene, in order to stop Corum from harming their master.

History: Corum was captured by Artemis when he went to a mountain in Kanto. There, he had found a Charmander, lying down, and badly hurt. Avaron urged him to take Charmander, but when he approached the small salamander, it reared up, and sent a Flamethrower at his face. Avaron got in the way, and used a Protect. And so, a battle ensued, and Avaron won hands down. After securing the Charmander in a poké-ball, he named her Corum, after his late grandmother, and set off to train her up. Soon, she had evolved twice, and Artemis had a very emotional Charizard on his team, one that could lift him up in the air when needed. Corum has proved a very important asset in Artemis's strategies.


Nickname: Senalia

Species: Lapras

Gender: Female

Description: As far as Artemis can tell, she's a normal Lapras; normal size, features and power.

Personality: Senalia has a very difficult personality to deal with. Like Corum, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, yet unlike Corum, she doesn't show her emotions off. Instead, she's very quiet about the way she feels, and often broods over thing, without telling the to Artemis or Corum. She's extremely good friends with Avaron, and sometimes confides in him, but his trust for her is so strong that he will not reveal anything she says to Artemis.

History: Lapras was given to Artemis as a gift when he returned to Olivine breifly during his travels. She was a mere baby when give, and Artemis took a lot of trouble to bring her out of her protective shell, both physically and mentally. She was a shy Pokémon, and still is, but has improved considerably. She will now react to Artemis's commands, and perform them, despite any misgivings she may feel.

Role Play Sample:
From a Role Play called Assassins

Crystal Blood...

The morning was new, and the sun had barely crossed the bridge into wakefulness itself. Outside, frost covered all living beings that had been foolish enough to step out during the incredible cold night. The trees were coated with a layer of hard ice, as was the grass below. Arctic foxes, and Snowy owls were scavenging the grounds, in search of small rodents that would be peering out of burrows in the ground. The Lupus Invicti building was also covered in frost, but fortunately, the heating had been switched on the previous day, and it was nice and warm. A perfect day to snuggle up in your bed, and enjoy the sensation of being warm, while looking our at the desolate landscape. Normal people, from five years of age, to eighty, would enjoy something like that immensely.

But Renier was not normal.

He sat at the edge of his bunk bed, that he shared with a small kid, too stupid to even be alive. His raven-coloured hair rested gently on his shoulder, as he stared at nothingness, his mind a buzz of activity. Today was the day. Today was the day that Crystal Blood would be his. He had waited a long time for this day, counting off the days on a small chart under his pillow. He had put up with the disgraceful physical activity that he was forced to endure in order to get to this day. His body quivered in excitement, as he speculated what Crystal Blood would give him. But he was unhappy. He did not know much about Crystal Blood; for not knowing could often lead to one's downfall. He had read that somewhere in a psychiatrist's magazine.

Sighing, he rose from his bed, and cast a withering look at his room-mate. He often did that to enjoy the feeling of being the superior person in the room. He walked to the teak door, swinging it open, and waking down the long corridor, to the stairs that would lead him to the Common Room. He had already gotten himself dressed, even before the sun was up. His dark-blue shirt had been buttoned up right to the top, and his vest buttoned to the top as well. He tucked in his shirt, as Lupus Invicti despised people who kept shirts out of their trousers. Tee-shirts were okay, but not proper shirts. His flexible boots made no sound on the carpeted floor, as he turned, and walked down three flights of steps, before finally entering the Common Room.

* * *​

He sat in the far corner of the room, looking at the young children squeal with delight and anxiety as Tom chased Jerry around in circles, only to get hit by a large plank, which had seemingly popped out of nowhere. Renier hated such shows that didn't make any sense at all. How can a mouse run on two legs, and have the strength to lift large objects. And how can the cat go on two legs as well, and recover from blows which would have killed people, but turn him into a cat-table. Didn't the creators of the show know that cats are much more flexible than that? And that they can anticipate blows, and be able to dodge them. And since when was a mouse smarter than a cat.


The call startled Renier as he had just settled down into a comfortable red couch. He jumped up to see who had called him. It was one of the many teachers. Renier's heart jolted. He had not expected to be called so soon. In his mind, he ran over as much as his mind could fit (which was quit a lot, considering the expanse of his intelligence), and walked over to the teacher. He knew this one personally. He was the person who taught Physics to the older students, like Renier. Renier nodded apologetically for not responding immediately.

"Yes, sir?"

The teacher stared down with hard-cold eyes, glaring at Renier. Renier looked back, knowing the last thing he should do was turn away. Both sets of blue eyes met, and the teacher nodded. "Follow me, and don't make any noise."

Renier nodded, already anticipating the injection of Crystal Blood, however it was done. But there were tests to complete before this...

* * *​

The passage was dark, and Renier closed his eyes to speed up the process, but somehow, it didn't work. No doubt Lupus Invicti had thought of that. Mentally berating himself, he was led into room after room, until finally, a light was switched on. He blinked several times, trying his best not to show the pain he felt in his retinas from the sudden blare of the lights.

"Stay here, the others shall come soon."

Renier nodded, noticing another person in the room. But he followed his normal custom, giving the person a scornful look, before turning away, completely...

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Sorry for not answering these, but I've been on a hiatus from the computer that lasted two days. Now I can get to either making or breaking you lot.

WaterTrainer411: It would have been smart not to post the RP Sample twice. And a link to the page would be nice. What if your post got deleted? What if I can't access it? But anyway, back to judging...It seems OK but Description and History are lacking. 4-5 lines please. And the RP Sample slightly turns things around for you...I think I'll Reject you but Reserve you because I sense something positive.

zezrex: Again, same case with WaterTrainer but only with Description. The Pokemon sign-ups are lacking too, they're just as important. You'll have to try again, I'm afraid but 'til then, Rejected.

The Burnt Shadow: Ah, the best sign-up thus far. Naturally, you'll be Accepted.

Canis Lupus: Accepted once more. You're gonna need to work on paragraphing, however.

Kamia_Jay: Didn't you reserve a spot last time? Oh well. I'll need a valid link before I can jump to conclusions but otherwise fine. Accepted.

Deathspector: Well, since I like Artemis Fowl and you sign-up is looking good thus far, I'll Reserve you.

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doctor, are you going to make a thread in the cafe of this?

E-102 Gamma


Name: Emily Walker

Age: 12

Gender: Female (Duh...)

Description: Emily, wears a navy T-Shirt that, in bold, red, lettering, says: "There's only one thing worse than singing... singing HAPPILY!" that gives Emily a nasty look, giving a bad impression on people. Emily also wears black trousers, which flare out like Blaziken's feet at the bottom. Emily has brunette eyes that match with her long hair, the top of the hair, is covered by a bandana with the 'Team Aqua' symbol, making Emily look like an admin. She also has tan skin, that makes her look foreign. Emily is about one inch taller than an average twelve-year-old. She also wears a band on her right wrist, for reasons unknown, but, if you look close enough, you might see the nib of a scar underneath the band.

Personality: Despite the cynical outfit, Emily can be sweet, but, she can only show it to people she can really trust. She hates loud noises, and absolutely HATES the colour pink. Emily can be quite catty, and often stays away from big crowds (She says that she can't stand parties) she always works alone, but always has her partner out, King, an Enperuto that follows her like a bodyguard, in case of outlaws or bandits that wish to steal from her. Emily, is also a little bit competitive, and will challenge anyone who even gives her a funny look, but, most of the time, Emily walks alone with King.

History: Emily, was born and raised in a normal family in the lesser area of Vermillion City. Often, robberies would occur, but, none of the bandits ever tried to attack Emily's home, while her mother worked at the local Pokemon Centre, her father owned a small lab on the outskirts, he often let her visit to play with a pokemon from another region (Pochama). Life was reasonably good for Emily, until she was six years old.

Emily and the Pochama were playing peacefully outside in the lab's garden, when a bullet appeared out of nowhere, and sliced through the skin on top of Emily's right hand. Her father came out, and told Emily to run, and to take the Pochama with her, Emily protested a little bit, but, he tossed her Pochama's pokeball, and told her to run, Emily knew that she couldn't fight to stay, so, she ran. Emily and the Pochama didn't stop going, until Emily collapsed from exhaustion, just as a Chansey from a nearby Pokemon Centre came by, delivering some goods. The Chansey decided to take her with it to the center, the Nurse Joy there decided to look after her, and to take care of the Pochama, and Emily lived there ever since. But Emily vowed to find the bandits who killed her father, and bring revenge on them.

Section You Start At: East

Other: Nada.

RP Sample:

Pokemon 1

Nickname: King

Gender: Male

Species: Enperuto

Description: Just a normal Enperuto, the only thing that's different is that there is a small, different coloured scar on his shoulder.

Personality: King, is quite robust, but loyal at the same time, he is Emily's top pokemon to use in any match, and is the muscle of the team, he can be quite nice to a pokemon in trouble, and, prefers trying to douse the fire of a situation, than fighting to the death about it. Because of the things that King and Emily had experienced in the past few years of their lives, Emily and King have developed a strong bond, that cannot be broken by anything.

History: King, was born and raised in Shinou, as a typical 4th gen starter should have been, but, when he was just a couple of months old, he was bought by a professor in Kanto, and was moved their by a ship for importing pokemon. He lived most of his life in the man's lab, playing with the professor's daughter, together, they shared a friendship very few could have. When both Emily and King were ambushed by bandits, they both ran away, together.

Pokemon 2

Nickname: Prime

Gender: Female

Species: Primeape

Description: Prime, is a shiny Primeape, she has the 'Team Aqua' symbol on her wrist bands. Other than that, Prime is nothing more, and nothing less.

Personality: Prime will be avoided by trainers that don't know her because Primeapes are well known for their tempers, instead of having a bad temper, has quite the opposite. She is very jolly for a creature that is capable of destroying any opponent in very little time. Prime is the wits of Emily's team, and often appears alongside King, in double battles. She is very well known for her speed, and only when she knows the battle is lost, she will give up. Emily will often bring Prime out, and return King to his pokeball, and let her have some fresh air.

History: Prime, has always been on the terrain of the plains, she was living a normal life, of trying not to be captured by trainers. Emily, however, was a different story, Prime was relaxing in the plains one day, and then, Emily showed up, with a pokemon that she'd never seen before. Prime knew that there was something different about Emily, so, she decided to leave the plains, and hang around Emily for a while. (But still, got beat up in the process :p)

Pokemon 3

Nickname: Beta

Gender: N/A (Mostly acts like a male)

Species: Magneton

Description: Just an ordinary Magneton, except one thing, the third Magnemite has a sky blue eye with a yellow pupil, instead of a usual Magnemite eye should be.

Personality: Beta’s accompany is his little brother Gamma, a Magnum-Jibacoil that has an attitude problem. Together, when both Beta and Gamma are out of their Ultra Balls, they sing their own theme, in pokemon language, but, nonetheless a more intelligent version of Jessie and James. Beta is the smarts of the team, always helping Emily with her problems, he has a very good skill at being a bit of help to the rest of his team mates when they have a problem in their life. He is modest, but, not the Gary-Stu type, he has been known to make mistakes, and cause some of the problems himself.

History: Beta and Gamma grew up as brothers, their mother was a Ditto, and their father was a Magnum-Jibacoil. After about one year of living in the wild, their mother and father were killed, and the brothers separated. Beta fled across Shinou, and after many perilous months of running, he found safety in a Power Station in Kanto. Zapdos, however, disagreed with him staying there, so, he set up a trap to deal with Beta. He lured Emily to the Power Plant, where Beta was charging his magnets (Pun not intended.), he fought with Emily’s pokemon, and despite his smarts, they overpowered him, and Emily caught Beta, what he didn’t realise was, that Gamma had been bought at a black market only a few days before, and so, the Beta Bros. Were reunited.

Pokemon 4

Nickname: Gamma

Gender: N/A (Mostly acts like a male)

Species: Magnum-Jibacoil

Description: A slightly scarred, but normal Magnum-Jibacoil, nothing more, nothing else.

Personality: The wits to Emily’s team, and lives alongside Beta, Gamma came up with the name: Beta Bros. as he had seen once on a game that Emily had played, Gamma is bright, and sophisticated. He is also a bit of a coward, always in the middle of the group when things get a little bit spooky. He is almost as intelligent as Beta, but, lives in a carefree way, and would rather beat up a Raichu, than sort things out peacefully.

History: Gamma, has the same history up to the point where he was taken away by poachers, after the Beta Bros. Separated, he was captured by poachers, and travelled to different black markets, as the day came near on which he would have been shot if he wasn’t sold, Emily came along, and saved his metal coating. After travelling with Emily for a long time, he was reunited with Beta, after being sold to Emily.

Here's the sample, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos

Emily & Dark Dragon
Black Comet

Emily rode on Dark Dragon swifly, they saw the holocaust that had once been Black Arms, she sighed.

"Why does it have to be this way? Why can't there be an alternitive?" Dark Dragon growled.

"Because, the King Emerald wanted to be believed by all beings, instead they chose to obey other spirits, the King Emerald gave them a lust to fight, and that is how war was created..." Emily closed her eyes, imagining all the creatures, fighting in a colossal war against planets. Dark Dragon brought her out of her thoughs.

"But, you were created for a reason, it was not the King Emerald that made you, it was Chaos, and me who created you!" Emily asked.

"How could he have done that? He isn't a being that can create!" But she was silenced by Dark Dragon.

"I have the ability to create life forms, but, only silhouettes as you've experienced, but, Chaos, could use my abilities to create a life form, but, we didn't intend for you to be created by suffering..." Emily bowed.

"It's not your fault, all I know is to try and stop Eggman!" A shrill cry came from behind.

"I'm right behind you, brother!" Emily turned to see Purge, riding on ice Phoenix's back, he smiled.

"Hello!" Emily asked.

"How'd you get here without journeying with us?" Purge answered with a small grin on his face.

"When you can travel in time like me, nothing is impossible!" Emily turned her back on him, and together, they flew, on to destiny.

If I need to change anything, just let me know, because I've been working on this for 2 days...


Charizard Master
Name: Nyck Jones

Age: 17

Gender: male

Description: tall and athletic, a little skinny , black messy hair and blue watery eyes. Wears a pair of blue jeans, a red t-shirt and a pair of black sneakers. Has a red tattoo with a charizard on his right arm and an earing on his left ear. Wheres almost all the time a pair of black glasses. Nyck hates he`s nose, it`s a little big for him and so are his front tweets. On his left cheek he has a scratch for about 10 years now.

Personality: Nyck is happy person. He likes to make people laugh so his the clown of the group. His always optimistic and never brags. On the contrary, he hates those who brag. His a devoted friend and would give his life for his friends any time. Nyck is very serious when it comes to pokemon battles and never gives up. He has a stuborn personality that can sometimes get him in trouble. His friends call him mad sometimes because of the things he does but that what he likes, madness. He`s a very understanding person and will be there for you whenever you need him. Nyck is very smart, his top in his class and never likes to be second.

History: Nyck lived in Western Europe, in a small town from Romania till the age of 14, he lived with his mother, father and 2 brothers, one bigger with 5 years and one smaller with 4 years. His bigger brother was a pokemon trainer, and a very good one at that. His big brother, after achiving his goal, to be a pokemon master, disapeard with out a trace and from that day neither Nyck nor his family never heard from him again. Nyck thinks that maybe on his journey to becoming a great pokemon trainer he can find his lost brother and reunite his family. Nyck`s dream was to surpass him and his father and be the bestes pokemon trainer his family has ever seen. After the age of 14 he and his family moved to London, England.

Section: North

RPG sample:
Prongs woke up in the morning and saw that his parents where out. He got dressed and after eating something went to his friends place to have a pokemon duel. He took with him his 2 most precious pokes, Charizard and Swellow. This pokes had been with him since the beginning of his journey. Charizard was his first pokemon, a Charmander given to him by his father and after just one day of his journey he caught a Taillow that after some battle evolved into Swellow and from there on this pokes were in Prongs`s team forever. Prongs fought many battle and won many, but he never could win the Pokemon League, he tried in Kanto but was beaten in the quarter-finals, he tried in Jhoto but ion round 2 he was out, he tried in Hoenn and here he had the best result, semi-finals, where he was beaten by a friend of his. Prongs`s team was formed out of: Charizard, Swellow, Heracross, Dragonite, Houndoom and Umbreon. Dragonite was a gift given to him by his father before he past away. After some more minutes Prongs arrived at his friends`s house, he knocked one time, no respons, he tryied again, still nothing, after some more minutes his friend opened the door:
"Oh, hey Prongs, sorry it took so long, had a bit of work so did u bring your pokes?" asked Jack
"Yup, have them here, ready for battle, let`s go to the arena and have that fight k?" Prongs
"Ok, just let me get my pokes and i`m ready for you" and Jack starter running upstairs and after taking 2 of his pokes joined Prongs on his road to the arena.

Nickname: Riddy

Gender: male

Species: Charizard

Description: just the normal Charizard, except for the flame on his tail that is black with a little red.

Personality: Is very childish and like to play all the time. It has the personality of a charmander. Riddy loves Nyck and would give his life in order to save his trainer. In battle he is very serious and likes to finish the job quick.

History: Charizard was Nyck`s first pokemon, he was given a Charmander by his father and this Charmander later evolved to Charizard and from that day on was the best friend Nyck ever had.

Nickname: Blue Horn

Gender: male

Species: Heracross

Description: Just the normal Heracross.

Personality: It`s very serious all the time. Never want`s to play or act childish. Is very tough and like Riddy would give his life for Nyck`s.

Histoy: Blue Horn was set loose into the wild by his trainer, where later he was found by Nyck. Nyck fought Blue Horn with his Charmeleon and after a hard fight finally caught him.

Nickname: P-Dog

Gender: male

Species: Houndoom

Description: Black horns and a red mark on his left foot and tail. His eyes are red like blood.

Personality: Not so talkativ, never lisening to Nyck and always doing what he want`s. Nyck had many problems with this pokemon but in the end, if Nyck would need help P-Dog would always come to the rescue.

History: Houndoom was a gift given to him by a friend. He had him as a Houndour but after it evolved it started acting strange towards Nyck and always would burn or do something to Nyck and after pleading with him would he obey a little.

Nickname: Leow

Gender: male

Species: Swellow

Description: just the normal Swellow

Personality: Very inteligent and obidient. Like all of Nyck`s pokemon it is a very devoted pokemon and would give his life for his trainer in a sec.

History: Swellow has caught in the wild by Nyck when he was just a Taillow. He faught with Blue Horn and after an incredible fight Taillow was beaten and caught, but from that day on Nyck and Swellow got along just fine.


Wait! I did have a 4-5 line history and description + personality. I also had a link as well.


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Just to tell you, The Doctor, I've finished my sign-up. Sorry for taking three days over it. If there's anything wrong, please tell me and I'll try my best to have it corrected as soon as possible.



Cherimu addict
Name: Ayumu Tekeii
age: 15(5'7 138 pounds)
Description: Ayumu has brown, not to long but not to short, hair and brown eyes. Ayumu as a semi-pale skin not buffed out but not very skinny. He loves to wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Also, he wears a red striped black jacket that his grandfather gave him, which is very special for him. Ayumu carries a brown backpack where he keeps all of his important stuff (badges, pokeballs, pokedex, ect). He’s always carrying a safari ball in his hand. He also loves to wear his white sneakers and a black wrist band on his left arm.
History: Ayumu was born in Fushia City. At very early in his age, Ayumu started to show interest at Pokemon when he visited the Safari Zone Pokemon exhibit with his grandfather. At seven he loved to participate in biking compettion and in the Safari Games. At 10 he catch his first Pokemon in the Safari Zone, a chansey, but then he discovered he needed to have responsibility if he wanted to keep the chansey. At 11 he rufused to go with his parents on the St.Anne, for a one year world tour. By that period he was living with his grandfather at Fushia. Four months later, Ayumu decided to become a pokemon trainer, and so it began his adventure. After many weeks and many battles, Ayumu finally made it to the Indigo Plateau were he finished as third place in the Pokemon League with the help of his pokemon team. Now days, Ayumu's participating in the Hoenn League in hopes of beating the Elite Four and become the champion. Ayumu has decided to train in Larousse City for his upcoming battle.
Pesonality: Ayumu's very friendly, caring and loves to help people out (especially the ladies). He is very entusiastic about pomemon battles and never becomes nervous. He loves to eat, and make everyone laugh with one or two jokes. Loyal and playful are Ayumu’s best qualities. He’s always there to make everything better even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. No matter were and when he goes , he takes his trusty Pokemon and a piece of home with him.
Starts off: South

History: Blissey used to be an impatient Chansey at the Safari Zone then one day she was capture by Ayumu. Blissey always wanted to test Ayumu and sometimes disobeyed him. As they grew more time together Chansey started to trust on Ayumu and became on of his best friends. As Ayumu's first pokemon, Blissey and Ayumu share a deep connection. Blissey has been in most of Ayumu’s battles and even in some contest as well.
Personality: Blissey is very cheerful and very patient. She loves to take the part of “mother” of Ayumu and her teammates. Blissey always wants to help people and Pokemon.
Description: Blissey always looks clean and organized when she’s out of the pokeball. She’s an ordinary Blissey.

History: As a weedle, beedrill always went exploring on it's own leaving Ayumu and Chansey very worried. Always looking for a fight he sometimes attacked ramdom Pokemon without warning. After evolving very quickly, Beedrill disobeyed Ayumu in every order and would do what he pleased. After sometime with Ayumu, Beedrill started to listen to Ayumu but never wanted to be deafeted by any Pokemon. Beedrill was Ayumu's second pokemon and one of his favorites. Ayumu used Beedrill for most of his battles at the Indigo Plateau until the very end. They both agreed that the next time they would be more like a team. Beedrill is one of Ayumu's powerhouses.
Personality: Beedrill is very self centered and very eager to be the best. He doesn’t want to be paired with any Pokemon, not even his teammates. He believes he will do better on his own. Although he does not want to adimit it he cares alot for Ayumu.
Description: Beedril has a small scar on his left wing, caused by a fight with a Sharpedo.

History: Combusken was given to Ayumu as a gift from Prof.Birch when he first entered Hoenn. As a small torchick, Combusken never really wanted to fight at first and never did as it was told. Over time Combusken started to trust in Ayumu and eventually evolve. Combusken loves to show off in battles and has even participated in some contest as well.
Personality: Combusken is a very happy Pokemon. He loves to be the centered off attention and often shows off his moves in a battle. Combusken has a lot of pride and loves to make tricks to Ayumu and the rest of his teammates.
Description: Combusken is an ordinary Pokemon.

Gender: Male
History: While Ayumu was exploring the Rock Tunnel, he noticed a little eevee being chase by a swarm of angry Dugtrios. Immediately Ayumu scared off the dugtrios with his Nidoking and helped the poor eevee. Ayumu used a super potion to heal eevee’s wounds and it was very grateful for Ayumu being there for him. After a full recovery eevee challenged Ayumu to see if he was worth being it’s train. With a mighty blast of Hyper Beam the eevee agreed to get inside a pokeball. Eevee was used most for it’s outstanding contest appeals and was not used much for battling. One beautiful morning eevee surprised Ayumu by evolving into a beautiful Espeon. Espeon then won the beauty contest and a blue ribbon which Ayumu put it on Espeon’s neck.
Pesonality: Espeon is Ayumu’s most sassy Pokemon, he loves to be pampered although it’s not spoiled. Espeon is a very protective Pokemon with his team and with Ayumu.
Description: Espeon is a shiny Pokemon and wears a beautiful blue ribbon on it’s neck.

History: While trying to find the way to Fortree, Ayumu found Yukimenoko when she was just a Snorunt abandon by it's old trainer. Ayumu then healed the Snorunt with his Blissey. After arriving to Fortree he was acused of stealing the snorunt of a local bully. Snorunt didn’t wanted to returned to her owner. The bully furiously attacked snorunt with his absol, and the battle began. Snorunt was able to beat the absol with a mighty ice beam and decide to join Ayumu’s team. Not for long snorunt became one of Ayumu's favorite battling Pokemon, helping him win the Foortree badge and evolving into Yukimenoko shortly after.
Pesonality: Yukimenoko is a calm and obedient Pokemon. She loves Ayumu as her trainer and also cares a lot for her teammates. At times she can be slow to understand.
Description: Yumimenoko looks like an ordinary yuminemoko but wears Blue Scarf that Ayumu gave her

Gender: Male
History: After Ayumu won the Mosdeep badge he accidentally forgot to get back to the ferry. He couldn’t wait for a whole week so he decided to find a ride back to Lilycove. Then he spotted a very curious wailmer to close on the shore. He couldn’t get out of there no matter what. Ayumu then used Espeon psychic to push the wailmer back in the water. After seeing the nice deed Ayumu did, he let Ayumu ride him to reach Lilycove City. After they arrived the wailmer felt sad that Ayumu was going and decided to join his team.
Personality: Wailmer is a very humorous and energetic Pokemon. He loves to make everyone laugh and loves to show his affection of Ayumu by soaking him with one of his water sprouts. Wailmer is always cheerful even in tough moments.
Description: He looks like an ordinary wailmer
Others: He’s Ayumu’s water transportation
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