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The Bleach Club...2.

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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
Is Bleach on hiatus or something? o.o
Watch those one liners!! Can't stress it enough, and yes as stated in before posts the manga will resume after a short period of time due the writer I think it is took time off to really go all out in the upcoming chapters so we must wait :-/

Eon Master

Born from the Flames
Hey guys... I'm... sort of back? Maybe? I don't know. Between college and job and god knows what else...

But yeah. Here. Computer problems, a life, and family emergency delayed my return considerably.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. My fic Hunting Death Itself will be discontinued. Yeah, I know, the timing is horrible, but I've really come to realize that I have no way to finish it (let alone the friggin' sequel), and that I've changed way too many of my original plans to even try to get it back on track. Also, a lot of my stuff is starting to verge on ass-pull territory. Next to my Opal's Shadow retooling, my Naruto and Fire Emblem stuff, and the new ideas I have for a Bleach fic (not to mention my MLP fic in the works), it's just not worth continuing. If you guys want, I can write up a summary of what happens and post that, as well as what I have of Kida's fight in the current chapter (the only part I feel is up to par).

Other than that, I've really fallen out of reading Bleach since the Zangetsu plot twist (you know the one), because it made absolutely no friggin' sense and made me ragequit. However, since there's currently a hiatus, I might be able to catch back up again. Meh.

Hi new guys. Eon Master, Captain of Squad 7 (I hope I'm still Captain) here. Welcome to the club and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Anything interesting (besides Kusari's fic and buildup) happen while I was gone?


A Greater Evil
Bleach tomorrow. Can't belive it's been 5 weeks..
Hope this brings the Club back into life :p

Aww, I liked your fic.too bad you had to cancel it. Staying away for too long, and then returning to it, you just don't have the same passion I guess.

Nothing important of sort, this place has been dead for awhile..


Dragon Master
I would like to join the the club. And if I don't join the Zachiru will destroy me.

The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
I'm glad bleach has returned it's been a long time waiting, though I kind of wish it would have started more on what's up with ichigo but I guess we'll get there eventually, I can't wait for the next chapter!


Quicksilver Pirate
Welcome to the SPPF Bleach club, jrs. :)
How far into the series are you?
Also, do you have a favorite character?

Welcome back Eon Master!
I see you've been keeping up with the news on Pokémon X & Y.
I hope you can find some time to get back into reading the Bleach manga.

So the bad guys have been right under the nose of Seireitei this whole time, in a sense.
They've been existing in a slightly different dimension in the Soul Society for a millennium.
But of course Mayrui figured it out, and created a ridiculous solution that only benefited himself. :p
I wonder what ILP thinks of his new outfit.
I also wonder how long Mayuri will wear that outfit for.

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
Yay! I have time between work and school to post something here.

Welcome to the club jrs. I'm Captain of the 8th division, or am I? I haven't been active here in the while.

Also welcome back Eon.

[spoil]Last chapter: The Vandenreich were in a "shadow" dimension. Cool, nice step up chapter.

Not gonna lie, I'm scared for Omaeda. He's stepping up his game for his little sister, but it looks like a build up of feels so we feel bad if/when he dies.

Toshiro's shikai makes ice and his bankai makes more ice. Nice, simple and boiled down.
[spoil]Well to be honest this was mostly another chapter I was not very overly interested it. Was like half reading it and looks like just a standard Bleach fight for Toshiro but yeah. Whatever I got no problem with that I guess. And I agree with PKMN Trainer about Omaeda. I can not see a character like him actually...winning.[/spoil]


Quicksilver Pirate
That masked Quinzi bastard hurt Mareyo! D:<
She was just an innocent little girl.
It would have been cool to see Omaeda actually deal some damage, but we know that sadly won't happen.
At least Soifon came in with the save, acting like a badass.

Next chapter, it seems like Toshiro and Soifon's battles will go up a notch in intensity.

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
...It's so quiet.

Anyways here my take on these passed two chapters.
All the shinigami are pretty helpless.
[spoil]Well based on the last two chapters I feel like there is a good chance this will turn into an 'Ichigo appears out of nowhere and saves the day because thats what OP protagonists do' kind of deal...also where is Kenpachi (Maybe I should know this and forgot...)[/spoil]


Always Searching~
The last several chapters lol.

The Quincy are weak to light. Quincys are vampires xD And god Mayuri, you have zero fashion.

Lol I like the guy Mayuri was talking to. "Leave me alone...but also follow me"

I don't fully understand the significance of vacuumed ice. But Buzz-B dont care I suppose.

"My mantle". Boss.

SOI FON NOOO. Lol this robot is pretty cool though. And Buzz-B is prettyy awesome with his flames, I must say.

Its ridiculous lol. Buzz-B seems on this whole other level, but it still seems like Hitsugaya has a plan. Almost.


And it ends with Wolverine's return.

Lol very basic but I felt like posting, since I havent in a while.


Quicksilver Pirate
[spoil]Well based on the last two chapters I feel like there is a good chance this will turn into an 'Ichigo appears out of nowhere and saves the day because thats what OP protagonists do' kind of deal...also where is Kenpachi (Maybe I should know this and forgot...)[/spoil]
[spoil]Kenpachi is probably in the underground training area, crying to his zanpakuto about Unohana dying.[/spoil]

Uh-oh, Rangiku's on the verge of dying, again...
And so is her captain. :/

Ahaha, gotta love Urahara's kooky entrances.
I love this plot twist! It actually seems like something Kubo put thought into!


Always Searching~
I like how the bankai looks like while hollified. Toshiro looks really cool, which, on top of the ice dragon in the background, looks amazing.

Looks like the Wolverine Quincy is done for.

I kinda hope this hollofication aspect sticks around, it looks awesome.

And i guess the zanpakutou soul stays with the shinigami, I wonder if that'll change, or if the shinigamis can hear them if the quincy stole their bankai

Not much to say otherwise, pretty straightforward chapter
[spoil]Yeah straightforward is right. At this rate maybe Ichigo won't have to show up and save the day( at least until the boss shows again ) I'm looking forward to seeing if Mayuri gets to fight that one guy. He has always been one of my more favorite characters for whatever reason and he doesn't get to do much in terms of fighting...[/spoil]

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
Man, Pokemon Y is addicting. :p

[spoil]Man, I love Urahara. He knows all!

And Toshiro's hollowfied bankai looks sick. I hope it sticks around for a while.

But yeah, these last two chapters are pretty much straight forward. Looks like Ichigo's heroic entrance will be delayed for a for another day.


Quicksilver Pirate
I really should devote some time to reading the official Viz translations again. I did pay for them...

Okay, the Quinzi robot thing is starting to become nightmare fuel...
And then it gets blown up, that's one way to deal with it. :p

Hitsugaya's bankai hollowfies (I wonder what that name for this will be) and defeats his opponent.
But mister fire Quinzi is still there I believe.


A Greater Evil
You missed a VERY something. Go check the first page out ;)

The few chapters were pretty decent. Toushiro looks bad-*** in that partially Hollowfied form. Urahara, LOL. Love his and Mayuri's interactions. I thought the tide had changed, but looks like the Quincies have a nasty trick up their sleeves. Finally we get to see Ichigo!

Things seem, dead around here.. I guess we lost quite a few members :/
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