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The Bells Are Singing! (538)


Aussie Wonder
I didnt mind this episode, it was good to see Gligar in her first battle, she's soo cute, but that was prob the highlight of the episode. Team Rocket singing while blasting off made me laugh, and the chingling and James were kinda funny, so all in all an ok filler. 7/10


Dreams = Reality
Why not so cool? Trucy and Francesca are both cute. Francesca's dub name also reminds me of an Ace Attorney character, and I'm referring of course to Franziska von Karma.
Coz PUSA don't need to add gimics to try and make the eps better than they are


Dreams = Reality
So when was the last time we saw a paint edit? Masago to Sandgem?

This time Dawn's Magazine gets a paint edit, "PokeCan" to "PokeChic"

True - though i remember the times when they would edit over the rice balls with sandwiches.... I wonder why they changed the name?


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ok was it just me or are Chingling the most annoying pokemon, it was cute at first with the chinglingling but then it was down right annoying. Is this just me or was anyone else annoyed?


The one and only.
Recently watched this and it was pretty much of an annoying episode. The singing was great at first but if they keep doing it often, it just gets plain annoying... so much actually. I just hate repeats.

Other then that, everything else was good. Gligar finally got some training. James still hasn’t forgot about his Chimecho.

But I did find an Error in this episode. The part where Ash said to give back the Chinglings when the 2 Chinglings were already next to them.

So basically this episode wasn’t really good at all. Ugh, man the singing is still in my head. Really annoying now. I REALLY don’t want to see this again.



Dreams = Reality
Yeah, tell me about it - even in the raw version, the singing of the Riishan was terrible - the dubbed version is far far worse!!!


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^ The singing was the same in both versions..they didn't change the melody at all. It was equally annoying in both though.

An okay filler IMO. The Chingling were very boring and annoying. Their singing got on my nerves and they seemed to be less intelligent than pokemon that was ever in the anime. It did have some good moments though; seeing James think about Chimecho, seeing Buneary finally get screentime and seeing Gligar in its first battle were all nice additions. 6/10


-/-Dutty Love-/-
It had its moments really. James thinking of Chimeco, Mime Jr. Battling and Gligar's battle. Is it just me or did Buneary's voice get a different style. Before it sounded wayy to aggressive and annoying and then, in this episode it was trying to sound "cute". Which to me was even more annoying. Chingling was cute though, but of course, only when it had its mouth shut.


Dreams = Reality
the_w0lf said:
Chingling was cute though, but of course, only when it had its mouth shut.
roflmao: Hilarious - absolutely hilarious!!


Dreams = Reality
the_w0lf said:
Chingling was cute though, but of course, only when it had its mouth shut.
roflmao: Hilarious - absolutely hilarious!!


Paparazzi ♪♫
episode was alright
chingling was sooooooo cute

kinda reminds me of pacman though


Dreams = Reality
Oh oh oh - yeah it sooo does!! Maybe that's why they created it? (no, that would be wrong...)


Greatest Hero
A really entertaining, nice "filler"
(I actually detest the word "filler" because it sounds derogatory and no single Pokemon episode so far deserves being called unimportant or boring)
Ok, the Chingling were surely aimed at the younger audience, but the were also kinda sweet nevertheless ^^ Their singing didn´t get on my nerves either, I somehow liked their harmonic sound ^^

When watching Gligar´s tries to glide properly at the beginning of the episode , the first thing I thought was: "OMG, this Pokemon is so awkward...How I´d wished Ash would never have captured it!" To be honest, guys, I think I´ll never get to like this scorpion-like Pokemon...

But, no doubt, the best scenes were those with Team Rocket:
First of all, you have to mention Jessie considering this tablecloth a machine which makes Pokemon appear and the respecctive expressions on James´ and Meowth faces were indeed priceless!
Moreover, their motto was especially creative this time and I always laughed a lot whenever they tried to imitate opera singers with this extemly high voice.
The the undoubtedly best and most surprising scene was when the mechanical Chingling started to sing. It was shocking first but then just hilarious!

Well, as I´ve already said above: An entertaining, funny episode and a decent work!


Dreams = Reality
I think the whole point of Ash having the Gligar is to showcase Gliscor....


Well-Known Member
This episode only had one thing wrong with it: the singing.
I wanted to strangle those Chingling by the end of the episode.

Everything else was neat: Gligar's first battle, that cute little vest, James referencing his Chimecho, I liked that little part where TR blasted off the first time (when Dawn says "You're flat"), the Chimecho vs. Mime Jr. battles was nice...


Is this the TR musical number we've all been waiting for?

Gligar looks pretty badass there.

oh you're a magician? Here I thought you were just a bunny. But wow what a name.


Happiny for the save? And Team Rocket is OUT!

All sorts of wrong things going on here

Pokemon fashion? where is Suzy when you need her?

One of these Chings is not like the other *CLANGCLANGCLANG FOUND IT

Jes: But that singing voice sounds just like you
Jam: I couldn't have it sound like you!
Jessie's singing confirmed for SUCK

ChingMECH left quite a thump on the ground. ~80 lbs.

This Chingling will Self destruct in...NOW

very nice Hidden Power

5/10 It's like that first blast off wasn't really a blast off at all. Lousy magicians.