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The Bicker the Better (348)

Mrs. Oreo

Well Ash and May arguing was a surprise cuz thus far both of them had gotten along so well. I guess they just got sick of each other, but I liked their battle with Andi and Oscar at least. :3


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Wow,one of my favourite AG episodes!I loved the bickering between May and Ash/Jessie and James plus the rocketshipping hints were cute.Overall it was a hilarious episode. :)
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Mrs. Oreo

This episode was not aired in some countries due to the fact that the episode was regarded as a "battle of the sexes", which some saw as encouraging sexism.

Wow the episode was banned just cuz of that? I thought that the whole guys vs girls thing was harmless. Ash and May bickering in particular was just funny and not cause for offense in my opinion. ^^


Lol at Ash and May getting into an argument. I didn't like the involvement of the other couple, but I did like seeing a Nidoking again. :cool:


Good episode. Satoshi and Haruka getting on each other's nerves was cool, because it made sense that after a while they'd start getting tired of each other, and I liked that they teamed up against the Nidoking and Nidoqueen couple. And also, I liked that Satoshi and Haruka got friendly again when they defeated the Rocket-dan.
This battle of the sexes episode seemed kind of messed up, especially when Ash and May argued since up until now they had gotten along well with each other.


This might be the most well-written episode of "Pokémon Advanced" ever. Great back-and-forth dialogue between Ash and May, including stuff I wouldn't normally expect to hear on this show. I'm convinced that Oscar and Andy simply go around trying to wreck other people's relationships and screw with their opponent's heads, both their battles were hilarious. And after a volley of classic Jessie and James insults, we get the big Battle of the Sexes.
This episode probably could be one of the most controversial episodes in Pokemon. That whole Ash and May love motive could upset some Ash and Misty fans, and make Ash look bad. Heck, one can't help it if one has a girlfriend and someone nicer comes along. :p


This episode was pretty cool and made me rethink Ash and May a little bit. The volume of Advanceshipping and Rocketshipping was cranked up.


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This was such an awesome episode, it was funny to see TR and Ash & May bickering and then TR team up with May and Ash was interesting, I like episodes where they work together, although they triggered their usual behaviour at the end.


I like episodes where they work together, although they triggered their usual behaviour at the end.

I also enjoy watching the Rocket-dan trio helping Satoshi and his friends on rare occasions like they did here, because it showed that they're fully capable of acting like decent human beings, at least for a short while. Of course, they just couldn't resist getting greedy again at the end.


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A very Kanto-esque episode for once. The originality of it was refreshing. I liked the scene where we saw May and Ash fighting and Brock was in the background making his lovesick face.


In hindsight, I wonder if we only saw Nidoking and Nidoqueen here as a way of foreshadowing the Kanto remakes, although as a Nidoking fan, I was just glad that we saw one appear again.


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So much tension between Ash and May but it worked out great because they had never argued before like this and it was good to see them get on each others nerves.
Funny how the lovers have Nidoking and Nidoqueen, yet those Pokémon CAN'T BREED WITH EACH OTHER. That Submission attack was very awkward.
"Let's throw those whining women back to the dark ages where they belong!" haha James
LMAO Wobbuffet mimicking Brock is so cute!
This episode is Veronica Taylor arguing with herself for 20 minutes.


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Splendid episode
Nice interactions with TR
Also Un fugly artstyle and un boring plot like we have from 2016 until today