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The Best Part of your Day


I got a huge tip while I was waiting tables at my job. It was from an elderly couple, and at first I thought that they had made a mistake because I had never received so much money as a tip before, but they said it was fine and I think they must've been rather wealthy now that I think about it, because they were dressed very well.


I got conformation about my pharmacy tech training today and I'm really excited since the position comes with more money and more job experiences.


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Waking up and seeing that the weather is ok. That's always a good start.


WishIhadaManafi5 said:
Waking up and seeing that the weather is ok. That's always a good start.
The weather outside can definitely make a big difference: today I woke up and it wasn't snowing, so the temperature felt less cold than most days, which invigorated me and made me eager to get out of bed for once.


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I was able to shop which I used to take for granted before the virus affected the store hours in my area. I wasn't able to get all the food that I wanted since there were a lot of food items sold out but I'm grateful that I got most of the essentials. :]


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Best time of the day for me when I come back to my flat in Greece after an evening walk on the beach promenade and just cook myself a nice tasty simple dinner and enjoy my free time drinking a glass of wine and reading a book.


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Around 7-9 pm after dinner when my parents let me play video games before I go to bed. Also the meager time I get to spend browsing the Internet instead of doing math. I hate math.


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I woke up today and straightaway went into balcony to see the sun rising and saw a pink/red sky. It was blissful.

Went for jog and saw beautiful trees in the park. It was blissful.

Came back and read the book “The Power of Now”. I read a few lines in it “Even if you are high, the happiness lasts for a few moments and turns into pain.” It was blissful.

I started exercising and i had a smile all throughout. It was blissful.

I practiced surya namaskar and became more calm and it was blissful.

I cooked lunch and prepared breakfast. The colors of food were blissful.

I took shower and the feel of cold water flowing on my body, cleaning me was blissful.

Came to office and finished all of my work along with taking short walking breaks and it was blissful.

I increased my knowledge on one of the apps being built by us and knowing about the technology and all that can be done was blissful.

I walked to home at night and the fresh air touching my face and hair was blissful.

I cooked dinner and the sense of healthy eating was blissful.

I wrote about all that i learned in the day and all that i need to improve on. The analysis made me know myself better and it was blissful.

I changed my clothes and went to bed. The warmth of the comforter and being able to rest was blissful.

Now, can you tell me which part of my day was my favorite?



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  • Shelves are now in my wardrobe = good stuff. Looks nice.
  • Getting rid of more old stuff. I got so many things all over the place.
  • Looking up on minimalism
  • Saving more
  • Chocolate milk.


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I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine today. In about a week, I should be way, waaay less likely to catch Covid. You can't spread what you don't have.