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The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)


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The Battling Eevee Bros.!

When finding an Eevee chained to a tree, Ash & co decide to take it back to its home. But when they arrive, it's owner doesnt welcome it due to his brothers forcing him to evolve it. Team Rocket appear and kidnap the Pokémon. Can Ash save the Pokémon and Mikey pick an Eeveelution?

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Ororo Munroe

This is one of my favorite episodes. Mikey's one of my favorite characters (which is why I'm writing a fic about him) and this episode is what made me start liking Eevee and it's evolutions. It's one of the few times Horsea is used and Mikey's battle against TR was cool.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
That's one talented Eevee considering it can use Rage, Tackle, and Quick Attack all at once.

Anyway, this proves how much Jessie, James, and Meowth are idiots. Do they go straight to the nearest Team Rocket stronghold and present this catch to the boss? Nope, they stop by a lake and gorge themselves while the twerps find them.

Ororo Munroe

Those are the attacks it was using? I couldn't remember. Do you remember what Mikey told Eevee to do when it did all those attacks at once? I was thinking of maybe using it as part of my fic but I can't remember what Mikey said.
Actually; Mikey first told Eevee to use Take Down; and when TR made fun of it, it was told to do a raging Tackle; but it looked more like Quick Attack. This was an important episode since it focused on Stone-based evolutions, the most famous of which is the Eevee line. It also played an important role because there were 2 Pokémon in the group(at the time) who evolve by Evo Stones: Pikachu and Vulpix.(Okay; Staryu too, but Misty already has Starmie!) Now we know Pika doesn't want to evolve; but would Ash let him if he DID want to evolve? And what about Brock and Vulpix? I understand Brock's reasoning for not taking the Fire Stone; nice reminder of how he got Vulpix in the first place!;) There was a bit of character development for Misty as well; being the voice of reason in Mikey's situation, and speaking her mind about if Eevee wasn't his; she would've taken it for herself and evolved it into Vaporeon!:) Overall; great episode: 9.5/10!


I'm glad that Mikey told his brothers that he wanted to be an Eevee trainer and that they understood him. What a bunch of sweeties!!!!!!!


This episode was good as well; I'm glad Brock and Ash refused to evolve Vulpix and Pikachu respectively with stones. :D

I liked the introduction of the original Eeveelutions too, but I still wonder what would have happened if TR had used all three stones on Mikey's Eevee at one time. XD


The magic of Pokemon
Oh, my first episode...

I still remember Brock screaming "BUT I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP VULPIX!!!!" (or something to that effect) when Misty offered a trade...not mention my sister and I went goo-goo eyes when Eevee appeared....and I thought Vaporeon was so pretty in the anime, so that episode sealed my choice of Eeveelution (we were both about to get Eevees in our games; she had my old Blue, and I my Yellow) However, my sister liked Jolteon more, so that's who she picked...

Ororo Munroe

FlamingRuby said:
I still remember Brock screaming "BUT I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP VULPIX!!!!" (or something to that effect) when Misty offered a trade.
Wrong episode. Misty asked Brock to trade Vulpix in the episode at Fuschia gym.


So hot he's on fire.
My choice in RBY for an Eeveelution (Vaporeon) was decided with this ep also. :3 But not because VAPOREON was pretty.....XD

*clings to Rainer* Although my friend is obsessed with Sparky, so you know what she picked....XD

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Togechikku said:
Wrong episode. Misty asked Brock to trade Vulpix in the episode at Fuschia gym.

Yeah, and he didn't yell quite as loudly either.

MISTY: Hey, Brock, how about a trade? Your Vulpix for my Psyduck?
BROCK: No way.
MISTY: It wouldn't take much time to brush 'cause Psyduck only has three hairs...
I give this episode a 8/10, it was fun


Dull Manga Avatar
Cloud Strife said:
I give this episode a 8/10, it was fun
You'll have to give more of a reason than that. While numerical ratings are not forbidden here, they should not make up the bulk of your post.

Perfect Darkness

I think that it was good that Mikey did not evolve his eevee. But in a way, Team Rocket helped in this episode. Eevee beat them so Mikey showed his brother how strong just a normal Eevee can be, without evolving.


A little unknown fact; in the manga Misty and Mikey do sort of have the same kind of conversation, and it is interupted (By Ash), only Misty isn't concerned that Mikey might have a crush on her.

I thought TR would actually be a little braver agaisnt Pikachu after this, afterall, didn't they hardly seemed phased after getting shocked?


This was also one of my favorite episodes. Jolteon is the best and so is Flareon. Team Rocket was tough on this one. Did you see that Pikachu Thunderboly em and Team Rocket just flinched. Anyways Eevee is the cutest Pokemon of all


Team Awesome
Aww, eevee is so cute. :) It'd be great to see the eevee brothers again to see if Mikey has stuck to keeping eevee the way it is. He probably has, but of course this was before they introduced espeon and umbreon. At least the U.S. will get to see Sakura and her espeon again when the Chronicles start airing here, but I'd really like to see Mikey again.

I also like the part when Misty calls Jessie old for the first time, and Jessie starts breathing fire. :D LOL


Why are all these Episode discussion popping up o_O
Better say something about the episode, or it will be classed as Spam
This as a good epiosde because i love the Eevee evolutions, Spec Vaopeon