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The Beginning of a New End. AAMistyL

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Esperon, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    All characters are in their regular Hoenn attire unless otherwise stated. (Misty's Hoenn attire is
    the all yellow outfit she wears when she comes for the 2 epis during Ash's adventure in Hoenn and
    in the special episodes featuring her.)

    I don't own pokemon, as much as i would like to...

    Rating: PG-13 just to be safe although it's probably only a PG.


    Ash: 16
    Misty: 17
    Brock: 19

    If ages not mentioned, their not important enough!

    Hope you enjoy and please R&R!!
    PS. it doesn't start very Pokeshippy, but gets more so as it progresses!

    Chapter 1

    "Meowth!" yelled Tyson, "Pikachu!" screamed Ash, "Iron tail!" they called together.




    As the two attacks connected, a huge cloud of smoke covered the arena as both attacks found their mark.

    Once the dust cleared, both pokemon were lying motionless, causing Ash and Tyson to call out encouragement to their pokemon, urging them to get up. Slowly, both rose to their hind legs. "Pi...pi..." as Pikachu panted heavily.

    ”Meow...th" panted Meowth with equal exhaustion.

    Slowly, as if time was standing still to all those in the stadium, Pikachu began to fall forwards. "Pikachu" yelled his trainer. Through the mist of exhaustion that was covering the electric mouse's eyes, Pikachu heard his master and began to summon all the electricity in his body, while staring down his opponent, who by this stage had fallen forwards onto one knee and a front paw.

    "PIKACHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" echoed through the stadium thousands of volts of electrical energy flew through the air before finding it's target who was too exhausted to protect itself. "Meowth!" The call from the pokemon's master fell upon fainted ears and the Meowth fell forwards and lay in the dust, unable to battle.

    "Meowth is unable to battle, Pikachu is the winner! The victory goes to the green trainer, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" called the referee of the match to the screaming crowd.

    "You did it Pikachu!" laughed the 16 year old boy as he ran to pick up his victorious buddy before hugging him tightly.

    "You did a great job Meowth, take a rest, and don't worry, we'll beat him next time" said the older trainer to his pokemon as he lay in his arms glaring at the young man with his pikachu that had dared to beat him. "Meowth, return" said his master's voice before he was pulled back into his pokeball in a red light.

    "Well done Ash, that was a truly fantastic battle" said Tyson to the victor of the match, "but don't get too cocky, we'll be there to beat you one day"

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that" repied Ash taking the hand that Tyson had put forward moments before in a warm hand shake.

    BAM! "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting of agaiaiaiain!" DING!

    "Hey Ash, Ash!!" The boy turned to see his four friends running forward from the stands to greet him.

    "Hey guys, did you just here something?" he looked around for what had sounded a familiar noise, but he couldn't immediately place its origin.

    "No..." Brock looked a little worried before adding, "That was a great battle Ash. Kinda makes me wish I was competing!"

    "I just can't wait til I'm a trainer" said Max as he crouched down with compressed enthusiasm.

    "That was just fantastic Ash" screamed May, smiling sweetly.

    "Hmm, that might have been a good battle Ash, but I'm sure I would have taken down Tyson's pokemon much quicker and better than you did" Challenged Ash's more recent friend, Morrison.

    "Oh yeah, and how would you have done that? You couldn't even get past me!" taunted Ash.

    "Yeah, but chill out, you've still got a long way before reaching the final" said Brock, attempting to be the voice of reason.

    "Ha ha, whatever Brock, I'm going to head over to the Pokemon Centre to admit Pikachu and the others, I think they need a bit of restoration and refreshing before tomorrow" laughed Ash while turing towards the exit. "I'll meet up with you guys later, I've just got to make a call"


    Ring Ring...Ring Ring..."Hello" said a female voice into the speaker.

    "Hey mum, can you put the video screen on?"

    "Oh hello sweetie, just hang on a sec" Ping, the screen in front of Ash came to life to reveal the image of his mother, smiling sweetly at him, looking the same as she always does. "I just saw your match on the television, you battled beautifully! How's Pikachu?"

    "OH he's fine mum, just resting with Nurse Joy. I just wanted to say hi and check that you were ok cos I know I haven't called recently" replied her son whlie reaching up to scratch the back of his head, looking embarassed.

    "That's ok sweetie, I know you've got other things on your mind." Buzzzzzzzz "Oh, I'm sorry honey, I'm going to have to go, I was just making some cookies and I don't want them to burn!"

    "Of course mum. Oh after the tournament I'll be coming back to Pallet. I don't know who will be with me as I don't know what the others have planned to do. Just thought I'd warn you before I forget as you may have between two and five mouths to feed!"

    "Thanx sweetie, and congratulations again on your victory, I just hope you're remembering to change you you-kn-"

    "Yeahthanxmum,greattotalktoyoutoo,seeyalaterbye!" blurted Ash in a rush before his mother could finish the dreaded sentence. "phew...." he breathed a sigh of relief before "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" he fell from his chair onto the ground as a small, yellow blur flew into him from the side.

    "I'm sorry about your Pikachu, I'd just finished getting him better when he took off. I think he wants to celebrate with you." Said a sweet apologetic voice from above.

    "It's ok, I should have known he wouldn't have stayed with you for long" chuckled Ash. "Well, Pikachu, how are you feeling about tomorrow?"

    "Piiiiika!" said the pokemon while grinning mischievously and flexing his arms, giving off the same air of confidence as his trainer.

    "C'mon buddy, lets find the others and get some lunch! Thanks Nurse Joy, I'll be round later for the others!" called Ash as he ran out of the pokemon centre.


    "Oh I wish I could be there with him..." mused a young woman watching the end of the match on a sofa far far away from the Ever Grande Stadium.

    "Azu, Azuril" (so let's go!) replied the little pokemon on her lap, waving her arms in the air.

    "I don't think it's as simple as that" giggled the young lady, "For starters, how would we get there, who would take care of the pokemon here, who would take challengers...there is no way we could go!"

    "Azuu" said the pokemon as all excitement faded from her features.

    "But don't worry, we'll have fun here without them, come on, I'll race you to the pool!" called her owner from over her shoulder as she ran from the room.

    "Azuril!!" trilled the pokemon as she followed by bouncing on her tail towards the pool.


    "This is just great Brock" said Ash through his mouthful of food.

    "Yeah, it's brilliant, I can't believe you get to eat this sort of food everyday!" agreed Morrison "Bet I can eat more stew than you" he challenged Ash.

    "I'll still be eating when you're on the ground, clutching your stomach unable to move from making a challenge you can't make" retorted Ash, throwing more stew onto his plate.

    "Oh yeah, we'll see about that" said Morrison as he piled more food onto his plate. The two trainers soon disappeared from view as the piles of food grew taller and taller.

    "Oh boy" said Max as he, May, Brock, Tyson and Pikachu sweat dropped.

    "Who is Ash up against tomorrow?" asked May of her brother.

    "Hang on...ah" replied Max as his pokenav found the required information. "He's against a trainer called David, wow, he's used pokemon that vary from a Growlithe to a Gyarados. This guy is good, Ash has got a real fight on his hands tomorrow."

    "You're right, we can't even predict what pokemon he may use for tomorrow. A good strategy in a contest such as this" Added Brock, peering over Max's sholder.

    "I don't know why you guys are worrying, Ash's going to beat them all, aren't you" stated Morrison through his bulging mouth of food.

    "Yep, tomorrow will be a piece of cake, right pikachu"



    "Just one more round and Ash will be stepping into the arena" Misty told her baby pokemon.

    "Azu, azurill" chimed the pokemon on her lap.

    "Psi, psiy Psyduck"(Can we watch too?)

    Turning to look at the doorway, Misty was confronted by Psyduck, Politoed, Starmie and Staryu. "Of course you can, come on in guys."

    "Poli, politoed poli-pol" (But Gyarados and the others also want to watch)

    "Well, I don't think Gyarados will fit in here...plus Goldeen needs to stay in the water...How about we move the TV into the pool and then everyone can watch!"

    "Hiya, Ha!"



    "Well, I think you all agree with me there, lets hurry before his match starts." Carefully, Misty took the television off it's hooks on the wall "Gah, it's heavy, politoed, grab the other end!" The pokemon leapt forward to help his mistress with the flat screen TV before it fell to the floor. "Thanx Politoed!" Beamed Misty. Between herself and Politoed, with the other pokemon directing them and keeping psyduck out of the way, the television was mounted on the wall of the water arena.

    "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the second of our semi-finals of the Ever Grande Festival is about to begin, where we will see who will join Samantha in the final. Will it be David from Cherrygrove City, or will it be Ash from Pallet Town?" Blared the TV to Misty and her pokemon who quickly settled down for what was going to be a tough contest. "And for the first terrain, our contestants will be battling on an ice field. Which pokemon will these tough trainers choose first?"

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2006
  2. darkjigglypuff

    darkjigglypuff Borderline Troll

    This would belong in the Shipping fic section.
  3. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Yes as this is so horrible it belongs nowhere else D:

    There seems to be ... nothing to the thing, outside of a poor excuse for AxM. This is litiature trite. Seriously. Bad formatting, bad description, action, emotion, author notes.....

    :/ this should either be deleted and rewrote, or just deleted. And READ ADVICE FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS it was made to help people get better ffs -_-
  4. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    I have here the second chapter and I would like to say thank you very much to Zephyr Fair for moving this to the right forum ><

    Chapter 2

    "Swellow, I choose you!" yelled Ash as his pokeball flew through the air to burst open and reveal the bird pokemon in a bright white flash of light to meet the Swinub that stood at the other end of the ice field.

    "Swinub, Blizzard" instructed David of his pokemon.

    "Dodge with Quick Attack, and then gather speed for Arial Ace"

    "Swe-ellow!" cried the bird as he dodged the attack and flew in close for a direct hit.

    Although the attack did little damage, Swinub was knocked back a few feet from the hit, only stopping when he reached the arena wall. "Retaliate with Ice Beam!" cried his trainer before a ball of ice formed in front of the Swinub before firing off at Swellow.

    "Dodge it!" Swellow tried evasive manoeuvres to escape from the beam, but it scored a direct hit on Swellow's right wing, instantly freezing it. "Head for the ground and get rid of that ice but hitting your wing on the ground!" called Ash, even though he knew this would leave Swellow vulnerable to attack.

    "Excellent" murmed David to himself, "Swinub, Ice Beam...NOW!" Swinub's Ice Beam was a direct hit, freezing Swellow solid.

    "No, Swellow, try to get out of there" called Ash, determined not to lose his first pokemon in less than ten minutes. At that moment, Swellow's eyes snapped open and it was visible that the pokemon was straining against the ice holding it captive.

    "Swinub, charge up another ice beam to hit it as soon as that ice breaks" commanded David.

    "Swellow, use Quick Attack, don't let yourself get hit!" The ice bound pokemon stopped struggling for a moment to glare at his opponent who by this time was having trouble half charging up for the ice beam, waiting to strike. Suddenly, the charge from Swinub's ice beam died down as he was no longer able to withstand the force of keeping the beam held in. Swellow took his moment and smashed
    out of the ice and soared through the air. "Well done Swellow!" cried Ash, knowing that the shear determination of his pokemon had helped him escape from his icy prison.

    Growling, David ordered another ice beam from Swinub, who began to charge up...but failed! "Arial Ace!" cried Ash, hoping to turn the Swinub's inability to fire an ice beam to his advantage. Again, Swellow charged into Swinub for a direct attack.

    "Endure" called David. Once the attack was initiated, Swinub stopped skidding backwards on the ice and was able to remain on his feet.

    "Swellow, use quick attack to get up close and grab Swinub and take it for a fly!" cried Ash, a look of a trainer with a plan on his mind. True to his instructions, Swellow shot towards Swinub and had it in the air before it could fully regain its balance. When the bird was high above the field, he let go and the Swinub fell downwards.

    With a smirk upon his face, David calmly ordered "Swinub, blizzard on the ground" Ice and snow rained down from the little swinub, causing large clouds of smoke and dust to cover the field.

    "Alright Ash, that did it!" screamed May from the stands.

    "I wouldn't be so sure" commented Brock. "That blizzard attack on the ground caused Swinub to slow down its descent. The damage caused by the fall will have been greatly reduced by the attack." worriedly, Brock, May and Max stared at the clouds of smoke over the ice field.

    "Swinub" called David "Ice Beam"

    For a moment, nothing happened, causing Swellow to come further down back into battling range, then a beam of concentrated icy energy came flying out of the smoke.

    "Dodge it" screamed Ash, but it was too late and Swellow fell to the ground.

    "Swellow is unable to battle, Swinub wins" cried the umpire to the crowd.

    "How...how did that happen?" asked Ash, staring at his fainted pokemon with disbelief. "Swellow, return" and a beam of red light drew the defeated bird into it's pokeball. "Thanx for that Swellow, you were great, but now it's time for Torkoal to finish the job" he cried as Torkoal's pokeball flew through the air and burst open to reveal the orange and black turtle.

    "Torko-oal" he weezed.

    "Torkoal, overheat" ordered Ash.

    "Isn't that a bit risky to start off the match with overheat?" questioned May.

    "Yeah, but that Swinub is tired and I think Ash recons that one hit, if it's hard enough will faint Swinub."

    As Brock finished his sentence, the referee held up Ash's flag and announced "Swinub is unable to battle. Torkoal wins!"

    "Great job Torkoal" praised Ash of his pokemon.

    "Torko-oal" said the pokemon, while letting off a cloud of black smoke.

    "Well done Swinub" David spoke to the pokeball, and then with a grin on his face, he released-


    "And David's second pokemon is his Marowak!"

    "Oh wow, I haven't seen a Marowak in battle for ages" cried Misty,watching from on top of Gyarados's head at the wide screen TV on the wall of the Gym.

    "Azu, Azurill!" chirupped the baby pokemon on her lap, excited by the current events.

    "And it looks like Ash from Pallet is going to get this round started with a flamethrower, but I don't think anyone expected this!" exclaimed the commentator as the Marowak spun it's bone so fast that the flamethrower was deflected, causing little or no damage.

    "Marowak" came from off the screen "Bonemerang"

    From the other side of the screen, a cry of "Torkoal, Iron Defence, let's go!" could be heard. But Torkoal wasn't fast enough to get into it's shell and still received half the damage.

    "Ash, swap out you idiot!" screamed Misty at the TV. She groaned in frustration as Ash ignored her advice and ordered another flamethrower at Marowak.

    At his trainer's command, Marowak jumped high in the air to escape form the beam of fire and the flamethrower hit the ice.

    "Marowak, focus punch!" This time, it was evident that Torkoal could not escape the attack and began sliding backwards on the slippery surface of the ice to crash into a block of ice.

    "No! Torkoal" called Ash to his pokemon as the camera did a close up of Ash's face and his pokemon.

    'Oh, WHY did I actually leave Ash just to please my sisters?' Misty wondered to herself with anguish.

    "Well, that's one tough pokemon to withstand such a strong attack. What will Ketchum do next?" asked the commentator.

    "Torkoal body slam!"

    "Marowak, dodge NOW!"

    CRASH!! Unknown to Ash and torkoal, when Torkoal's flamethrower missed Marowak, the ice had been partially melted. Strong enough to hold the small Marowak, the heavy iron pokemon was too much for it as he landed from a full strength body slam.

    "Torkoal is unable to battle, Marowak wins" announce the umpire, holding up David's flag as Torkoal groaned from within the pool of water and ice.

    "Torkoal return. You were great buddy." 'Now...who to choose...I think...'


    "Cawphish, I choose you" cried Ash as the pokeball flew through the air to releace the lobster pokemon. "Cawphish, Bubblebeam!"

    "Marowak, dodge and use Bone Club"

    "MarooooWAK!" cried the pokemon as his bone made connection with Cawphish's head.

    "Cawphish caw" cried the pokemon, shaking it's head as a headache began to form.

    "Bubblebeam again Cawphish"

    "Marowak, get behind the ice pillar" instructed David as Cawphish's attack bounced harmlessly of the ice.


    CRASH!! Cawphish's Crabhammer went smashing through the ice pillar and into Marowak, sending the bone keeper pokemon smashing into more ice pillars.

    In desperation, David ordered "Bonemerang!!" but nothing happened.

    "Marowak is unable to battle, Cawphish is the winner" called the umpire, holding up Ash's flag.

    "Alright, way to go Cawphish!" called Ash to his pokemon.

    "Pika pika!!"(Well done!) cried Pikachu, just as excited as his trainer.

    "Well done Marowak" praised David. "Well, you've done well against the offensive, how are you against this pokemon? Wobbuffet, I choose you!" as the big blue blob appeared in front of the audience.

    "A Wobbuffet?" questioned May in the stands, reaching from her pokedex "Wobbuffet, the patience pokemon, Wobbuffet does nothing but endure attacks - it won't attack on it's own. However, it won't endure an attack on it's tail. When that happens, this pokemon will try to take the foe with it using Destiny Bond. Wobbuffet is the evolved form of Wynut."

    "The patience pokemon? What's the use with that, it can't make any attack on the opposition." commented May.

    "No," said Brock grimly, "it can do worse than just attack the foe."

    "Huh?" said May, obviously confused.

    "Just wait and watch" replied Brock.

    "Cawphish, vicegrip" called Ash as soon as the round began.



    "What is David doing? He's just letting Cawphish beat up Wobbuffet! Has he just given up?" asked May as Cawphish's Crabhammer made a direct hit.

    "May!! SHUT UP! Brock said to just wait and see" screamed Max, thoughly annoyed that his sister STILL hadn't got David's tactic.

    "Alright Cawphish, let's finish this with another Crabhammer!" yelled Ash excited that he was easily winning the round. Moments before the Crabhammer found it's target, David ordered

    "Wobbuffet, Destiny Bond!"

    "No!" screamed Ash. But it was too late. Cawphish's Crabhammer made a direct hit just as Wobbuffet's eyes glowed purple and the purple swirls covered Cawphish's eyes, causing the pokemon to faint with swirly eyes.

    "This round is a draw" said the Umpire.

    "Oh, that's what he was going to do!" squealed May. Brock, Morrison, Tyson and Max facefell in despair at May's stupidity.


    "Well, with three pokemon down each, the field of battle must now be changed as we now go for a short interval." informed the telovision.

    "Ash you idiot! HOW did you fall for that trick!!" screamed Misty in frustration at the TV "I ca- AAAAAAHHHH" screamed Misty as she jumped up...but fell off Gyarados's head into the water, taking Azurill with her. When she surfaced, laughter varying from the giggles of Azurill to gwaffing from Gyarados and "Psi, Psi" from Psyduck surrounded the gym.

    "Oh ha, ha, very funny!" Said Misty, attempting to be cross but failing miserable and joining in with her jubilant pokemon. "I'll just go and get dried off and grab some pop corn. Any requests?"

    At the mention of treats, all the pokemon started jumping up and down all calling for their favourites. "Ok, ok, I'll get a bit of everything! Give me a VERY loud yell when it starts again!" replied Misty backing away from her hyper pokemon.

    10 minutes later, Misty could hear the excited squeals of her pokemon in the pool. "Poli, politoed poli pol" cried Politoed running to the door.

    "Ok, ok come and give me a hand with this," gesturing to the mountain of food and poke-snacks on the tray. With the tray carried between them, they quickly moved into the gym arena.

    "What did we miss?" questioned Misty.

    "Hya ya, ha hi-ya ha-ha!" (Not much, but it's a grass field) replied Staryu as everyone ran forward to take their favourite poke-snack.

    "Great" said Misty as everyone settled down to watch the on going match.


    "Glalie, Headbutt" commanded Ash as the floating head flew through the air to hit the opposing Vibrava.

    "Double Team!" cried David as multiple copies of Vibrava appeared all over the field, causing the attack to miss and Glalie to hit a tree.

    "Ice Beam!"

    "Dragon Breath!"

    And the two attacks met. It looked like the two attacks were equal in power, but soon, Dragon Breath pushed Glalie back into the arena wall, dealing a direct hit with a lot of damage.

    "No! Glalie" cried Ash

    "Gla-Glalie!" Cried the pokemon as he levitated uneasily towards his opponent.

    'Glalie needs a moment to rest...should I swap...no, I think he can do it!' thought Ash to himself. "Dodge it!" he cried, angry at himself for thinking of strategy and not concentrating on the battle as Glalie only just avoided another Dragon Breath. 'Yes! That's it!' "Glalie, Double Team and keep moving!" Immediately, copies of Glalie appeared all over the battle field, constantly moving and rotating, causing Vibrava's attack to miss.

    "Two can play at that game, Vibrava, Double Team!" Again, copies of the pokemon appeared. The two trainers stared at each other across the battle arena before David gave a sly grin. "Vibrava!" he called, not losing eye contact with Ash, "Faint Attack". All the clones of Vibrava molded into one before it disappeared from sight.

    "Gla-a-alie!" cried one of the Glalies', the real one and he fell to the ground, fainted while allhis copies vanished.

    "Glalie is unable to battle. Vibrava wins" announced the Umpire, holding up the respective flag.


    "That was so fast..." murmured Misty to her pokemon. "How's he going to cope now? From what I've heard from him, Glalie is one of his strongest pokemon." she stared blankly at the TV screen as the commentator informed the group that Ash only has two pokemon left in the battle, not that she needed reminding!

    The camera zoomed in on Ash's face again. He was grim and appeared to be calculating which of his two remaining pokemon would be best at taking on this part ground, part dragon pokemon.

    "Grovyle, I choose you!" and the green grass lizard appeared, placing it's twig in it's mouth.


    "Ash you twerp, how is a grass type going to win over a dragon type!" she said with fustration.

    The camera focused in on the two pokemon, one on the grass, the other hovering in the air.

    "Grovyle" came from off screen "Bullet Seed!"

    "bzzzzzz" as Vibrava easily evaded the attack.

    "Vibrava, Dragon Breath!" A blast of breath flew at Grovyle who dodged with Quick Attack.

    "Leaf Blade"

    "Double Team" and Grovyle's attack went through one of the clones.

    "Faint Attack!"

    "Leaf Blade to protect" and the attack glanced off the glowing blades. "Leaf Blade again Grovyle"

    Due to the close proximity of the attack, Vibrava was unable to evade and took a full hit.

    "Grovyle, into the grass!" as the lizard disappeared from sight.

    "Stop playing hide and seek, Vibrava, Dragon Breath!" called David, feeling that victory was in
    sight. The hot breath burned all the grass on the field...but no Grovyle!

    "Now Grovyle, Leaf Blade!" cried Ash and his pokemon appeared from in a tree onto the back of Vibrava, dealing a direct hit, causing the pokemon to crash to the ground due to the weight of Grovyle and the damage from the attack. "Finish it with pound!"

    "Gro-o-o-vyle!" cried the lizard as he successfully delivered a pound, driving Vibrava into the ground and out for the count.

    "Yes, well done Ash!! But how did he come up with that? Since when did Ash ever think of strategic plans?" questioned Misty, remembering the rash 10 year old in his first tournament. She was brought back to the present day by the hushed whispers from her pokemon. "What?" she demanded.

    "Hya hyia" (Nothing, honest!) replied Starmie with as much innocence as possible.

    "Hmmmm" said Misty, "You're up to something." before returning to the TV screen.

    "Politoed poli poli toed toe" (She really does have it bad!) said Politoed to Psyduck.

    "Psyiyiyiyi!" replied Psyduck as Politoed rolled it's eyes in desperation.


    "Squirtle, you're up!" cried David as he threw the next pokeball into the arena.

    "Squirtle Squirt!" cried the pokemon.

    "Grovyle, bullet seed attack!" called Ash.

    "Grovyle!" and bullets sped towards his opponent.

    "Withdraw" instructed David and the tiny turtle pokemon withrew into his shell, causing the bullet seed attack to bounce off the hard shell causing Ash to grimace, this was going to be harder than it looked.

    "Grovyle, Quick Attack then Leaf Blade!"

    "Grovyle!" as the pokemon sped into the withdrawn shell before powering up his leaves.

    "Sqirtle, Hydro Pump!" and the shell span at high speed, shooting water out of the holes from it's head, arms and legs, giving a direct hit on Grovyle, smashing him into a tree. Grovyle, sat up and glared at the tiny turtle who smiled sweetly in return before sending an ice beam at the lizard at his trainer's command.

    "Dodge it!" screamed Ash with desperation. Grovyle wasn't quick enough and ended up with his foot trapped in a block of ice.

    "Excellent," smirked David, "this is going to be easier than I thought! Another ice beam Squirtle!"

    "Bullet Seed!" instructed Ash, hoping feverently that the Bullet Seed attack would be stronger than Squirtle's Ice Beam. Amazingly, the ice beam hit the seeds, freezing them solid, but not stopping the seed's flight through the air, hitting Squirtle and throwing it backwards, altering the direction of the Ice Beam, causing it to hit the tree above Grovyle. "Get out of that ice!" immediately, Grovyle used Bullet Seed, breaking up the prison around its foot. "Leaf Blade again Grovyle!"

    By this stage, Squirtle was back on its feet and ready for battle, "Rapid Spin!"
    Both attacks met in mid air, causing billows of smoke to fill the arena, causing both trainer to squint through the dust to see what happened on the field of battle.

    When the dust cleared, squirtle was on it's feet, panting while "Grovyle is unable to battle, Squirtle Wins!"

    "How did that happen? I thought Water types were weak against Grass types!" questioned May.

    "That may be true, but due to the nature of the attack, Squirtle was heavily protected in it's shell, therefore avoiding the main damage from the Leaf Blade. Grovyle wasn't so lucky." replied Tyson from the seat next to her.


    "Don't worry May" boasted Morrison from further down the line of friends, "Ash has Pikachu next, he's bound to win with an advantage like that!"

    "Hmmm that may be so, but I've also heard of a Squirtle beating an electric type before. Ash's Squirtle actually..."rambled Brock

    "WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE SHUT UP" yelled Max, his head all big and leaning over the others, "I WOULD LIKE



    "Come on Pikachu!! You can do it!!" willed Misty as she stared intently at the screen.

    "Ash is down to his final pokemon while David still has two left. For his last pokemon, Ash has chosen his Pikachu." informed the commentator.

    "Pikachu!" called Ash, "Thunderbolt!"

    "Pikaaaaaachuuu!" and electrical energy flew towards Squirtle.

    "Withdraw" said his opponent, causing the electrical attack to have very little effect on the turtle.

    "Fine, Pikachu Iron Tail!" could be heard from off screen.

    "Pi-pi-pikachu!" and with Pikachu's amazing speed he swung his bright white, charged up tail into the shell containing the withdrawn Squirtle, sending it flying into the wall, forcing it out.

    "Now hit it with a thunderbolt attack!"

    "Withdraw again Squirtle!"said David, shocked at Pikachu's immense speed. However, Squirtle was unable to withdraw as he was too shaken up from the previous attack and promptly fainted when hit by the thunderbolt attack.

    "Alright Pikachu! Ash is only pokemon battle away from his first ever final!!"


    Misty's head expanded with rage, becoming VERY big and VERY red! "How DARE someone want to come here for a match when such an important tournament is on the television!!!!" screamed Misty while still staring at the screen.

    Seeing his trainer about to explode, Politoed volunteered his services to run to the door with a note and tell whoever was at the door to buzz off. "Thanx Politoed, you can watch the bits of the match you miss with me later on the recorder!!" called Misty as Politoed walked out of the room.

    "Poli poli toe poli politoed toed toed" (she's recording it and STILL won't leave the screen!" mumbled the pokemon as he scurried off to the door expecting the usual rookie trainer.


    "Well Ash, we're down to our last pokemon, lets see who has the bigger volts! Mareep, I choose you!"

    "Mareeeeep!" it cried as the fluffy sheep like pokemon appeared before the crowd.

    "Well, now we can test Ash's long term memory!" chuckled Brock.

    "Huh?" all Brock's companions looked at Brock with bemused expressions.

    "We met a flock of Mareep when we travelled through Johto. I'll tell you later if you don't find out now!" replied Brock

    "Pikachu, thunderbolt attack!"

    "Obviously forgot..." said Brock, not looking suprised.

    "Pikaaaaaaaaaachu!" screamed the little pokemon as he let out his powerful electrical attack.

    "Mareeeeeeeeeep!!" cried his opponent as she smiled, lapping up the energy being freely supplied.

    "Well, thank you for charging up my Mareep Ash, obviously you haven't fought against a Mareep. It's wool soaks up electrical energy, giving it's electrical attacks even more power!" gloated David, pleased to have an advantage against his opponent, preventing the use of two of Pikachu's best attacks.

    Growling, Ash responded by telling Pikachu to use Iron Tail, making a direct hit on the sheep, sending her flying backwards. "Pikapi! pi chu pikachu!" (Ash! I can't move!) called Ash's pokemon to his trainer as he tried to fight off the effects of paralysis.

    "Mareep, are you ok?" Questioned David. After recieving the offermative he ordered, "Mareep, Body Slam!"

    "Dodge it Pikachu!" screamed Ash, starting to get frantic at how bad the odds on winning the match were becoming. Pikachu was just able to use his quick attack to get out of the way of the charging wool pokemon. "Alright Pikachu, try and shake off that paralysis with another Iron Tail!" Pikachu tried the attack, but was unable to move from the spot.

    "Mareep, Thunder!"

    "Mareeeeeeeeeeeeep!" cried the pokemon as she unleashed the most powerful electrical attack.

    "Well, I think this match is over!" scoffed David, certain that no pokemon could ever take his
    Mareep's Thunder attack after she had been fully charged.

    "I wouldn't be so sure!" replied Ash as Pikachu came bounding out of the smoke, recovered from his paralysis and still able to battle despite the strong attack. "Alright Pikachu, Iron Tail!"

    "Pikaaaaaaaaachuu!" as the attack connected and sent the Mareep flying.

    "Hidden Power!" The Mareep initiated the attack in mid air, allowing her to slow down her speed and land safely. "Hidden Power again!" beads of white light started moving in an intricate pattern in front of Mareep before being fired directly at Pikachu.

    "Dodge with Quick Attack!" Pikachu easily dodged, "Now, Quick Attack!" Speeding towards Mareep, Pikachu flew through the air to collide dead on. It seemed that none of Pikachu's attacks were particularly effective against Mareep and he was slowly being worn down as he began to pant.

    Even though it was a small movement, Ash spotted that Mareep was now holding her tail closer to her body, almost as if trying to protect it. The brightness of the bulb had also decreased, indicating that her electrical energy was becoming very low. 'Now I've got you!' "Pikachu another Iron Tail on Mareep's tail!"

    "Mareep thunderbolt!"

    "Pikachu thunder!" Electricity flew all around the arena, norrowly missing Ash and David.

    "What's Ash doing! I thought Mareep would absorb all electrical attack energy, why is he charging it up again!" questioned May.

    "He's copying what I did in my last match." replied Tyson, patient as ever towards the naive girl. "I had Meowth use thunderbolt to protect himself against Pikachu's thunderbolt. Seems like he's learning quite a few techniques!"


    Unexpectedly, Mareep's thunderbolt attack stopped. "Pikachu, stop thunder!" cried Ash urgently, hoping that Mareep's wool wouldn't become too full of static too soon. Already ahead of his trainer, Pikachu's attack had already stopped. "Now, Quick Attack then Iron Tail the light on Mareep's tail before it can recover!"

    "Pikachu!!" he carried out his trainer's command, dealing direct hits.

    "Ma-a-are-e-ep!" cried the pokemon as it fell to it's knees, unable to stand.

    "Mareep is unable to battle, Pikachu wins. The victor of this match is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" announced the umpire to huge cheers from the crowds.

    "Alright Pikachu! You did it, come here buddy!" cried Ash as his first pokemon leapt into his arms.

    "Go Ash, that was great!" squeaked May.

    "Yeah, that was really excellent!" cheered Max.

    "I can't believe that took you so long to win!" scorned Morrison.

    "Looks like you've learned a few things this week!" commented Tyson.

    "Well done Ash, you've made it to the final, against the lovely Samantha..." drooled Brock.

    Turning, Ash saw all his friends in the stand behind him. After giving them all a wide grin, he turned back to the battle field to see David storming off away from the field of battle, obviously furious at having lost to someone much younger than himself.

    "Pikapi?" came from below.

    "Yeah, don't worry Pikachu, I just wanted to talk to David, don't think I'll get a chance to now though" shrugged Ash. "Come on, let's get something to eat!"

    "Pika! kachu, ka pi pikachu!!" (Woow! Ketchup, here I come!)


    OO little point, the original fic was meant to be half the length it has finished. Therefore any major AAML doesn't occur for a while...but it DOES occur! So please just be patient with this rather than flame it for not being shippy enough at the moment.
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    Notes and Chapter 3

    Of course! but unfortunately...this being my first I just started with the end of the Hoenn League... Currently all bar the last chapter is written and I will try to get a new chapter every 2 days or so up (need to check through and stuff) but yeah..

    Meh, posting to reply, might as well stick up Chapter 3!

    "Yes!! Go Ash that was amazing!!!!" Misty was dancing with her Azurill, still on Gyarados's head while Corsola danced with Psyduck, Goldeen frolicked with Horsea while Starmie and Staryu span around in the air showering everyone with stars from their swift attacks while Gyarados just tried to concentrate on keeping Misty on his head and out of the water.

    "Well, like, this wasn't what we were, like, expecting"

    "Waaaa!" SPLASH. Unbeknown to all watching the TV, three people and a pokemon had appeared at the door. "Daisy? Lily? Violet? What are you doing here, I thought you were in Australia!"

    "Ummmm yeah, we, like, were, like last week! We got back earlier, you'd have known if you'd have, like, checked your answer machine. But I think we all know what like, really had your attention!" said Daisy, passing a knowing wink to the other "Sensational Sisters".

    "Yeah! Well I wouldn't have to if you guys had never gone off and left me here to look after the Gym on my own for almost two years! What happened to the original time period!" yelled Misty as she pulled herself and Azurill out of the pool after her second unscheduled swim.

    "Well, you could at least be like, pleased to see us. Now you can go back and be with your boyfriend again!"


    "Who said anything about Ash!" retorted Lily.



    "Ash that was awesome! So, how does it feel to know that you are only one match away from being the Hoenn champion?" asked Max when everyone was back in their room.

    "Very weird and interesting...What do you guys know about Samantha? Not from your book!" asked and threatened Ash as Brock sprung to his side holding his book with all the information on all the female trainers in the competition. Ash was calmer than anyone had expected. After the match, Ash had greeted his friends again, but had become more and more subdued as the evening had warn on.

    "Well," replied Max, getting out his Pokenav. "She's competed in the Johto League, different time to you I think, she was in the top 4. She's also tried for the Orange League, but couldn't beat the final gym leader, Drake. Indigo top 8...that's all her achievements to date. Throughout all her battles, she's kept four pokemon the same, a Gardevoir, a Combusken, a Ditto and a Poliwrath. The other two pokemon she's used have rotated between a Butterfree, a Gengar, a Skarmory, a Dustox,
    a Roselia and an Ivysaur."

    "Thanx, do you know what time the match it tomorrow?"asked Ash.

    "Yeah, you'll like this, your battle is the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is the mini final to find out who is third and fourth between David and Jordan, the person Samantha beat. You can either train or watch the match. At least it gives you a day to think of a strategy."

    "Thanx Max..." said Ash, deep in thought, "Hey, I think I'm going to go for a walk. I'll go round the Pokemon Centre and get Pikachu as well." and before any of the others could say anything, he walked out the door.

    "I wonder what's up with Ash?" questioned May.

    "I think he's just nervous. I've never seen him this way before. Maybe it's the thought that he could be about to make his dream come true in just a few days has him spooked. Hmmm I think I need to make a phone call too, there may be someone he needs to talk to." said Brock, before he to left the room.

    "Oh well," shrugged Tyson, "Anyone up for a game of happy families?"


    "Oh hello Ash, you're Pikachu is all ready to go but I think the others may need a little more time." said the Nurse Joy behind the desk at the counter.

    "Thank you Nurse Joy, Hey Pika-buddy" replied Ash and Pikachu bounded across the desk to his trainer. "I'll be round to get the others in the morning. Come on Pikachu, I've got a phone call to make."

    "Oh, and congratulations on your victory today, I'm sure you'll go great in the final!" called Nurse Joy as Ash walked away.

    Ring Ring...Ring Ring..."Hello? Oh hi Ash, how can I help you?" said the figure on the phone screen.

    "Hi, I was wondering if you could..." whispered Ash, lowering his voice as people walked past.

    "Of course, I'll do so right away. Good luck in the final!" said the telephone.

    "Thank you. Talk to you soon" finished Ash as he put the phone down. "Thanx for keeping watch Pikachu. Anyone we know came in?"

    "Pi pika pichu pikachuchu" (Nope, all clear let's go!) responded Pikachu who had been keeping watch for prying ears and eyes.

    "Great, let's go back and get some food! Race you, and no attacks!" said Ash as he ran off out the pokemon centre door.


    Ring Ring...Ring Ring...Ring Ring....

    THUD! "OWWWWW! Brock will you get off me!" screamed Ash in the middle of the night as the room telephone went off. "It's not going to be a Nurse Joy or an Officer Jenny wanting to go on a date with you!"

    About half an hour after Ash had returned the previous night, so had Brock who had remained as cryptic as Ash as to where he had been for the past hour. It was now the middle of that night and everyone was asleep, until the phone rang.

    *Yawn* "Hello?" said May as she picked up the phone. "Yeah, this is Ash Ketchum's room. Who is it? Hmm Ash, it's for you, Officer Jenny I think." said May as she held out the phone for Ash.

    "oh, why is she calling for Ash when she knows that I can be her only true love!!"Cried Brock from the floor in despair.

    "Yeah, hello?...err, sure I'll come down Officer Jenny. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Bye" and Ash put the phone down before getting out of bed and putting his jumper and hat on. "Apparently, there's someone at the gates to the Ever Grande Trainer's Village trying to get in cos they know me. Dunno who though. Back in half an hour."

    "Pika pi Pikachu?" (Shall i come?) asked Pikachu from the bed with the blanket half over his head.

    "No, you stay here and get some rest buddy, we've got some hard training to do tomorrow." said Ash.

    "Pi" (Good) and with that he turned over and went back to sleep.

    "See you guys later" and Ash walked out the door.


    "When I get a hold of Brock I am going to kill him!!" screamed and rampaged the girl in one of the cells at the Trainer's Village police station. She was furious that not only had she been locked in the cell, but her pokemon had all been taken away from her to prevent her from trying to escape.

    "Hi Officer Jenny *yawn* you needed to see me?" could be heard from the front room.

    "Oh great!" grumbled the girl as she slumped down on the seats provided.

    "I need to know if she is who she says she is. I'm sorry for all the hassle, but we've had to step up the security after the attempt to steal the Flame of Moltres. Only competing trainers and people who are friends of those trainers are allowed in the trainer's village." said Officer Jenny as she and Ash came through the door. "She's in here."

    "Misty?!?" cried Ash as he saw who it was.

    "Um...hi Ash! Sorry to get you up at this time, BUT WILL YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" screamed Misty, obviously furious.

    "he he, yeah, I know Misty, we used to travel together, you can let her through, the only dangerous thing about her is her temper" said Ash, his hand behind his head.

    "Watch it Ketchum!" glared Misty as the door to her cell was opened. "Can I please have my pokemon and things back Officer."

    "Of course, I am truly sorry for all this, we're only trying to keep everyone and their pokemon safe from unwanted company." apologised Officer Jenny, handing Misty her backpack.

    "That's alright, see you later Officer Jenny" said Ash as he exited the building ahead of Misty.

    "So Ash, where's Pikachu? asked Misty.

    "He rolled over and went back to sleep! So what are you doing here?" questioned Ash, looking intently at Misty.

    "Well, I was watching your battle earlier in the Gym and my sisters came back just at the end and saw that you had won and insisted that I came over to help support you." replied Misty, starting to turn a little red. "Then Brock called not long after, also wanting me to come. However much I tried to stay, after that, it was useless as my sisters bundled me off to the local Teleportation Office and send me here with an Abra."

    "Oh, so you didn't want to come?" asked Ash, looking slightly crest fallen.

    "No, no, of course I did, I was just nervous of leaving the Gym with those 3. I'll get back to find no badges left, again! The Gym in disarray and goodness knows what state the pokemon would be in! If I could've, I wouldn't have been here from the start of the competition, rather than just for the end!." hurriedly said Misty, beginning to go redder.

    "Thanks Mist, that means a lot." replied Ash, smiling softly at her. "Hey, do you wanna get something to drink? I'm up again now, can't sleep, unless you want to sleep now of course."

    "That would be nice, thanx Ash."replied Misty, "Hang on, let me get out Azurill, it's still not used to being in a pokeball for long! Plus, she really wanted to meet you. Azurill, go!"

    "Azu, Azurill!!" trilled the happy baby pokemon estatic at being let out of it's ball.

    "Well hello there little one" said Ash, holding out his hand and bending down to see the little pokemon. "Where did you get it?"

    "Tracy gave it to me, she his Marill's baby." responded Misty.

    "I can't wait to get back after this contest, it will be great to see Mum, Tracy and the Professor again. Though might be dangerous when Bayleaf sees me!" chuckled Ash as he picked up Azurill before handing her back to her mummy.

    "Now what was that about a drink?"


    "Chaaaaaaa" stretching, Pikachu woke up first that morning and looked about himself on the end of Ash's bed. "Pikapi, Pikapi?" (Ash, Ash?) he said, turning to look at the person in the bed with him before realising that something wasn't quite right...'that's not Ash! Intruder!!' thought the pokemon before “Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" and released a strong thunderbolt attack.

    "YAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" screamed the person in the bed, leaping in the air as hundreds of volts flowed through their body, waking everyone in the room up.

    "PIKACHU!" came from behind the pokemon.

    "Pikapi?" halting the attack, he looked questioningly at his trainer who had been sleeping on the couch.

    "ARGH PIKACHU!!" the person he had shocked awake sat up and glared at him. "Don't you ever look before you shock!"

    "Pikachupi!!" squealed Pikachu before leaping into her arms.

    "Oh, hi Misty, when did you get here?" asked Brock in the next bed.

    "YOU!" and before Brock could react he was stuck down on the floor with a huge bump on his head and Farfech'd flying round his head. "YOU were supposed to leave my name at the gate so that I could get in to the trainer's village without all the hassle we had to go through!" screamed Misty.

    "Heh heh, I'm glad I'm not Brock right now!" chuckled Max, rubbing the back of his head. "Nice to meet you again Misty."

    "Yeah, hi Misty!" said May from her bed near the window.

    "This is Tyson and Morrison." said Ash as he introduced Misty to the two boys.


    "Hello there"

    After putting on his glasses, Max looked towards Ash. "So, Ash, what happened to that "I'll be back in half an hour"?" asked the boy, an evil glint in his eye.

    "He he, we, um went to get a drink before coming back." replied Ash, starting to turn red while rubbing the back of his head. "Misty has an Azurill."

    "Oh my god!! please can I see it!!" squealed May "I love Azurills!!"

    "Sure," replied Misty, putting her mallet away and reaching for the small blue pokemon who had fallen on the floor under her blanket when she had been rudely awaken.

    "Azu Azurill!" squeaked the pokemon.

    "Hmmm nice save" murmured Brock to Ash while May cooed over Azurill.

    "Errrr Who wants breakfast?" Asked Ash, extremely keen to get off the topic of last night.

    "Sure, bet I can eat more pancakes than you" responded Morrison.

    "I seriously doubt that" replied Ash, putting on his shoes, "But I know I can beat you there! come on Pikachu!"

    "Pika" and with that they ran from the room.

    "Aaargh! I'll get there before you!" cried Morrison running out the room after Ash before getting dressed.

    "Errr, are they always like that?" asked a puzzled Misty.

    "Of course, you know how competitive and stubborn Ash is" replied Brock, beginning to get dressed "Morrison's the same, just more so!"

    "Ok, well everyone ready?" asked Tyson 5 minutes later.

    "Sure, let's go."

    Before they could open the door, it flew back on it's hinges as Morrison burst in "Waaaahh!!" and hid under the bed clothes

    "Wonder what that's about? Should we ask him or just go to breakfast?" asked May, her stomach rumbling, causing her to blush.

    "Breakfast!" came the unanimous reply from the others.

    When they arrived at the breakfast hall for residential trainers, they found Ash and Pikachu at a large table eating pancakes and ketchup respectively. "Come on guys, dunno what happened to Morrison, he was right behind me til we got in here."

    The others burst out laughing before explaining to Ash about the lack of suitable clothing Morrison realised he had been wearing when he had entered the busy breakfast hall.


    Pikachu had been laughing so hard that he'd squeezed his ketchup bottle too hard, sending the red liquid not only all over himself, but also over Ash beside him as well as Misty who was walking behind Pikachu's seat to take the space on the other side of Ash. Pikachu was thrilled by his new coat, now he could eat wherever he went. However, Ash and Misty weren't so thrilled.

    "Pikachu! You got ketchup on my best hat/top!" accused Ash and Misty at the same time, causing the two to blush, not that anyone could see due to the ketchup on their faces.

    "I...I think you...you should go change!" cried Max, now rolling on the floor laughing.

    "Blech, fine, but I won't be cleaning your coat afterwards!" said Ash to Pikachu, standing up and taking off his hat.

    "May, could you look after Azurill for me?" asked Misty, offering the little pokemon to the younger girl. "It likes strawberry jam on toast for breakfast."

    "I'd love to, come here you little cutie!" replied May, taking Azurill who had somehow remained clean during the whole ketchup incident.

    "You'd better be finished when I get back Pikachu, we've got a day of training ahead!" called back Ash as he and Misty left the room.

    "Aren't you going to watch the mini final today?" said Misty, following Ash back to their room.

    "Nah, I want to get everyone out and practising today, who knows, might be worth it!" said Ash over his shoulder.

    "I guess, wanna have a battle?"

    "What? and give me an easy win? think I'll ask May, she must be strong enough to put up some kind of a good battle, better than I'd get from you anyway!" replied Ash, turning so Misty couldn't see his face and smiled before bracing himself for...

    "Ash Ketchum, are you suggesting that I'm weaker than HER!?!?!?" screamed Misty.

    "Well, yeah, you are last time I checked"

    "I am not weaker than her!"

    "Yes you are!"

    "No I'm not!"





    "Geez, I could hear you guys from down the corridor, do you always argue like this?" Both teenagers turned from each other, to see Morrison standing next to them, fully dressed.

    Realising they were no longer alone, both pulled away from each other as their faces were only inches apart, causing them to turn red behind the ketchup, least no one knew!

    "errrr well, um....sorry gotta change bye!" and with that Ash shot off into their room and closed the door leaving Misty to field the question.

    "Ummm..." stuttered Misty, "I think the others are waiting for you in the breakfast hall." Seeing that this wasn't going to get rid of Morrison, she remembered one of his characteristics. "I think Ash ate only 5 pancakes, I'm sure you can eat more!"

    "He only ate 5! The light weight, I'll show him!" and took off in the direction of the stairs.

    Turning back to the door, Misty remembered more important matters, such at the fact that she was covered in ketchup, stuck in the middle of the corridor and Ash was the one hogging the room.

    "Ash," she called, hammering on the door, "will you let me in"


    "Ash...ASH!" now she was really thumping the door, a fact Ash didn't seem to notice as he opened the door at just the right moment to get a hit in the face.

    "Wahhhhhh!" as he flew back in the room. "I think your hits have become a lot stonger!" came from the floor where he lay.

    "Serves you right for not opening the door, now get out so I can change!"

    Bowing to Misty and keeping his face on the floor he quickly backed out the room, "Yes, Oh great one!"

    "Now that's more like it!" said Misty, enjoying the flattery.

    "Too bad you're weaker than May!"

    "WHAT!" Too late, Ash had already sped off down the corridor and out of sight.

    "Immature brat!" muttered Misty as she closed the door and ran to the bathroom, hoping that ketchup would wash out of her hair.


    "Hello Nurse Joy, have my pokemon finished healing?" asked Ash as he stepped up to the main desk at the tournament pokemon centre, Pikachu still liking the ketchup off his paws and therefore banned to the floor.

    "Of course Ash, please hang on one minute." and Nurse Joy disappeared into the back to retrieve the revitalised pokemon.

    "If we come back before 7pm tonight, will they all still be able to fully heal after a full day of training?" asked Ash, keen that his pokemon be as energetic and fresh as possible before the most important match of his life so far.

    "Of course they will be, as long as none of them catch a fever or become seriously injured." replied the kind Nurse.

    "Thank you, well see you later!" said Ash as he fastened the pokeballs to his belt.

    "Oh, just one thing, you had a phone call" said Nurse Joy, handing a piece of paper to Ash.

    Glancing at the paper, he immediately recognised the number. "Thank you very much Nurse Joy" and he ran off to the phones before she could reply. "Pikachu, can you keep watch for me again?"

    "Pi pika" (of course) said Pikachu, looking up from the task of cleaning his paws and coat of the remaining ketchup.

    "Hello, it's Ash, Nurse Joy said you rang earlier" whispered Ash to the telephone receiver, deciding to leave the video screen off to stop others seeing the recipient of the call.

    "Yes, it was just to say that it arrived last night and is currently regaining it's strength. When do you want it?" came from the reviever.

    "I'll call again at lunch. Thank you." and finished the conversation. "Come on Pikachu, lets get going before the others come!" and the two friends ran out of the pokemon centre, too excited to notice the person that followed behind.


    "Alright, Grovyle, Leaf Blade Glalie, Glalie, Headbutt! Cawphish, vicegrip Swellow, Swellow, Ariel Ace! Torkoal, flamethrower Pikachu, Pikachu, Iron Tail!" called Ash to all his pokemon, taking charge of three battles at once. "Good, good everyone" as Grovyle hit Glalie, Swellow hit Cawphish and Pikachu sent Torkoal flying backwards. "Ok everyone take a break." All the tired pokemon flopped down to the ground, tired but happy to oblige their trainer in the fierce training session in the woods, away from prying eyes. Ash and his pokemon had been out for three and a half hours, enduring a tough and rigorous training session. Pikachu had noticed that his trainer appeared more tense than normal and was pushing them all much harder than ever before. Pikachu understood that the up coming match meant a lot to his trainer, more than any other and he had a sneaking suspicion that Misty's appearance had only heightened his trainer's anxiety to perform well. Before he had any more time to contemplate these thoughts he was pulled up and back into training.

    "Alright, I want to be ready for any attack and find a way of defending against any attack. Let's try, Grovyle against Torkoal, Torkoal you're attacking and Grovyle is defending. Torkoal, flamethrower! Grovyle, use Leaf Blade to protect." At their trainer's command, Torkoal unleashed a stream of fire at the grass type, and naturally weak Grovyle who powered up it's leaves and crossed it's arms in front of it, deflecting the flames to either side of it's body. "Good, good, now Iwant you two to go and practise with Grovyle using your attacks to defend against the flamethrower with Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade and dodging with Quick Attack. Torkoal, keep following Grovyle, use Overheat only a few times. Are you ok with that?"


    "Torkoal Tor" affirmed the two pokemon before wandering off to the other side of the clearing to practise their exercise.

    "Alright, Swellow, you're against Glalie who's attacking. Glalie, Ice Beam, Swellow, Ariel Ace and Quick Attack dodges." The two pokemon did as ordered with Swellow dodging the Ice Beam with Quick Attack. "Good, keep it up, Swellow, work out ways to dodge Glalie's Ice attacks." and the two pokemon moved themselves to more space to practise.

    "Ok, Pikachu, thunderbolt Cawphish, Cawphish use Crab Hammer to deflect the attack, GO!" Cawphish successfully deflected Pikachu's attack, sending it off into the bushes.


    All the pokemon and Ash stopped what they were doing as a figure lept out of the bushes, electrocuted by Pikachu's deflected attack.

    "Ooops!" said the figure from the floor, realising that their cover had been blown. "Hi Ash!"

    "Misty, what are you doing there?"

    "Errr nothing...just admiring the scenery?" she struggled to reply.

    "Sure, just one thing...why won't you leave me alone? I told you I was going to train alone today."

    "It's just, I was curious to your training techniques." she replied.

    "Right, well do you mind leaving us alone? I just want to make sure that there are no ways that anyone can see any strategies. Want to at least have some surprises." he said, a glint of mischief appearing in his eyes.

    "Oh really? Well I sure a little battle right now won't give too much away! Come on, loser buys lunch!" said Misty, reaching for her pokemon.

    "You're on! Double battle and you can choose first!" said Ash, retreating to the other side of the clearing, his pokemon following to stand behind.

    "Gyarados, Staryu go!" cried Misty, realeasing the blue dragon like water pokemon along with his starfish friend.



    "Alright then, Swellow, Glalie, time to get or free lunch! You're up" and the two pokemon flew and levitated to stand between their opponents and their trainer.

    "I'm sure you'll be the gentleman and allow me to attack first!" cried Misty across the battle field. "Gyarados, twister Swellow and Staryu, rapid spin Glalie"

    "Swellow dodge with Ariel Ace, Glalie, Double Team." called Ash as his pokemon evaded both attacks with lightning speed. "Alright, Glalie, Ice Beam Gyarados and Swellow, Peck Staryu!"

    "Gyarados, twister the Ice Beam!" The twister caused the ice beam to be reversed back towards Glalie with double the speed.

    "Icy wind!" Just as in the match against Morrison, the icy wind reflected the ice beam back at Misty and her pokemon. However at this moment Swellow was between the Ice Beam and Staryu, going in for his peck attack and was too slow to dodge, reciving a full blast, sending it flying into a tree.

    "No, Swellow!" cried Ash, devestated at having hurting his pokemon with one of his own attacks in a tag team battle.

    "Swe-e-e-low!" cried the bird pokemon as he struggled up into the air again.

    "Staryu, finish Swellow with a Water Gun!" knowing that there was little way of eventing the attack hitting Swellow, Ash grimaced but still called for a double team. Due to Swellow's weak state, he was only able to summon a few clones, but avoiding the water gun none the less.

    "Gyarados, hydro pump all Swellow clones!" cried Misty with a smile.


    "Swello-o-o-o-w!" Unfortunately, Swellow had been the clone closest to Gyarados when the attack hit, receiving the full blow and falling to the ground, out of the match.

    "Well done Swellow, now return!" cried Ash, unsure of how to progress now that he only had one pokemon left against Misty's strongest two pokemon. 'Well, we'll just have to focus on Staryu' "Glalie, Ice Beam!"

    "Again? Fine, Gyarados, twister!"

    "Use headbutt on Staryu!"

    "Ha hyaaa!"

    "What!" cried Misty flabbagasted at the direct hit scored on Staryu.

    "Great thing about double battles, gotta have you concentration everywhere!" gloated Ash. "Double Team!"

    "Gyarados, Hyper Beam them all!" cried Misty, furious for allowing Staryu to get hit.

    "Gyaaara!" The Hyper Beam sliced through ever Glalie on the field, but where was Glalie?

    "Now Headbutt!" cried Ash, ordering his pokemon to crash right into Gyarados from his hiding place in a tree directly above Gyarados, sending the huge pokemon crashing to the ground. "Ice Beam!" Just as Glalie was about to hit his fallen opponent, when he was hit flying through the air by a rapid spin from Staryu. The Ice Beam went soaring into the air and out of sight before falling back down straight on Glalie, freezing it to the ground.

    "You wanna keep going or quit now?" taunted Misty as they watched Glalie struggling to free himself from the ice.

    "Glalie, use headbutt to get out!" called Ash.

    "Gla-gla-glale-e-e" replied the prisoned pokemon as he struggled against the ice.

    "Fine, have it your way Ash," called Misty, "Gyarados, finish this with a Hyper Beam!" Golden yellow energy formed in Gyarados's open mouth. Luckily for Glalie, the ice had begun to crack just moments before, allowing him to break free and use Double Team to evade the attack. "Grrr, Staryu, water gun!"

    "Ice Beam Gyarados!" This time, Glalie avoided Staryu's attack and struck a direct hit on Gyarados while he was unable to move and fight back. Gyarados was frozen solid and unable to continue.

    "You were fantastic Gyarados, return" said Misty to her fallen pokemon. "Well Ash, that was impressive, but you're still going to be the one buying lunch!"

    "Oh yeah, well we'll just see about that!" responded Ash, his enthusiasm rekindled after knocking out the large and powerful pokemon. From the sidelines Pikachu, Grovyle, Torkoal and Cawphish cheered on their friend and trainer. "Glalie, headbutt!"

    "Rapid Spin!" The two pokemon met in mid aid, causing billows of dust all around the clearing.

    "Hi-iya!" and Staryu came flying back to it's trainer's side of the arena while Glalie failed to move.

    Disbeliefing, Ash held up the pokeball and called for Glalie to return. Returning Staryu after thanking it, Misty walked over to Ash. "Come on Ash, let's go get some lunch, you lost the battle, so free lunch for me!"

    "He he, yeah alright then. Where would you like to go?" chuckled Ash.

    "Umm...let's go back into the trainer's village and have a look around!" she suggested.

    "Sure, I think May has been to all the places avaliable so if we get stuck we can always ask her for the best place." he said with his back to her, returning all bar Pikachu.

    "Can't we just find our own place?" asked Misty tentativly, antisipating the company of others. It wasn't that she didn't like the others in the group, it was just she wanted to spent a little more time with Ash. Alone. Together.

    "Of course. Come on!" Together they made their way out of the clearing towards the trainer's village and lunch.


    "Well Ash, I heard about your battle with Misty today" Gloated Morrison over the table that evening. Ash and Misty had enjoyed a quiet lunch, ketchup free luckily for them as Pikachu had been admitted to the pokemon centre along with the rest of Ash and Misty's pokemon. The rest of the afternoon had been spent watching the mini final in which David had lost to Jordan, the loser to Samantha.

    Later, after meeting up with Tyson, Morrison, Max, May and dragging Brock away from the Officer Jenny's staff meeting they had settled down in the hotel's dining room to a buffet dinner.

    "She won due to pure luck and the fact that my pokemon were already tired from training!" responded Ash before stuffing his mouth with another large slice of pizza.

    "Yeah, but we all know that if it had been me and my pokemon in the same position, we all know I would have easily won!" boasted Morrison.

    "Alright then, I challenge you to a match!" said Misty from behind who had just come back from the salad buffet, her plate loaded with lettece, tomoato and other wonderful food stuffs.

    "Errr sure Misty..." replied Morrison after recovering from choking on his food. He had never really intended to battle her.

    "This should be good" murmered Ash to Brock.

    "Yeah, but who do you think will win?"

    "Misty, easily!"

    "Wanna bet?"

    "Sure, a month's worth of pancakes says Misty wins." and the boys shook hands and turned away from each other before anyone else could over hear their conversation.


    "Girafarig is unable to battle, Corsola wins! The victor of this match is Misty" announced Tyson to the assembled friends and Pikachu.

    "He he, told ya" chuckled Ash to Brock, "Now when do I get those pancakes?"

    "What was that?" Unbeknown to Ash, Misty had appeared right behind him.

    "Err...nothing Misty!" he said holding his hands up in surrender.

    "Oh really? A little pokemon told me about a little bet someone had. Now, I'm sure neither you nor Brock know anything about that, right?" challenged Misty, slyly.

    "Of course, I would never make a bet on a pokemon battle!"

    "Yeah, we wouldn't dream of doing something like that!" replied Brock as he also held his hands up in surrender.

    "Oh really? Pikachu, what do you think?


    "Answers that question, what shall we do now?" said Misty and she turned to the rest of the group, leaving Ash and Brock smoldering on the ground, twitching.


    When the group re-entered the pokemon centre, chatting amongst themselves, they were confronted by a frazzled looking Nurse Joy,

    "ASH KETCHUM!" she screamed, freezeing the group in their tracks as she marched up towards Ash, "I am not your personal secretary!" and she threw many pieces of paper at the terrified trainer, "Can you please tell all your...FANS to stop using me as a personal message taker!" Before she stormed off back behind her desk.

    "What was that about?" said May.

    "I'm not sure, here Ash" said Misty as she picked up some of the pieces of paper from off the floor and offered them to him. "Oh my goodness, I think I can see why she's annoyed, look, you've had calls from Erika, Sabrina, Norman, Harrison, from the Silver Convention I think, Richie, your mum, and...GARY!" She looked at this last message in shock before reading out "'Hey Ash, Well done in the semis, drop by next time you're around, Gary.'"

    "Yeah, well I guess it's cos I've done better than he ever has! I wonder how he's getting on as a pokemon re-searcher..." replied Ash, picking up some more messages from Pikachu. He scanned the top one before announcing, "look, there's someone I've got to call, now, can I catch you guys up later?"

    "Sure, but who do you need to call?" asked Brock.

    "Oh, just a friend" he replied mischeviously before walking back out the way they had all come.

    "Hmmm he's up to something..." murmered Tyson, already contemplating what his rival might be up to.


    "What do you think Pikachu, is the coast clear?"


    "Great, let's go, hope Nurse Joy doesn't yell at me again!" said Ash as Pikachu jumped up onto his shoulder before they re-entered the pokemon centre after making sure all their friends had left the main atrium.

    "Nurse Joy?" he cautiously approached the main desk. "Can I have my pokemon please?"

    "Of course Ash, please hold on one moment while I fetch them." she replied sweetly, no trace of the anger that had previously crossed her visage.

    "Least she's not yelling at me again." he remarked to his pokemon, who also agreed.

    "Here you are Ash and good luck for tomorrow!"

    "Thank you Nurse Joy!" he said before leaving quickly for the telephones least she become angered again.

    Ring Ring...Ring Ring..."Hello?"

    "Hi, it's me" whispered Ash into the reciever while Pikachu watched out again, "You said it's ready?"

    "Of course..."

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    *sigh* would be nice to have some reviews between chapters, just to know if anyone is reading and enjoying...

    But yeah, Chapter 4:

    "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the Ever Grande Festival Final for what looks to be a stunning display of pokemon battling. We have as the red trainer, Samantha from Olivine City in Johto facing off against the Green trainer, Ash from Pallet Town in Kanto. As these two titans of battling approach their boxes, the referee has started the computer to choose which trainer will show their first pokemon...and it will be the Green trainer, Ash who will reveal his pokemon first to battle on the first of two terrains, the rock arena."

    "Go, Swellow!"


    "And Ash's first pokemon is his Swellow! ... and Samantha has decided to begin with her Combusken!"

    "Alright Swellow, let's begin things with an Aerial Ace!" Swellow looped around a pillar of rock before shooting towards the opposing Combusken.

    "Combusken, Sky Uppercut!" Samantha called out with lightning speed. The pokemon jumped up in the air to collide dead on with Swellow's head, causing the two pokemon to re-bound off each other.

    "Quick Attack!"

    "Dodge it!" Swellow used his faster Aerial Ace to avoid being hit by the speedy Combusken, who changed attack to Sky Uppercut at the request of his trainer, hitting Swellow straight on.

    "Swe-e-low!" he cried as he fell back to earth.

    "Come on Swellow, get back up!" instructed Ash, watching his pokemon hurtle to earth.

    "Get in position for a Fire Punch!" called Samantha across the arena as Combusken shot forward to
    stand directly beneath where Swellow was destined to land.

    "Peck Attack!" called Ash, an idea coming to his head, hoping that Swellow would be too fast for his opponent and be able to dodge the Fire Punch and use the speed from his fall to his advantage. The result was too quick for anyone to see who's attack had made it's mark and the two birds were hidden from sight by large billows of smoke, that, when cleared allowed everyone a view of the panting Combusken who had moved out of Swellow's way, letting him hit the ground before smashing into him from the side. "No! Swellow!"

    "Swellow is unable to battle, Combusken wins." announced the referee, holding up the red flag.

    "Swellow return, let's finish this one, Cawphish, go!"

    "Cawphish Caw!" said the lobster pokemon, waving his claws up and down.

    "Combusken, Flamethrower!"

    "Use Crabhammer to deflect the flames!" Cawphish's claws glowed white and forced the flames away from himself, charring the rock pillar next to it. "Now Bubblebeam!"

    "Caw caw caw caw caw!" he said as he fired the stream of bubbles straight at his opponent.

    "Dodge it!" Combusken hid behind a pillar of rock. "Quick Attack!"

    "Crabhammer!" Two pokemon hit for another head to head, but this time it was Combusken who was unable to battle.

    "This will stop ya, Ivysaur, go!"

    "Sauuuuuuuuuuur!" and the monstrous pokemon appeared before the assembled crowd.

    "Ivysaur, grab Cawphish with your Vine Whip!" she commanded.

    "Deflect again with Crabhammer!" Cawphish's claws sent Ivysaur's vines soaring wildly off course. However Ivysaur circled her vines around a pillar of rock and grabbed Cawphish from behind, making his eyes bug from the unexpected attack.

    "Now pull it round that pillar and send it into the air!" laughed Samantha, pleased about well the match was going.

    CRASH! Rock flew everywhere as Cawphish was rammed through a solid pillar before being flung downwards. "Cawphish, vicegrip those vines!"

    "Sauuuuuur!" cried Ivysaur in anguish as her vines were caught in the strong vicegrip. In reaction she retracted her vines away from Cawphish, an expression of intense pain across her face, illustrating her discomfort.

    "Ivysaur," called Samantha through gritted teeth, feeling the pain caused to her pokemon as keenly as though she had been the recipient of the attack herself, "Petal Dance then Razor Leaf!"

    "Ivy, ivy ivy saur!" she said as she launched the two attacks in quick succession to merge in the air, heading straight for Cawphish.

    "Oh wow, that's so beautiful! she could be a really good at contests if she wanted to!" commented May, awed by the beauty while the others looked on, worried how Ash was going to counter the super effective attacks.

    "Cawphish, Harden!" called out Ash, the defensive attack deflecting the offensive attack. "Now, Crabhammer!"

    "Dodge it!" Ivysaur moved with more speed that expected to hide behind a large rock, causing the brilliant white, glowing claws to smash straight into the rock, exposing the hidden pokemon.

    "Vicegrip!" Cawphish grabbed Ivysaur by her ear and a leaf, causing her to roar with pain.

    "Ivysaur, use your vines to get it away!" Samantha called frantically as the tables of victory seemed to have been altered. Ivysaur smashed her vines into Cawphish's side, sending Cawphish flying across the arena to smash through three rock pillars in succession, a leaf from Ivysaur's bulb still clenched in his claws. Ivysaur roared in pain and her loss.

    Cawphish sank down the last pillar to the ground, motionless.

    "Cawphish is unable to battle" announced the umpire, "Ivysaur wins!" holding up the red flag of Samantha.

    "Cawphish, return, well done buddy!" he praised his pokemon in his ball before reaching behind him at retrieving another ball from his belt. "Glalie, I choose you!"

    "Gla-a-a-a-alie!" shivered the pokemon as it emerged onto the battle arena.

    "Glalie, let's start things off with an Ice Beam!"

    "Razor Leaf!" The razor leaves flying at Glalie were frozen solid, falling to the ground. "Now petal dance!" Beautiful pink petals swirled from the bulb on Ivysaur's back towards Glalie.

    "Icy Wind then Headbutt!" Glalie shot forwards through the swirling winds of ice straight for Ivysaur who dodged the headbutt attack, but was hit by the icy wind, making her stumble.

    "Now, Ice Beam!!!" called Ash, pointing straight at Ivysaur who didn't have a chance, weakened as she was by the icy wind attack and therefore

    "Ivysaur is unable to battle, Glalie wins!" causing Glalie to laugh and do a few loops round the rocky pillars.

    "Samantha has now lost two pokemon while Ash is already on his third, who will she choose to take on Ash's Glalie?" asked the commentator over the loud speakers.

    "Alright Ash, lets see how you take on my Gardevoir!" said Samantha, allowing her third pokemon to enter the match.

    "Glalie, Headbutt, let's go!" cried Ash with renewed enthusiasm.

    "Teleport!" said Samantha in a sing-song voice and her pokemon vanished from the previous spot and reappeared 20m to the left of Glalie who didn't notice until it was too late and smashed into a rock.

    "Now confusion!" Iridescent light emanated from the psychic pokemon, heading straight for Glalie who was still reeling from hitting the rock.

    "Glalie Double Team!" Faster than expected by the watchers of the battle, clones of Glalie appeared over the battle site, allowing the pokemon to avoid the attack. "Icy Wind over the entire arena!" cried Ash, an idea coming to his head.

    "Fine, Gardevoir, Teleport away again!" What Samantha had failed to realise was that the Icy Wind attack was going to cover the entire arena, causing every part of the field so where ever Guardevoir teleported to, she was still going to be hit.

    "Guaaaardevoiiiiirrrrrr" she called to her trainer at she was hit by the attack.

    "Guardevoir, use Future Sight!" Guardevoir's eyes lit up and the skirts around her supposed feet rippled with an unseen wind. Nothing appeared to happen, but Ash could remember a girl called Cherry and her Girafarig who had shown him that attack, all those years ago in Johto, and knew there was little to be done about an attack that would not hit for a few turns.

    "Glalie, Ice Beam again as strong as you can!" he shouted, praying for no more Teleport.

    "Use Reflect" A barrier appeared between Guardevoir and the Ice Beam, sending it straight back at Glalie who directed it back with an Icy Wind attack that proved too strong for the barrier breaking through and sending Guardevoir backwards into the arena wall.

    A wind stirred up...Leaves began to rustle...Samantha flashed a knowing smile...

    "Glalie, make a cave with Ice Beam and HIDE NOW!" screamed Ash, desperation through out every word he spoke. Hurriedly, just as he had once done to help Ash survive a strong blizzard, Glalie constructed a shelter between two pillars of frozen rock. He had just entered as was about to seal himself in when the attack flew onto the field, hitting Glalie and sending him flying through several pillars of rock before slamming into the arena walls and slowly sliding down, leaving large cracks in the wall.

    "Glalie is unable to battle, Guardevoir wins!" called the umpire, holding aloft Samantha's flag.

    "We shall now have a short interval for the field of battle to be altered. Please feel free to purchase any items from..." announced the announcer before going to list the various snacks and beverages available for purchase.

    "Well done Glalie, that was a fantastic battle." thanked Ash as he withdrew his fallen pokemon back to his ball.

    "Hey Ash, that was a great first half of battle!" said May from behind him. He smiled before following his friends to the locker room to chat and think about his next battle tactics.

    "I think you should use Grovyle to take out Guardevoir" commented Max.

    "No, he should use Pikachu" said Misty while holding Azurill in her arms.

    "Ash, you should use Torkoal against Guardevoir," said May, "He's got such a great heart he's sure to win!"

    "May, pokemon need more than a great heart to win in pokemon battling!" scorned Max.

    "I still think he should use Torkoal!" she huffed throwing her nose in the air in a superior manner.

    "No, he should use Pikachu!" butted in Misty.




    "Can you guys please shut up!" implored Ash, from the benches where he had been seated with Pikachu.

    "Oh, I'm sorry Ash..." blushed Misty, taking a step away from him.

    "He he, yeah Ash, sorry I think we're more into this battle than you are!" said Max, scratching the back of his head.

    "Sorry" stated May with a sweet smile before deciding to follow the others once deciding to leave Ash alone for a few minutes.

    With a sigh Ash spoke to his pokemon, "How would you feel about going up against Guardevoir?"

    "Pikachu!" said the little yellow pokemon, obviously confirming what his trainer suspected.

    "I thought so. But we'll need a strategy..." both entered a deep state of thought, contemplating the situation.

    "Would the two competitors return to the main battle arena. The battle will commence in no more than five minutes. That is all" came from above through the loud speakers.

    "Well Pikachu, lets see what comes." and he offered his pokemon his shoulder before walking back through the door that lead to the battle arena.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we now come together again to observe the final half of this, the final of the Ever Grande Festival to find out who is the master of the Hoenn pokemon league. The chosen field for this half of the battle is a water field. How will this effect the outcome of the match? With the current advantage we have the red trainer, Samantha who still has four remaining pokemon while her opponent, the green trainer Ash Ketchum has only three remaining pokemon. As the victor of the
    previous round of the battle, Samantha will be required to release her pokemon first..."

    "Skarmory, I choose you!" said Samantha as she threw the white bottom half and blue and red striped upper half of her great ball to release the powerful steel and flying type Skarmory.

    "Oh, no! She switched her pokemon!" gasped Misty, "I don't think Ash thought she'd do that, who’s he going to use?"

    "I think I know!" said Brock on her right, smiling before they heard

    "Pikachu, I choose you!"

    "Thought so" he winked at Misty while they watched their best friend's first pokemon bound onto the battle field with a defiant "Pika!"

    "Round begin" called the umpire, signalling the beginning of the second half.

    "Skarmory, let's start with a Steel Wing attack!" instructed Samantha, eager to begin the battle.

    "Skar skar!!" he cried as he launched himself at Pikachu.

    "Pikachu, Quick Attack dodges!" Pikachu began dodging from one floating pad to another with speed much too much for the slower Skarmory to follow.

    "Skarmory, use Swift!" As Samantha changed attack, knowing that however fast that Pikachu was, swift would not be avoided.

    "Dive in the water and hide under a pad!" The flurry of golden stars embedded themselves in the pad before fading away as the attack ended. "Come back up for a Thunderbolt attack!" Ordered Ash, pointing straight at Skarmory...But nothing happened...there was no movement anywhere..."No, he couldn't have..." whispered Ash, terrified that his best buddy in the world had drowned to avoid a swift attack...

    "PIKACHU!" faster than could be seen, Pikachu burst up through the water and high into the air to deliver a thunderbolt attack to the unprepared Skarmory that screeched in pain.

    "Skarmory, Double Team!"

    "Skar Skar Skar" echoed around the arena from each Skarmory clone. Pikachu stood motionless, staring up and around at the Skarmory filled skies, trying to identify the real one.

    "Now, Skarmory, Steel Wing attack!" cried Samantha, a smile across her beautiful face.

    "Pikachu, dodge it!" Pikachu stood on his platform, dodging from side to side as Skarmories flew at him one at a time. He was able to dodge all attacks bar one. That single hit was from the real Skarmory, sending Pikachu flying onto another platform, further from Ash, stretching their communication skills to their limit. "Pikachu, Thunder them all!" yelled Ash at the top of his voice.

    "Piiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" The little pokemon lit up half the arena with the strength of the attack, hitting every Skarmory within the range, destroying them all.

    "Skaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!" All but one Skarmory vanished, leaving the real pokemon to fall into the water.

    "No, Skarmory!" cried Samantha as her pokemon remained under the water...

    "Pikapi!" screamed Pikachu as Skarmory surfaced, directly below the platform Pikachu was perched on, flinging him high into the air and slamming into the water.

    "Pikachu, thunderbolt again!" electricity flowed through the entire water arena, shocking it's opponent which was still in the water. When the attack ended, Skarmory wasn't moving.

    "Skarmory is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!" said the umpire, holding aloft Ash's green flag.

    "Alright, well done buddy!" said Ash, praising his little buddy.

    "Pi...pika..chu" panted Pikachu as it struggled back onto a platform.

    "Hmmmm Pikachu, come back. Now!" cried Ash, a calculating look on his face.

    "Pika?" questioned Pikachu, he could barely remember any time when his Pikapi had recalled him in a battle. But rather than protest and request to continue, he hopped from one pad to another, back to Ash, deciding that maybe, he would like a rest, even if it was just a small one.

    "Well done buddy, that was great" said Ash as he bent to pet his pokemon. "Alright," he straightened up again to face Samantha, "Grovyle, you're up!" he cried, bringing his only grass type into play.

    "Grovyle!" the pokemon balanced effortlessly on a floating pad, placing his favourite twig in his mouth before crossing his arms to stare at the opposing trainer and see who would be his opponent.

    "Houndour, I choose you!"

    "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaw!" cried her pokemon as he emerged from his ball.

    "Grovyle, lets start with bullet seed!" called out Ash, eager to make the first move with fresh pokemon on both sides.

    "Houndour, burn up those seeds with Flamethrower, then attack with a Shadow Ball!" responded Samantha. The flames that erupted from Houndour's maw made ashes of Grovyle's attack, before he lowered his

    head and created a black ball, retaining it to gather strength before launching it straight at Grovyle.

    "Grovyle!" cried the pokemon as, at Ash's command, used Quick Attack to jump into the air, before falling back down at Houndour, his leaves glowing in preparation for a leaf blade attack. It looked as though the attack was going to reach its target before Houndour released another Flamethrower directly at Grovyle, forcing Grovyle to protect himself and sending him flying back to his floating pad. Grovyle retaliated with another Bullet Seed that was destroyed again by Houndour, this time using his Swift attack. The battle between these two continued for another twenty minutes, each pokemon blocking the other's attack, wearing down the opponents due to shear exhaustion rather than the effect of either's attack. The two trainers glared at each other, both trying to find a weakness in the other's defensive armour while Houndour panted and Grovyle was down on one knee.

    "I don't know how long this battle can go on for...neither pokemon can get their attacks to hit..." murmured Brock, not taking his eyes off the motionless trainers and their fatigued pokemon.

    "I think Ash is going to have to come up with a plan soon...but what can he use to his advantage that he hasn't already tried?" questioned Max.

    They all looked pensive, each trying to come up with a plan. To their surprise, especially Misty's, Ash's body suddenly straightened and his head rose again, and although they could not see it, his face lit up, an idea entering his head.

    "Grovyle, Bullet Seed!" Houndour retaliated with a flamethrower and a Shadow Ball that was easily dodged by Grovyle. "Bullet Seed again Grovyle!" despite every attack being foiled, Ash continued to have Grovyle use it's bullet seed attack against Houndour.

    "What's Ash doing? Bullet Seed isn't going to work!" stated May.

    "I know, how's he going to win by using only one attack. He's only going to keep wearing out Grovyle by causing it to keep dodging while still using it's attack." replied Morrison, worry on his face.

    "Hmm, I think I know what he's up to!" said Misty, a smile crossing her face, "I think he's trying to frustrate Samantha and Houndour and trying to goad them into moving off the platform at Grovyle. That way, it's going to have to leave the safety of the pad and cross the water!"

    "I get it! Then it'll be weakened by the water enough for Ash to win the round!" exclaimed Max.

    "Argh, that's it! Houndour, Iron Tail!" screamed Samantha, finally enraged enough to attack Grovyle directly.

    "Excellent, Grovyle, knock it out of the air and into the water with a Leaf Blade!" cried Ash, thrilled that his plan was working.

    "Finally, finish it Houndour!" The two pokemon collided in hit air with Grovyle using Houndour's head to jump above the pokemon and strike from above, knocking Houndour off balance and soaring down back to the battle field before landing with a huge splash. Grovyle gracefully landed on a pad midway between the trainers.

    "Grovyle, use a Pound attack!" cried Ash, knowing that moving quickly was the only way he could gain the upper hand in this deciding battle. Grovyle pounded Houndour back under the water as it

    struggled to stay afloat. "Now, use Leaf Blade as soon at it surfaces!" Houndour was sent flying out of the water from the force of the attack and onto a pad, landing heavily with a thud. "Leaf Blade again Grovyle!" desperately screamed Ash.

    "Houndour, get up, use a Flamethrower!" With obvious pained motions, Houndour sat up as Grovyle was flying towards it, leaves aglow before opening his mouth to let off a flamethrower. However, when he opened his mouth, to his, and his trainer's dismay, no fire erupted, his inner fire had been extinguished, leaving Houndour to Grovyle's mercy.

    "Houndour is unable to battle, Grovyle is the winner!" called the Umpire.

    "That was amazing, he really used the field to his advantage!" cried May, practically bouncing on her seat in excitement.

    "I know! Ash has really learned how to play the type arena to his advantage." added Misty while Azurill squeaked on her lap.

    "Well folks, Samantha has just two pokemon left while Ash still has three. Will she be able to claw back the advantage her opponent now holds over her? Which pokemon shall she choose next?" said the commentator over the loud speakers.

    "Gardevoir, your back on the scene!" cried Samantha, releasing the psychic pokemon. Her face a smile, but behind her eyes, Ash could see the desperation behind her eyes, boosting his confidence.

    "Grovyle, Leaf Blade!" Through loyalty to his trainer, Grovyle fought through the exhaustion barrier to attack his new opponent, but his movement was more lethargic that previous. Seeing this, Samantha's worry disappeared, sensing that although her own pokemon was tired, Ash's was more so.

    "Guardevoir, use Reflect!" a barrier appeared between the two pokemon, sending Grovyle smashing into an arena wall as the force of his own attack was reversed back against him.

    "No! Grovyle!" cried Ash.

    "Grovyle is unable to battle, Guardevoir wins!"

    "Well done Grovyle. You were great! Alright Pikachu, you ready?"

    "Pika!" he cried, refreshed and ready for battle before bounding onto the battle field, his cheeks sparking with excess electrical energy.

    "Alright Pikachu, thunderbolt!"

    "Teleport!" Pikachu's attack missed at Guardevoir changed her position, re-appearing else where on the battle field. This continued several times, exhausting Pikachu's electrical supply.

    "Pikachu, close your eyes. Listen for Guardevoir and then hit it with a thunder attack!" Pikachu concentrated hard, sparking up his pouches in preparation.

    "Guardevoir, use Confusion!" ordered Samantha, refusing to give Ash and Pikachu a chance. Although Guardevoir could no be seen, it could be heard and a thunder attack was aimed straight for it, the power increased to maximum once certain of a hit. Guardevoir shrieked in pain and fell limply to the ground. Ash had only a moment to thank Pikachu before he too sank to the ground.

    "Pikachu and Guardevoir are unable to battle, this round is a draw!" called the umpire as Pikachu's and Guardevoir's faces both went blank on the screen over head.

    Laughing hysterically, Samantha cried across the arena, "You might as well give up now Ash! I know you always use the same pokemon, and...and...it's your Torkoal! On a water field! Against my, POLIWRATH!"

    "Poli poli!"

    "Hmm, well, I'm glad you've studied which pokemon I've used, but you know, tactics do change!" replied Ash, a smile also on his face. Immediately, Samantha was silenced. "But for this battle, I decided to bring back an old friend" He held the pokeball in his hand, looking at it in his grasp before throwing it into play.

    "Did you know Ash was changing pokemon?" whispered Brock to Misty.

    "Not as such, but I did suspect a little. He was so secretive about his training" she replied.

    "Who do you think it is?"


    "CHARIZARD!?!?!?!?" Both freaked out.

    "Fine, but he's still a fire type!" snapped Samantha, unsure how to attack the threat she hadn't prepared for. "Poliwrath, us your Surf!" Her pokemon summoned a strong wall of water to head straight for Charizard who dodged by taking into the air.

    "Charizard, show them your flamethrower!" This time, fire shot from Ash's pokemon, hitting Poliwrath straight in the middle of his chest, dealing little damage. "Charizard, Dragon Breath!"

    "He knows Dragon Breath?!?" questioned Misty as green fire erupted from his maw before being deflected by Poliwrath's Ice Punch.

    "I think Charizard knows more than we think Misty!" replied Brock, still in shock after Ash's unexpected arrival, "He's grown stronger than I think any of us could ever have imagined."

    "Poliwrath, Water gun!" Jets of water came forth from the centre of Poliwrath's spiral, catching Charizard on his tail, causing the red lizard to cry out in pain and fury, weakening it.

    "Charizard, Dragon Breath again!" cried Ash, revelling in the battle with an old powerhouse. More green flames licked around Poliwrath.

    "Poliwrath, Water gun!" again, water shot from the centre of Poliwrath's spiral, straight for Charizard who dodged before soaring down to grasp Poliwrath who responded with an Ice Punch, preventing the Seismic Toss Charizard tried to initiate. Charizard was sent flying through the air, his right wing and right leg stuck fast in a chunk of ice.

    "What's Ash going to do? Charizard can barely move!" cried Misty, terrified that it was all going to finish now.

    "Misty, if Charizard is anything like I've heard, they'll be fine!" comforted Max as the red head chewed her fingernails.

    "Poliwrath, Surf!"

    "Charizard, you have to dodge it!" screamed Ash, now as terrified as Misty as he watched his pokemon attempt to veer away from the attack, but what hit and pulled under the water, leaving Samantha with a smug look on her face. "Charizard, overheat!" At first, nothing. The chopped surface of the water began to steam and bubble. The pool began to glow blood red before

    "RAAAAAAAAWR!!!!" Charizard, a huge ball of fire and heat rose from the depths of the water and soared into the air, all ice melted before blasting Poliwrath with an attack so strong, he was thrown into the water, where he began to flail in the burning, boiling water.

    "Poliwrath!" screamed Samantha as she watched her writhing pokemon, "Get out of the water! Use your surf!" Poliwrath summoned a strong wave that lifted him out of the water and straight for Charizard, riding the wave while preparing another Ice Punch.

    "Charizard, use Seismic Toss!" called out Ash. Charizard rose over Poliwrath and the huge wave before doing a loop and grabbing the pokemon from behind, rising in the air before spinning round and round and round then streamlining back to earth.

    "Poliwrath, Hyper Beam the water!" Luckily for Poliwrath, the fall from the seismic toss was so great that he had time to charge up and launch the strongest normal attack, directly down. The attack spread out across the surface of the water, shining so strong that Charizard was blinded, dropping Poliwrath before he was ready, allowing Poliwrath to jump on a floating pad amidst the golden red waves of water, licking around his feet. Momentarily blinded Charizard began flying in zigzags, barely avoiding the trainer board over the stadium. Taking advantage of her opponent's lack of vision, Samantha called Poliwrath for a water gun. It was only through luck that Charizard veered away, missing the stream of water.

    "Charizard, get in close and use overheat!" Flying dangerously near to his opponent, Charizard sped round and round Poliwrath at an incredible speed, constantly getting closer, his speed confusing Poliwrath to his where about, allowing Charizard to hit Poliwrath directly on the back, sending him flying off his pad to land heavily on another. For a moment, he lay there stunned giving Charizard a chance to launch another Dragon Breath, pinning it to the ground.

    "Poliwrath!" wailed Samantha, unsure how she could instruct her pokemon to defend himself and recover. "Try a water gun attack!" He tried...but was unable to send one strong enough to move himself away from Charizard's attack. Suddenly, the force on Poliwrath's back had gone. He could move again and wasted no time in rolling onto his back and sending a Hyper Beam directly towards his opponent.

    Taking evasive manoeuvres Charizard ducked and dived every attack aimed.

    'Right' thought Ash. 'Time for a showdown.' "Charizard combine Overheat with Dragon Breath!" Landing on a pad, Charizard took a stance, digging his claws into the soft, polystyrene surface his maw opened wide to reveal his pointed white teeth that glinted in the sunlight. With an almighty roar he loosened off a large jet of yellow and orange flames, tinged with an iridescent green that engulfed Poliwrath's water gun and then Poliwrath himself.

    "NO! POLIWRATH!" wailed Samantha, sinking to the ground as her pokemon smashed into the arena wall before sliding, slowly, painfully down to rest half in, half out of the water.

    As if in shock, the umpire raised his left arm, the arm with a green flag and announced, "Poliwrath is unable to battle! CHARIZARD WINS! The winner of this match, and of the Hoenn League is ASH KETCHUM FROM PALLET TOWN!!!!!!!”

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    Hey Esperon..dont worry im reading and enjoying your fic dont worry ;)

    Your ideas are really creative..
  8. Esperon

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    Thankies :D

    Chapter 5

    For a moment, Ash just stood there. He blinked. Turning, he looked down at his constant little yellow companion Pikachu who leapt into his arms, cheering with the crowd. Before Ash could move he was knocked sideways as Misty, Brock, Max, May, Tyson and, with a thud, Morrison all bowled into him, sending them all flying into the water. They all surfaced, laughing like mad people. Ash made sure all were out of the water safely before making for his most victorious pokemon who had not fallen in battle. Before he could pull himself out of the water, two dragon like claws grabbed him from behind and soared into the air before throwing him sky high and catching him on its back.

    Thus the victorious trainer and his victorious pokemon soared around the arena to the cheers of the crowd before alighting next to Samantha. Jumping from Charizard, Ash offered his hand to Samantha who shakily took it in a sign of good sportsmanship.

    "That was an awesome battle Samantha" Grinned Ash, his hair dripping from being in the water. "I hope we can meet again some day"

    Shocked by a degree of sportsmanship not often shown towards her, Samantha took a moment to recover and warmly shook his hand. "Of course Ash." she replied with a smile. "You had me tricked so many times. You are truly a great trainer." she added with a wink before leaving to heal her pokemon and praise them for their fine efforts.

    Ash looked back to Charizard, returning him to his ball to rest after such an epic battle before turning back to his friends.

    "Well now, Ladies and Gentleman, we now have our champion! I ask you all to return here this evening for the presentation ceremony" called the announcer over the loud speakers as the crowd began to filter out of the arena.

    Together, the group made their way towards the pokemon centre, grateful for the Officer Jenny escort through the hyper crowds.

    "Ash that was an amazing battle! Your Charizard is so strong, but I bet he's not stronger than my Metang!" said Morrison.

    "What?" cried Max, "Charizard has just won on a water field, against a water type opponent against a type disadvantage and you think your Metang with a type disadvantage to Charizard can beat him?"

    "Oh, stop arguing!" butted in May.

    "Ash that was really a great battle, the best I've seen from you!" said Brock, walking behind his young friend.

    "Thanks Brock" smiled Ash, still in a state of shock himself.

    "Well, Ash, what do you think you'll do now that you've conquered the Hoenn League?" asked Tyson, causing the others to all stop talking and reliving parts of the battle to hear Ash's reply.

    After a pause he said, "Well, I guess I'll head back to Pallet Town. I haven't seen my Mum or my other pokemon for almost two years. Maybe Professor Oak will have heard of a new region to go to. You're all welcome to come with me if you want."

    "Thanks Ash, but I think Max and I will go back home to Mum and Dad. Plus, Max can now get his first pokemon as of 10 days from now so I recon he wants to be back before then so he can begin trying to choose his first pokemon." said May speaking for both her and her brother who nodded in agreement.

    "I think I'll head home also. I think everyone should every once in a while and it's been too long since I last visited. Such is the cause of being a trainer" said Tyson.

    "I can come with you part of the way" said Morrison, "But then I'll head back to Verdanturf Town. I have to show my Dad how strong all my pokemon are. He didn't really want me to leave..." he trailed off and silence covered the group til Brock tactfully broke the silence.

    "I've gotta help Forrest with the gym for a while, see how he's coping and to find out if he's been able to rid the gym of that reputation my mother gave it!" mentioned Brock.

    "Well, what about you Misty?" Ash turned to his best friend as she walked beside him.

    "I'll come with you to Pallet. You'll need someone to make sure you don't get lost!" she glanced mischievously at her best friend from under her fringe as he turned towards her.

    "Hey, I think I know my way to my own home!" he retorted.

    Snorting she added to the others, "Yeah, and how many times have I heard that before?" sending them all into fits of suppressed jubilation.

    "Congratulations Ash that was quite some battle!"

    "Thank you Nurse Joy, could you heal my pokemon for the presentation ceremony later?" he asked, holding out his five pokeballs and Pikachu on a pokeball tray. They had reached the main desk where

    Nurse Joy stood. At the mention of Ash's name, what seemed like the whole stadium engulfed the little group all shouting.

    "ASH, ASH!!! That was an amazing battle! Please can you show me how to train my Charizard to be as strong as yours!!" asked one little boy.

    "Ash, will you trade your Grovyle for my Gloom? Please!!" asked a girl of about 20 years, holding forward her Gloom's pokeball.

    "Ash, Ash, would you care to give us an interview?" asked one woman with glasses, a suit and long red hair, a man with violet, shoulder length hair holding a camera with a Moewth in a blue suit and a moustache, holding a microphone. "Yeah, and maybe we can see some of those winning pokemon!" chipped in the Meowth.

    "Errrr..."replied Ash, in shock so rubbing the back of his head with his right arm. “Sure, but I don't have my pokemon with me right now, I just gave them to Nurse Joy!"

    "What?" asked the woman, obviously disappointed before turning to her colleagues and whispering "The twerp hasn't got his pokemon, what shall we do?"

    "Well, there's no point trying to steal Pikachu if it's not with him, let's come back later!" replied the Meowth before they ran out at a sprint without saying anything to Ash.

    "Um....that was weird..." stated May, looking after the "Camera crew"

    "Yeah, well, let's get out of here before Ash gets eaten alive!" stated Misty, trying to forge a path through Ash's fans to get them out, but instead became separated from the group. "Hey, get out of my way!" she shoved a girl before realising the others weren't behind her. "Ash, Brock I'm over here! OW!" she landed on the floor as the girl she had previously pushed shoved her to the ground before "accidentally" stepping backwards hard on her ankle.

    "Oops, sorry" she said snootily at Misty on the floor as she clutched her foot.

    "Argh, you'd better feel lucky that I haven't got my mallet with me!" she glared as the girl turned her back to her, trying to shove her way through the throng to Ash. "ASH, ASH!!" screamed Misty, suddenly realising how perilous her situation was, now that she was on the floor, unable to get up with what seemed like hundreds of people (mostly girls for some reason) jumping up and down to see the new Hoenn champion.

    "No, I will not trade my Pikachu for your Wurmple! Misty, where are you!" he could barely hear her over the clamour of the fans, "Misty!"

    "Argh, this isn't working!" she growled, holding the frightened Azurill closer. A sadistic grin crossed her face as she formulated an eye catching plan. "Gyarados, go!"


    The fans scattered, terrified as the sea lizard roared from behind them, leaving Ash a clear way to Misty who was now doubled up on the floor laughing her head off. "Sorry, sor...sor...ha ha ha!" she struggled to contain herself while Ash and the others struggled to contain their mirth as they approached the injured girl. "Some girl pushed me over and stood on my ankle, can you help me up?" she offered her hand to Ash who grasped it and helped her up, allowing her to rest part of her weight on his arm before she returned Gyarados before he caused more trouble. Together they made their way out of the pokemon centre while Brock and Tyson, the only two old enough to know much about love (if you think Brock has any) smiled to themselves at the site.


    "Ladies and Gentleman, President Goodshow will now award the League trophy to our champion, Ash Ketchum!" It was now evening and the crowd roared for Ash as he was presented with the trophy, the pokemon used in his final battle along side him. Pikachu on his shoulder, Charizard, Glalie and Swellow on his right, Cawphish and Grovyle on his left. All the participants of the festival stood facing Ash, each with one of their pokemon with them. Out of the crowd, Ash could see the various people he's fought against and beaten on his way to the top...Genki and his Hitmonlee...Tomono and his Swalot...Clark and his Quilava...Katie and her Golduck ...Morrison and his Metang...Tyson and Meowth in Boots...David and his Vibrava...Samantha and her Poliwrath.

    His eyes wandered up to the stands to where May, Max, Brock and Misty were seated, Azurill jumping on Misty's lap. He thought with sadness than now his adventures in Hoenn had come to an end after two years of travel. It pained him to realise that soon, he would have to say goodbye to May and Max, who had journeyed with him through their home region. Brock would also be one to leave after many, many years of travel, but he had a feeling that their paths would cross again, they always did. And then there was Misty. He was sure there was something different in her attitude. She had changed since he had last seen her, as though something inside her had been resolved. Catching his eye she gave him a broad smile and a wave. He found himself blushing and averted his gaze to alight on the burning Flame of Moltres mounted over the stadium. While admiring how the flames reminded him of her hair a thought entered his mind, 'She had come back. But how long would she stay?'

    "Pika pi pika chu pichu pi!" (Will you cheer up, everyone's watching!) Chirruped in his ear, bringing him back to the occasion to wave at the crowd. "Pika pi chu pika pi chu pikachupi, pi pika chu pika pika pi pikachu PIKA pikachu pi chu!" (and if you have to stare at Misty, at least wait until the whole world ISN'T looking at you!)

    "Pikachu!" he snapped his head round to glare at the cheerful rodent on his shoulder who was waving at the crowd, ignoring his agitated trainer, just letting off a bit of static to wake him up and pay attention.

    "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn your attention to the Flame of Moltres as it is about to be extinguished, finalising the end of this years thrilling Hoenn League final!" as one, the crowd turned to observe Samantha who had the honor of extinguishing the flame after coming second to Ash. All other lights in the stadium went out so that the flame was the only source of light. She and Poliwrath reached the Flame and took a moment to stare into the orange and gold blaze before bending down and extinguished the flame
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    A Work of Perfection!

    Esperon, I have to say that you really out did yourself, this fic is simply amazing :D Most fics I read, they all jump into the romance from the first chapter, but you....its different in a good way :) I do expect some laughs when Ash and Misty travel as they are a fun couple, with Ash's stubborness and Misty's temper. The Chemistry is perfect :D:D:D

    I think this fic will do an amazing job! Excellent job Esperon, and continue to shine!
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    Will you look at that! Time for chapter 6!

    Chapter 6

    "Well, it was great to have met and battle against you Ash" said Tyson and he and Ash shook hands. It was now morning and Ash, May, Max, Brock and Misty were saying farewell to Morrison and Tyson before setting off on the long trek home.

    "Right back at ya Tyson. Well Morrison," he turned to his male, orange haired friend, "I hope you do well in the Johto League. There are some great pokemon there."

    "Thanks Ash, maybe we'll battle again one day and then you'll see how difficult I am to beat when I put everything into the match!" responded Morrison, shaking Ash's hand before he and Tyson walked

    "Come on guys, lets get on that boat!" yelled Ash, brimming with energy again at the prospect of getting to his hometown. They boarded the ferry that was to take them back to Slateport City where they would then be able to walk to Petalburg City where May and Max would leave the old trio.


    "Mum? Dad? DAD!" screamed Max and he and May burst through the door to their home to find both their parents in the kitchen.

    "Oh, hello my darlings! It's wonderful to have you home again!" said Caroline, their mother, "Oh, hello Ash, Brock" she smiled as her children's older friends walked through the door, followed by a red haired girl she didn't know, clutching an Azuril. "Congratulations in the Ever Grande Festival Ash!"

    "Thank you, this is Misty by the way." He smiled back and by the way the girl glanced at Ash, and he at her every so often, in an almost unconscious movement, she could tell they had feelings for each other.

    "Yeah, Misty's the gym leader of the Cerulean Gym in Kanto!" said Max, removing himself from hugging his father and swapping with May to hug his mother. "She joined us before Ash's last battle."

    "Well, it seems you too have a knack for meeting people of a high pokemon status" replied Norman, pleased with his children's choice in friends. "Would you like to stay here for the night? It is getting late and you must still have a long way to travel."

    "Thank you very much sir, it would be nice not to have to camp out again!" said Misty.

    "Oh, call me Norman, please"

    "And me Caroline."

    "Hey Dad, where are the pokemon?" asked Max, just as eager, if not more so to see his Dad's pokemon as he was to see his parents.

    "They're in the greenhouse out back, why don't you go and introduce your pokemon to them May." commented Norman.

    "Sure thing Dad, come on guys!" and with that they followed May through the house, leaving their bags at the door. "Skitty, Beautiful, Bulbasaur, Combuskin and Munchlax, come on out!" she threw all her pokeballs in the air to release her team. Wriggling out of Misty's grasp, Azurill joined the pokemon on the grass introducing itself.

    "Don't worry about Azuril, Misty. It'll be fine with my dad's pokemon." said Max, seeing the look of concern for the baby pokemon on her face.

    "Dinner time!" Caroline called for all the hungry youths to come and eat, leaving the pokemon behind to rest and relax in their new surroundings with new friends.

    "This is just great! You're an excellent cook, Caroline." said Misty as they tucked into their meal. "I can't see why either or you would want to leave home!" she directed this comment to Max and May.

    "Yeah, we were reluctant to leave to, but I couldn't wait to go and find out about as many pokemon as possible!" said Max through a mouthful of food.

    Norman looked at Max before saying, "Don't talk wi-"


    An explosion from the back of the house caused the room to shake with intensity of the force. "What was that?" said Caroline.

    "I dunno, sounded like from the back of the house...PIKACHU!" Ash sprinted out of the room, realising it must have been one of Team Rocket's ideas to steal his and his friend's pokemon.

    "Azurill!" Misty screamed, following Ash while the others leapt from their places, hot on their heels.

    "Ahahahahaha!" cackled a red haired woman, perched on yet another mecha in the shape of a Wooper. Out of the two antennae on each side of the mecha's face, nets containing Beautifly, Bulbasaur, Skitty, Munchlax, Combuskin, Pikachu and Azurill as well as Norman's three pokemon Slakoth, Vigoroth and Skalking who had emerged once the children had previously left. Munchlax, Skitty, Vigoroth, Combuskin and Bulbasaur were in the left net while Pikachu, Azurill, Slaking, Slakoth and Beautifly occupied the right net. Pikachu was attempting to calm a hysterical Azurill. "Prepare for trouble!"

    "And make it double!" said a young man with violet hair, perched behind the woman.

    "To protect the world from devastation!"

    "To unite all peoples within our nation!"

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light"

    "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

    "Meowth! That's right!"


    "Argh, get back in your ball you stupid blue blob!" screeched Jessie before removing her pokemon from the scene.

    "Give us back our pokemon!" yelled May.

    "Or what? We’ve got all your pokemon!" teased Meowth before they all jumped into the mecha and could be seen through the grinning mouth of the wooper mecha.

    "Are these the awful people who've been following you through Hoenn?" asked Caroline.

    "Yeah, but don't worry, they're seriously pathetic." said Max, obviously looking bored.

    "You might have Pikachu, but there's one pokemon you won't be able to get, go, CHARIZARD!" challenged Ash, spinning the pokeball to release his pokemon who appeared with a roar.

    "Ch...ch...charizard?!?!?" all three Team Rocket members looked scared at the appearance of "an old friend" before Meowth stated,

    "Don't worry guys, we've got our water guns, that'll show them!" he pushed a big blue button and water shot out from a cavity just below the mouth of the mecha, shooting water directly at Charizard, forcing him into the air, scaring Azurill further.

    "How DARE you scare my Azurill!" screamed Misty, furious as seeing her baby so terrified "Go, Gyarados!" The huge water, flying type rose into the air, its face level with Team Rocket. "Pikachu, keep Azurill safe!"

    "Pika pika!" affirmed Pikachu, use to looking after young baby pokemon and proceeded to catch Azuril's attention.

    "Charizard, flamethrower those nets at let the pokemon free!" commanded Ash, teaming up with Misty as she had Gyarados do the same on the other net.

    "Ahahahahahahaha!" cackled Team Rocket, "Those nets are completely fire, water and electricity proof! You're never going to break through those!"

    "Yeah, for once we decided to cover many aspects so you wouldn't have a hope! Ha-ha!" commented Meowth.

    "Well, let's try this, Forretress Rapid Spin!"

    "Forrrrret!" Brock's pokemon went spinning through the air, colliding with the nets and freeing the trapped pokemon. Ash darted forward and caught Azuril and Pikachu before they hit the ground before asking for a Dragon Breath from Charizard to match Gyarados's Hyper Beam. The huge Wooper mecha couldn't take the power of the attacks and exploded into thousands of fragments and launching Team Rocket
    into the air.

    "Waaaaaa Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" DING!

    "Great work Charizard!" Ash praised his pokemon before returning him back to his ball. "Here you go Misty" he smiled at her, holding out Azurill who had calmed greatly since being caught in the nets but still required reassurance from her mother.

    "Thanks Ash." she melted at his smile before giving her Azurill a big hug while is chirruped happily.

    "Well kids, seems that we really didn't have to worry about you two with Ash and Brock around, and now of course Misty." said Caroline, impressed by the skills of pokemon battling she had just witnessed.

    "Yeah, that and Team Rocket are really pathetic!" said May, checking over her pokemon.

    "Hey! We heard that!" Jessie's head came from where Team Rocket had Dinged, before disappearing again.

    "O...k...that was weird..." said Ash and they all looked at each other before going back inside to finish their meal.


    "Bye Ash, bye Brock, bye Misty, it was great meeting you again!" waved May while she stood on her doorstep with her mother, father and brother as Ash, Brock and Misty were walking off. The sun had recently risen and was throwing its golden light across the valley to light the way. Trees rustled in a light breeze while the cloudless sky promised nothing but good weather. Together, the old trio walked away from their friend's home on their way back to Kanto.

    "Bye guys see you again some day!" said Ash over his shoulder as the family disappeared from view over a hill.

    "Well guys, it's just us again!" said Brock.

    "Yeah, now which way is it to Littleroot Town? You two know this place better than me!" asked Misty.

    "Errr, Brock, have you got a map?" Ash turned to the older, usually more responsible member of the trio.

    "Me? I thought you had the map...guess we haven't really used nor needed one with Max and his Pokenav!" shrugged Brock.

    With a sigh Misty pulled out her Pokenav. "You two are useless!"

    "What! You had a pokenav and still asked us if we had a map?!?" yelled Ash.

    "Yeah, cos I think a map is easier to use than this stupid thing!" retorted Misty, her blood starting to rise.

    "What! Max was 8 when he started with the Pokenav, we never got lost with that thing! It tells you where you are!"

    "Are you saying that I'm less competent at reading one of these things," she brandished the pokenav, "than an 8 year old!"

    "Well yeah!"

    "Why you!" Misty pulled out her trusty mallet and proceeded to beat Ash on the head, who tried to run off down the road.

    "Ahhh" said Brock to Pikachu and Azurill who had leapt off their respective trainers a few minutes earlier. "It's so good to have us all together again!" before they started off after the two arguing trainers.

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    That was a good chap. i like the last part where misty and ash fight :D:D:D
  12. Esperon

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    Chapter 7 is here and avaliable for review!
    Hope you all enjoy and please post your views!

    Chapter 7

    "Look, there it is!" cried Misty as the trio crested a hill that overlooked Littleroot Town, the harbour and the sea. Houses clustered together around the pokemon centre while Professor Birch's lab could just be seen away to the east. Descending the hill, they made their way to the harbour to find that there was a ferry leaving for Viridian City later that afternoon.

    "Well, we've got some time to kill, how about we go see Professor Birch? If he's not out on field work again!" said Ash, keen to see the researcher again.

    "Sure, I really want to see the water starter pokemon!" said Misty, already wishing she'd been able to go round Hoenn to see the all the different types of pokemon that were still unknown to her. That and she'd missed Ash, but that was beside the point!

    "Come on it's this way" said Ash, venturing off in to the woods down a dirt road.

    Ten minutes later they stood before an impressive building with white washed walls capped by a yellowed roof.

    Rapping on the door, Ash called out "Hello, Professor Birch?" and pushed the door open to revel one of the Professor's assistant.

    "Ummm hello, can I help you?" asked the assistant in a nerdy voice.

    "Yeah, we were just looking for Professor Birch" replied Brock.

    "He's out on field work, but he should be back soon. I think he was getting some more starter pokemon though, so he might be longer than he should. He's not the best at catching pokemon!" informed the nerd.

    "Alright, thanks, but we have to get going, tell him Ash came by though." replied Ash. "I'm sorry you didn't get to meet a Mudkip, Misty."

    "That's ok, I'm sure I'll meet one soon." replied Misty.

    On their right by the track, the bushes began shaking.

    "W...What do you think it is?" asked Misty.

    "..." replied the boys too scared to reply.

    The bush began to shake with more ferocity, freezing the group in their tracks imagining a pokemon such as a Beedrill or Ursaring.

    Sniffing the air, Pikachu determined the pokemon present and gave the humans a look of utter distain before hopping into the bushes.

    "Pika Pikapi!" came from the bushes only a few seconds later, motivating Ash into advancing and peering into the foliage where he found Pikachu playing with a Mudkip, while a Poochyena stood by, barking.

    "Well, looks like we found a Mudkip!" stated Ash, smiling.

    "Awwww it's so cute!! Hello little one." said Misty, putting Azurill on the ground and offering her hand for Mudkip to smell. Tentatively, Mudkip reached forward, sniffed her hand and then rubbed up against her.

    "Hmmm I wonder what's upset this Poochyena?" said Brock, trying to get closer before it jumped away and continued barking.

    "I dunno..." said Ash, helpfully.

    Behind a tree, a figure appeared saying, "Alright, alright I'm coming! Oh, hello, who do we have here?"

    "Oh, hi there Professor Birch. It's Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." said Ash, realising who the figure was.

    "Why Hello Ash, I wasn't expecting to see you here. Congratulations in the Hoenn League! Ah, well done in finding Mudkip, Poochyena! Come on little one, I've got a trainer coming and I'm going to need you to help the trainer choose their first pokemon." said the Professor to the Mudkip, who had just jumped into Misty's arms.

    "Oh, sorry professor" said Misty, holding out the pokemon for Birch. "Here you are."

    "Thank you miss, but why don't you hold onto him until we get back to my lab. That is if you have some time of course!" said Professor Birch while petting Poochyena behind its left ear.

    "Azu, Azurill!" chirruped Misty's baby pokemon from the floor, not wanting to be left out.

    "Come on Azurill, you can travel with me and Pikachu" offered Ash, bending down to collect the baby pokemon.

    "Oh, thanks Ash" Misty flashed a smile at him, causing a little colour to rise to his face while Brock and Pikachu exchanged knowing glances.

    Back at the lab, Professor Birch introduced Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Azurill to the Treeko and Torchic he had previously captured before taking the Mudkip from Misty's arms and setting all three down on a table, giving each a special bowl of Pokeblock.

    "The Hoenn starters are so sweet!" cooed Misty, enthralled by the baby pokemon.

    Clearing his throat Ash mentioned that they had better make their way back soon or risk missing their ferry back to Kanto. "Well, alright, I guess we are cutting it pretty fine already." she replied, stepping away from the starters and taking Azurill from Ash.

    "Where are you kids heading for?" asked Birch with interested

    "We're taking the boat back to Viridian City in Kanto." informed Brock.

    "Well, the new trainer shouldn't be here for a while yet, so I think I can give you guys a lift to the harbour in the jeep if you want" he offered.

    "Oh, that would be great, thank you Professor" replied Misty. "Bye Mudkip!" as all three pokemon were withdrawn to their respective pokeballs to wait for the trainer.

    "Right, let's go!" said Birch.


    "Thank you for the ride Professor!" called Ash from the side of the boat as it left the harbour. They had got to the harbour ten minutes before the boat was scheduled to leave but the Professor had insisted on waiting.

    "See you all again some day!" waved Birch before getting back into his jeep and driving off, back to his lab.

    Ten minutes later they had located their individual cabins on the third floor and reached a unanimous agreement to turn in early to be up, refreshed and ready to go home in the morning.

    "Well Pikachu," whispered Ash to his favourite pokemon, "I think we've done ok in Hoenn...who knows what we should do now, or where we should go. Any preferences? Some where new or somewhere old?"

    "Pika piiika..." the pokemon was already asleep.

    "Yeah, me too buddy, me too..." before he too, fell asleep.


    "Good morning Ash!!"

    "WAAAAAAAAAAH!" CRASH! Ash had forgotten to lock his door the night before...he and Pikachu had overslept...Misty hadn't...

    Ash became fully conscious to the sound of Misty, Azurill and Brock laughing their heads off. Even Pikachu was starting to giggle and it took Ash a while to realise the source of their mirth was him. Before waking him, Misty had carefully placed a cream pie on the floor, therefore when Ash woke with a start, he would land directly in it. "Hey, that's not funny!" he yelled, only re-doubling the laughter ringing round the cabin. "Go on, go on, get out!!" he stood and attempted to usher them out the door. Misty was completely helpless and had to be dragged out of the room, while Brock had remained in the safety of the corridor. Ash turned round to Pikachu and reached to pick him up to throw him out with the others, but reconsidered when the sparks began to emanate from his cheeks.

    With a sigh he muttered, "I didn't want to do this Pikachu..." reaching into his bag he withdrew the most unused pokeball he owned. It had a little lightning bolt on it. "Pikachu, get out or it's the pokeball...YAYAYAYAYAYAA...oops...should have seen that coming" he coughed. Furious, Pikachu had zapped Ash, before marching out, slipping on some cream pie and landing on Misty. Finally able to think, Ash began cleaning the room, washed and changed to join his companions for breakfast.

    "It's great to be back in Kanto..." murmured Ash, "You know, two years is a long time..." Just two hours after his rude awakening, the boat had docked in Viridian City. All three had disembarked and were at the main road. A sign pointed to the left with "Pewter City" while a sign pointed to the right with "Pallet Town".

    "Yeah, it is..." whispered Misty to herself. "Well Brock, I take it this is goodbye for a while."

    "Yep, I just hope Forrest has been able to keep my mum out of the gym!" he shuddered at the memory of his last visit.

    "Bye buddy, see you soon, you always do seem to pop up!" said Ash, turning to the older boy and shaking his hand.

    "See you guys soon! Pikachu, it'll be down to you to stop them killing each other, ok?"

    "Pikachu!" the little pokemon held a victory sign, showing he had understood and was prepared to do whatever necessary to do his duty!

    "Bye Brock!" waved Ash as Brock made his way off into the distance, Pewter City, and his home. "Come on Misty, let's go!"

    15 minutes later, they passed by a spectacular building with a grand entrance. Columns lead to the main doors as two sets of stairs led up to the forum before the building, either side of a modest water feature. "Hey look Ash, the Viridian Gym has been re-built." said Misty, reading the plaque before the fountain.

    "Oh yeah, Team Rocket did a good job of destroying it. I wonder who the gym leader is at the moment..." mused Ash before turning back to the road ahead.

    They travelled along in silence for a while, both a little awkward at the situation before Ash suddenly stopped and reached behind him to grasp a pokeball from his belt.

    "Nearly forgot something! Charizard go!" he threw the ball in the air.

    "Raaaaaaaaaawr!" exclaimed the pokemon, freed from the confines of his ball before facing his trainer.

    "We're just outside Viridian City. This is the closest we can get to Johto for you to go back to the Charisific Valley." he looked up and smiled at the large fire pokemon, holding out his ball for him to take back. Charizard then bent down, received the ball before butting Ash in the chest with his head and taking to the skies, roaring his thanks before circling around towards Johto. Turning to Misty, he explained, "When I asked for Charizard to come, he was reluctant. He's so focused on making himself stronger and better. I promised that I'd let him go back when we were closest to Johto." and continued on walking.

    "That was really nice Ash." said Misty, smiling to cheer him up after having to say goodbye to one of his favourite pokemon again.

    "Thanks" And they continued on in silence, both glancing at the other, unsure of what to say.


    The day was drawing to a close when the cheerful lights of Pallet Town hove into view, allowing the group a good view of the town, nestled between the mountains.

    "Well buddy, we're home again!" said Ash, smiling at Pikachu. "Come on, if we hurry mum won't have had dinner yet!" and he shot off down the hill.

    'Well, some things haven't changed, including Ash's appetite!' Misty mused to herself before setting off after Ash at a more sedate pace, meeting him at his front door.

    KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Mum, are you there? It's me, Ash!" said Ash through the door before it opened to reveal,

    "Mime, mime Mr Mime!"

    "Errr hi Mimey..." Ash looked warily at the pokemon in his green apron, eyeing the feather duster in his hand. From the kitchen, his mum appeared, wiping her hands on a towel.

    "Oh, there you are sweetie, it's so good to see you!" she moved forwards her arms outstretched. Ash then pushed past his mum's pokemon to receive her hug, face falling as she hugged Pikachu.

    "Ash, what are you doing on the floor! It's filthy and hasn't been swept since this morning!" she scolded.

    "Hello Mrs Ketchum, I hope you don't mind us here?" asked Misty who was still in the doorway, both she, Azurill and Pikachu were struggling to keep a straight face.

    "Of course not Misty, it's always wonderful to see Ash's friends!" smiled Delia. "Now come on, I had a feeling you would be back tonight and your favourite pizza is up and ready!" she walked back into the kitchen, closely followed by Misty, Ash, Pikachu and Azurill.

    "This is great mum!" stated Ash through a mouthful of pizza. "Do you need some help Misty?" referring to Misty eating and helping Azurill with her pizza.

    "Oh, no, I'm fine thanks Ash, Azurill loves pizza as much as you!"

    "Well Ash I think you're going to have to tell me about your adventures tomorrow, it's getting late and I can see you're all exhausted! I had Mimi tidy and organise the guest room for you Misty. At least this time none of you have to sleep on the floor!"

    "Thanks Mum, come on Pikachu, night Mist." yawned Ash before trundling up the stairs to bed.

    "Night Ash. Good night Mrs Ketchum." said Misty before she and Azurill made their way up the stairs after Ash. Before she fell asleep, Misty realised that that was the first time Ash had used her old nickname since they had met up. She drifted off to sleep with a small smile on her face, cuddled up to her baby pokemon.


    "Good Morning Ash." said Misty when Ash appeared down for breakfast. She and Azurill had joined Delia at the table before Ash's tousled figure, preceded by a flash of yellow excitement arrived at the table.

    "Pika pi kachu!" (Where's the ketchup!) Announced Pikachu, hopping onto his special chair and banging his paws on the table.

    Stifling a yawn, Ash went to a cupboard where Pikachu's store was usually kept and then sat down himself to tuck into some home made pancakes, moving his plate away from Pikachu as ketchup went everywhere. Glaring at his first pokemon he announced that after breakfast he was going over to Professor Oak's and see the rest of his pokemon, as well as give his current team a rest.

    "Great, I've finished breakfast and need a shower. Could you look after Azurill for me?" asked Misty, rising from the table.

    "Sure." he replied through a mouthful of pancake.

    "It's nice to have you and Misty around again. It's been so long since I've seen the two of you." smiled Delia.

    "Yeah, it's nice to see her again as well. Azurill!" he managed to catch the pokemon before she jumped into Pikachu's overly large bowl of ketchup. Laughing, he gently scolded the baby pokemon before sharing his pancake and chocolate chips, missing the smile shared between his mother and Pikachu.


    "Come on Misty! Let's go!" called Ash up the stairs. He was impatient to be off and had already had to wait another half an hour for Misty to appear.

    "Coming, coming." she said as she came down the stairs. The reason for her delayed arrival was clear as her hair was down and beautifully styled. She had changed her heavy duty walking boots to her old pair of trainers, along with a casual pair of cut off jeans with her yellow T-shirt to complete the outfit. It took a while for Ash to get going himself when she passed him, picked up Azurill and opened the door, suppressing a small smile of pleasure at Ash's current state of immobility. After a swift glare at a giggling Pikachu, he too followed her out the door, running to catch up with her on the track to Oak's.

    They continued along in silence until Ash was able to pluck up the courage to mention, "You look nice Misty" turning to smile, shyly at her.

    "Thanks Ash" she awkwardly returned the smile. The atmosphere between the two soon relaxed, allowing them to reminisce in their past capers. They were so engrossed in their conversation, it took a light shock from Pikachu to make them notice that they had already passed Oak's driveway. Embarrassed at making such a simple mistake, they travelled up to the door in silence.


    "Hello? Ash, well done in the Hoenn League! Oh hi there Misty!" said Tracey as he answered the door, Marill at his feet while trying to feed a baby Poliwag that constantly squirmed in his arms.

    "Hi Tracey, hi Marill, do you need some help with that Poliwag?" said Misty, moving past Ash to help with the baby pokemon, putting Azurill on the ground to see her real mother.

    "Where's Professor Oak?" asked Ash as Pikachu hopped past him to talk to Marill.

    "Oh, he's out in the reserve, I'll warn you now Ash, you're pokemon have been pining for you for a long time. Be careful when you enter! Thanks Misty, I've been trying to get Poliwag to settle down for the last hour, it just won't settle down." he said to Ash before turning to Misty who took the baby from his arms. To his annoyance, it immediately calmed down to suck on its bottle of milk.

    "How did you do that?!?" Tracey looked exasperated at Poliwag.

    "I guess it's just my charm and young pokemon can sense my kind and caring attitude towards them, along with experience." she grinned back at Tracey.

    "Sure, cept for the kind bit!" murmured Ash, intentionally only to Tracey, but Misty overheard.

    "What was that Ash? Do you mean to say I'm not kind?" asked Misty, beginning to get aggressive.

    "Maybe" he replied with caution.

    "Why you!" BAM! WHAM! THUD! "Ahh, I needed that, come on Tracey, let's find the Professor." and she walked away as Ash groaned on the floor, nursing the bruise from Misty's trusty mallet.

    Groggily, he got to his feet, glaring at his hysterical Pikachu who couldn't remember a time he had laughed so much in such a short space of time before following Misty and Tracy through the lab to the reserve.

    Catching up with the others, they walk through the reserve before Ash spied his Snorlax, lying by a tree, eating some apples. He soon notices his trainer and gave Ash a wave before going back to demolishing the apple tree.

    "Hang on, better let the others out to meet everyone. Go, Grovyle, Glalie, Cawphish and Swellow!" he released his pokemon before telling them they could go where ever they wished within the reserve.

    Before any more instructions could be issued, a low rumbling can be heard, growing in a crescendo as Ash's various Tauros, Bayleaf, Cyindaquil, Totodile, Heracross, Noctowl, Kingler, Bulbasaur and Phanpy stampeded towards him. Misty, Tracey, Pikachu, Azurill and Marill had the sense to get out of the way as the excited pokemon charge into Ash, taking him along for the ride, with Bayleaf following in distress. Ash was enjoying the ride until the lake hove into view, directly in front of the charging Tauros. Before crashing into the water, the Tauros ground to a halt and veered away to the left, sending Ash flying for the water.

    "Bay!" a pair of vines grabbed him from behind and lifted him back to shore "Bay bayleaf leaf leaf bay!" She worriedly checked him over before rubbing affectionately against him.

    "Smooth there Ash. It's good to see you can control your Tauros!" mocked Misty as she walked over to him, the Poliwag now fast asleep in her arms.

    "Yeah, yeah!" he replied, getting up and brushing himself down before greeting Bayleaf properly and moving on to his other pokemon.

    "Hello? Who's there?" a voice said from the bushes as the silhouette of a man appeared. "Oh, Ash, Misty, hello there, I didn't know you'd come in!" the figure revealed to be Professor Oak.

    "Hi Professor. I hope all my pokemon have been behaving themselves for you." said Ash, looking up from petting Phanpy.

    "Of course they have Ash. Heracross has been priceless in his contribution to my research! Now why don't you all come in and have some tea. I'll be very interested to see your team from Hoenn." said Oak as he walked back to his lab, followed by the others. Immediately after entering the lab, Oak was thrown to the floor as Muk gave him a huge hug of welcome, much to Oak's protests.

    "Muk, get off the professor!" said Ash, trying to pull to sludge pokemon off the professor, only succeeding in getting a Muk hug himself.

    "Right, now tell me about your adventures in Hoenn!" they all sat down with some tea and a plate of cakes to hear of Ash's adventures.


    It was into the evening before Ash had finished his tales of Hoenn and he, Misty, Pikachu and Azurill were about to return to Ash's house. Before leaving, Ash turned to Oak to ask if there were any new
    leagues or competitions that he could enter. Needless to say, he was disappointed to find that there were no new challenges for him to try that the Professor had heard of.

    "Cheer up Ash, you could always do the Pokemon League in Kanto of Johto again. Succeed where you have previously failed!" said Misty on their way back to the Ketchum residence.

    "Yeah, I had considered entering the pokemon league again. Come on, race you home and no attacks to get faster, okay Pikachu?"

    "Pika!" he replied before running off in a head start against Ash, the others following behind.


    "Well, honey, it seems like I'll be saying goodbye again in the morning..." said Delia after Ash and Misty had explained their plans to leave the next day to tour around Kanto, entering the Indigo League by defeating the Gym leaders along the way.

    "Yeah, but at least we'll be closer this time. I will try to visit more than I have done!" replied Ash, picking up on his Mother's upset demeanour.

    "Of course sweetie, don't worry about me. I always knew it would be like this from the day you told me you were going to be a pokemon master...Well I guess I should start packing your things again. I'll make sure you have enough clean you-know-what’s!" she said brightly before leaving the room as Misty and Pikachu tried and failed to contain their laughter while Ash turned an interesting shade of red and sinking into his chair and out of site.


    "Goodbye honey, I hope to see you again soon!" said Delia as she kissed her son goodbye. "Take care of each other all of you!"

    "By Mrs Ketchum, thank you for letting me stay the few days." said Misty, her old red bag at her feet, now back in her regular attire.

    "Of course Misty, it was a pleasure to see you again! Bye bye!" she said as they walked off to Oak's lab before leaving for Pewter City.

    "Well, what pokemon are you going to bring with you Ash?" questioned Misty.

    "I'm not too sure...I'm thinking Grovyle, Cawphish and Swellow from Hoenn, along with Pikachu. But I want to check out which pokemon the Professor is currently using in his research before deciding.” he replied. "By the way, which pokemon do you have with you other than Gyarados, Staryu and Azurill?"

    "I have Politoed and had to bring Psyduck. My sisters wouldn't let me leave him with them. Something about him being too much of a liability to himself and others..."

    They walked on in silence again until reaching the pokemon research centre, knocking on the door before entering the building and into the corral.

    "Hi Professor. I just came over to collect my pokemon before we left. Do you mind if I take Grovyle, Cawphish and Swellow?" asked Ash as they found the professor and Tracey feeding the resident pokemon.

    "Of course that's fine Ash. As you can see, all you new pokemon have settled in well here. You're welcome to choose any other pokemon if you so wish but I would be very happy if Bulbasaur, Bayleaf and Heracross were to stay, for diplomatic and research reasons of course!"

    "Thank you Professor...WAAAA Muk!" he disappeared under a large quantity of slime pokemon. Giggling, he emerged saying "Well, it's nice to see you too! Oh, hello Phanpy!" The little pokemon had noticed her trainer lying on the ground and had come over to investigate. "Hmmm Professor, do you mind if I take Phanpy with me?"

    "Of course that's fine Ash. I think Phanpy is old enough to begin training as strongly as any other pokemon and it would benefit from spending more time with you." smiled Oak.

    "Bay, bayleaf bay?" Bayleaf nudged her trainer when she heard she was to stay at Oaks.

    "I'm sorry Bayeaf, but the Professor needs you for his research with your sweet scent! Don't worry, I'll be coming back more often to see you and the others" he petted her on the head, trying to cheer her up before following Oak back to the pokeball storage room. It took them a while to locate Phanpy's ball and quite a bit of polishing for it to look as respectable as the other pokeballs in Ash's current possession.

    Not half an hour later Ash and Misty were bidding good bye to Professor Oak, Tracy and the remaining pokemon and heading off in the direction of Viridian City.
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    Will you look at that! Time for chapter 8 with the return of an old friend and a bit of AAML (finally I know, but i so loved writing the battle sequences!)
    Please read, enjoy and review!!

    Chapter 8

    "We really should have set off earlier!" complained Misty as they realised they wouldn't make the soft beds that were available in Viridian City. "Well, I'll set up the tents if you sort out the food." she said stifling a yawn, lowering her bag and pokemon to the ground before stretching.

    "I'm not doing the cooking! You do it!" argued Ash.

    "What! You’re the one who's been traveling, surely you've found out how to cook!"

    "You're the one who's been at home, feeding yourself and your pokemon!"

    This left Misty at a point when for once, she was speechless and growled "Fine! But you can get the water as well!" she began the hunt for firewood while thinking of what she could make from their supplies.

    With a sigh, Ash motioned for Pikachu to follow as they looked for a nearby stream. "I don't know Pikachu, why do Misty and I always end up fighting?"

    "Pika pikachu" he replied with a shrug, sniffing the air for any water before moving off down a small forest track.

    "It's not as if I try to start a fight with her. Maybe we just fight cos she doesn't really like me..." he mused, beginning to feel a little depressed. The day hadn't been a peaceful as he was accustomed to and was already beginning to feel apprehensive about the up coming few months with just him and Misty.

    Spinning round, Pikachu stated, "Pika pika chu pikachu pi pika! Pikachupi pi pika pi chu pichu pi pika chu pi pika pika pikachu! Pi pika pikachu pichu chu, pika pichu pika pichuchu" (Don't even start thinking like that! She came all the way from her Gym just to see you battle! If she doesn't like you, I'll evolve next week!) Electricity started sparking from his cheeks, emphasising his point.

    "Thanks buddy." he ruefully smiled back at his confident pokemon before following him down the path. Suddenly, the trees on either side, melted away to reveal a spectacular sight. He had found a large lake, secluded from view by the trees of the forest. A waterfall gushed down into the lake, causing a rainbow to form as the light from the dying sun filtered through tiny droplets of water at the bottom of the lake. The spectacular sight took Ash's breath away as he and Pikachu beheld the sight. Without saying a word to Pikachu, Ash turned back, racing to the base camp where Misty was about to start the fire for their meal.

    "Well, where's the water?" she asked when Ash appeared, breathless, with no Pikachu and no water.

    "You...you...have to come...see this!!" he panted, getting his stuff together.

    "What is it?" asked Misty, beginning to panic. "Has something happened to Pikachu?"

    "Pika!" the little rodent appeared from the path, his little paws crossed over his chest, a look of hopelessness on his face as he observed his trainer.

    "Come on Misty! Quickly!" he urged her down the path by the hand.

    "Alright, alright!" she replied, hurrying after him, beginning to get grumpy. "Oh..." she lost her breath when she beheld the spectacular waterfall and lake, the rainbow was barely visible before it disappeared as the sun dipped below the trees.”It's beautiful..."

    'Just like you...' Ash thought to himself before walking forwards to dump his stuff next to the lake, tripping and falling head over heels and into the water with a splash, reappearing to be seen sitting down, spitting water out of his mouth.

    "Well done klutz!" giggled Misty as she gracefully strolled over and deposited her belongings before extending her hand down to Ash who took it. While helping him up, she slipped on some mud and went crashing into the water, alongside Ash. It only took them one look at each other before the both burst out laughing and struggled out of the water.

    "I'll get the firewood." volunteered Ash, taking off his hat and jumper to try over a tree branch and venturing off into the woods again.

    Laughing gently to herself, Misty began to get the saucepan, noodles and vegetables out from their pack. Turning to the lake to fill the saucepan with water, she saw Pikachu who was watching her intently. "What?" she asked.

    "Piiiiiiiiika." he said.

    "Sure it's "nothing"!" she watched the little pokemon carefully as he sat there with a strange look on his face before Ash came back, his arms full of wood.

    Half an hour later, Ash, Misty and Pikachu were seated around the fire, a bowl of noodles each, covered in ketchup as far as Pikachu's helping was concerned. After taking one bite each, even Ash decided it was unpalatable, resulting in a tube of biscuits for supper instead. "You know, I think we should ask Brock to come...just so we can eat!" laughed Ash, the others agreeing before turning in for bed in their individual tents.

    Before Ash drifted off to sleep he found himself thinking, 'Maybe this trip won't be as bad as I thought...'


    It was still quite early when Misty awoke the next morning, emerging from her tent in a swimming costume and a towel. Stretching, she walked to the lake removing her towel and lowering herself into the water with a shiver. In order to warm herself up, she began swimming to the other side of the lake before swinging round towards the waterfall where a dark shape began to appear. Now knowing what this was, she reached for Staryu's ball that she'd brought with her, quietly releasing it and instructed it to swim quietly up to the shape and blast whatever it was out of the water. She watched with baited breath as Staryu disappeared under the water. Silently, she watched the shape, running through her head what it could be...


    The shape was blasted into the air as Staryu used its water gun from beneath.


    "Ash?" she questioned, looking over at the tents to see nothing...turning to where the shape had landed, she saw that it was...

    "Misty!!! What are you doing!"

    "I'm so sorry Ash! I didn't know what it was in the waterfall!" she apologised, swimming as fast as she could to the unhappy boy. "What were you doing there anyway?"

    "I was practicing meditating. I wanted to check out how strong the waterfall was before risking my pokemon."

    Snorting Misty replied, "You? Meditating? Ha Ha, that's a laugh! Come on, what were you REALLY doing? And another thing...What are you doing up at this time? Usually I have to get Pikachu to shock you at least twice before you even stir!"

    "Meditating is great for concentration. My pokemon and I practiced it when on the beach at Dewford Town before my re-match for the knuckle badge. And it seems that after all those years of you waking me up early with Pikachu, I get up earlier anyway!" He smiled before swimming back over to the waterfall and releasing Grovyle, Cawphish and Swellow to join him and Pikachu under the waterfall and motioning to Misty to join him. Taking a seat on a rock next to Ash, she closed her eyes and concentrated on remaining upright under the force of the water cascading onto her shoulders. It didn't take long for her to have to leave the waterfall, unused to such an extreme.

    Seeing that Ash and his pokemon had remained under the water, she decided to go back to camp to change and begin making some breakfast. It only took a few minutes to warm up some pancakes. Sending Staryu to fetch Ash, she released her other pokemon to have a play in the water, leaving Politoed in charge of Azurill.

    "Errr Psyduck, maybe you should just stay on shore!" she said, handing a pancake to the pokemon in the hopes of keeping out of trouble.

    "Still can't swim?" said Ash as he and his pokemon pulled themselves out of the water before stretching along with his pokemon, relieving their cramped muscles.

    "Yeah, I've been trying, to teach it, but with no luck." Turning from Psyduck, she saw Ash reaching for his towel to dry off and had to hide her face as a blush began to appear as her eyes caught sight of a body that was defiantly more toned than she remembered. "Um...there are some pancakes over there." gesturing to the plate before disappearing into her tent to pack her bags, only emerging once Ash was dressed. Before beginning to take down her tent, she saw Pikachu, sitting on Gyarados's head, licking ketchup from his paws, watching her with a creepy little smile on his face. "What?" she asked.

    "Piiiiiiiiiiika!" he replied, hopping in the lake to wash off.

    "There is something up with Pikachu..." she voiced aloud, returning her pokemon, causing Pikachu to fall from Gyarados's head as the pokemon disappeared. Earning Misty an angry, wet Pikachu glare.

    "You're telling me...come on, if we get going now and make good time, we can be at Pewter City before tomorrow evening. Then we can at least get Brock to make us some dinner!"

    Shouldering her bag and checking their camp once more for any stray items, Misty picked up Azurill and headed down the path back to the road behind Ash. "Yeah, but that still means camping in Viridian Forest tonight!" she shuddered at the thought of all the bug pokemon residing in those woods.

    "Aww come on Misty, not still scared of the bugs are we?" teased Ash, earning himself a bonk on the head from the trusty mallet of Misty.

    They arrived in Viridian City shortly before lunch, deciding to stock up on more, easy to prepare foods and then entered the forest.

    "AYEEEEEEEEEEE!" sqeeled Misty as a Parras scuttled over her foot. "I HATE THIS PLACE!"

    "Come on Misty, they're not going to hurt you...but they will! RUN!" Over Misty's shoulder, Ash had spotted the swarm of Beedrill that resided in the forest. Grabbing Misty by the arm he dragged her along behind him, running blindly through the forest. "Quick in here!" a small wood cabin hove into view. The group ran straight in, barricading the door behind them.

    "Hey, weren't you ever taught it's rude to just barge into someone's home?!?" Turning, they discovered the owner of the voice to be a stocky boy, roughly the same age as Ash wearing a strange helmet, a red, blue and black horizontally striped plate of armor covered his torso while a blue skirt of plates, with yellow binding at the bottom and a pair of sandals completed the outfit. Drawing his sword, he advanced. "I'll teach you to barge into someone's home!"

    As he moved in to the light, Ash was able to recognise the cabin owner. "Samurai?"

    The boy froze where he was. "How do you know my name?"

    "It's me Ash, we battled a few years ago when I had just started training."

    "You're going to have to be more specific then that. I have battled many trainers in my time." He brought his sword in front of his face, holding it vertical along the line of his nose, closing his eyes.

    "Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." The boy snapped his eyes open at the mention of Pallet Town. "I battled with my Pigeotto and Metapod against your Pinsir and Metapod..." he stopped when laughter came from behind him. Turning Misty struggled to control her laughter explaining,

    "I'm sorry...ha ha ha...it's just you were so pathetic when you started!!" and with that she collapsed in a heap next to Pikachu who was in a similar state.

    Returning his attention to the Samurai, he found he was similarly incapacitated with laughter. "I…I remember you now! That was the easiest victory I ever had! ha ha ha..."

    Realising there was nothing he could do, Ash slumped down in a corner, glaring at the trio. Azurill, not understanding why everyone was laughing, bounced on her tail to Ash and into his lap, immediately having the desired effect of cheering Ash up. Content to play with Azurill, he ignored the others. An idea came to him and whispered in Azurill what to do. Azurill turned to Misty, Pikachu and the Samurai before taking a deep breath and shooting a water gun at the trio. This time it was
    Ash who couldn't stop laughing as they sat up, soaking wet to glare at the hysterical Ash and Azurill.

    "Alright, alright, you've made you're point!" said Samurai. "Now, are you here for that re-match?"

    Controlling his mirth when hearing of a battle, Ash stood up to accept his challenge and asking Misty to be the referee, deciding on a one on one battle.

    "Alright, let's see if you've got any stronger, Venonat, GO!"

    "Veno venonat!" said the pokemon as it appeared.

    "Go, Swellow!"

    "Swe-e-low!" The bird pokemon shirked, stretching his wings.

    "What, what is that?!?!" cried Samurai, having never traveled to Hoenn before.

    "Swellow, the swallow pokemon." said Ash's pokedex as he brought it out to scan Swellow for the Samurai. "A Swellow dives upon prey from far above. It never misses its targets. It takes to the skies in search of lands with a warm climate."

    "Swellow, Arial Ace!" and the battle commenced.

    "Double Team!" illusions of Venonat appeared, causing Swellow's attack to miss. "Stun Spore!"

    "Dodge it!" flapping his wings, Swellow evaded the spores before using Double Team himself. "Now dive down through all the clones!" With no where left to run once all the clones of Venonat had gone, Swellow scored a direct hit, sending the bug flying through the air and finishing it off with a peck attack.

    "Great battle Venonat, now return." he smiled fondly at his pokemon. "Thank you for an amazing battle. You've become much stronger. Exactly what have you accomplished since out paths last crossed?"

    For the next hour, Ash told the Samurai about his adventures in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn until Misty noticed the time, urging them to move forwards. After saying goodbye to the Samurai, and promising to meet again for another battle, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Azurill continued down the road to Pewter City.
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  15. MistyLover

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    Nice, the story line is exactly like the anime isnt it? ;)
  16. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    Yep, wanted to keep the characters as close to that of the amine as I could and annoyingly I live in the Uk and therefore haven't seen the battle frontier yet. I've seen most of the Kanto episodes and know what the scenery is like (or might be like) taken into account the number of days it takes to get from A to B...probably went a little too far...but it's worked so far!

    P.S. I forgot to add ages ago that the reason the line are short across the page is cos I originally wrote this for the pokemon tower which can only have lines of a specific length. Not that anyone was really bothered but I felt like adding that in!

    PPS Not sure if the next chapter is comming up today or tomorrow, felt like altering a little bit but not too sure, just a little occasion that might help it later but I may decide for that event to happen later in the fic...does that make sense? So yeah, bascially the next chapter might be up today, might be up tormorrow. (Chemistry coursework is due tomorrow so the fic is not a priority. Tomorrow is more likely.)
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  17. Artemis Ignitan

    Artemis Ignitan *~*Northwind Gale*~*

    This is a great fic! I especially love your battle descriptions, and the frequent Ash/Misty arguments. *sigh* I missed Misty's Malicious Mallet of Mayhem. (try saying that three times fast! ^^)

    It's pretty interesting how you can make the fic be so close to the anime. And... CHARIZARD RETURNS!!! I missed the big guy. ^^

    Sooooo...I will be patiently waiting for the next chappie. Keep writing! :)
  18. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    *Squee* another review >< you have no idea how happy that makes me feel to know there is at least one other person out there who is reading + enjoying my ficcy! (tis my first so this is a huge boost ;) ) You'd be suprised how easy it is to write the characters to how they are in the anime when you never get to see anything other than Johto...that's what I get for living in the UK! And I'm glad you liked the return of Charizard, thought it only fitting for Ash's second strongest pokemon to re-appear and it was such fun comming up with ideas for that last battle, fire Vs water on a water field, fantastic...Anyways, glad you like the battly bits and there are...two 3v3 matches and summary/end of a 2v2 to come!

    Ok, well that scene I was thinking of writing in....nah! cos then I have to re-write a HUGE bit later...NOT going through that again (had to paragraph up almost a full page of word that was just in one junk...ugh!) So, here is the next chap and that bit I was thinking of is re-written, plus I get to add a whole new chapter for that scene to happen AND I get to add on one of my ideas that had to be chucked...i'll shut up now...ON WITH THE CHAPTER!

    Chapter 9

    "I am so tired..." moaned Misty, grounding to a halt. Due to their unscheduled stop in the forest, night had already fallen and they had not reached Pewter City yet. "Let's just camp here." she plonked herself down on a stone.

    "Come on Misty! I know it's just over the top of the hill!" pleaded Ash.

    Smiling she replied, "That's what you said last time!"

    "No, I'm sure it is! Come on, Misty!" He picked up her bag and took her hand to pull her to her feet, trying to motivate her forwards. Plodding slowly after him she was amazed when the twinkling lights of Pewter City came into view over the brow of the hill. Speechless, she looked at Ash, who just smiled before descending the hill carrying both his and Misty's bag. It didn't take them long to locate Brock's house and knocked on the door, wondering if they would even be heard over the din inside.

    "I'm coming, I'm coming!" could be heard from inside before the door opened and Brock appeared, his jacket removed and his super Brock apron on. "Ash, Misty, what are you doing here??"

    "Looking for a proper bed and some food!" said Misty, moving into the house amid a flurry of small children.

    "That and a gym battle tomorrow" commented Ash, following Misty into the kitchen. "I'm going to enter the Indigo League again."

    "Well, ok, but if you two want some food and a bed, you'll have to help me put this lot to bed! Mum and Dad went out for the night, leaving me in charge. You lot might be work to look after, but I've forgotten what these guys are like!" So together, Brock, Forrest, Ash and Misty went about the house, putting children to bed, bathing and feeding others before they themselves could relax.

    "Thanks Brock," said Ash as he took the bowl of noodles from his friend. "So who am I battling tomorrow?" he said, looking between Brock and Forrest.

    "Well, I've been thinking about it...and I think you should battle Forrest. He's been the Gym leader for the last two years and just cos I'm back doesn't mean he still isn't the Gym leader. Is that ok with you?" he looked at his younger brother.

    "Sure, three on three battle, right Ash?" Forrest looked over the top of his mug of hot chocolate at his next opponent.

    "Can't wait!" He grinned back before Brock decided it was time for bed, showing Ash and Misty to their rooms where they gratefully fell asleep.


    "Right, this will be a three on three battle between Ash and Forrest for the Boulder Badge with no time limit." called Brock who was acting as referee. All his little brothers and sisters occupied the overhead walkway with Misty; Pikachu perched on her shoulder to cheer on the match.

    "Geodude, go!" Forrest revealed his first pokemon.

    Reaching to his belt, Ash pulled out and enlarged his pokeball, releasing Cawphish into battle. "Cawphish, bubblebeam!"

    "Dodge it and reply with Sandstorm!" Geodude levitated around the stream of bubbles before shooting a strong twister of sand straight at Cawphish who had no means of escape, taking a full hit and sliding along the ground for a few feet before coming to a rest. "Mega Punch!"

    "Crabhammer!" the pokemon flew at each other, readying their attacks, both hitting their marks and sending clouds of dust and smoke to cover the arena. When the smoke cleared, both pokemon were down and out.

    "This round is a draw!" announced Brock to his cheering siblings and Misty.

    "Well done Geodude, now, Steelix you're up!" The pokemon roared once released, gazing down at his opposing trainer, waiting to see who he would be up against.

    "Go, Grovyle!" Ash threw the pokeball into play to release Grovyle and instructing a Leaf Blade.

    "Dragon Breath!"

    "Protect with your Leaf Blade attack!" the dragonbreath flew harmless either side of him as he continued forwards at Steelix, able to score a direct hit over Steelix's face.

    "Smash it with Iron Tail!"

    "Dodge behind a rock!" The rock wasn't strong enough and shattered as Steelix hit it, rock shards pelting Grovyle to the ground. He struggled to his feet, taking a moment to glare at his opponent as it disappeared underground, to use its dig attack. Ignoring his trainer, Grovyle crouched down, eyes closed before using his Quick Attack to jump in the air, avoiding Steelix as it reappeared exactly where Grovyle had been only moments before. "Well done Grovyle, Bullet Seed!" The seeds gained added force from Grovyle's position above Steelix, a few seeds becoming lodged in the gaps in Steelix's body, causing it to roar in pain, restricting its ability to move freely. Taking advantage of his opponent's pain, Grovyle did a neat Leaf Blade and Pound attack combo, knocking out the much larger pokemon. "Alright Grovyle! Great job!" praised Ash.

    "Well done Steelix that was a great battle. Crobat, I choose you!"

    "Woow, Go Forrest!!"

    "Yay, it's Crobat!"

    "Show him what we Slates are made of!" came from above as the little Slates began getting hyped up in a frenzy.
    Deciding Ash needed a little cheering of his own, Misty called down, "Good Luck Ash! I know you can beat him!" Looking up, he caught Misty's eyes while his brain froze.
    All he could think was, 'She's got confidence in me...' He was so absorbed that it wasn't until Grovyle Grovyled in pain from receiving a direct hit of a wing attack. Furious with himself, Ash asked for a Quick Attack. Crobat was faster however and dodged the attack, using its bite attack on Grovyle's leaf on his head before firing a supersonic attack, confusing Grovyle.

    "Gro-o-o-o-vyle...." the pokemon wandered around, purple under his eyes, hearing the instruction for a Bullet Seed attack and firing straight in front of him. Unfortunately, straight in front was the arena wall that sent the attack straight back at Grovyle, knocking him out.

    "I'm sorry buddy, that was my fault..." said Ash, returning his pokemon and feeling terrible for not paying attention to his battle enough. Looking up at the stands, he called up for Pikachu to help him out. Very surprised, as he had decided to stay with Misty for the battle, after being told he wasn't going to be used, it took a while for Pikachu to jump down, into his trainer's arms and then onto the battle field. "Pikachu, thunderbolt!"

    "Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuu!" he sent his strong electrical attack at Crobat who used his double team to avoid.

    "Be careful Pikachu!" yelled Ash, neither could see the real pokemon as copies began moving round the arena.

    "Crobat, Supersonic!" called Forrest, a glint in his eye.

    "Dodge in a hole!" by hiding underground in one of the holes dug by Steelix, Pikachu was able to remain unconfused, and continued to play hide and seek with Crobat as he ran from one hole to another.

    Frustrated by his opponent's tactics, Forrest called for a Wing Attack on the ground that brought Pikachu, his ears ringing, back to the surface, but destroyed the clones in the process.

    "Now's your chance Pikachu, THUNDER!!" Pikachu's strongest electric attack surged through the air, hitting Crobat square in the chest. As it began to fall, Pikachu and Ash wasted no time in delivering an Iron Tail attack and rounding off with a thunderbolt, resulting in Crobat being well and truly beaten. "Heh heh, well done buddy, that was awesome!" said Ash, taking Pikachu in his arms for a hug and a thank you before he hopped onto his shoulder.

    "Thank you Crobat, return. Well Ash, congratulations in your victory and I present to you, the Boulder Badge!" said Forrest, holding out the badge in the shape of a boulder (duh!)

    "Alright, I won a Boulder Badge!" said Ash, performing his usual victory pose.

    "He's never going to grow out of that, is he?" whispered Misty to Brock.

    "What do you think? Of course not! If he did, he wouldn't be Ash now, would he." Brock replied, giving her a small wink that said, "I saw what happened" resulting in a faint blush on Misty's visage. "Well Ash," he began, advancing on his younger friend, "I guess you and Misty will be off quite soon. Heading for Cerulean City?"

    "Yeah, hey, where did she go?" he replied, looking around.

    "Probably just went to the bathroom. Now, I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't send you off with some easy to cook and prepare foods, would I." Brock said with a smile, deciding to cover for his embarrassed friend.

    "He he, thanks Brock" Ash rubbed the back of his head. "I guess neither of us have learnt how to cook yet!"

    "I thought so, come on guys." he gestured to his siblings as they all followed him back to the house.


    "Thanks for the supplies Brock!" said Misty as she, Ash, Pikachu and Azurill walked away from the large, but happy family of Slates. "We'd probably die without it!"

    "See you guys soon! Good luck Ash!" yelled back Brock as the group disappeared from view on their way to Cerulean City.

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  19. Artemis Ignitan

    Artemis Ignitan *~*Northwind Gale*~*

    Ahh, Forrest. I've been wanting to see him in action.

    And now we don't have to deal with Misty's cooking anymore. Thank goodness. :D

    And when they lock eyes...so kawaii!!!

    Brock didn't join them? All the more chances for Pokeshippy moments to happen...*stares off into space*...*sighs dreamily*

    All of them are in character...great descriptions...good length...humor...and the most important element...Pokeshippiness!!!

    Overall, a great chappie!!! :)
  20. MistyLover

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    This is getting better and better everytime! :D Good job!

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