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The Black Ambitions Society

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Darkfire98989, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here


    Darkness didn't create us. We created Darkness. Welcome to The Black Ambitions Society, A Clan for the forumites that prefer to shun the light, to live outside the laws and boundaries that are imposed on the world. We are an organization that strives to be the best but doesn't really mind, as long as everyone enjoys themselves.

    We created the darkness to be our home. We have lived inside of it for many years, and now we reveal ourselves to you. We are The Black Ambitions Society and we are reaching out to find people who love the Darkness as much as we do.

    Enter...............If You Dare!

    Millions of years ago, people and pokemon lived together in peace and harmony. However, this was not, as many would believe, due to rules and restrictions. In fact, it was the lack of rules and restrictions that allowed this time to be peaceful, as, since there were no rules or restraints to bind them, people and pokemon were free to live their lives without fear of being harassed for breaking the rules, as there were none. The society was loose, and since everyone was able to live as they saw fit, only having to follow the most basic rule of "respect to all others",As set down by the Emperor Giratina, and his 2 Counterparts, Mightyena The Trainer, and Drapion the Tactician, the people and pokemon lived in harmony with each other and the world around them. However, this was not a period set to last. For one day it all came to an end. On this day, a rift in the fabric of reality opened up, and through it fell an egg, which landed upon the world, in the center of it's capital city, Nectopia, and, in an explosion of light, hhatched into an Arceus. And the arceus adressed the people of the city, and said "Today, I have risen, to bring an end to the chaos that has befallen your land, and repair this world!". However, Arceus had been put in the rift by his unknown creators 1 billion years before this time, at a time of darkness, before the time Giratina arrived to fix this. He believed the world to be corrupt, because it was what he was created to believe. He did not realise that the citizens did not want this change, all he saw was a land of misery, ruled over by a tyrannical dictator, Giratina. Arceus then said "This metropolis of shadows will become a kingdom of light!" and, in another flash of light, the city of Nectopia was erased, being replaced by Arceus' new capital, Atlantis. By this point Giratina had seen what happened, and, with his army, marched upon Arceus. They met in the town square, where Arceus challenged Giratina to a duel, Giratina and his 2 generals, Mightyena and Drapion, against Arceus, and his 2 generals, Palkia and Dialga. However,the fight was not even, and Giratina had to fall back. However, he did not realsie that Arceus' power had not only changed the city, but the minds of his followers, who attacked him. Giratina managed to use his power to shroud drapion and mightyena, and return them to his palace. There, he used the last of his strength to open a rift, to send his 2 generals into the future, so they may one day return the world to the way it always was meant to be. However, he was unable to follow, as at that moment arceus arrived. Sensing he was low on power, Giratina used his final reserves to let loose a burst of dark energy, weakening arceus, and damaging Atlantis, causing it to begin to sink into the ocean, never to be found. However, arceus was still standing,a nd giratina was too weak to attack again. Arceus grabebd the unconsious giratina, and left the city. He locked giratina in another dimension, accesible only through the turnback cave, the weakest point in the fabric of reality, which Arceus watched from atop his new how, the Spear Pillar, while shaping the world for millions of years to come. And giratina would sit in his new home forever, forgotten.

    Until now.

    In the early 21st Century, an incident involving a band of criminals called team galactic caused a rift to open allowed palkia and dialga to enter our world. To prevent the residual energy from escaping the area and ineveitably destroying the planet, Arceus had to focus all his power on the spear pillar, creating a barrier. However, because his attention was focused here, he did not notice a rift open in reality, outside the turnback cave, and did not notice a mightyena and a drapion exit it. He also neglected to provide his protection to the entrance of turback cave. Because of this, he did not see the 2 pokemon enter the cave. He did also not notice that a gateway to another dimension, that had lied dormant for millenia, open. He also did not see when, much later, the 2 pokemon left, on the back of a ghostly creature, which flew with them to the far reaches of the world, to plan for his return.

    The time is here..........
    The Society has returned............
    This time, they will not fail............
    This time, the world will be reborn!


    1) Follow All SPPF Rules.
    2) Try to be as active as possible. Members who are inactive for over 2 weeks without giving a reason will be removed.
    3) Be kind and respectful to all other members.
    4) No Spamming, Flaming or Trolling.
    5) Respect the decisions of the leaders and co-leaders.
    6) Follow standard Serebii Rules for battling. Unless you and your opponent agree on different rules.
    7) Do not pester the leaders to do things like updating posts, running a clan isn't as easy as it looks, and we are often busy, but we will always update the posts as soon as we can.
    8) Battles must be posted here in the following format:
    Rank Number:
    Their Division:
    Their Rank Number:
    If you do not post it here, in this format it will unfortunately not be counted.
    9) Battles can be done in any tier, by wifi or PO, as decided by those battling.
    10) To prove you read the rules, please put "Because I'm Evil" in your registration form in the section "Why are you here?"
    11) Make sure to credit 00swms in your signature for the clan userbars he made for us, and to credit any other art made by clan memebrs or for the clan to the creator in your signature. That's not our rule, it's serebiis.

    The Clan's Leaders have the power to remove from the clan anyone who persistently breaks these rules. So Don't :)

    Things you need to know

    When you join you must pick a division, they are found below.
    The clan has a xat chat, due to serebii rules this cannot be added here (ugh :)) but any leader can tell you, and you may find links in amy peoples signatures, or by asking.

    Leaders And Officials

    These are the people who command the clan and guide it towards greatness.

    Fearless Phantoms (Ghost): Darkfire
    Coleaders: Bekidding and HydroSwampert

    Dark Destroyers (Dark): Sceptrigon
    Coleaders: StarMasterWarrior and TurboPieFire

    Toxic Terrors (Poison): Wolf Prince
    Coleaders: PKMNSpencer and Drinkwaterlaura(BlazikenBlitz)

    Other Jobs
    War Captain: Darkfire98989
    Tournament Captain: Jen
    Head Artist: Wolf Prince


    Have we interested you? If you would like to join please fill in this form and post it below.

    Referred by:
    Why are you here?:

    It should look like this:
    Name: Ambree
    Date: 7/7/2012
    Division: Dark Destroyers 
    Referred by: Darkfire98989
    Why are you here?:Cause I lead
    Ambition Coins
    This is the Clan's currency. The ammount of this you have shows your progress in the clan and shows how your actions advance our greatest ambitions. These also can eb used to rank up in the clan.

    10 AC for joining
    15 AC for inviting more members, make sure they put it in their application
    5 AC for winning a battle with a lower ranked member
    7 AC for winning a battle with a same ranked member
    10 AC for winning a battle with a higher ranked member
    2 AC for losing a battle
    10 AC for representing the clan in a war.
    25 AC for winning a war battle.
    25 AC for beating a SPPF Frontier Brain
    100 AC for Becoming the SPPF Champ
    Varying AC for winning a tournament (will be announced on tourney post when it happens)
    AC agreed for Artwork
    AC agreed for RNG'ing/EVing

    Agreed AC means that if you want someone to make you art or to EV/RNG you pokemon, you give them an agreed amount of AC as payment for them to do so.

    Rankup System

    This defines how members rankup to higher positions within the society.

    These are the points you will require to rank up in the Society. These are the same for every division. When you have enough you can use the Coins you have collected to have a rankup test battle with a clan tester. If you pass you will rank up, if not you will need to try again. You lose the required points when you take a test battle. For example if you have 100 and take a test battle for Rank 2, you will have 50.

    The rankups are as follows:
    Rank 1 to 2 = 50 AC
    Rank 2 to 3 = 100 AC
    Rank 3 to 4 = 200 AC
    Rank 4 to 5 = 300 AC
    Rank 5 to 6 = 400 AC
    Rank 6 to 7 = 500 AC

    Clan Banners

    As well as userbars you can also put these awesome banners in your signatures to advertise the clan to the world. You can also order specific banners from clan artists by following the instructions in the jobs post below.

    BAS Classic Gear Banners
    BAS New Gear Banner

    Credit To 00swms, Rayquazza the First and Wolf Prince for the various peices of art on the various posts.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  2. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here


    If you cannot see the phantoms under the stairs or in the shadows, it's because they don't want you to see them.

    Welcome to the Fearless Phantoms

    We are the division that hides just out of perception of the rest of the world, plotting and scheming,ready to strike. We do not know mercy,and the only fear we know is the fear we instill into our enemies. We are the nightmares that stalk your sleep. We are the fears that haunt your mind.

    We are............your new home.



    The Head of the Fearless Phantoms. He runs the division and keeps things going the way they should.

    Darkfire98989 - 539 AC


    No one can be everywhere and do everything at once. The Co-leaders help the leader run the division and guide it when the leader is unable to.

    Bekidding - 82 AC
    HydroSwampert - 10 AC

    Ultimate Phantom
    You have reached your destiny. You are one of the most powerful phantoms the world has ever known. You are one of our loyalest members and have strived for perfection. And now you have achieved it.
    Arcos - 27 AC
    SoMaPoKiTo - 15 AC

    Phantasmal Martyr
    You are one of the most powerful members of our society. Yoou strike fear and panic into the hearts of all that cross your path. You are one step from reacing the end of your quest.

    Spiritual Scourge
    Even your prescence can cause people to go insane with terror. You corrupt the planet simply by being on it. You are one of our most valuable members and you are almost at the end of your journey.
    BaronSilver54 - 10 AC

    Arcane Nightmare
    Your powers have grown to a moderate level. You are now know as one of the stronger mambers of the society, but you are not at the end of the road yet.
    Rayquaza The First - 146 AC

    Ghostly Soldier
    You have made your prescence known as a loyal member of the society, but you still have a long way to go.

    Shadow Apprentice
    You are beginning to make a name for yourself, but many still do not recognize you. You have however shown progress towards your final goal.

    Spiky - 38 AC
    Serpentine - 10 AC
    Pokekid0246 - 10 AC

    Unknown Wisp
    You have just joined the ranks of the phantoms. You are unknown to the society. It is time for you to prove yourself.

    Digipoke1 - 33 AC
    Darth Wheatly - 10 AC
    Valkyrie Blade - 20 AC
    Drdj11 - 10 AC
    Hancade - 10 AC
    AnakBae - 42 AC
    sacred keldeo - 10 AC

    User AC up to date as of Post 717

    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  3. Wolf Prince

    Wolf Prince Lycan Seraph


    We are the toxic terrors, we fear not and we mercy to none. We are the terrors of men and creators of fear, if you desire to join us you must demonstrate your will to intoxicate this world with your deadly poison​

    ~Members and ranks~

    Leader of the toxic terrors, reserved position only for:
    ~Wolf Prince~ 70 AC

    Second in command, when leader is away you take charge of everything. Reserved only for:
    ~Drinkwaterlaura~55 AC
    ~PKMNSpencer~ 16 AC

    Your skills in Assassination and combat have earned you this position, fast, agile and deadly.
    Your silent, deadly, your presence is very intoxicating and everyone being fears you.

    Your fast and agile, your speed has no comparison.

    Your strength is superior than that of many, and your poison fists are feared by everyone.

    You have grown big, and your fangs are filled with toxins, but your still inferior to others and you could grow even stronger.

    You have proven your poison, but your still small and weak.

    Everyone has to start somewhere, this is yours.
    S.triker 10 AC
    Chriscolumbo 10 AC
    XxTheKingxX 10 AC
    Loudshadowross 10 AC
    DiamondSeedII 10 AC
    Slade 10AC

    Note:TO help me track your current AC put it in your signature, for each win add it to your signature please.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2012
  4. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Protector


    It is our destiny: we are the darkness, and we demolish those who have the stubborn nerve to oppose us. We live to adapt under the vast depths of darkness and apprehend crucial skills for survival. We will train and fight until the end of time. Bold warriors, prepare to witness your opponent's demolition, resulting from your hidden power worthy of the Dark Destroyers!


    Although in charge of the division specifically, the leader also takes part in everything that occurs in the clan.

    Sceptrigon - 46 AC

    Faithful assistants for the division leader, these members help out in clan activities and temporarily replace the leader when away.

    TurboPieFire - 27 AC
    StarMasterWarrior - 30 AC

    Rank 7:
    With unbelievable power, you have the ability to annihilate even the most powerful of adversaries. Your training has allowed you to achieve great success and embody the strength and cunning of the dark itself.

    Jen_The_Great - ???AC

    Rank 6:
    You have an undeniable amount of power and skill, and your adaptation to the darkness allows you to defeat numerous opponents in the darkness.


    Rank 5:
    You are well-known for your skills, being able to use various tricks, as well as potent force to eliminate formidable foes.


    Rank 4:
    A potent force, you can fight comfortably in darkness and hunt down those who oppose you.


    Rank 3:
    You're becoming more experienced, and your power is starting to show at much greater lengths.

    CrystalNinetales - 114 AC

    Rank 2:
    Your strength is growing, and you are able to trick your opponents. Now is the time to work hard and enhance those skills!


    Rank 1:
    There is nowhere to go but forward. Charge straight on ahead, brave novices!

    Mariobrosvswariobros - 10 AC
    Ambree - 10 AC
    Aquablast - 18 AC
    Comebhax - 10 AC
    Skydra - 10 AC
    DarkForce - 10 AC
    Adipvpster - 14 AC
    Zekrom 4 - 10 AC

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012
  5. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here


    Welcome to the Midnight Legion

    This is the army of the society, which fights in wars with other clans across the forums. Positions in this are reserved only to the best the clan has to offer. Only the best are admitted.

    War Commander

    This person organises wars with other clans and also is one of the main people who picks the war team.

    Current War Team:

    To be decided.

    If you are in the war team you can put the userbars that matches your rankbar in your signature.

    The war team is reviewed and finally chosen before each war. If you wish to apply then, PM this form to the war commander of the time.
    Battling experience:
    Why we should accept you:

    Signups are currently OPEN!!!!

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  6. Jen_The_Great

    Jen_The_Great New Member


    Welcome to the Gladiator's Arena

    This is where we hold clan tournaments, whenre members face of against each other for fame and glory, AND PRIZES! :)

    Tournament Commander


    Current Tournaments
    Start Up
    So, Im gonna be doing something that involves my job as tourney manager, thats right! Im making cookies! lol jk, but I am making a new tourney just for us and to get our spirits up...
    So, now that thats been said, itll b OU and PO/showdown (whatever u use)
    Sign ups r due by 9/8/12 at midnight gmt-5

    PO or Showdown:

    Please PM me this and Ill get it set up for us. GL and (effie line) may the odds b ever in ur favor

    Prizes will be anounced as soon as I come up with some. U may get a choice of some things.

    So far we have

    Matchups are in!

    Past Tournaments

    If you wish to host a tournament, PM the Tournament Captian.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2012
  7. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here


    Welcome to the Jobcenter of DOOOOOOOOOM!

    Here is where you can take jobs to help members of the clan, and to earn AC. If you do a certain job you may put the userbar that matches your rankbar in your signature. (Dark userbars will be added soon). Make sure you PM your leader the following form wth an obvious name when you do a job, or you won't get your AC.

    What you did:
    Who you did it for:
    AC you should get for it:

    Available jobs:





    Duties: Testing Members for Rankups.

    Payment: Double the standard AC you would recieve will be given for test battles to testers.

    Wolf Prince





    Duties: Breeding pokemon for members

    Payment: Agreed with person you breed for.

    Crystal Ninetales





    Duties: Making Art for Members.

    Payment: Agreed with who you're making art for.

    Rayquazza the First


    If you want a job then PM this form to Darkfire98989 in a PM with an obvious name.

    Job you're applying for:
    Why you should get it:
    What you can make(artist only):


    Welcome to the City of the Dead....

    Just kidding.

    Welcome to the Necropolis City. This city contains many services and facilities available to clan members. Here you will be able to order art, have your say on clan things, earn AC by helping the clan, and other cool stuff.

    The Necropolis, Like any City, will be expanding all the time, so make sure to keep checking it out.

    The Streets

    Bounty Hunter HQ

    Welcome to the bounty hunter HQ

    Here is where leaders or members can post things they need help with.
    Need a new team for pokemon online?
    Need help getting some art not available in our shop?
    Need help creating posts for the clan?

    Heres where you can put requests for jobs to be done.
    To do this, simply post the below form.

    Forum Name:
    Description (What you need done):
    How long for(is it a one off, or a thing you need done over a long period of time??):

    Once I approve your task, it will be added here, where anyone can choose to do it.

    The person that does this job will be awarded AC for doing so, which will be decided by a leader depending on difficulty and how long it took, until an award system is decided.

    To apply to do a job, post this form:
    Job youre applying for:
    Who requested it:

    Current Jobs
    Trophy Maker
    Required By: Darkfire98989
    Description: Someone is needed who can make sprite trophies for the clan's new trophy award system. This is a permanent position, that up to 3 people can take. They will be required to make trophies of certain pokemon when they are requested by me, and will be paid AC for each one made. I will happily teach those who want to learn how to make trophies, it is easy to learn, but preferably they should be able to recolor first.
    Status: Available(2/3 places left)Currently taken by CrystalNinetails
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  8. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here

    Black Ambitions/ Pokemon Chaos: The Alliance

    This thread will contain all information about Black Ambitions Society's Alliance with the forum Pokemon Chaos.
    Pokemon Choas is a forum, liek serebii, run by some close friends of mine, many of which are members and leaders of this clan. This means that we will help each other out and things like that. We hope this alliance will allow both groups to grow much stronger, as this allows memebrs from both groups to meet and battle to imrove their skill. We also hope this alliance will encourage memebrs from both BAS and PC to join and interact in the other group, to build both groups to the ebst they can be. If you are interested in joining Pokemon Chaos, you can by going here: http://pokemonchaos.co.cc/index.php
    Another good thing is Pokemon Chaos has an Adoptables site, which I help run and maintain, an PC's leader, Aquablast, has kindly allowed our clan to use their adoptable site, which can be found here: http://www.pokemonchaosadopt.myadopts.com/index.php.
    For those of you that dont know, adoptables are virtual pokemon you can put in your signature on forums, which level up when people click on them. You can also earn promotional pokemon by collecting protional codes and winnign tournaments here and on Pokemon Chaos, as well as by ranking up here. I think that this alliance can do a lot for both groups, and hope you will want to take part.
    None atm
    Any promo codes for the adoptables site will be posted here, which allow you to adopt special pokemon.More of these can be found on the pokemon chaos site for those of you who wish to join it.
    None Atm
    To any mods that see this, this is not advertising, as it is providing a link to other sites used by the clan, which is not against any rules that i can find.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  9. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here

    TPL merge list
    King of Pichus
    Sweet Dreams
    Andrew Lima



    Last edited: Sep 22, 2012
  10. golem12

    golem12 Dragon Trainer

    Name: Rayquaza The First (A.K.A. golem12)
    Date: 20/08/2012
    Division: ghost ofc
    Referred by: me
    Why are you here?: because i'm evil

    whoohoo first
  11. Spiky

    Spiky Prediction succesful

    SUP b!****???!!! :p
    Name: Spiky/ Spikes/ Spikynator/ Spikeh boyz
    Date: 20/8/2012
    Division: Fhearless Fhantoms... or just ghost.
    Referred by: nobodyz but everyone knows me of the leaders so them.
    Why are you here?: Becuz I'm evil!!!

    EDIT: Hey guys, I'm pretty good at competitive battling, it would be cool if I did WARs and if I could be a tester. Anyone disagree? Also, I'm gonna right away send a PM to dark cuz I raeally wanna be in da war team.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  12. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here

    Welcome Golem and Spiky! :) I'll add you soon.
  13. Spiky

    Spiky Prediction succesful

    Thanks dark! ^ And did you received the pm from golem that I won 3 times and he 1??? btw, that makes me have 40 AC ^
  14. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    Congrats on the new clan Darkfire :)
  15. golem12

    golem12 Dragon Trainer

    @darkfire98989 lol thanks and btw i still start off at rank 2 right?

    dude 7*3 = 21 + 10 = 31
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  16. Spiky

    Spiky Prediction succesful

    Lolz, yh sorry... I misscalculated... :L
    But in tot I've won 6 times and 2 loses so I've got 66 AC and goelm 36. I've got a new rank but does that means I have now 16 AC?
    Also, let's have gyms in this clan?
  17. golem12

    golem12 Dragon Trainer

    hmm dude you are tester xD i failed big time
  18. BlazikenBlitz

    BlazikenBlitz Blaziken Ninja

    Name: Drinkwaterlaura (Or as you all know me, BlazikenBlitz)
    Division: Toxic Terrors, please.
    Referred by: Everyone at the Xat. :3
    Why are you here?: Because I was in the Xat, I'm gonna join the clan. Gonna improve my Battling and hang with my friends.
  19. golem12

    golem12 Dragon Trainer

    so that makes me referrer numbour 1 because i gave you the link xD welcome BB
  20. BlazikenBlitz

    BlazikenBlitz Blaziken Ninja

    Thank you, I hope this will be a nice clan.
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