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The best way to kill someone?

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The Deadman
Powered glass in food, apparently works well. Shreds the stomach, which leaks the Acid in your stomach out. Nasty.


Yeah, I should star in the next Hitman movie.
I can probably be like those sexy clown-like guys in those SAW movies I've been hearing about.

We can make a killing by doing so.


Introduce them to Dattebayo. Cruel, slow, and unusual painful death.
They wouldv'e killed themselves before they were there long enough to be driven insane ( so... about a day )


What a great thread.
Anyways, to tell them you have a suprise for them, and you have them in a metal room (though would look normal), and you electrically charge in 10,000 volts.


This thread is grose :(

I'd rather kill myself then kil anyone else. :/
If I did have to kill someone though and wasn't allowed to kill myself, i'd probably introduce that person to Pokemon. :) All of us are lifeless anyway -.-

xD jokes people :p


Put them in a locked room with only an ice brick holding the widow up, shoot them though the gap of the window, take the iceblock away.


Lethal lobotomy. Gradually take out parts of their brain surgically.

Did I mention the absence of an anaesthetic?


Well-Known Member
Shoot needle coated with deadly poison that can kill immediately(not sure if there is such a thing but) without the person noticing you before you shoot it.


Crack the Skye
Shoot needle coated with deadly poison that can kill immediately(not sure if there is such a thing but) without the person noticing you before you shoot it.
There are far better poisons that have a much better effect (read: painful) on the nerves before death.


I ain't witty, so no
:O! A thread about what I love best, awesome.

Easy way: Hold someone in a headlock to where your back is touching their shoulder and you are reaching behind you to keep them inclosed in the headlock. Slowly, bring your hand down in a fist towards your waist. Whilst still keeping the victim in a headlock, twist the fist and the waist (at the same time) together and pull it as far as you can out in front of you. If done correctly, this will rip the spine from the back of the skull, instantly killing the person in the headlock. It'll also keep everything together so it looks like they just got knocked out.

Too lazy to list the 5 billion other ways I know how to kill someone, meh. D:
That, sir, sounds like fun. Reminds me of a Steven Segal film, though. And he sucks. :<

But anyway, I'd probably intruduce them to Dattebayo as others have suggested. After their eardrums had exploded from his constant rambling and crap, I'd slash the achilles tendons. Assuming that would leave them incapacitated, I would don a suit and tie, and douse them with fuel while dancing to "Stuck In The Middle with You". Burning would follow.


Dattebayo deserves execution for being such an insecure teenager as to humiliate himself on a pokemon forum as a gimmick character. Someone that masochist is better removed from the gene pool.

Perhaps the best way to kill him would be to let him be put in the same circumstances as his fictional character. Ya'know, force him to do what his character does. That'd certainly drive him to death. In addition, we could make it a reality television programme and earn a fat-load of cash out of it too.


Katen Kyokotsu
cut around the starting point on eack limb but so they still stay on [eg: shoulders and ...croth + hips] and tie eaach limb to a rope and the other end on a horse... make all 4 horsees run in a different direction....people used to do this in medieval times...

btw this thread isnt suitable for little kids
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