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The Battling Eevee Bros.! (040)


A decent filler episode. It was odd seeing Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon eventually losing to Arbok and Weezing, but at least Eevee managed to send Team Rocket blasting off.

I was actually glad that the Rocket-dan somehow managed to overpower Showers, Thunders, and Booster with Arbok and Matadogas. It was one of the few times during Kanto where Musashi and Kojirou seemed like genuine threats, although it was clearly written as a way to allow Taichi and his Eievui to save the day and impress Mizuki, Raizou, and Atsushi.


Wow Horsea's use of an ink trail was smart and I didn't like when Ash and Brock got all mad when they were offered evolution stones for their Pokemon.
When Mikey's brothers pestered Ash and Brock to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix, I got so angry. It's now wonder Mikey had to abandon his Eevee since his bros were bossy.


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I wish Ash would evolve his Pikachu. Raichu is both cuter and cooler. I always evolved my Pikachu in Red/Blue as soon as I made it into Celadon City.

I never got the show's borderline vendetta against stone evolutions. TBH. I know WHY Pikachu won't evolved but the anime always made it sound like something was wrong with trainers who used stone evolutions. Even though Misty would of had to used on Staryu to evolve it into Starmie and was ready to use on Mikey's Eevee to make it into a Vaporeon.

I feel bad for Pyro. How much in denial do you have to be to think Flareon is the best eevolution? It's the not the strongest (Jolteon) nor is it the cutest (Vaporeon)


I did find it odd how suddenly Takeshi was against using an evolutionary stone seeing as how he never showed much concern over that before, but I guess he was just trying to keep Rokon unchanged for Yuki's sake.


Daizy said:
The stone evolution phobia was stupid. I mean if Pokemon are willing to evolve using a stone then their trainers can't be upset by that choice.

In the case of this episode, none of the Pokemon shown had issues with evolving, not even Eievui. So I did find it funny how evolution was deemed wrong here.


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Eevee is such a cute Pokémon. I thought Misty’s interactions with Psyduck were pretty funny and whenever Misty and Jesse go at it, it’s always hilarious. I also love when Misty bonds with the younger siblings.

Brock’s “grasshopper has little sense but big mouth” line was also hilarious.


Immortal Queen
Brock’s “grasshopper has little sense but big mouth” line was also hilarious.

Wasn't that right after Ash said to Misty that she could easily pass for his big brother? I didn't understand what he meant when I first saw the episode, but now I realize that he was making fun of her tomboyish mannerisms lol.


Isn't it funny Misty wanted an Eevee in this episode way back in Kanto, but still to this day never got one? After May, Serena and Lana got Eevee's? Misty holding Lana's Eevee in the SM cameo was probably a throwback to this.

I kinda wonder why they never let Misty get an Eevee off-screen since she left the show.
My favorite part of the episode was when Mikey stood up against Team Rocket and had Eevee use Rage against them which showed that he had matured and didn't need to evolve his Eevee just to be successful. Misty really helped him gained confidence and Ash's line about Misty passing for his big brother was one of the funnier moments of the episode. I also liked seeing Horsea do something helpful by spitting ink to mark a trail for others to follow. 8/10


ArcadestarBusy said:
so close to finishing my eevee collection
what map does this episode happen in?

If by map you mean which area this episode took place it, it was mentioned that Satoshi was heading to Guren Town. So I'm guessing that this episode was set in southern Kanto.
After May, Serena and Lana got Eevee's?
And Chloe now too.

Nice episode for Misty and I liked how she bonded with Mikey.