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The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)


Anti Drew & paul fan
Good episode, it's funny how only Eevee could beat Team Rocket (as I remember) while the other Eeveelutions couldn't. I wonder what would have happened if Eevee got in contact with all three of the stones, and I also wonder if Mikey's Eevee is now one of the non-Kanto Eeveelutions (or if it stayed the same).


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I always wanted to see Misty own a Eevee and eventually evolve it into Vaporeon
Yes yes yes!! An Eeveelution episode! All of them were fantastic. And there was a Starmie and Victreebel in this episode as well too. Epic! Eevee's Rage Tackle was amazing, if only that was a move in the games. xD


Just a member
I didn't liked how Mickey tied up Eevee just because he don't want to evolve Eevees, it's just mean. It's good to see the Eevee and it's Eeveelutions, but sadly the Eeveelutions didn't do much in this episode.
Nice to see Misty getting along with Mickey to help him, it's so nice of her. I like the episodes where she's being nice to others instead of being violent.
It's nice when Mickey gave a blue flower to Misty.
I didn't like how the Eeveelutions lost to Team Rocket, but that Eevee defeated them! It made no sense to me. I think that was just bad writing to prove that Eevee could be stronger than it's Eeveelutions.
Wow, so Misty just punches Psyduck right in the head. Way to be nice to your Pokemon there, Misty.

This episode reminded that I used to like Vaporeon for a bit.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I enjoyed this episode way more when Eevee and its evolutions weren't as overhyped and overexposed. Alas, watching it again now brought some of my cynicism back, although I liked Misty and Mikey's friendship and seeing so many evolutionary stone Pokemon around was neat. I was also fond of Mikey's decision to keep his Eevee un-evolved.


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The Eevee Brothers offered Brock a Fire Stone that he used on a Vulpix to evolve it, and Brock however declined. So does anybody know the actual reason?


Won't anybody please reply to me? Pyro of the Eevee brothers offered Brock a Fire Stone that he uses on his Vulpix to evolve it, and Brock however declined. Does anybody known the reason?

Im guessing he just didnt want to evolve ut, and you might want to delte your other posts.


Staff member
The Eevee Brothers offered Brock a Fire Stone that he used on a Vulpix to evolve it, and Brock however declined. So does anybody know the actual reason?

It's not really his Pokemon, so he felt it wasn't his place to just evolve it like that.

The dub script for this episode makes everyone seem a lot more hostile than they were in the original, and it really comes across as if 4Kids' translator thought stone evolution was a way to instantly force an evolution that would've otherwise happened naturally instead of the only way to evolve these Pokemon, so you get some weird "our way of doing things vs your way of doing things" conflict that wasn't really supposed to be there.

Mega Altaria

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The part I remembered the most was the saddest part of this episode: Eevee being tied up to a tree with some Pokémon food and water because he didn't want to bear the shame of not evolving Eevee. It was surprising that the older brothers suddenly changed their minds from forcing Mikey to evolve his Eevee to letting Mikey keep his choice.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Mikey's siblings put too much pressure on him to evolve his Eevee so I was glad that Misty sided with him. I liked how Eevee remained unevolved by the end and still showed his strength by fighting Team rocket. ^^


I like how Horsea finally did something useful with his ink and Mikey's brothers were jerks lol. They didn't need to keep bothering him about evolving Eevee.


I was kind of hoping that Ash was going to keep Eevee when he 1st found it. I thought it suited his team and I didn't like Mikey. 7/10
Poor Mikey had so much pressure put on him and I don't understood why Misty wasn't offered a Water Stone here. She had Staryu afterall.


Taichi abandoning his Eievui just so that his brothers would cease their peer pressure seemed extreme, and part of me wanted Kasumi to keep Eievui so that she'd have a Showers someday. Mizuki, Raizou, Atsushi seemed too full of themselves, and their forceful evolution philosophy bothered me.


Meowth fanatic
This was a good filler episode because it showed off a lot of stone-induced evolutionary lines. I also remember Team Rocket doing very well here when they took Eevee.


Call of Fate
A decent filler episode. It was odd seeing Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon eventually losing to Arbok and Weezing, but at least Eevee managed to send Team Rocket blasting off. Shame we aren't likely to see Mikey again anytime soon, I'd like him to make an appearance with a Leafeon or an Espeon. 9/10