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The Big Animé Move Catalog IV


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Tony's Electabuzz
- Thunder Wave
- Electro Ball
- Thunderbolt

Goh's Farfetch'd
- Double Team

Goh's Beedrill
- Aerial Ace
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Jessie's Rocket Prize Master Carvanha
- Bite

James's Rocket Prize Master Kingler
- Metal Claw

Nami's Feebas ----> Milotic
- Wrap


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Jessie’s Rocket Prize Master Carvanha
-Take Down

James’s Rocket Prize Master Kingler
-Metal Claw

Nami’s Feebas —> Milotic
-Water Gun
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Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Idk if this should be included but I’ll do it anyways:

Bea’s Hawlucha
-Hone Claws
-Flying Press
-Karate Chop

Bea’s Grapploct
-Close Combat

Let me know if anything needs corrections.


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Jessie's Rocket Prize Master Buneary:
-Dizzy Punch
-Quick Attack

James' Rocket Prize Master Minccino:
-Double Slap


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Go’s Flygon:
-Dragon Rush
-Draco Meteor
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Is it really worth listing random no-name trainers Pokemon? Not saying we shouldn't, just not sure where we really draw the line..
This has been the case for years...COTD’s Pokemon moves have always been listed here. I know it seems pointless, but I can’t decide the rules, and the thread starter has gone MIA too. I’m just continuing what has always been the trend.


What are Golurk's moves? (the laser, punch and cannon)

And is the cannon form meant for using a regular attack or is it a natural ability like Sobble's invisibility?

Is Goh's Heracross his only pokemon with 4 moves?


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Goh's Golurk:
-Flash Cannon
-Hammer Arm

Jessie's Rocket Prize Master Nidorino:
-Poison Sting

James's Rocket Prize Master Graveler: