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The Battling Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Psycho Cut, Jun 11, 2011.


Do you like the starter system?

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  1. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member


    Welcome to The Battling Academy


    Here at The Battling Academy we do things a little differently. Our clan is not based off of any specific type of Pokemon, rather we have adapted the schooling system and run off that. The idea of the clan was born roughly a week or two ago by GM and Andrew, we put in lots of work to create something, that we find, rather unique. Our goal is to improve our members skills as trainers by teaching them techniques and ideas that we as battlers have learned through our numerous battles, which have resulted in many wins and losses. Below is the basic structure of our clan and how it is run, if you have any questions feel free to PM me or Andrew.


    Clan Information
    Pokemon Review
    How to join
    - HvH
    - House Records
    Members and Ranks
    - Special Ranks


    Signature Pokemon
    Battle Records
    - Lottery
    House Userbars


    Events + Competitions
    Tutoring Scheme


    1. Be Active, if you are inactive for two weeks and have not given me a reason, then you will be kicked.
    2. No Flaming.
    3. Be kind to all members of the clan and even members outside of the clan.
    4. Do not double post or spam within the thread, so NO conversations not relating to competetive pokemon or the clan
    5. Follow standard serebii rules for battling and always respect your opponent by acknowledging them after a battle.
    6. Applications must be filled in correctly before you are accepted. In addition, you must prove you will be an active member by being active for 4 days before being accepted
    7. You may only be in this clan and no other, THIS is standard clan forum rule, however I think it deserves a mention.
    8. Use smogon tiers for battling.
    9. You MUST include your signature pokemon and a pokemon from you region when participating in clan battles. If you do not, it will count as an automatic loss
    10. Do not pester the Leader about win/loss records etc. It's hard work, and I do the best I can. The odd asking for a tweak is fine, if you think I have made a genuine mistake, but repeated asking is not.
    11. All Clan Related Atwork must be authorised by me

    If you do not follow any of the above rules then you might get punished by being banned from the clan permantly or temporarily for a certain period of time after you have earnt a certain number of strikes.


    3/1/12 The First Season of the Battling Academy's Tutoring Scheme Begins
    4/1/12 The Battling Academy's New Shop opens and recieves some stunning new artwork credit of Orangezilla
    9/1/12 Psycho decides it is a good idea to put important anouncements in bold...
    9/1/12 Signature Pokemon Rules Change. Please Read.
    10/1/12 A New Special Rank is released AND we get a new xat!
    20/2/12 New Rule on Acceptions


    R.I.P The Battling Academy, 11/6/11 - 04/03/12
    Memories Are The Only Things Which Are Truly Eternal

    Clan Information

    Here at the Battling Academy, students are divided into two Divisons: Juniors and Seniors. The Juniors are those members who are new to competetive battling and have joined this clan, primarily, to learn. The Seniors are the better battlers of the clan, who have joined the clan, primarily to test their skills and improve even further. The Seniors are the ones who will represent the Clan in Wars etc. Upon initiation to the clan a member may request a test battle in order to be placed in Seniors, if he passes, then he is placed in the first rank of Seniors. If the test is failed, the member may be placed in some of the higher Junior ranks, depending on his performance. Being placed in Juniors does not mean you will stay there, however, after you have reached the 4th Junior rank, you may once again request a rank up battle to be promoted. When you make the move from Juniors to Seniors, all AP and Win/loss records will be reset and you will have to earn the required rank up qualifications from scratch. (If you have AP that you wish to spend when you move, you may do so)

    Rising through the ranks of the Battling Academy will be no mean feat, but you are not expected to do this alone. By your side, at all times, you will have your most trusted partner, someone you have been through a great many things with: your Signature Pokemon. Here at the Battling Academy, members must choose a 'Signature Pokemon' this may be any pokemon providing it is usable in Wifi OU or a legendary pokemon. In clan battles you must always use this pokemon (so think carefully) however you are free to change it's moveset, nature etc. Each member may change his/her Signature Pokemon once, for free, if it doesn't work well. However any changes after that will cost 10AP, so choose carefully!

    Additionaly, at The Battling Academy, students are split into five houses. These houses correspond to the five regions of the main pokemon series: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. This house will be allocated to you by myself, when I accept you in to the clan, this is to ensure the numbers are kept as even as possible. Each house has it's own captain, who makes decisions regarding house challenges and wars.

    This house does have a restriction on what pokemon you use in clan battles, but it is a small one: you must use at least one pokemon that is found in that region and was also new at the time (so no choosing crobat in Hoenn for example). Please also note that you Signature Pokemon does not count for this. However the main purpose of these houses is for tournaments/wars within our clan. The various restrictions on teams are designed to improve your skills as a team builder.

    Each Month, each House strives to earn points by battling, winning tournament and doing jobs, and, at the end of each month the house with the most points wins the prestigous House Cup. The winner of this Cup gets their House Shield decorating the top of the BA's info posts!


    War Record

    VS Dragons of Legend: Loss 1-3
    VS Glide Von Vier:Win 3-0
    VS Bug Battalion:Win 3-2
    VS Sheer Force Resurgence:Win 3-0

    War Team

    Psycho Cut
    Ninja Dewott




    Those selected in the war team have permission to use this banner (credit to mew_). Use the code below, but take out the asterix (*) in the first IMG tag.

    Weekly Pokemon Review
    Alakazam @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Magic Guard
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
    Nature: Timid/Modest
    - Psyshock/Psychic
    - Focus Blast
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Energy Ball/Shadow Ball

    There are many revenge killers in the OU tier and many of them have advantages over Alazakam, but Zam's main stand-alone point is its ability to revenge things faster than itself. Allow me to explain: Thanks to Magic Guard, provided Zam comes in after a pokemon has fainted, will always enter on full health. As it has a Focus Sash equipped, Alakazam will always be able to fire off an attack, and often two, thanks to Alakazam's great speed. Thanks to Alazakam's great coverage, it can hit many pokemon Super-Effectively, missing out on less than 10 pokemon in the entire OU tier. Alakazam's fantastic Base 135 Special Attack means that these hits normally result in a OHKO. Zam's other advantage is that, by not running a choice item, is less prone to being trapped by pursuit-users, something that Scarf Latios can't lay claim to. All things considered, Alakazam is a great pokemon to act as 'glue' in the 6th slot of your team

    How to join

    Fill in the application below, and put awsome in your post so I know you have read the rules.​


    Below are the houses at the Battling Academy and the members within them.


    Captain: ;465; Orangezilla



    Captain: ;472; Zachmac

    Infernape Rulez
    Mantine Blast
    Ninja Dewott


    Captain: ;149; OrbrunnerX

    Charizard 007
    Shiny Zek
    SuperPower Emboar


    Captain: ;423; Alexandria The Mixed

    Venomous Woe


    Captain: :534: Ace of Keys

    Andrew Lima
    Jonah The Great
    Medicham's Hat
    Prankstar 73

    Ways To Earn House Points

    1) Win a battle against another clan member who is in a different house (1HP)
    2) Win three battles in a row against other clan members who are in a different house (2HP, in addition to the 1HP from winning the battle)
    3) For very 5 battles you win against other clan members who are in a different house you will earn (4HP)
    4) Reaching the following amount of AP: 5AP=2HP, 10AP=4HP, 20AP=6HP, 30AP=8HP, 45AP=10HP (and so on with every 15AP meaning 2HP)*
    5) Win a War Match (4HP)
    6) Being awarded 'Member of the Week' (4HP)
    7) Having a house member rank up in the clan (4+New RankHP for seniors and New RankHP for juniors)
    8) Winnng tournaments, both inter-person and inter-house (Varies)
    9) In a House vs House (see below) (Varies)

    House vs House

    Each house, as a chance to earn more HP, can have a mini-war against another house. If a House Captain wants his house to war another, then he may contact the House Captain of another house. If he/she accepts, the two House Captains will decide on tiers, bans etc. and also how many people each house should select to battle (either 3, 5 or 7). When two houses are in a House vs House, this must be posted on the tread before it oficially gets under-way. The House vs House works similarly to a Clan War with no matchups. Each member will battle another member from the opposing house, and post the results of the battle on the the clan thread. Whichever house gets the most wins, wins! When a house wins a House vs House, they receive 10HP, with a bonus of an extra HP for each point they won by.

    Those are the basics of a House vs House, please check the spoiler below for additional rules:

      • All normal clan restrictions for your team apply
      • A House vs House must end after 2 weeks from the confirmation date. If it has not been completed by this time, the winner will be decided from the current score. If it is a draw, a tie-breaker match will be done, the participants of which will be decided at random
      • No house may challenge the same house twice in a row
      • After a House vs House has been completed, the participant houses must wait a week before being able to challenge/be challenged again
      • Wi-fi team viewer must be used in any House vs House
      • When cofirming that a House vs House is starting, the House Captain may choose to 'wager' some HP (up to a maximum of 10). If the lose the challenge, that amount of HP is lost, but if they win, then they recieve double that amount of HP in addition to the HP gained for winning. Please note that a house cannot wager more HP than it has at the time.

    • Also, each house has a 'Stratagem' which is something, based on their respective region, that gives them an advantage while batting in House vs House. Note that your opponents will also be able to make use of their Stratagem, so you must learn to use yours to the greatest effect. Check the spoiler below for the different stratagems. Note that any rules strategems give ovewrite the rules given above

      Kanto: Oak's Expertise

      Professor Oak is a renowned Pokemon Professor. Anything he doesn't know about Pokemon, isn't worth knowing. He also started most pokemon trainers out on their journies, even ones that now make their home in foreign regions! As a result, Oak can give Kanto Members an insight to their opponents.

      At the start of each battle, the Kanto member may choose one of his opponent's pokemon. His opponent must then reveal that pokemon's moveset, item, EVs and nature.

      Johto: Mt. Silver

      Mt. Silver is the harshest, toughest most unforgivging place in the pokemon world. Tough Johto trainers go there to train their pokemon, and the harsh training they recive makes other pokemon seem weak in comparison.

      The opponent of a Johto house member in a House vs House must set one of his pokemon to lvl 90. If batting via Wi-fi flat, one pokemon must be set to lvl 45.

      Hoenn: Space Center

      The Space Center in Hoenn can launch probes to spy on their enemies, and to learn to their every move.

      Before the battle has even started (i.e. Before the opponents see each other's team via team preview) the opponent of a Hoenn member must reveal the identity of two of his pokemon, one of which cannot be his signature pokemon (just what the pokemon is, not EVs, moveset etc like Kanto's Stratagem)

      Sinnoh: The Whim of Arceus

      Arceus, the God of Pokemon, is known to watch of Sinnoh above all the other regions. If Sinnoh were to come under threat, he could influence the minds of other pokemon to sway the battles in Sinnoh's favour.

      When confirming a House vs House is starting, the Sinnoh house must choose 3 pokemon and their opponent house may not use those 3 pokemon in any of their House vs House battles. If it so happens that someone's sig pokemon is chosen, they can still battle, but must do so without the sig pokemon.

      Unova: Entralink

      The Entralink is a curious thing, allowing members of the Unova House to invade their enemies' worlds, and even disguise themselves as pokemon and therefore attack the enemy where they are weakest: behind their own lines. Sabotage is afoot...

      Anyone battling against someone in the Unova House in a HvH may only equip three of their pokemon with held items

      Recent HvH Results

      Kanto - 2 vs 0 - Unova
      Hoenn - 0 vs 2 - Sinnoh
      Johto - 2 bs 0 - Unova

      Note: There is no way to lose HP except for breaking rules.

      *If you buy somehting from the shop, the AP amount will not be reset for the purposes of calculating HP.

      House Records

      Current House Points

      Kanto: 15
      Johto: 60
      Hoenn: 34
      Sinnoh: 44
      Unova: 30

      This next section shows which house has prevailed in the monthly House competition:

      July 2011:

      ;384; HOENN 68pts ;384;
      (Runners Up: Unova)

      August 2011:

      ;150; KANTO 101pts ;150;
      (Runners Up: Unova)

      September 2011:

      ;384; HOENN 195pts (Record) ;384;
      (Runners Up: Unova)

      October 2011:

      ;384; HOENN 129pts ;384;
      (Runners Up: Johto)

      November 2011:

      :646: UNOVA 129pts :646:
      (Runners Up: Johto)

      December 2011:

      ;250; JOHTO 174pts ;250;
      (Runners Up: Hoenn)

      --- House Of The (Half)Year ---

      ;384; HOENN 588pts ;384;
      (Runners Up: Johto)

      January 2012:

      ;493; SINNOH 91pts ;493;
      (Runners Up: Johto)

      Members and Ranks

    • Battling is key to almost every part of this clan, and ranking up is no exception. Here you must battle other members in order to qualify for a rank up, at which point you will battle an Assistant or a Teacher, however you do not necessarily need to win your battle to rank up. Here you are graded after the battle and your grade will determine if you qualify for your rank up. Below is a list of grades and how to achieve them

      A* - Win 5-0+
      A – Win 3-0 +
      B – Win 1-0+
      C – Lose 2-0+ ​

      If you do however fail at meeting these grade requirements, you can simply try again the next day. There are other ways of ranking up too, if a leader thinks you have done exceptional work for the clan by doing jobs, or if you win an inter-clan tournament are two examples. Below is a list of ranks members can achieve, and how to qualify for a rank up to the next level. Also next to your name is the House you are in.

      Seniors Division

      Head Master


      This rank cannot be achieved by anyone in the clan and is reserved for founders.

      Psycho Cut (Hoenn)



      This rank is only available to our best and most active members. You can only qualify to achieve this rank by showing exceptional talent at battling and by heping us out. You must be an Prefect before you can achieve this rank.



      This rank is reserved for those 7th Years who have proven themselves even beyond what many would call the 'highest' rank in the clan. Prefects are battlers and helpers without parrellel and any who have achieved this rank should be extreemely proud of themselves. This rank can be acheieved by helping out the clan through various ways, and also being very proficient at battling. Asssitant teachers keep records of all the extra credit stuff members have done. You must have won 90 battles in the clan, have earned, overall 75AP and get an A* in your battle against a tester, while in 6th year, you must also prove to the leaders that you are trustworthy, responsible and active.

      7th Year


      This is the highest rank regular members can achieve. To achieve this rank you must have won 68 battles in the clan, have earned, overall 55AP and get an A* in your battle against a tester, while in 6th year.

      6th Year


      To achieve this rank you must have won 50 battles in the clan, have earned, overall, 40AP and achieve a grade A in your battle against a tester, whilst in 5th year.

      5th Year


      To achieve this rank you must have won 32 battles in the clan, have earned, overall, 20AP and achieve a grade A in your battle against a tester, whilst in 4th year.

      4th Year


      To achieve this rank you must have won 15 battles in the clan and achieve a grade B in your battle against a tester, whilst in 3rd year.

      Ninja Dewott (Johto)
      Mcdanger (Sinnoh)
      Magicmonkey (Kanto)

      3th Year


      To achieve this rank you must have won 5 battles in the clan and achieve a grade B in your battle against a tester, whilst in 2nd year.

      Ace of Keys (Unova)
      OrbrunnerX (Hoenn)

      2nd Year


      To achieve this rank you must achieve a grade C in your battle against a tester, whilst in 1st year.

      Ciliano (Kanto)
      AnnoyingRedHead (Kanto)
      Pimm94 (Kanto)
      x_vandslaux_x (Johto)
      Zachmac (Johto)
      AlexandriaTheMixed (Sinnoh)

      1st Year


      This is the entry rank for all Seniors. You must be a member of this rank for at least five days before you can request a rank up battle with a tester.

      TinyJohnny (Johto)
      Venomous Woe (Sinnoh)
      Blayd (Johto)
      TheJfluff (Johto)
      Cool story bra (Kanto)
      Infernape Rulez (Johto)
      Signore (Unova)
      Shazzam88 (Unova)
      Orangezilla (Kanto)
      Usatoday (Hoenn)
      Soperman (Hoenn)

      Juniors Division

      4th Year


      Kyuremaster (Johto)
      ShadowGallade (Hoenn)
      Jonah The Great (Unova)

      The top of the Juniors. From here you may request a test battle with a tester in order to be promoted to Seniors. To achieve this rank, you must have won 10 battles within the clan and also convinced a tutor you have improved, yes, even more.

      3rd Year


      You are climbing to the top of the Juniors. To achieve this rank, you must have won 6 battles within the clan and also convinced a tutor you have improved even more.

      Superpower Emboar (Hoenn)
      JhenMohranMH3 (Unova)
      HyperLugia (Sinnoh)
      Charizard 007 (Hoenn)

      2nd Year

      You are starting to rise up the ranks! To achieve this rank, you must have won 3 battles within the clan and also convinced a tutor you have improved.

      Jazz14456 (Unova)
      TheFox (Sinnoh)
      Romeo32 (Sinnoh)
      Roguezz (Johto)
      Loudredlou (Hoenn)
      Tyoyo3131 (Hoenn)
      Shoudy4 (Unova)
      Brandyjay (Johto)
      Snowflake! (Unova)
      Panicles (Sinnoh)

      1st Year


      This is the entry rank for members who are unexperienced to competetive battling. Yes, you are at the bottom of the pile, but you can only climb upwards. You must be a member of the clan for 5 days before you can rank up

      Stringpeas (Unova)
      Fanal! (Hoenn)
      Stuart_97 (Hoenn)
      Skydread (Sinnoh)
      J man(vgchat) (Sinnoh)
      Alcuard'T'Polterguise (Unova)

      MasterGohan (Johto)
      Nikkoru_91 (Unova)
      Yugihammer (Kanto)
      Shuda (Sinnoh)
      Reddog95 (Kanto)
      Chaos12 (Unova)

      Death2Kenny (Kanto)
      DarkMothimElite (Unova)

      Yukithewhitewolf (Sinnoh)
      Drillrpg (Kanto)
      BelacOnslaught (Sinnoh)
      NACHOE! (Hoenn)
      X-5 (Unova)

      Shadow_burnt (Hoenn)
      Reddog95 (Kanto)
      Mesarin (Kanto)
      L.A.W (Kanto)
      Andrew Lima (Unova)

      Weavile39 (Kanto)
      GGBro (Sinnoh)

      SomeRandom_______ (Hoenn)
      Medicham's Hat (Unova)
      Mantine Beast (Johto)
      Pkfire0 (Hoenn)

      Charizard31 (Johto)
      K2000 (Unova)
      WhySoMadDoe (Unova)

      Cuddlemuffins (Unova)
      D-Knight (Johto)
      ANSR (Sinnoh)
      dr. Chef (Johto)

      ~Sam~ (Johto)
      Francis2850 (Kanto)
      ShadowLugiaEX (Unova)
      Shiny Zek (Hoenn)

      Kylo (Sinnoh)
      Pie4dawin (Unova)

      Ninjamuffin6890 (Unova)
      Alistair150 (Hoenn)
      Shinyluxray348 (Sinnoh)
      Blazekin3939 (Johto)
      Charizard3939 (Kanto)
      Razorrozar7 (Hoenn)

      Rank up battles are against the leader or any tutor. You may only have one once a day, and must wait a week after ranking up for requesting another

      Special Ranks

      Special Ranks are so called for a number of reasons. Firstly, the only way to acheive one of these ranks is at the leader's choosing. Secondly, these ranks are held in addition to normal ranks, so one could be a Tutor and a Senior 3rd Year, for example. Finally, Special Ranks bring with them extra responsibilities within the clan. As such, you may decline a Special Rank if offered one. In the spoiler below are a list of Special Ranks and the duties that come with them.


      A Tutor has two resposibilities within the clan, tutoring anyone in the lowel level tutoring scheme and doing Senior Tests. Please note that, with Senior Tests, the battle video is sent to the leader, and he makes the final desicion on whether that person ranks up or not, although Tutors normally can be relied on to judge correctly. With Low Level Tutoring, each pupil is assigned a Tutor (see below) but with Senior Tests, you can have one from any Tutor

      Ace of Keys
      Ninja Dewott

      Shop Worker


      A shop worker is, obviously, someone who works in the shop. However, aside from this, he/she has other roles and slightly different rules. First of all, to qualify for becoming a shop worker, you must be able to trade the pokemon which you've donated to members who have bought them, so that means regular wi-fi access. One extra responsibility is becoming a sort of 'moderator' for the shop. For example, should someone request a pokemon that is reserved, it will be the shop worker's responsibility to tell them otherwise. For this reason, it is often a good idea for members to PM/VM a shop worker requesting a pokemon from the shop, especially if it is in their possesion. Finally, having a purchased cleared with a shop worker removes the need for me to check. Therefore, if it is clear with a shop worker, it's clear with me. To do this, the Shop Worker must check that the pokemon requested can be bought and that the buyer has enough AP (issues regarding the latter, however, must be cleared with me). Finally, instead of getting AP for donations as usual, a shop worker is paid a certain amount every week, or otherwise rewarded in other ways.

      --List of Shop Workers--


      All the other info such as points, banners etc will be on the next post. So in all I hope this will be a successful clan and members will have fun here.

      Credit to shipwrecks for the emblem, X-5 for the snowy emblem and Mew_ and -Sarah for the userbars!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2012
  2. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member


    Welcome to The Battling Academy

    Credit to -> Shipwrecks and X-5​

    In this part of the introduction I will show you the Signature Pokemon of all our members, the Pokemon + Items available to members, Banners + Usebars available, The Clan Point system and how to earn points all in this section and finally the tournaments.

    Signature Pokemon

    Below is a list of all our members and their signature pokemon.

    :571: Ace Chris
    :534: Ace of Keys.
    ;423; AlexandriaTheMixed.
    ;376; Alistair150
    :596: Andrew Lima
    :567: AnnoyingRedHead
    :555: ANSR
    :635: BelacOnslaught
    ;423; Blayd
    ;405; Blazekin3939
    ;232; Brandyjay
    ;248; Bugsbunny
    ;454; CallmeZed
    ;143; Castus
    ;248; Chaos12
    :571: Chapmanoo
    ;094; Charizard 007
    ;009; Charizard3939
    ;373; Ciliano
    :579: Cool story bra
    ;461; Cuddlemuffins
    ;472; D-Knight
    ;414; DarkMothimElite
    ;472; Death2Kenny
    ;248; dr. Chef
    ;232; Drillrpg
    ;160; EpicFeraligatr
    ;479-w; Fanal!
    ;292; Francis2850
    ;286; GGBro
    ;286; HyperLugia
    ;392; Infernape Rulez.
    ;160; Jazz14456
    ;169; Jevik
    ;196; JhenMohranMH3
    ;475; Jonah The Great
    ;373; Kylo
    ;227; Kyuremaster
    ;450; L.A.W
    ;157; Lance McAwesome
    :579: Loudredlou
    ;149; Magicmonkey.
    :604: Mantine Beast
    ;373; Mcdanger.
    ;308; Medicham's Hat
    :571: Mesarin
    ;392; Mozarch
    :560: NACHOE!
    ;134; Nikkoru_91
    ;212; Ninja Dewott
    :637: Ninjamuffin6890
    :593: Orangezilla
    ;149; OrbrunnerX.
    ;130; Panicles
    ;139; Pie4dawin
    ;227; Pimm94.
    ;130; Pkfire0
    ;319; Razorrozar7
    ;065; Reddog95
    :534: Romeo32.
    :598: Sanat
    ;065; Signore
    ;376; ShadowLugiaEX
    ;212; ShadowGallade.
    ;025; Shazam88
    ;359; Shinyluxray348
    ;479-c; Shiny Zek
    ;205; Shoudy4.
    ;006; Shuda
    ;473; Snowflake!
    ;068; Soperman.
    :571: SomeRandom_______
    ;254; Stringpeas
    :500: Superpower Emboar
    ;157; TheFox
    ;202; TheJfluff
    ;286; TinyJohnny
    ;416; Tyoyo3131
    ;475; Usatoday
    ;437; Venomous Woe.
    :560: Weavile39
    ;212; Whatisair
    ;373; WhySoMadDoc
    ;260; X-5
    ;479-w; x_vandslaux_x.
    :612: Yugihammer
    ;115; Yukithewihitewolf
    ;130; Zachmac.

    Academy Points:

    Now we have got the boring old rules out the way lets get onto the interesting stuff such as what is below here, first things first what is the first thing you have to have before you go to a shop - money of course and the currency in The Battling Academy is Academy Points which will be given to you and earned by you to allow you to purchase a variety of pokemon throughout your journey with the clan. Not only can you earn and be given Academy Points you can trade Academy Points with each other by trading them for Pokemon or Items which other users have got and I might not have. So that's pretty much it with the description of Academy Points so here's the Points you have:

    Ace Chris = 0
    Ace of Keys = 23
    AlexandriaTheMixed = 7 (17)
    Alistair150 = 0
    Amber99 = 1
    Andrew Lima = 0
    AnnoyingRedHead = 6
    ANSR = 0
    BelacOnslaught = 0
    Blayd = 7
    Blazekin3939 = 0
    Brandyjay = 2
    Bugsbunny = 0
    CallmeZed = 0
    Castus = 0
    Chaos12 = 0
    Chapmanoo = 0
    Charizard 007 = 0
    Charizard3939 = 0
    Ciliano = 2
    Cool story bra = 1
    Cuddlemuffins = 0
    D-Knight = 0
    DarkMothimElite = 0
    Death2Kenny = 0
    Dillrpg = 0
    Dr.Chef = 0
    EpicFeraligatr = 0
    Fanal! = 0
    Francis2850 = 0
    GGBro = 1
    Guitarzandbullets = 2
    HoboDevil = 0
    HyperLugia = 7
    Infernape Rulez = 19
    Jazz14456 = 0
    Jeko = 0
    Jevik = 0
    JhenMohranMH3 = 0
    Jonah The Great = 2
    Kylo = 0
    Kyuremaster = 0
    L.A.W = 2
    Lance McAwesome = 0
    Loudredlou = 0
    Magicmonkey = 14
    Mantine Beast = 0
    MasterGohan = 0
    Mcdanger = 35
    Medicham's Hat = 0
    Mesarin = 0
    Mozarch = 0
    NACHOE! = 0
    Nikkoru_91 = 0
    Ninja Dewott = 30
    Ninjamuffin6890 = 0
    ObrunnerX = 22
    Orangezilla = 22 (32)
    Panicles = 0
    Pie4dawin = 0
    Pimm94 = 7 (17)
    Pkfire0 = 0
    Razorrozar7 = 0
    Reddog95 = 0
    Romeo32 = 2
    ShadowGallade = 4
    ShadowScyther = 0
    Shazam88 = 4
    Shinyluxray348 = 1
    Shiny Zek = 0
    Shoudy4 = 0
    Snowflake! = 0
    SomeRandom_______ = 0
    Soperman = 11
    Stringpeas = 0
    Superpower Emboar = 1
    TheFox = 0
    TheJfluff = 6
    TheNetGuy = 1
    TheWestington = 0
    TinyJohnny = 4
    Tyoyo3131 = 0
    Usatoday = 8
    Venomous Woe = 16
    Weavile39 = 0
    Whatisair = 0
    x_vandslaux_x = 9
    X-5 = 0
    Yugihammer = 0
    Yukithewhitewolf = 0
    Zachmac = 2 (22)

    Now one of the most common question asked are "How do I earn some points?" well here are the answers:

    - Win 5 battles with clanmates = 1AP
    - Win 3 battles in a row with clanmates = 1AP
    - Win a War battle = 1AP
    - Donate Pokemon = Varies (Depends on donation)
    - Get a job from the job section = Below

    Battle Record Against Clan Mates:

    Post this format when you have a batle with someone in the clan, one for each battle:

    Opponent Vs:
    Rating Your Skill out of 50 for this battle:
    Rating Opponent Skill out of 50 for this battle:
    Suggest Improvements for Opponent:
    Information about Battle:
    Do not give away any information of opponents team, private message improvements to them if you think its to revealing. But fill in improvements with something else or with less information posted to them - example: PM'ed them improvements which are change moves + item for 3rd Pokemon, etc.

    Members Battling Records:

    Ace Chris = 0/0/0
    Ace of Keys = 114/1/79 [+3]
    Ace Trainer Nick = 0/0/0
    Adaricus = 1/0/2 [-2]
    Aeoria de Leo = 1/0/4 [-4]
    AlexandriaTheMixed = 67/0/25 [+8]
    Alistair150 = 2/0/3 [+2]
    Amber99 = 5/0/6 [+1]
    Andrew Lima = 0/0/0
    AnnoyingRedHead = 37/0/14 [-3]
    ANSR = 9/1/17 [-4]
    Audino Glitch = 18/0/27 [+1]
    BelacOnslaught = 7/0/8 [+1]
    Blayd = 15/0/10 [-1]
    Blazekin3939 = 0/0/0
    Brandyjay = 8/0/1 [-1]
    Bugsbunny = 2/0/1 [+1]
    CallmeZed = 0/0/3 [-3]
    Castus = 0/0/1 [-1]
    Chapmanoo = 0/0/0
    Cdawg3574 = 0/0/0
    Chaos12 = 0/0/0
    Charizard 007 = 17/0/20 [+1]
    Charizard3939 = 0/0/0
    Ciliano = 9/0/6 [+5]
    Cuddlemuffins = 0/0/0
    D-Knight = 0
    DarkMothimElite = 1/0/4 [-3]
    Death2Kenny = 4/0/13 [-1]
    Dillrpg = 6/0/14 [-6]
    dr.chef = 1/0/0 [+1]
    EpicFeraligatr = 0/0/0
    Fanal! = 0/0/3 [-3]
    Francis2850 = 0/0/5 [-5]
    GGBro = 4/0/2 [-2]
    Guitarzandbullets = 20/0/9 [+6]
    HyperLugia = 14/0/28 [+2]
    Infernape Rulez = 36/0/39 [+1]
    Jazz14456 = 4/0/54 [-8]
    Jevik = 1/0/5 [-2]
    JhenMohranMH3 = 4/0/14 [-1]
    Jonah The Great = 13/0/13 [+2]
    Kylo = 2/0/1 [+1]
    Kyuremaster = 0/0/0
    L.A.W = 8/0/1 [+6]
    Lance McAwesome = 0/0/0
    Loudredlou = 9/0/12 [-1]
    Magicmonkey = 50/0/18 [+5]
    Mantine Blast = 0/0/0
    Mcdanger = 89/1/48 [-1]
    Medicham's Hat = 0/0/0
    Mesarin = 13/0/6 [-1]
    Mozarch = 0/0/0
    NACHOE! = 0/0/0
    Nikkoru_91 = 2/0/7 [-2]
    Ninja Dewott = 70/1/19 [+8]
    Ninjamuffin6890 = 4/0/6 [-2]
    Orangezilla = 62/0/50 [+20]
    OrbrunnerX = 52/0/14 [+14]
    Panicles = 7/0/2 [-1]
    Pie4dawin = 0/0/0
    Pimm94 = 55/0/20 [-2]
    Pkfire0 = 2/0/2 [-1]
    Razorrozar7 = 0/0/0
    Psycho Cut = 34/0/6 [+1]
    Reddog95 = 0/0/1 [-1]
    Roguezz = 4/0/10 [+1]
    Romeo32 = 11/1/9 [-1]
    ShadowGallade = 24/0/24 [+1]
    ShadowLugiaEX = 0/0/0
    Shazam88 = 28/0/23 [-4]
    Shinyluxray348 = 8/0/12 [+1]
    Shiny Zek = 1/0/5 [-2]
    Shoudy4 = 3/0/9 [-4]
    Snowflake! = 1/0/0 [+1]
    SomeRandom_______ = 0/0/3 [-3]
    Soperman = 79/2/105 [-7]
    Stringpeas = 3/0/17 [-2]
    Superpower Emboar= 22/0/59 [-2]
    TheFox = 4/0/9 [-2]
    TheJfluff = 16/0/11 [+2]
    TheNetGuy = 5/0/22 [-6]
    TheWestington = 0/0/0
    TinyJohnny = 29/0/15 [+6]
    Tyoyo3131 = 5/0/19 [+1]
    Usatoday = 28/0/12 [+1]
    Venomous Woe = 83/0/91 [-1]
    Weavile39 = 2/1/4 [-2]
    Whatisair = 1/0/1 [-1]
    WhySoMadDoc = 0/0/0
    x_vandslaux_x = 19/0/5 [+10]
    X-5 = 3/0/15 [-5]
    Yugihammer = 0/0/6 [-6]
    Yukithewhitewolf = 6/0/20 [-2]
    Zachmac = 21/0/7 [+4]

    *The number in square brackets indicates how many battles that member has won or lost in a row. Obviously, + represents win and - represents loss


    Aiming for the top rank of our clan, although an excellent aim, isn't the only thing to be aiming for in this clan. Below are many achievements which you can aim for. Just like most video games which include achievements, some require a lot of work and others are slightly qurkier. Getting an achievement does not award extra HP or AP, they are simply a bit of fun and some extra things to aspire to!



    Win 50 Battles within the clan

    Venomous Woe
    Ace of Keys
    Ninja Dewott

    Supreme Battler


    Win 100 Battles within the clan

    Ace of Keys

    Streaker on the pitch


    Rack up a +10 Win Streak within the clan

    Psycho Cut
    Ninja Dewott

    Blazing Streak!


    Rack up a +20 Win Streak within the clan


    Even Steven

    Draw ten battles within the clan


    Fearsome Warrior!

    Win 5 War Matches


    Beast o' the Battlefield!

    Win 10 War Matches


    Stayin' Alive

    Stay in the war team (reserves count) for 5 consecutive wars


    Aye aye Cap'n!

    Be elected as a house captain

    Ninja Dewott
    Venomous Woe
    Prankstar 73
    Ace of Keys
    Superpower Emboar

    Emperor of the Polls


    Be elected as a house captain 3 months in a row

    Ninja Dewott
    Ace of Keys

    Member of the Fortnight

    Be awarded member of the week twice in a row


    Points mean Prizes!

    Earn 25 AP

    Ninja Dewott

    More Points mean... er, more Prizes?

    Earn 50 AP


    Generous Giver

    Donate 3 Pokemon to the clan shop



    Buy 3 Pokemon from the clan shop


    Taste of Gold

    Win a clan tournament

    Prankstar 73

    Close, but no cigar!

    Come 2nd or 3rd in three clan tournaments


    Test? Pah, what test?!

    Be ranked up to Seniors without having to actually take the test

    Venomous Woe

    Middle School

    Reach 4th Year

    Prankstar 73
    Ninja Dewott

    Upper School

    Reach 6th Year


    Challenge Pro

    Successfully complete 5 Random House Challenges


    Risk Taker

    Successfully complete 3 Random House Challenges having bet the maximum number of HP (goes to HC)


    Busy, Busy, Busy!

    Accept, and do work on, 5 or more jobs


    Big 1000

    Post a comment which is the 1000th, 2000th (and so on) post in the thread

    Ace of Keys
    Ninja Dewott

    Top of a Century

    Be the first to post a comment on the 100th, 200th (and so on) page in the thread

    Ninja Dewott
    Psycho Cut

    The following Achievements are awarded to houses, rather than individual members

    Monthly Masters

    Win the monthly house challenge 3 times


    Monthly Monsters!

    Win the monthly house challenge 5 times


    Close, but no cigar!

    Come runners up 3 times in a row in the Monthly House Competition



    Win 5 HvHs


    House Points mean... er, House Prizes?

    Rack up 150HP in a month


    Available Jobs:​

    So now onto the jobs you can become in the clan and what you will get payed for them:

    EV trainer = You have to EV train the Pokemon you are given by me. Paid 2AP Per Pokemon

    IV Breeder = You IV bred the Pokemon to the required IV's told by me. Paid 4-5AP Per Pokemon

    Pokeradar (Gen IV) = You go and Pokeradar for shiny pokemon available in the game. Search for shinies not in shop or with other features. Paid 6AP Per Pokemon

    Masuda Method = Hatch Eggs for shiny pokemon. Search for shinies not in shop or with other features. Paid
    10AP Per Pokemon

    RNG'ing = Get good IV'ed Pokemon told by me. Paid 3AP Per Pokemon

    Cloner = Clone the Pokemon I trade you to get duplicate copies of it. Paid 2AP Per 3 Clones

    Pokedex Collecting = Go and catch the Pokemon that is required by me. Paid 1AP Per Pokemon

    Item Collecting = Go and get the item that is required by me. Paid 1AP Per Amount of Item

    Levelling Up = Get the Pokemon of me and level it up to the required level. Paid 1-4AP Per 10 Levels, depending on what levels they are

    Egg Moves = Get the Egg move for a certain Pokemon. Might need to breed for nature + IV's. Paid 1-4AP Per Pokemon

    Dreamworld Collector = Go and befriend the Pokemon required by me with the secret ability. Paid 3AP Per Pokemon

    Recruitment = Get people to join our clan and generally advertise it, though not breaking Sppf rules in the process. For every person who is referred by you to this clan you are awarded 2AP, with a bonus for every 5 people.

    Tutoring = Get paired with a lower rank member to teach and help them out. Only Assistant + Leaders can have this job. Paid 3AP Per Pupil

    Artist = Create userbars/banners for the clan. All clan art must be approved before release, so it is generally better to wait for specific requests from the leaders.

    Please note that you can accept jobs from other members of the clan and still earn AP. After all, Clan Members must stick together! For example, member x could ask member y to EV train his pokemon and member y would earn 2 AP. This is of no cost to the member who has assigned the job. All of these types of requests must be confirmed (on issue and completion) by both members and then verified by myself or Andrew.

    Members Jobs:​

    Psycho Cut - EV Trainer + Levelling Up + Tutoring
    Andrew1239 - EV Trainer + IV Breeder + Tutoring
    Ciliano - IV Breeder
    Prankstar 73 - DreamWorld Collector + Cloner
    Ninja Dewott - Recruiter (2)
    Xcappel - Item Collecting + Pokedex Collecting + Levelling Up
    Ace of Keys - Egg Move + EV training + Pokedex Collecting + Item Collecting + Levelling Up
    Liam99 - RNG + Ev Training + Egg Moves + IV Breeding + Item Collecting
    Jazz14456 - EV Training
    Soperman- EV Training
    OrbrunnerX - Recruiter
    TheMetalOverlord - Egg Moves + EV Trainer + Masuda Method + Cloner + Levelling Up
    Orangezilla - Artist
    Slugger57 - Pokedex Collecting
    AlexandriaTheMixed - Recruiter (2)
    Nikkoru91 - Levelling Up + EV Trainer
    Shadow Gallade - Levelling Up + EV Trainer + IV Breeding + Egg Moves + Item Collecting
    Mcdanger - IV Breeding + Egg Moves + EV Training
    Death2Kenny - Masuda Method
    SuperpowerEmboar - Pokeradar + Recruitment + Egg Moves
    Mesarin - Levelling Up + Egg Moves + Masuda Method



    • Do not request pokemon if you do not have sufficent AP or it is reserved (reserved pokemon are in red)
    • When buying a pokemon, contact the person who the description points you to. If that person is not me, that person will forward to me the relevant info
    • Use the form (Listed below) when requesting a pokemon
    • If you reserve a pokemon but do not pick it up within 2 weeks, that pokemon becomes unreserved and you cannot reserve it again for a week
    • You may not make more than 2 reservations/purchases in a week

    [B]*Slaps money on counter*[/B]
    I would like to buy: _______ from the shop
    Nickname (if NNable): 
    Best time(s) for me to pick it up:

    Shop Workers

    -Coming Soon-

    EV Trained

    These pokemon are ones that have been EV trained for competetive purposes. They usually have good natures and EVs and are a at a high(ish) level too.

    Pokemon: Darmanitan
    Level: 35
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs:.4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spd
    IVs: Outstanding, 31 SDef, Spd
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 9AP

    Pokemon: Gabite
    Level: 35
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs:.4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spd
    IVs: 19/31/0/?/3/31
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 9AP

    Pokemon: Luxray (M)
    Level: 50
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Guts
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spd
    IVs: 12/31/12/28/18/9
    Egg Moves: Ice Fang
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 9AP

    Pokemon: Sawsbuck
    Level: 34
    Shiny? Y/N: Nope
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252 Attack, 172 Speed, 80 Hp
    IVs: Unknown (though I’m sure Sop could find out)
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N: No
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: Soperman
    Price = 7AP

    IV Bred

    These are pokemon that have been bred for competetive use, they are usually UT.

    Pokemon: Drilbur
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Sand Rush
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Above average, fantastic attack
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Pokemon: Dwebble
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Sturdy
    Nature: Adamant
    IVs: Rel. Superior, 31 HP, Def, SDef
    Egg Moves: Counter, Endure
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5th
    Contact: PC
    Price = 6AP

    Pokemon: Gastly (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Above average, 31 SAtk
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 5AP

    Pokemon: Lotad
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: Above Average, 31 SAtk
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: Psycho Cut
    Price = 4AP

    Pokemon: Lotad (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Rain Dish
    Nature: Calm
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Rel. Superior, 31 SAtk, Spd
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 5AP

    Pokemon: Poliwag (M)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Swift Swim (DW)
    Nature: Jolly (good for poliwrath)
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Decent, 31 Def
    Egg Moves: Encore
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 6AP

    Pokemon: Solosis (M)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Rel. Superior, 31 HP
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 5AP

    Pokemon: Solosis (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Decent, 31 HP
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: Y
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 5AP

    Pokemon: Timburr (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Guts
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Rel Superior, 31 HP
    Egg Moves: Drain Punch, Mach Punch
    Nicknameable? Y/N:
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 7AP

    Pokemon: Tirtouga
    Level: 14
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Sturdy
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: UT
    IVs: 11/26/25/17/26/21
    Egg Moves:
    Nicknameable? Y/N:
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 3AP

    Pokemon: Yamask (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Mummy
    Nature: Relaxed
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Rel. Superior, 31 SDef
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 3AP


    These pokemon, while not good for competitive use, are good for breeding pokemon that are, thanks to their nature, IVs or egg moves. They're also among the cheapest of pokemon in the shop. (Note: DW Females are in a seperate section)

    Pokemon: Deino (M)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Hustle
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Unknown
    Egg Moves: Dark Pulse
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Pokemon: Ditto
    Level: 53
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Transform
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Unknown
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Pokemon: Drifloon (F)
    Level: 1
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Aftermath
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: UT
    IVs: 31 Att
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 3AP


    These are the pokemon that have flawless (or very near) IVs, they are among the most expensive of items. (Note: Shiny Flawless pokemon are listed here, not in the Shinies section)

    Pokemon: Scrafty
    Level: 57
    Shiny? Y/N: Y
    Ability: Moxie
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spd
    IVs: Flawless
    Egg Moves: Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Drain Punch
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 21AP

    Pokemon: Terrakion (Jpn)
    Level: 42
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Justified
    Nature: Jolly
    EVs: UT
    IVs: 30 Def, Flawless in everything else
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 16AP


    These are the shiny pokemon available, they are usually not of much competetive use, the flawless shinies are listed in the Flawless section

    Pokemon: Dragonite (M)
    Level: 76
    Shiny? Y/N: Y
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Docile
    EVs: Unknown
    IVs: Above Average, Fantastic Spd
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 8AP

    Pokemon: Hydreigon (M)
    Level: 100
    Shiny? Y/N: Y
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Naughty
    EVs: Unknown
    IVs: Decent, Very Good SDef
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 9AP

    Dream World Females

    A list of all dream world females available. This section is unique as it only lists the pokemon and the price, but rest assured, they are all DWFs.

    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP

    Contact: PC
    Price = 4AP


    A list of all legendaries available. Most are not competetively viable but are simply valuable for the sake of being legendary

    Pokemon: Dialga
    Level: 72
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Bashful
    EVs: Unknown
    IVs: Above Average, fantastic SDef
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 8AP

    Pokemon: Latios (NN'd SKYRIN)
    Level: 35
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Modest
    EVs: Unknown
    IVs: Above Average, Very Good HP + SDef
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 7AP

    Pokemon: Mewtwo
    Level: 70
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Rash
    EVs: UT
    IVs: Decent, fantastic SAtk
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 9AP

    4th Gen

    These are a list of pokemon that have moves from 4th gen that would be unavailable were you to breed/catch that pokemon in 4th Gen

    One coming soon


    A list of pokemon only obtainable at events that have already passed!

    None yet!

    Hidden Power

    These are pokemon who have been bred/RNG'd so their IVs fit a certain Hidden Power criteria (which is listed with the pokemon)

    Pokemon: Heatran
    Level: 70
    Shiny? Y/N: N
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Timid
    EVs: UT (I think)
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/30 (HP Ice 70)
    Egg Moves: None
    Nicknameable? Y/N: N
    Generation of the Game it's on: 5
    Contact: PC
    Price = 16AP


    Coming soon.


    Disclaimer - A note about legitimacy: I can 100% assure that all pokemon with my OT (Edward, a variation thereof, or Dunkers) are 100% legit. All other pokemon are, to the best of my knowledge, also legit, but I cannot 100% guarantee this. This is counting clones and RNGs as legit.



    Here is the part of the clan where you can see all current, past and future tournaments available to all members within the clan which wish to participate in them. In the tournaments there are plenty of benefits of joining the tournament which include battling experience and many other factors.


    Magic Cup: Round 2

    Hosted By Magicmonkey


    Monogen Tournament Coming Soon!

    [​IMG]The Zekrom Tournament[​IMG]

    1st: Prankstar 73 (17pts)
    2nd: Ninja Dewott (10pts)
    3rd: Ace of Keys (7pts)

    [​IMG] War Team Tournament [​IMG]

    1st: OrbrunnerX
    2nd: TheMetalOverlord
    3rd: Venomous Woe

    ][​IMG]RU Ready? [​IMG]

    1st: Mcdanger
    2nd: Infernape Rulez
    3rd: Ninja Dewott/OrbrunnerX (tie)

    Replay of Final: http://pokemon.aesoft.org/replay-baInfernape-Rulez-vs-BAmcdanger--2011-11-25


    One for each house. More coming soon!






    To use these userbars, copy the code in 'Quote' tags below them, but remove the asterix (*) from before the I in the first Image tag ()

    (Credit = Mew_ and -Sarah)

    [B][COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Give credit to the maker of the banner/usebar always for each one!![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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    Welcome to The Battling Academy


    Events + Competitions

    Events are, well, events. Coinciding with real life events, such as Christmas and Easter, the Events section provides a pokemon-realted twist to the celebration, often leading to presents, presents and more presents! Below is an Event Archive, plus any Current Events.

    Event Archive

    Advent Calendar (1st-24th Dec 11)

    Current Events


    Current Competitions



    Welcome to one of the most important aspects of our clan: The new and improved Tutoring Scheme. Although this Scheme targets mainly new players, more experienced players may also get something out of it and learn a new trick or two, or perhaps a new tier.

    How does it work?

    Largely, the way in which your tutoring is done is mainly up to the Tutor. You can, via PM, be taught how best to build a team and also be taught all about cores, counters and the like. You may also meet on Pokemon Online, where you will have a battle and the Tutor will be able to say which technique you should work on (and teach you about it) and also say what you did wrong and what you did right. Each period of Tutoring lasts 3 weeks, although, if your Tutor believes you've done very well, he may cut it short.

    A Tutoring Season lasts 3 weeks, the first of which starts on January 3rd 2012 (Christmas may get in the way of tutoring)

    How to apply

    Before applying, you must first know what 'Level' you are at. Read the following, and see which most applies to you. Be honest!

    Level 0 - A complete novice to pokemon
    Level 1 - A complete novice to competitive pokemon
    Level 2 - I know about competitive battling, I understand EVs and stuff, but I have no idea how to go about being good at it
    Level 3 - I've done competitive pokemon for a while, I know about team building etc but I'm just useless at it.
    Level 4 - I'm pretty good at competitive pokemon, I just want to get better

    You must also place yourself in one of the following age groups. They're grouped to help hide your identity, should you wish so, but you should still be honest, so you can get along with your Tutor better:

    Under 12; 12-15; 15-17; 18-21; 21-24; 24 or over

    Once you've decided what level and age group you're in, fill in the following form.

    Tutoring Application
    Forum Name:
    PO Name:
    What times can you usually be on (in your local time):
    Highest ranking in chosen tier on PO/Smogon Server:
    Requested Tutor**:
    Age Group:
    Tell us a little about yourself:
    *Please make sure there is a Tutor who can tutor you in this tier
    **Leave blank if you don't mind. Please bear in mind we can't always abide to your requests.

    Once you've filled in the form, post it in the thread or PM it to me

    The Tutors

    Below are all the Tutors we have and their current tutees.

    Ace of Keys

    Ace of Keys' profile

    Age: 18-21
    Timezone: GMT-8
    Usual Hours: 4-10pm weekdays, most of the days @ weekends
    Tiers: Standard OU
    A bit about me: I enjoy games, playing pokemon, reading up on various subjects like botany or philosophy. I'm very fond of enjoying good food and spending time with friends.
    Tutees: Soperman
    Tutor Of The Month Awards: Season 1


    Magicmonkey's profile

    Age: 15-17
    Timezone: GMT+0
    Usual Hours: 3-4pm on weekdays (excluding tuesday), weekend afternoons and loads during holidays
    Tiers: Standard OU
    A bit about me:
    Hey, my interests are Playstation 3, Warhammer 40,000, Painting + Modelling and Watching DVDs
    Tutees: Pkfire0
    Tutor Of The Month Awards:

    Ninja Dewott

    Ninja Dewott's Profile

    Age: 15-17
    Timezone: GMT+0
    Usual Hours: Evenings, More often in Holidays
    Tiers: Standard OU
    A bit about me: Yo! Ninja Dewott here! Aside from being a Tutor here, I'm also a fully trained Ninja. Which is cool. I'm also slightly crazy. But crazy is good. IT IS! I have a good sense of humour as well, so if you want to have a bit of a laugh whilst learning, I'm your man. I'm a competitive swimmer and also play tennis and football recreationally. I have other intrests such as Ninjas, Video Games, Reading, Ninjas, Music and Ninjas. Oh, and Ninjas.
    Tutees: Alistair150
    Tutor Of The Month Awards:


    OrbrunnerX's profile

    Age: 18-21
    Timezone: GMT-5
    Usual Hours: 5-66Pm
    Tiers: Standard OU, DPP Ubers
    A bit about me: Hey, I'm OrbrunnerX, my interests are: Music: Linkin Park; Movies: The Bourne Ultimatum series; Games: Turn Based Strategy and Sandbox.
    Tutees: X-5
    Tutor Of The Month Awards:


    Pimm94's profile

    Age: 15-17
    Timezone: GMT+1
    Usual Hours: 4-10pm
    Tiers: Standard OU
    A bit about me:
    I'm a 17 year old guy from the netherlands. I have been playing pokemon for about a year and half a year competitive. I have been tutored myself twice on smogon and feel ready to share some things I learned with any of my tutees. Besides playing pokemon I like playing sports (soccer), hanging out with friends.
    Tutees: Roguezz
    Tutor Of The Month Awards:

    Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut's profile

    Age: 15-17
    Timezone: GMT+0
    Usual Hours: Late Evenings, but more often during holidays
    Tiers: Standard OU, Standard Ubers
    A bit about me:
    Hey, I’m Psycho Cut, the headmaster of this here school. Being a Clan Leader does deprive me of quite a bit of time, so I’ll probably leave the OU tutoring to the other guys, but I’ll happily take a tutee or two on board for 5th Gen Ubers. Although the clan has left me with less time, I’ve got a lot better at being a leader and organising stuff, which will realy show in my tutoring skills. I’m a normal school kid going through GCSEs (ugh…) and I’m interested in Athletics, Swimming (both of which I do competitively), Football (soccer to you Americans), Comedy, other Nintendo Console Games and Music (though none of that metal, rap or dubstep rubbish)
    Tutees: OrbrunnerX (Standard Ubers)
    Tutor Of The Month Awards:

    Feedback Forms

    At the end of each Tutoring Season we would be very grateful if you could use the forms to tell us how your Tutoring Scheme went. This will allow us to improve the Tutoring Scheme (and the Tutors!) and to decide Tutor of the Season. So please be honest!

    [B]Tutor's Name:[/B]
    Please rate your Tutor out of 10 for the following:[/B]
    [B]Helping you with Teambuilding:[/B]
    [B]Helping you with your Battling Strategy:[/B]
    [B]His Availability:[/B]
    [B]His Personality and Attitude:[/B]
    [B]What things did your Tutor do that you view as particularly commendable?:[/B]
    [B]What things do you think your Tutor could do better with?:[/B]
    [B]If you had to go through Tutoring again, would you stick with this Tutor?:[/B]
    [B]On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think this System has helped you improve?:[/B]
    [B]Additional Comments (Optional):[/B]
    Thanks for your Feedback![/CODE]

    *NB: Please write your comments outside the Bold code, it makes it so much easier to read

    That's all there is to know about the Tutoring Scheme. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Happy Battling!



    Welcome to this Academy's library. Like all libraries, you're bound to find something new and informative to read. However, unlike normal libraries, you won't find anything boring like [insert Greek chap here]'s theorem, but will instead find excellent, interesting articles about our much-beloved competetive pokemon battling.


    Understandably, you're probably wondering why such a section exists, after all, Smogon have an excellent Analysis Section. However, this section is here, mainly, to allow clan members to contribute to the clan in ways they could not before. Even if you leave the clan, your legacy will remain in these hallowed halls for evermore, so other clan members may learn from you. There's a much better feel of community if you're learning from someone you know. In addition, Smogon won't have articles covering everything, so we hope to patch up some gaps.

    Of course, we are not attempting to undermine or better Smogon's Analysis Section. Indeed, such a feat is unlikely, but we hope to give the clan, and the competitive pokemon community in general, a little extra.


    Of course, there are rules, as always, rules to be followed. So if you are contributing, please read these!

    • Make sure it's good!
    Although we have a quality check team (just like Smogon's) we don't want to waste our time reading things of no competitive use only for them to be forcefully rejected. To help prevent this, don't contribute for the sake of it and make sure you've tested the set

    • Be familiar with the Process and Correct Format (see below)

    • Don't add something that's already been done here or on Smogon (or elsewhere, for that matter)
    Adding something that's already done is pointless, so make sure it is significantly different. The full set of smogon analysises can be found here. If you're using a set that, for example, featured in someone's RMT, get their permission before adding it and remember to give credit.

    • Use Good English, and English only
    English is the language of this site, and a contribution in Italian is not going to be as much help to anyone. Also, make sure your English is good and do not use slang words or idoms.

    • Make it interesting
    Contributing a good set is all well and good, but if it's really dull no-one will want to read it, give it some personality and flare. Try not to go OTT though. The same goes for custom set names. For example, calling a Shell Smash Gorebyss set "Smashbyss" is OK, but "SmashDestructorFish" is not.

    • Don't insult other people's contributions
    Feedback like "perhaps add X as an option over Y" is ok, but insulting another person's contribution or ability is not

    Article Specific Rules

    When writing an Article, there are a few more things you have to bear in mind.

    • Do not exceed 5,000 words

    • You may use more pictures, but do so sparingly

    • Articles can generally be written on any subject, but do not copy anything from elsewhere

    • Permission must be granted by the leader to begin writing an Article

    • Articles on one specific pokemon are not allowed, instead try to focus on cores, weather etc

    Correct Analysis Format

    Here's how a Pokemon Analysis Should be filled out:

    1) Title (if if is for a tier other than OU, state so here)

    2) Picture (optional)

    The picture should be of the chosen pokemon only and should not exceed 250x250 pixels, nor should it be repulsive or offensive

    3) The Set

    Here you include the actual set for the pokemon, make sure to use the correct format

    The correct set format is one you should be familiar with:

    Pokemon @ Item
    - move
    - move
    - move
    - move

    If there is a choice between one or two moves/items etc, seperate them with a forward slash "/". Avoid 'slashing' too many options.

    4) Introduction

    Here, you give a brief introduction about the pokemon perhaps explaining its unique traits or sudden rise/drop in usage etc

    5) Set Comments

    Now you talk about the set you are Analysing, why it works, what it's good for etc. Backing up your Analysis with Damage Calculations is a good idea.

    6) Team-mates

    Here you write about what compliments your pokemon on a team for example, rain support

    7) Checks + Counters

    Next, explain what counters your pokemon, i.e what can switch in or OHKO it

    8) Conclusion

    Finally, include a brief conclusion explaining why you should use this set.

    A good example of an analysis can be found here

    The Process

    This is the process which Articles and Sets go through, familiarise yourself with it!

    For Analysises

    PM the set to me(keep a copy of it). If I see that, at a glance, it is not complete rubbish I will allow it to be posted in the thread. I will then put a link to it in 'Limbo', found at the bottom of this post.

    In Limbo, other Clan Members can see the Set and can comment on it, along with possible changes. If the poster wants to bear in mind some of the changes, he/she can change the set (do not post again, just edit your original one). While this is going on, our Viability Check Team (VCT), who can be found further down in this post, will be able to view it. If they deem it of satisfactory quality, they can Pass it. If a set gets three Passes, it has made it through. (If a certain tier has less than 3 VCT members, you will need the maximum obtainable amount of Passes.

    After a set has made through, our Grammar + Spelling Check Team (GSCT) will make any alterations regarding grammar (sppf is an English Forum, so try to stick to English spellings). When 2 members of GSCT have approved any changes, the set will make it into the Library!

    *Note that a member of a certain team cannot authorise his/her own Analysis. If this means that less than 3 people are left who could Pass it, then the maximum obtainable number is needed.

    Article Rules Coming Soon​

    The Library Staff

    The roles of these Staff can be found in the 'Process' spoiler above.



    Psycho Cut


    Psycho Cut
    Ninja Dewott


    None. Help here?


    Ninja Dewott


    Ninja Dewott


    Psycho Cut

    [​IMG] Archive [​IMG]

    Here we list all the Analysises and Articles that have made it through the process.


    None yet

    None yet

    None yet

    None yet


    None yet!


    Article: The Art Of Teambuilding (by Magicmonkey)

    If you have any questions about the Library, feel free to ask!



    Finally, here's a list of people who've made this wonderful clan what it is

    Original Clan Concept - Gorgonpsid Master + Andrew1239
    Main BA Crest + House Shields - Orangezilla
    Userbars + Acheivements and Tutoring Banner - Mew_ + -Sarah
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  4. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'll join as EVer for Fire House, with Litwick as my starter.
  5. Gorgonopsid Master

    Gorgonopsid Master Strong like bull

    Sure, but can you edit your post with the form filled in. It is on the first post.
  6. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Username: a person
    FC: In my sig
    Starter Pokemon: Litwick
    GMT: -4? -5? EST
    Battling Experience: Dunno what to put here. I've beaten ddrox of Pokegyms, but not for a badge
    Refered by: Gorg Master

    I can also donate some Synchers and some Hidden Ability females, as well as some EV trained ones (though I may need clones back).
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2011
  7. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    Welcome to the clan and hope your stay here is very enjoyable and improves you. Updating 2nd Page with the edit.

    Glad to have you in my house!
  8. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Glad to be in it!

    I've still got my old clan stuff in my sig, but I'll edit it out after I break the news to them. I'd like to be an EVer. I can also donate some good Synchers, Hidden Ability females, and some EV trained stuff (if I can have clones back of the lattermost ones.
  9. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    Ok sure and you can use any userbars + banners in th 2nd page but make sure you give credit to the maker.

    Added you as an EV'er to the page

    Cool, I'll of course need more information off them but with the synchroniser i got the majority on soulsilver and i just listed the one's on black but i think i'm missing one of the main 4 natures (think timid) and i'm still trying to get/learn how to clone on gen V so if i find out how to/get cloner then i'll be sure to tell you ;)
  10. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I have Adamant, Jolly, Naive, Modest, Mild, Lax, Brave, Naughty, Hasty, Naive, and (hell yeah) Timid.
  11. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    Do you have a 2nd copy of them, if not get them before trading. I'll trade them over some time tomorrow when i catch you on if willing.

    BTW come on chat ;)
  12. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I could just Everstone breed them.

    I have to leave soon, so maybe later.
  13. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    yea or synchronise search for them i think 50% chance but quicker.

    Ok and try to get on the chat when you can so we can test you out, etc.
  14. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    Username: Psycho Cut
    PO Name/FC: No PO account/ 4770-6645-0089
    Starter Pokemon: Treeko
    GMT: +0
    Battling Experience: Quite a few competetive battle wins under my belt. Doing pretty well in one serebii leauge and hopefully becoming a gym leader in another
    Refered by: Andrew1239 (i think that's what i put...)
  15. Gorgonopsid Master

    Gorgonopsid Master Strong like bull


    Glad to have you here, I will up date the roster now. Is there any specific jobs you would like to do within the clan?
  16. Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and EV training or levelling up (or even both) would be fine with me :)
  17. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    Welcome to the clan and hope you enjoy and improve in the time you spend here.

    If you need a battle to rank up to year 2 i'll be on tomorrow between 4pm - 10pm on and off (i'm GMT+1) and you might even catch GM on if i'm not on.

    Good Night everyone and i'll see you tomorrow guys!!
  18. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Username: Zachmac
    PO Name/FC: No PO, FC is sig.
    Starter Pokemon: Magikarp, though I don't understand what we need these for.
    GMT: Arizona time. I think it was -7 without DLS time....
    Battling Experience: When I started I wasn't very good. I didn't care about natures, IVs, or EVs, just moves and items. I tried a sun team, using hitmonchan and houndoom, and it failed. However, I still did stand a chance back then. At the battle frontier, I used a primitive subseed venasaur, not even aware of the term "subseed" and a Dragon Dance dragonite before I even heard of competitive battles and EVs.
    When the 5th generation came along, I had already become great at pokemon, I had even swept OU with regigigas. One of the first pokemon I trained was a gengar to help me beat the battle subway and get items such as the choice scarf(for my raikou and kyurem) and the focus sash(for gengar and yanmega). I don't let tiers hypnotize me, yet I understand why they exist and don't argue against them. However, I've been told I'm uneducated in the 5th generation. Upon finding this clan, I decided to join to help me catch up with the 5th generation all the way.
    Refered by: I got a PM from Andrew1239 requesting I joined.

    I have most of the power items and pokerus, and I've found multiple good spots for EV training. I would like EV trainer as a job.
  19. Gorgonopsid Master

    Gorgonopsid Master Strong like bull


    Glad to have you here, I'll explain more about the starters later but now ive got to sleep lol :D.
  20. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    I would like to welcome you to the clan and hope you have an enjoyable time here, btw feel free to come by the chat guys - http://xat.com/TheBattlingAcademy

    Also for the starter you need it in your team throughout rank-up battles, etc. Read the 1st page and you should come across it and understand it, if you still don't then i'll say it in more/less detail.
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