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The Bicker the Better (348)


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That episode was unbelievably F-U-N-N-Y!

I went ROFL, and then LMBO and then LRL!!!

Best part is when Ash got May back for the events in A Double Dilemma!


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I loved the bickering XD; Typical Ash, he can't wait for his next gym match. I'm far from being an Advanceshipper, so I can see why people think of this as a lover's quarrel, and although I can't deny that they care, it's just a rough spot in their friendship to me.

At least they had a couple of battles to let off some steam and made up in the end ^^
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This was a very weird episode. But it was interesting to see them battle the way they did.


Great episode, too bad Ash and May didn't get another chance vs Nidoking and 'Queen.

And i loved how Jessie and James became friends with them.



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Wonderful arguments of both parties, May and Ash just fight all the time, and Jessie and James started because of the battle. Ash doesn't watch himself in the mirror for some reason.

Both teams were a mess against the lovely couple, both COTD weren't that bad.

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This episode was quite funny, the way they were fighting while Brock/Max/Meowth/Pikachu were like O.O O-Okay... *Steps away*. The battle scene was quite interesting (But what in the world was Seviper doing? Wasn't even attacking anyone and seemed happy).


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Ohhh, the banned episode from Hoenn. I remembe hearing this one was banned in Italy I believe for some reason. I remember watching it and being quite bored with the whole "gender rivalry" thing. It was refreshing to see Ash and May get along more like Ash and Misty did in the Original Series, but it also got bland as the episode progressed. The double battle was decent, but nothing new or exciting; just more double battle hype to go along with the games. Having both Ash and May resolve their conflict to save Pikachu was the perfect way to end this episode. 6/10.


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This episode was ok... It was interesting to see Ash fighting/arguing with May and Jessie fighting/arguing with James at the same time in this episode. It was cool to see them settle it with a 4-way battle. The battle itself was really bizarre they were yelling at each other with everything that goes wrong in the battle. It was great to see them appologizing to each other after all of the Chaos.



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This episode had some dumb arguements. Ash should have left May to finish her face and left her! Her and Max love to stalh for time yet when it comes to them everyone has to cater. I don't get why Ash has to argue with each girl that comes on the show. But I guess it's for relationship reasons.
This episode was very boring. Basically, it was Ash and May fighting, then Team Rocket show up, cause trouble, then Ash and May stop fighting. Those COTD were strange as well.


It was an okay episode I guess. Ash and May arguing didn't really interest me since it seemed so forced. Their mirror argument seem forced anyway. Their loss at the hands of the loving couple was pretty fun to watch though so this episode had that going for it.

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Not one of my favorite episodes because of the high amount of Advanceshipping hints, but the amount of Rocketshipping hits salvages it.


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I loved the battle with Corphish and Skitty. Corphish went berserk at the end. I also thought this whole theme of tag battle and the fights between May, Jessie and Ash and James was hilarious as an sort of comic character development for all of them. I go as far to say that filler episodes that are purely focused on being humorous as some of my favorite one.
>"This episode had shipping in it!"
*sigh* Called it! -_-

During the big battle scene, it was hilarious how Max, Brock, Pikachu and Meowth were all like "we're gonna back away slowly and come back when there;s less weird s---!"
"Looks like the battle of the sexes is over!"

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Anytime Nidoking makes an appearance I'm happy :) They both used fighting moves against Normal (Skitty) and water/dark future Corphish.


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This episode is by far one of the best Advanced series episode to come back to. Whenever I want a good laugh, this is the episode to watch because the fights between the team of Ash and May and Team Rocket really lightens the mood. I don't remember how many times I watched this episode. ;)