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The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)



This was one of these episodes I've long forgotten. I remember certain scenes in it but not real accurately. I should go back and watch the first season sometime cause I've forgotten a lot of things that happen in it. The little things anyway. It's hard to keep up with such a long series such as Pokemon.

Dr. Sun

Good points about this episode:

Team Rocket actually wins a battle for once, and against worthy opponents to boot. This episode shows Arbok and Weezing are actually good for something other than being punching bags. It would have been cool to see Meowth go up against Vaporeon or Flareon, however.

Bad points about this episode:

For a long time, I thought the anime writers had some sort of bias against evolving your pokemon, especially with stones. Seeing a puny shrimp of an Eevee take down Team Rocket when its three evolutions lost just felt, to me, like a major cop-out. No wonder I don't like Kanto that much...

(Sorry for dissing Eevee folks, but I think Mikey was being a total nimrod for refusing to evolve his Eevee. Maybe it was just the tone this episode had when discussing the issue, but one of my pokemon mottoes is that "the only good Eevee is an evolved Eevee". I can buy seeing Bulbasaur and Squirtle win fights against strong opponents, but the way the writers ripped into stone evolution here really got on my nerves.)

pik achoo

This ep was awesome. I especailly enjoyed it as I had never before seen evoltion stones in a Pokemon ep.

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
i love this episode just because it has eevee and its evolvations.....awww and horsea is cute in this episode i think


Well-Known Member
Eevee was kool in this epi. It was pretty dumb though that when its evo's lost it could win but meh. 7/10


Eevee Lover
That's one of my favorite episodes! I adore Eevee...;133; I like how Mikey liked his Eevee the way it was and decided not to evolve it. It was cool how Eevee was really strong against Team Rocket! I love this episode a lot. ^^
This was the episode that spawned my love for Eevee! I hate evolving it myself, but I eventually do lol.

The episode was also extra special fr me because it was shown in Ireland the week of Christmas!!



Don't die, ketchup!
This episode wasn't the best, I'll have to admit. But, it wasn't terrible.
I pretty much knew what wasa going to happen to the Eevee once I saw the brothers xD All you have to do is look at their hair colors. Eevee owner has brown hair. Hmm, probably going to go Vaporeon xP

I thought this was a nice episode. Although he didn't have to chain Eevee to a tree =(


Old school
This was one of those great episodes because it showed off alot of Pokémon which were rare to see back in the day, namely all of those stone-induced evolutions... I remember Poliwrath jumping into a fountain, and then a Cloyster surfaces beside a Starmie and A victreebel. Good times...

I also seem to remember Team Rocket doing very well, and the phrase "Team Rocket, champions of the world" comes to mind...

pokemon fan 132

Well-Known Member
Definitely one of the better episodes for sure.I like how Mikey was happy with his evee how it was,and the battle was absolutely amasing.Team Rocket was actually very good for a change in battle and it was a pleasure to see all three evee evolutions battling.I was also impressed by evees strenght which he showed in this episode and from that episode i started to like evee.It was also interesting to see Mistys horsea ingenuity to leave the tracks with ink spurt to make easier for Ash and others to find him and other pokemon kidnapped by team rocket.
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kiss my greens
That Eevee... what a cutie! I really liked how Mikey interacted with it ^^ It was also pretty funny to see it tackle Team Rocket, who somehow managed to blast off (again) as a result o_O

But the greatest part of the episode goes to Horsea for leaving that ink trail, then James shouting about how they'd been thwarted by that little squirt.

Funny stuff, overall a good episode ^^


Palette Professor
this was possibly one of the best pokemon episodes, I was really hoping team rocket actually got to use all the stones on Eevee, because i thought it would turn into a gigantic monster XP


Charmander master!
I loved seeing Eevee for the first time ever on the tv show. It was so cute, making me wish that I could hold one in my arms and hug it.


BSB Lover
For a long time, I thought the anime writers had some sort of bias against evolving your pokemon, especially with stones. Seeing a puny shrimp of an Eevee take down Team Rocket when its three evolutions lost just felt, to me, like a major cop-out. No wonder I don't like Kanto that much...

That was pretty much how I felt about this episode too. I enjoyed the fact that it served as the anime debut for Eevee and his then-current evolutions, but at the same time, it kind of annoyed me how much of a negative press it seemed to give stone evolution. I wasn't at all bothered by Mikey's decision not to evolve his Eevee at all, since it honestly seemed like the most viable solution to his problem of which of his three brothers' footsteps he should follow in. Rather, what bothered me was the vibe that that conversation between Ash, Brock and the Eevee Brothers gave off that those who evolve their pokemon using stones do so because they are basically selfish and care far more about getting stronger battlers than they do the feelings of their pokemon. It irked me because quite a significant percentage of my favourite pokemon (including Eevee's original Red/Blue evolutions) could only be obtained through stone evolution. Granted, Ash and Brock were almost certainly never going to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix, but it turned into something of an ethical debate, and when Ash (or maybe Brock...I haven't seen it in years) stated that "we just don't evolve our pokemon that way", it was all too obvious whose side the writers wanted you to sympathise with.

I did at least take some consolation in the indication that, though it was never explicitly stated, Misty clearly did not share her friends' biases against stone evolution. She owned a Starmie, after all, and did state that if no one had claimed Mikey's Eevee, she would have kept it and evolved it into a Vaporeon. Shame she never actually got a Vaporeon of her own at any point in the series (at least that I know of).