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The beginning of it all

Chapter One
A young man stood upon a hill to the west of Viridian city, the sun was still high in the sky and a few wisps of clouds lingered, the bright blue up above gleamed throughout the sky and the sun enhanced the beauty of everything it touched. The man upon the hill sat down and leaned back onto the grass, looking up at the sky and loosing himself to his thoughts, he was no older than twenty, his dark hair was cut short, his childlike features mixed with slight ruggedness and a small stubble of a beard. He placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, he was exhausted from his travels and figured a small rest wouldn't hinder his plans, although, the sudden thought of his journey coming to an end sent euphoria throughout his body, his eyes shot open and he no longer felt the aches in his body that years of traveling had given him, his breathing increased and a grin formed across his face. He sat up and looked around him, the peaceful calm of nature before him felt homely and peaceful to him, it practically was his home with the amount of traveling he has done, but he paid that no mind, for he too believed the wilderness to be where his roots lie. Coming from a small town at the south of the kanto region he did not anticipate for something great to befall him, he had read stories of great trainers and people of influence that started the kanto region. He himself making his mark in the history books for becoming one of the youngest recognized pokemon champions in recorded history all while leaving the title behind to continue his travels.
He stood up and walked down the hill towards the west, his resting would have to wait as he was not one to stay put for longer than necessary. He held out a small sphere and turned a cog sitting on its top. The ball burst open a few seconds later releasing a rather large reptilian beast before him, a tremendous flower sprouting from it's back and small vines hanging off its back, he ran his hand across its hide and climbed to the top, taking a seat above the beasts back and up against the tree. He was making his was towards the plateau and figured at this pace he could place him at the halfway mark around dusk, the closer he could get to his final destination without stopping, the better. He planned to camp out once he reached his mark and push hard the next day to make it to the base of the mountain he was currently heading for. The looming presence of his destination stood between the Kanto and Johto lands, almost a barrier between the two continents whose wildlife and people were vastly different from their culture, ways of life, and more importantly, Pokémon, but ultimately similar in many ways.
During his earlier travels he ventured to the farthest lands of Johto, conquering the whirpools that plagued the farthest west near the seafoam islands, witnessing the rare and mythical species that lived in an enclosed harmonious habitat deep within a mountain, the sheer wonder of seeing an entire ecosystem within a tremendous mountain, a blood thirsty mounstrous serpent wreaking havoc upon the lakes of the north, and the dragons that were said to have lived in harmony with the draconic people northwest of said mountain before him put him in a very blessed and peaceful mindset throughout his journeys, always yearning for more and wanting to see the mystic wonders of the world. Most of his travels held bountiful adventures and memories of great beasts and monsters many of the people of the world have never, or will never see.
It all started on his very first day of traveling, he had decided to venture out at the age of fifteen, convinced he could make a name for himself with his parter pokemon Pikachu, they were headed through route one when he had accidentally fell into the river, one he thought was calm and serene but hid malevolent rapids and currents below, it was then he was saved by a young water nymph, her beautiful red hair was all he could remember as she quickly fled when he awoke on the rocky shores a few miles upstream. Pikachu tried his best to describe what happened and how she helped, but his own memories were fuzzy. It was then that his mind filled with wonder, what other fairy tales existed in this world?
The young man looked above, seeing a large pokemon flying above him, which happened most of the time, constantly watching and over looking his travels for protection. While he traveled far to the Johto region, he traveled the most through the Kanto region, his home. His travels started to the south, the Cinnabar islands that housed the fire wielding pokemon who were obscure and hidden upon the volcanoes of the large island. It was there he met a small charmander, who he befriended and took with him on his journeys, it grew and grew throughout the years into the great winged beast that flew above him, keeping a keen eye on everything to protect it's father. Before leaving the island he investigated the remains of a large mansion that was said to have housed a prominent researcher and public figure who one day vanished without a trace, within the desolate building he found notes and journals depicting god like pokemon and creatures unheard to mankind before. He pocketed what he could and left to continue his journey.
His travels took him to the east next, the seafoam islands, home to a great deal of legends and strong pokemon that lurked in the caves below existing under the seas harsh pressure, many a brave travelers went below to test their might, only to never return. He himself making the trek down below on his second trip through kanto on the pursuit of myths, but that was a tale for another time. From there he made his way to the town of Fuschia, a settlement almost lost in time from years past that upheld the old fashioned ways of life and culture, again seeing a few pokemon rarely seen before by humans.
The man snapped out of his thoughts as a loud roar came from above, the winged beast began to circle and hover closer to the ground, the young man took note and took out a sphere, having the beast below him recalled into it and climbing a nearby tree with ease and speed, he was past the desire to battle and fight his way to his destination, instead taking an inconspicuous and different approach on his trek. The dragon had served him well as an Ursaring along with its cub made their way towards him, having seen him would only be problematic. Once the beasts had passed he climbed back down the tree and walk towards his destination quickly, wanting to put some distance between the pokemon and be closer to the mountain, although there would be far more pokemon like ursaring the closer he got to the base of the mountain, it swarmed with powerful creatures and beasts that no one dared explore, only a select few dared, most coming back with crazed stories of strong pokemon and disastrous weather.
If it weren't for his previous travels, he wouldn't dare step foot near the mountain, but he must. His unyielding want for the final piece of the puzzle in his brain was at the top of that mountain, and he would rather die pursuing it than growing old and never trying.
As the sun set ahead of him, he decided it best to make camp, whistling sharply and taking his pack off of his back and placing it up against a tree, the beast that was once flying above him was now making his way down for a landing, flapping it's great wings as it came down with speed and disrupting the dirt around them for a minute, it's feet slammed into the ground as it's claws broke the earth below it, it's wing span stretching to at least fifteen feet and its tail burning with a fire of great heat. It stared at the man before him, it's lizard eyes looking straight into his for a few seconds before yawning greatly and sprawling out onto the field, curling it's tail up to him and falling into a deep slumber, the man sighed heavily but grinned, all of his companions were tired.
He sat up against the large beast and leaned into it, his thoughts running rampant again as he saw two small yellow ears poke out from his pack, his oldest and longest traveling companion was finally awake. A small rodent with yellow fur hopped out of the bag and stretched it's tiny body out in the setting sun, a few sparks of electricity flew from its cheeks and it licked its paws before trotting over to the young man and making himself comfortable on his lap. The man figured the tiny rodent had gotten lazy with the amount of traveling not battling and exploring the land, but he knew that the little pokemon could give him tremendous power when he needed it.
The three wary travelers closed there eyes and dozed off into a light sleep, the pokemon always keeping a trained ear to the surrounding wilderness to be able to react instantly. It was nearly three hours after midnight when his other companion slunked its way to the pack, the young man woke up when he sensed the pokemon coming close, his eyes opening wide, almost in a trance, he stared into the sky for nearly a minute before blinking a few times and smiling, a strange but familiar shrill laugh resonated everywhere. A purple haze materialized a few feet from the man, two eyes, a wicked smile and two lengthy hands that hovered many feet above the ground.
"It is good to see you my friend, how does it look ahead of us?" The man asked the pokemon politely, it continued to stare at him while it's eyes glowed a faint red, the young man again locked into a trance like state again as it looked at the pokemon, he blinked a couple of times moments later and smiled again, the pokemon returning said smile and vanishing into the night. The man then closing his eyes for a well needed rest while the apparition hovered out of sight in the forest around them.
It felt as though he never truly dreamed until about a year ago, when he understood what his next adventure would be, the one that took him around the kanto region once more, looking at every nook and cranny this land had to offer and his quest for knowledge and understanding would be one for the ages. His trip took him to the town of pewter, a prominent mining community where he learned of fossil pokemon and spoke with a recluse man by the name brock, a large individual that was rumored to be a golem, but his intelligence stated otherwise, either way he helped him out immensely at the start of his journey, helping him understand the fossil mythology and remnants of pokemon, feeding him information about the vasts myths of the land that could potentially be true, giving him directions through mt. moon where it was said there lived pokemon that derived from the moon, the most laughed about story throughout the town, as well as the way to cerulean city, his next destination due to the water nymphs of the north that were said to be the most intelligent beings on the earth, but only those pure of heart could find them.
The road through the mountain was a modest one, many inexperienced pokemon taking solice in the caves as well as crazed miners and thieves. It was a few weeks before he exited the cave, a large grin plastered on his face from his adventures within, many new thoughts came to mind with his discoveries and it invigorated him further, he practically ran all the way to cerulean city when he emerged from the darkness. His travel to cerulean took only a day, arriving at noon and heading towards the north for more information and his pursuit of adventure before the evening came, stopping only for information and supplies.
The water nymphs up north were a breath taking sight, it was a week into his venture that he stumbled upon them, ensuring them his travels were of peace and exploration. They aided him with unknown knowledge of the legendary creatures that roamed the lands, detailing the habitats that they might have been known to roam around. He stayed for a few days before departing, instilling his own knowledge upon the women, them giving more and more hints to the unknown wonders of the world as he did, until they could say no more and he had to depart. His mind was a stir on his travels afterwards, a new vigor ran through him as he called upon his dragon pokemon and ran to meet the beast, jumping onto his back as it hovered to the ground and took off to the skies, he would not falter in his quest now.
The young man awoke early the next day, his dreams fresh in his mind as he stood and stretched his body out, the treck to the base of the mountain would be within his reach by the end of the day, he awoke his companions and packed his gear, all of them ready to go within the next few minutes. The man trekked through the wilderness further west, an array of pokemon between him and the mountain, only stopping for the occasional battle when deemed unavoidable. As he neared the base of the mountain he noticed faint funnel of smoke above the tree line, he questioned what a fire out here could be, not thinking any other travelers would come this far but his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to look.
His curiosity was almost the bane of his existence, many times he ventured head first into unknown areas with the intent of finding something new, most of the time it worked out in his favor, but a small handful of times were less enjoyable, he came across a small hut in a large clearing, nothing fancy, having itself a tiny garden next to it as well as a few livestock kept closely guarded by a weasel pokemon, said creature noticing their presence and standing tall, its claws glistening in the setting sun and it's cry shrill and high pitched. The young man raised it's hands and stood still while looking the pokemon in the eye, not wanting trouble. He slowly backed away as he saw the door creep open, an elderly couple emerging as they calmed the small pokemon.
"Whose out there?" The elderly man announced into the dusk, his voice raspy and low, the young man was already gone by that point, he did not want to trouble anybody, and the pokemon guarding the house, sneasel, was one that he did not want to bother, especially with the guise of night fall.
He continued his trek through the forest until he came across the opening of the mountain, the pitch black darkness that emitted from it sent chills down his spine, this was surely going to be a long and arduous climb.