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The Big Animé Move Catalog IV


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Goh's Flygon:
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Breath

Jessie's Rocket Prize Master Rhydon:
-Horn Drill
-Rock Blast

James's Rocket Prize Master Stunfisk:
-Water Gun


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Leon's Dragapult:
-Dragon Darts
-Dragon Rush

Goh's Raboot (Dynamax):
-Max Flare

Oleana's subordinate's Gigantamax Garbodor:
-G-Max Malodor


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Idk if it should be included but I'll just dump them anyways:

James's Rocket Prize Master Throh:
-Circle Throw
-Vital Throw

Jessie's Rocker Prize Master Sawk:
-Low Sweep
-Brick Break