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The Battling Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Psycho Cut, Jun 11, 2011.


Do you like the starter system?

Poll closed Jul 25, 2011.
  1. Yes, it's perfect.

    1 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but I would like a broader variety of starters.

    8 vote(s)
  3. Neutral.

    2 vote(s)
  4. No, we should abolish it.

    0 vote(s)
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  1. Ace Of Keys

    Ace Of Keys Me and My sketch pad

    aww man that's horrible. though i'm a little surprised that i am in between homes wo PO and havent' considered leaving BA. I must really enjoy the clan. Anyway McDanger we will miss you ;)
  2. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Mcdangers leaving. :O

    At least he'll come back sometimes. I think he should stay in the clan, I mean, we've got plenty of innactive members.

    Ug, just as I think Nikki was going to come back, Mcdanger leaves...
    That's why I find it such a fun item. :D I've used DDance Tyranitar with the air balloon before, it was able to get +1 or 2 on most gliscor thanks to that and ice punch.
    Wait for it's DW ability.

    252 HP/252 def?
    Sand Veil
    -Mud Slap?

    Remember the Garchomp/Thunder Wave T-tar combo? Here it is again, but it's in one pokemon.
  3. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Um. I'll make you one later, so be on the lookout.
    That's terrible lol.
    T-wave and Discharge?
  4. well im running specially defensive with toxic, discharge, scald and protect. the master of status!

    also round 2 start very soon (ominous noises) so be prepared.

    also my stunfisk just took down a dragonite, hell yeah!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2012
  5. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    In case of swap ins.

    I just made that up right off the bat.
  6. Round 2!

    ***round 2!***
    that right, i have assemble the 8 best of the entrants to fight it out, for the order of pize givination!

    credit to X-5 for the banner^^​

    obviously we dont really need team building rules as you have all sent teams to me.
    Just dont team reveal, or dispute results please.

    Starting Scores
    with the exception of alexandria, who has been given yukis score, you all have the scores from the game you played with the person from your group. you additionally have scores for team building added, so the starting scores are as follows:
    Orbrunner 31
    Vandaslaux 28
    Usatoday 27
    Pimm94 24
    Ace Of Keys 15
    Zachmac 9
    AlexandriaTheMixed 8
    JhenMohranMH3 7

    please VM me results
    I need to have them available to double check easily, and to gaurantee to notice them. record logs in case someone disputes, but i dont need to watch them unless a argument occurs.

    Golden caterpie
    to sum up round 1, the award for golden caterpie goes to super power emboar. please get intouch to get your magnificent useable acceptabley ok average prize. it is in gen 4 and has bug bite.

    Best original set
    the award for the person using the most original set goes to........
    *drum roll*

    *extra space*

    your prize is a lv 1, adamant technician scizor with bug bite, bullet punch, quick attack and super power, currently in gen 4. IV's unkown.

    and i think that is all, GOOD LUCK!

    also all participants have been VM;d. play anyone and everyone as quickly as possible.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2012
  7. Kylo

    Kylo Survival Instinct

    I dont meet all the members, but a member leaving is always bad...So... dont go
  8. Shoudy4

    Shoudy4 ....................

    What the (insert explative of your choice)! I went from 1328 in ubers down to 1160 in a day!!! This sucks camel dick! Ever since i lost to Donkey gimmicks i started sucking!

    And in ou i went from 1198 to 1040 all from trying to use a derpy team!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2012
  9. and that is what we call a tilt.
    no need to swear, just spheal with it and work harder.
  10. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    About time.
    Man, that fight with Orbrunner really hurt...I'm at 9 and orb is at 31.

    Well, I'll make sure I'm not on tilt in these next battles. I shall have my revenge.
    Including people we fought in round 1?
  11. no, that has already been included (in the start scores)
  12. JhenMohranMH3

    JhenMohranMH3 Random Art Guy

    Awwwwwwwww I thought I had more than 7 points
  13. alas, you do not my poor jhen. but hey, you ranked up, and its still all to play for!
  14. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    Hey guys...I just found out that mcdanger is leaving. I think we could all use a pick-me-up. Anyone have any ideas?

    In the meantime, I thought of something for Ninjask that many don't consider: Sweeping potential!

    Ninjask@Focus Sash
    Adamant nature (since Speed Boost makes it speedy anyway)
    EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
    -Aerial Ace
    -Swords Dance

    Bug is a type with decent coverage, and deals with the ever-so-common Darks and Psychics of the world. Aerial Ace is a Flying stab, and Dig works for steels (save Skarmory).

    There are flaws to it, sure, but you have to admit I'm on to something.
  15. i have tried a sweeper ninjask, doesnt work to well. better with baton pass, swords dance and 2 attacks, incase you hit a steel. swap dig for baton pass.
  16. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Even with STAB, aerial ace isn't a very good sweeping move without technician. It only has base 90 attack, so it'll be wall by too many pokemon, even at +2. I could list more reasons, but over all, it's just inferior to Scizor. Baton Pass is always the best way to go with ninjask. Give those boost to a bulky offensive pokemon like Metagross so they can tank and sweep at the same time.
  17. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    Opponent Vs: JhenMohranNH
    Win/Lose: Win
    Score: 1-0
    Rating Your Skill out of 50 for this battle: 30
    Rating Opponent Skill out of 50 for this battle: 40
    Suggest Improvements for Opponent: Don't be so certain about your Dragon Dances--you never know when they'll fail...
    Information about Battle: OMG IT WAS CLOSE.
  18. Francis2580

    Francis2580 Shedinja Ninja

    Guys im thinking this to replace my kecleon(who's crux is his snatch and magiccoat)
    Espeon(Timid or Gentle)
    Magic Bounce
    Leftovers or Shed Shell
    -Psych Up(espeon's snatch)
    -Calm Mind
    -Baton Pass

    Its basically my kecleon+1 move :p
  19. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    I don't know about Psych Up. If you have Calm Mind, why would you need to copy your opponent's boosts?
  20. Francis2580

    Francis2580 Shedinja Ninja

    Bcoz u have no idea how many dragons with dragon types i run into xD
    Plus i loved the predictions that came with my
    Kecleon sooo yea its basically my kecleon in a new form
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