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The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)


In my nightmares
The eeveelutions are awesome. Good debut for them as well. Seeing Eevee tied up and abonded was hard to watch but nice episode.
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I love this episode because all evolutions of Eevee and the other stone-evolvers are here. This caught my chance to learn how an Eevee can evolve into three different Pokemon when I didn't know it had three known evolutions in the past. But with this episode, it'll make a good reference to others who needs help on acquiring three Eevee evolutions.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I felt really sorry for the little kid, his brothers shouldn't have tried to force him to evolve his Eevee.


The Force Is Strong
great epi but i always say that kanto was a masterpiece and every ep is great but yes 10 new pokemon were shown in this ep and it got me hooked on pokemon


Let's go to the beach, each.
I'm glad Horsea finally did something useful; it made a trail of ink.

I'm surprised that the showed Eevee and it's three evolutions in one episode. In Kanto, they really didn't pace themselves.

7/10 for the stones of evolution.


I was happy when the kid and his Eevee beat TR, they were mean...
And Misty's Horsea was great, it saved all the pokemon.


No longer posting
I liked this episode. Seeing my favorite multi-type evolution of Kanto for the 1st time was really cool. Vaporeon is my fav. Kanto evolution of Eevee! It was cool to see Mikey's brothers accept his decision about not evolving Eevee.



Misty: It must be so great to have big brothers
ASH: You could pass for my brother LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


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It was sad seeing the poor Eevee tied to the tree at the beginning. ;_;
Eevee's so cute, I just love it. It reminds me of my bunny. ^____^
I was glad to see Eevee beat up Team Rocket, really showed how strong it was.

I really liked the Mikey kid, he was adorable. I liked how he chose to keep Eevee the way it was, instead of listening to what his brothers were saying about evolving it.
His brothers were okay, I just didn't like how they were trying to force him into evolving Eevee. And their hair...


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It was very cool to see Eevee,Flareon,Jolteon and Vapoureon for the first time aswell as Poliwrath. It was cool to see that the brothers acepted that one of them didn't want to evolve Eevee. 7/10


An episode that I actually enjoyed. Flareon is my favorite Pokémon so seeing it in an episode is always a plus for me. Vaporean was also pretty cool with its ability blend into the water but that was about it for this episode. The Eevee brothers were terribly designed though.


aka Lamia
I agree, the Eevee Bros. had horrible designs. It was nice to see Misty and the little boy getting along because he was sort of in the same situation that she must have been in with her 3 older sisters. This was a nice episode for Eevee and it's evolutions to be shown in.


Vappy Trainer~
This is one of those episodes I watch every now and then when I want to remember just how much I loved the original season. Had a nifty plot, introduced my FAVORITE pokemon, and just generally aged well. Even if the brothers are a little simplistic in design.

I always liked this episode, Vaporeon was my favorite...i remember that i
had a crush on that Vaporeon guy...

Huzzah! A fellow Vappy lover. ^^


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What a nice episode. it was cool seeing the Eevee evolutions and how nice Misty was to the boy. He gave her a blue flower which was very cute and in the end I also liked because they all took a picture together. Lol at Psyduck falling though.
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That kid was mean, tying up Eevee. He should've had the guts to tell his brothers about his choice to not evolve Eevee much earlier, then poor Eevee wouldnt've been tied up. Misty being honest and saying that she would've kept Eevee and evolved it into a Vaporeon if she wouldn't find Eevee's trainer was good. A good way to show evolution stones. Misty's Horsea making a rare appearance and being of use was really cool, I think Horsea never got enough screen time...


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Awesome episode indeed. Great introduction to the Eevee and it's evolutionary forms. I personally think they couldn't done any better, although I do feel that the writers and producers unnecessarily ( and most likely, unintentionally) made evolution-by-stone looking pretty bad. Almost like it's frowned upon doing that sort of evolution method.