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The Bicker the Better (348)

Korobooshi Kojiro

OMG! I loved this line

"Me and Cacnea were doing fine until Seviper went an tried to save the world!" James.

I also loved it when Wobbuffet popped out behind Brock and Brock freaked out.

Funny, "sexes" is usually advoided in cartoons.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
I loved it, one of the best episodes. Too, funny and I think it was a little random. Like when Wobbufet poped durrign the battle and anoyed Brock (it was nice seeign Wobbufet boothering someone else). It was a classic episode. Nice use of bulbes too. One of the best.

Revolutionary Destiny

snoitome eurt deen I
Wow, I never knew how many times love could be used in a sentence until I heard the Tag Battle Couple...Those love freaks (lol). One of the funny parts was when Wobbuffet appeared and freaked out Brock. And we found out something new, Meowth can shake his groove thing!

Dogasu said:

Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery:)


I didn't like this episode that much. It was OK when they battled and in the end when May and Ash were happy again, but other then that it was kind of boring. I did like the battle between Ash and James VS may and Jessie.


Team Rocket's rockin
Hey, this is the best episode I've seen for quite a while.

The part in the beginning with May obsessing over the mirror was funny, yet a bit random, too.

Oscar and Andy were strange. Actually, they were also sort of random. All they did is come in, have a couple tag battles, then left for the entire episode. But it was nice to see Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

Team Rocket's arguing was hilarious. I never thought I'd say this, but James' too-silly voice was amusing. Of course, I'd still like the old one back (not Ted Lewis). Anyway, yeah, James was funny. His line about Jessie being ugly. Then, right after he said that, he had a funny smile on his face, in the bubble. Then he kept on with the "uglies", and Jessie started with the "La-la-la's (I can't hear you)".

Then the tag battle, Ash & James vs. May & Jessie was funny. It looks like the boys were going to win, until Jessie cheated with her Dustox. Although, it was nice to see it around again.

Meowth trying to get Jessie & James' attention was funny, too. For some reason it seemed like it was doing something else, more like dancing.

Yep, this was a classic episode. I'll give it a 9/10.
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OMG i know everyone is here saying how much they loved the episode but i have to say it too! i just gotta get it out of me! thank god for this episode man..hopefully more will be like this!

Andy and whats his face were wierd but hey atleast they knew Jess and James were in love! haha. Wobbuffet and brock..priceless man! and James and Jesse arguing.. how could it get any better!!! omg they are too funny! specially the part when he calls her ugly. and the last battle was reeking of awesomeness too! i like it when they are all around each other like that. and when they all started going crazy attacking each other and everything, omg i was laughing so hard! i was suspecting ash and may would steal the ending so when they did i wasnt bothered too much. cause jess and james did too and it rocked. yup i saved it on my dvr and im keeping it forevers.
Ever since the battle with Flannery, the fillers have become more entertaining in my opinion.

Favorite Moments:
  • Brock being bothered by Wobbuffet
  • Brock telling Max that Males and Females have been arguing since the beggning of time XD
  • 2 vs 2 battles! w00t!
  • James' 'Jessie is ugly' song
I gave this one a 10;
Brock and Wobby together for a mysterious cause. Most confusing battle ever, FUNNI!

My most favorite part was a scene I dubbed "Frozen Phish" (a pun on Frozen Fish). Yes, I am talking about when Skitty's blizzard freezed Corphish and she tried to melt him with Assist. Nice Skitshipping there.

But we also had what I am dubbing "Twerpshipping" (May and Jessie or Ash and James). The TR and twerp double battle was funny. So that's what Emerald Double Battles are going to be like


I think this is the bestAdvanced episode so far.I liked the tag team battles and the constant fighting.Pokemon should be like this all the time.Anyways,very good episode.


Staff member
Super Mod
This is simply one of the most hilarious episodes ever :D
I really liked the speech bubble fights, Corphish vs. Skitty (Skitty looks so funny in the scene when they are both defeated, totally different from her usual, cute look), and of course, the Tag Battle Ash and James against May and Jessie xD
The Tag Battle Couple had a lousy dress sense, but never mind! They were also hilarious anyway.
I have only seen the original version, so I can't say if this joke was in the dub included too (But I'd say no since I don't know how they could have done that).. but well, I died of laughter when Ash was sarcastic and imitated May's 'kamo' in one sentence. The way he said it was just priceless.
Well, if I continued, I'd use the word 'hilarious' several million times, so I'll stop right here ^^

Togepi Trainer

I loved James' song! And the thought bubbles were great too!

I didn't like Oscar and Andy though.

Great episode, really funny! 9/10!

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
This episode was hilarious.

It was funny how Jessie and James were able to interpret what Meowth was trying to get across to them.

Why was the girl's name Andy?

Yeah, I noticed the Onix misspelling too (did I spell misspell correctly?)

The speech bubble part was hilarious. It was funny looking at the James was walking too.

Jessie should stop cheating.

I loved this episode. 9.5/10

Aura The Wolf

I was bored and decided to watch pokemon (I havent watched it since the first few episodes of advance challenge) and it was actually...funny. It's the best episode I ever seen of this season. James was so hallarious, this is an episode that could get me back into the series again.

It's just that May is so annoying, Max is awesome though so it makes up for her annoyingness I guess. It was funny when Ash was making fun of May the whole episode.

Anyway, It was really funny when James was singing about Jessie being ugly XD

EDIT: When is this ep. on again? I want to re-watch it XD
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Pokemon Fan

Knuckle Trainer

Really, those two guest characters were among the briefest and least important characters of the day ever, but it somehow made them wonderful! I wonder if they spend all their days beating up any male/female pair they come across?

Honestly, on the shippers side, this episode may be the best out there for arguing that Ash and James have no feelings for their current female partners. Ash never even did his fanatical angry denial, or blushed (aside from when May questioned how good he looked).

Who knew Wobbuffet aspired to be a battle judge? Or maybe he just wanted to experience the joy of the Wobbuffet way without the risk of Jesse sucking him back into the ball. I just loved Max, Meowth, Brock and Wobbuffet's short quips to each other during the battle. In some odd way the two groups have really come to know each other pretty well over the years, almost like some freaky dysfunctional family.

May: "Boys, always in denial about their insecurities."
Ash: "Me, insecure? You're the one who has to primp in front of mirrors."

Jesse: "Who are you calling a couple?!"
Meowth: "And who did you completely ignore?!


Team Awesome
Unfortunately, I set my tape for 30 minutes instead of 35 for taping (I always go over in case the clock is off) and lost the last 30-60 seconds of the episode, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this episode. :) Like "A Double Dilemma", I just couldn't stop laughing during the episode. I'm glad they kept the advanceshipping hints, even though I'm not an advanceshipper, even though the U.S. is more into pokeshipping. Otherwise, it would've ruined the episode. It makes me rethink Ash and May a little bit, though I'm still a contestshipper. Anyway, here's my highlights and lowlights:


-- Rocketshipping! Yay! :D
-- One of the all-too-rare teamups of Team Rocket and Team Twerp. Okay, so it was against teammates, but still, I love when they work together.
-- Team Rocket kicks some butt!
-- Wobbuffet popping over by Brock, and Brock telling him not to do that. LOL :D
-- Dustox! Yay! :D
-- Jessie/James and May/Ash reconciling


-- Oscar and Andi. YIKES, don't get me started on them, they made me sick after a minute. :p

10/10 for me. :D I'm retaping Friday so I can get the entire episode. This was definitely one of the best episodes of the season.



Actually, yeah.. this episode was pretty cool. Best I've seen in a while. Could've done better without the 20 whatever year old hermaphrodites named Bert and Ernie or whatever they were calling themselves.. but, all in all it was great.

Twilight Jirachi

This episode cracked me up. I watched it at my cousins house in the morn. Like others, when he said "the battle of the sexes is over" it caught me off guard. The odd thing is, this episode had nothing to do with "a new pokemon or anything" just bickering and tag battling thats all though


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Pokemon Fan said:
I just loved Max, Meowth, Brock and Wobbuffet's short quips to each other during the battle. In some odd way the two groups have really come to know each other pretty well over the years, almost like some freaky dysfunctional family.
That's true, it really is. And that can be a good foundation for some actual friendships, should J&J ever decide to actually leave Team Rocket.

And forgive me if this has been mentioned before...maybe I heard wrong, but did Jessie tell Dustox to use Pin Missile on Cacnea? If so, there's a little dub goof, but no big deal.

V Faction

Geodude said:
And forgive me if this has been mentioned before...maybe I heard wrong, but did Jessie tell Dustox to use Pin Missile on Cacnea? If so, there's a little dub goof, but no big deal.
*sigh* Yes, I pointed that out a while back.