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The big question is, would impidimp be part of Ash's team?


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Seeing as impidimp yet to be seen in the Pokemon Anime, would Ash catch it? would Impidimp fit Ash? if not, would Impidimp be likely on a Character of the Day's Pokemon? Discuss.


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Okay, back on topic... maybe impidimp couldn't fit Ash's team... would it be surprising that the writers don't allow it?


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I don't think it's a bad choice for Satoshi's team, although to me it always seemed more like a Rocket-dan type of Pokemon, maybe because it reminds me of Nyasu. Then again they have the Gachat machine now, so they don't really need a Beroba.
Yeah. I mean can you imagine a conversation between Meowth and Impidimp but I agree that rocket pokeball machine thing exists for a reason.

Red and Blue

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Dont see why not. Even if Marnie has one in the anime it's not like it's the first time Ash has shared a Pokemon with a rival before


Love when the mods can’t do their jobs properly
Grimmsnarl is my favorite Gen 8 mon so I'm all for it