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The Bloom Is on Axew (668)


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Wow, I had no idea that Doryuuzu was such a midget. And it even appears to be bigger in the anime than in the games. I'd been picturing this thing as being the size of Infernape or Garchomp or something like that, so imagine my surprise to find out that it's only as big as Gible.

Maybe that's true in the games, but in the anime Gible is pretty short, it's barely "if bigger" than the size of Pikachu,

However in this episode Doryuuzu was definitely bigger.


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The one thing I don't get is why didn't Iris want to battle Ash?


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I can't believe NO ONE is commenting on the massive bone the writers gave the people obsessed with the anime world map:


Where are the regions now? And that is NOT a replica of New England, my friends.

I think Isshu's still slightly America because if you look at the virtual map sideways, you'll notice the continent on the right (or bottom if you look at it normally) has the same parts that make up Norway, Sweden, Finland, & part of Russia, which is right across from New York. I know this because I always thought they looked like a camel's head. But yeah, you're right. They altered the continents so people would end these stupid debates, but that could never stop the dub from saying it, whether or not they do

..................................Link to map of the world.....................................
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The one thing I don't get is why didn't Iris want to battle Ash?

Because Ash would want to battle her for real and go too hard on Kibago, who's not ready for it. Also, Doryuuzu who doesn't listen to her.


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Because Ash would want to battle her for real and go too hard on Kibago, who's not ready for it. Also, Doryuuzu who doesn't listen to her.

But he's gone easy on Pokemon before. Remember the episode with Paras?


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Wow, I had no idea that Doryuuzu was such a midget. And it even appears to be bigger in the anime than in the games. I'd been picturing this thing as being the size of Infernape or Garchomp or something like that, so imagine my surprise to find out that it's only as big as Gible.

And woohoo for Mega-Destructo-Dragon Rage. It looks like its using freakin' Explosion.

When Doryuuzu was first revealed in the games I thought it would have been rather big as well. Then at some point I saw it's height and it's suppose to be Gible's height that made my mouth drop, much smaller then I could have ever thought it would be. And it did look bigger in the anime than in the games yet still small. But it just gives more meaning to "Big things come in small packages" and "Size doesn't matter", which was clearly proven in the episode with Doryuuzu making Pendoraa look like a loser Pokemon.

I originally thought that the move was going to be Draco Meteor and have a similar repeat from DP, where it fails all the time, but then I found out it was Dragon Rage, found it odd, then again Draco Meteor for it right now would be a little too soon even if it failed at it.

This episode made me enjoy Dento and Iris' character a lot more, as well as Ash's(As for Team Rocket...well I already am enjoying them fully so I can't see me enjoy them even more, impossible it is).

I hope the writers keep up with what their doing, so far I'm enjoying this region's start more then any other.


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I think Isshu's still slightly America because if you look at the virtual map sideways, you'll notice the continent on the right (or bottom if you look at it normally) has the same parts that make up Norway, Sweden, Finland, & part of Russia, which is right across from New York. I know this because I always thought they looked like a camel's head. But yeah, you're right. They altered the continents so people would end these stupid debates, but that could never stop the dub from saying it, whether or not they do

..................................Link to map of the world.....................................

You're right.




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At least someone got a blast-off in this episode

I was expecting the writers to do it how they usually do it Team Rocket, but when I saw it just falling back down it wasn't as funny for me(Although I still found it funny).


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1,000,000 points for me for guessing correctly that Iris would reveal how she got Kibago.:D Good episode too.


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So, is Giovanni saying a meteor created the continents and pieces of it are in the Isshu Desert?

Is that even in the games?


-Oh look, BW's first Filler Forest of Woe.
-I'm tempted to figure out exactly what percent of the time Dento's NOT smiling. Dude's seriously cheerful.
-Haha, Ash is pissed off that he's not being included in the practice battle.
-Kibago sucks in the most hilarious way possible.
-Iris and Ash argue. Dento looks proud while fiddling with his bowtie. Same old same old.
-Solarbeam? Dento, isn't the point of this practice battle NOT to kill Kibago?
-Aww, it's the world's littlest solarbeam!
-Apparently failed Dragon Rages turn into EXPLODING KIBAGOS.
-Aw, look at Meowth's trenchcoat today. He really does think he's people!
-TR intermission! Giovanni says stuff about the Resort Desert and some meteorite that broke up PokePangaea. This...honestly isn't revealing anything special. Especially since I doubt anyone will bother holding the games to this map.
-I have a feeling I just missed a terrible pun by Dento.
-Kibago is SO ADORABLE.
-Of course Iris' village just so happens to have Reshiram and Zekrom statues in it.
-Pendoraa sounds...very different from what I was expecting.
-Kibago blows itself up in an attempt to get free. Or in an attempt to let the others know where it is. Either one works for me.
-And Pendoraa bascially attempts to melt our heroes. Goddamn!
-You know...Dento and Ash seem surprised at Iris having another Pokemon and all, but...how long have they been together, in in-universe terms? Surely Iris would've at least had to let Doryuuzu out to feed it occassionally, unless she did it in secret somehow.
-Now that I think of it, why doesn't Iris call Kibago back to its Pokeball? Does it even HAVE a Pokeball?
-Doryuuzu's a badass. Yay!
-Iris jokingly tells Ash and Pikachu to fight each other, and...Ash is all for it! Oh, Ash.

I'm not sure if I was just in an extra-good mood today or what, but I thought this episode was hilarious. Not "AG Claydol episode" level hilarious, but still pretty damned funny. That, plus Kibago being adorable, plus lots of wacky character interaction, plus ASH VS PIKACHU FIGHT OF THE CENTURY add up to me liking this episode.


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It kinda bothered me that Doryuuzu is that small and the Pendora doesn't have a mouth and sounds weird.

Also what's up with the dude Giovanni showed? Is he part of Team Rocket? And James, dude, one advice. If you wanna be a believable villain, for Arceus' Sake get yo self a pokeymanz.

Also I noticed this:


Netherlands in the pokéworld (hell yeah)


I've neglected to even write a review about this episode since I didn’t have time before, but I'll suck it up and write one today since I saw the episode at long last. So we finally get a Kibago-themed episode in the anime. It seems like the writers have purposely neglected to give us much back story to Iris and how she got her Kibago in the first place. As a result, I've often said that Kibago is a bland Pokemon and that I don't even notice it's in the anime since it's always just hiding inside of Iris' long hair. That was in the past though. Now, after watching this episode, I've come to respect Kibago a lot more and I think I might have even found some new respect for Iris. I didn't think much of her before but she sort of impressed me in this episode. Ok then, this episode starts off differently than others in several ways. There's a battle at the start of episode, however, this one isn’t like previous battles, since Ash isn't involved in this one! What a concept; have Ash sit out so he doesn't hog all the battle spotlight. Instead of Ash battling, we got to see Dento and Iris locked in a battle for some reason, though it might be explained later. Dento had his Yanappu out and Iris had her little Kibago out, which is like a first in Best Wishes so I was glad to see it playing a role for once.

As Ash was complaining about Iris battling Dento, we got some nice music in there but I don't recall where that plays in the games. When the focus shifted back to Iris and Kibago, we saw them getting pumped for the match which was a surprise. Like I said before, I didn't think Iris and Kibago had much fight in them but Iris looked ready to take charge and Kibago looked ready to fight. Dento told Yanappu something about going easy on Kibago and Yanappu understood. I guess Kibago is still too small to be in a serious battle. After the Opening credits (which were updated to include Darumakka and Hihidaruma btw), we had Iris tell Kibago to attack Yanappu with Scratch. We got some nice Isshu Wild Pokemon music there just as Kibago went forward to attack. I laughed at how cute it looked marching towards Yanappu without much haste. Dento then had his Yanappu use Bullet Seed, gently, on Kibago. It was funny watching Yanappu just walk to Kibago slowly haha. I almost fell over when Yanappu launched Bullet Seed and only one tiny seed hit Kibago's head at a time. Even Ash seemed surprised. Kibago apparently got hurt despite the attack being nothing more than tiny seeds and Iris had to rush in to rescue it from harm which was just sort of embarrassing but still kinda cute.

Apparently the battle was being fought to train Kibago since it didn't have much battle experience but the way things were going, it was just sort of hilarious to watch Kibago cry so easily. After Iris explained why she had asked Dento for the battle, she had Kibago use Scratch on Yanappu once more though Yanappu was able to grab Kibago by the horn and stop the attack from even hurting it. Dento then had Yanappu charge Solarbeam which I thought was a bit much for this practice battle. Iris didn't know what to do but then Yanappu launched the Solarbeam! Unfortunately, it was the smallest, weakest Solarbeam attack ever yet Kibago still got hurt. I laughed even harder when Kibago fell down in slow motion and it's voice was all slow haha. It just sort of fell and tumbled away. Ash tried giving Iris battling tips but she said she already knew what to do. Sure Iris, sure. Iris stunned me when she told Kibago to use Dragon Rage on Yanappu though, since I thought she was bluffing about it having a super-powerful attack. Ugh. That was short-lived as Kibago's attack didn't go off too well and it created a crater right where it was standing and Dento, Ash, and Iris were all left with burn marks everywhere. Haha, Ash looked so freaking funny in his pose. Anyway, Kibago had power, but it wasn't able to control it yet apparently. I guess the battle was supposed to help it learn control.

Meanwhile at some old-looking abandoned building somewhere, Team Rocket were checking their e-mail, I mean, checking for their mission update from Giovanni. Giovanni told them that their next mission would be at the Resort Desert, which is located north of Hiun City. Giovanni then talked about a meteor that apparently collided with the Pokemon World a long time ago and we got some nice animation of it right there. He then continued by talking about how the meteor caused the main continent in the Pokemon World to split and about how the area where the meteor landed, the Resort Desert, was emitting energy waves that Team Rocket was supposed to research. Wow, tough mission there. At the end, Giovanni gave Team Rocket information about some guy they needed to talk to, and he looked a lot like Takuto from Sinnoh. Odd lol. Anyway, back in the forest Iris was feeling down about Kibago not having perfected it's Dragon Rage attack yet. Ash and Dento arrived to try and cheer her up which was really sweet. Iris yelled at Ash though for some reason. Iris explained more about how Dragon Rare works and we got a glimpse of an Ononokusu during her explanation. A hint, perhaps? Kibago then went to pick some apples from a nearby tree, and Pikachu followed it. It then used it's tusks to carry then over to Iris which was interesting to see. Kibago seems like a nice Pokemon even if it can't battle.

Kibago and Pikachu went off again and then Ash asked Iris if he could help battle against Kibago to get it to learn how to control it's Dragon Rage attack. Iris refused though, since apparently, she didn't want to lose against Ash. Well, I guess Ash would have won the battle so it makes sense to refuse to battle him to begin with. Ash then asked Iris how she got Kibago to begin with and she said something about an "Obaba-sama". Iris then explained about her home village and we got to see a village with wild Kibago and Onondo running around. I had to wonder if that was near Souryuu City though, since it was dragon-themed. An old lady gave Kibago to Iris and then explained how Kibago would make a great Ononokusu someday. Iris then went on her journey apparently. Well at least now we know more about Iris and Kibago. Ash then asked Iris the question I was wondering as well; was this Obaba-sama, her grandmother, but Iris said she was only the village leader. Hmm. Iris then noticed that her Kibago had suddenly disappeared! Back at some trees, Kibago was trying to pick an apple while Pikachu tried to call it to come back. However, Kibago fell off the tree when it got the apple, and landed on a Pendoraa's head! The Pendoraa then woke up and started trying to shake Kibago off of it's head. I was amazed though, that Pendoraa could be so large; I had expected something a little smaller.

Pikachu quickly leapt into action and used it's Iron Tail against the Pendoraa but it wasn't very effective due to Pendoraa's scales. Pendoraa then sort of knocked Pikachu into a tree which must've hurt. The Pendoraa then started charging after Pikachu as Pikachu tried to apologize and explain. The Pendoraa didn't listen though, and crushed the tree Pikachu had slammed into. It then proceeded to chase Pikachu around the forest, while Kibago was still on it's head. I was wondering how Kibago would let the others know about it's location but then it used it's Dragon Rage attack and there was a huge explosion. Ash and the others saw it and as they ran towards it, they found Pikachu in the bushes. They asked Pikachu about Kibago and then Pikachu did those old Pokemon impersonations again and I laughed when it tried to imitate Pendoraa since it actually looked accurate. Ash still didn't understand though, but at that moment, the Pendoraa appeared nearby! Ash and friends noticed that Kibago was on top of Pendoraa's head and then Ash did something stupid; he scanned Pendoraa in his Pokedex. I mean really? There's a crisis but you go ahead and act like nothing's happening? Weirdo. Pendoraa then started chasing Ash, Iris, and Dento while sending out a Poison-type attack of some kind. It looked like Toxic but it acted like Acid since it was able to melt solid rock. Geez, a little too violent there, as that attack could've easily killed Ash and friends.

Ash then asked Dento to help him stop Pendoraa which I thought took them long enough to do. Dento faaaabulously sent out his trusty Yanappu and Ash sent out his Tsutarja to battle Pendoraa. We got some nice battle music again just as Yanappu used Bullet Seed on Pendoraa's feet. Hey, it actually hurt Pendoraa despite the whole type disadvantage thing. Tsutarja then grabbed Pendoraa's horns with Vine Whip, but that didn't work and Tsutarja was just swung around a bit before Ash caught it. Huh. Just as things looked bad, Iris revealed that she had a hidden Pokeball with her! Ash and Dento were surprised but pleased, though Iris looked nervous about using the Pokemon inside. When she finally tossed the Pokeball, a Doryuzu was revealed to be inside. It looked odd though, like a rocket. Ash scanned it in the Pokedex and then noted that it didn't look like the one in the Pokedex. Obviously. Iris tried to talk to Doryuzu but she got mad when it wouldn't respond. Iris then shocked me as she asked Ash and Dento to restrain Pendoraa so she could rescue Kibago herself, since it was her trusted partner. I liked that since she took charge for once haha. Ash sent out Pokabu and had it use Ember while Pikachu used Thunderbolt. The attacks hit Pendoraa's feet, stopping it. Yanappu then used Solarbeam and injured/blinded Pendoraa while Iris swung down from a tree and she grabbed Kibago by it's foot. Kibago was saved! Hooray for teamwork!

I seriously thought things were over by then, but I was wrong again. That Pendoraa turned on Iris and kicked Doryuzu aside like it was nothing. Just as Doryuzu landed on a rock, it starting to use it's drill to Dig into the ground. It then appeared underneath Pendoraa and hit it with it's drill, finally appearing in it's true form which was amazing to finally see. I wondered why Doryuzu was finally fighting Pendoraa but it was obvious after a few moments that it was angry about Pendoraa having kicked it, and it wanted revenge. Anyway, Pendoraa used Toxic against Doryuzu but since Doryuzu is also a Steel-type Pokemon, it didn't even have an effect and Doryuzu just sort of countered that attack with it's claw. Doryuzu was able to attack the Pendoraa with Drill Liner after that which was even better than it's previous Dig attack. Doryuzu then sent Pendoraa flying off into the sky, just like Team Rocket used to back in the old days, which was odd to see. Iris yelled out her apology to Pendoraa though, which was sort of unnecessary. It was Kibago's fault that all of that drama had occurred but still, saying you're sorry after beating it up doesn't change a thing. Just as things looked to have calmed down, Doryuzu shocked me by yelling out in victory after it had defeated Pendoraa. I guess Doryuzu and Iris have more in common than I had previously thought; they both like yelling haha.

Iris thanked her Doryuzu for having defeated Pendoraa for them, though Doryuzu didn't seem to care much about that and only seemed to have done it to get some revenge and maybe some peace and quiet. It then went back into it's inactive state, which surprised Dento and bugged Iris a bit. Iris returned the now-useless Doryuzu back into it's Pokeball and thought about how they would one day be able to battle together. I hope that day doesn't come since we've had enough Pokemon with behavioral problems turning out all right at some point; it's too sappy. Iris apologized to Kibago though he looked happy enough and he looked glad to be back with Iris. How sweet. Ash still wanted to battle Iris and Kibago but Iris still didn't want to so Ash just sort of...battled Pikachu, himself. Yeah, I was shocked to see Pikachu using Thunderbolt and then Volt Tackle against Ash, but apparently that was supposed to be cute or something? It was the oddest ending I've ever seen and I hope they never show that again haha. Anyway, this episode made me appreciate Kibago and Iris at long last after 8 episodes of those two characters being nothing but complete mysteries to me. Looks like Best Wishes will have tons of character development in the future. This episode was really funny in most parts and it served a purpose so I'm going to go ahead and give it a rating of 9/10. Looks like Best Wishes is getting better with age! Well then, stay faaaabulous~


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Maybe Pendoraa blasting off like Team Rocket used to do is a hint that TR will catch it eventually?

Or that they'll never blast off again and that role has been filled up for the "Bad" Pokemon of the day.

I doubt Team Rocket will ever be blasting off again, and I hope that's the case, how they escape is so much more interesting and more "villainous".


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Iris is pitiful, I loled the whole time through as she was screaming at ash about him being a child then it uses dragon rage, it flops and then he asks AGAIN? This happened before?

Iris is too damn cocky

When the explosion happened I lmao at the fact that absolutely nothing happened to kibago

she had an interesting back story too
doryuuzu was done well.


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I just loved the start of this ep! The battle between Yanappu & Kibago was so funny. The way both sides attack made me laugh so hard, especially the solar beam XD

Poor lil' Kibago, it was not strong enough to do anything though its dragon rage has some impressive power, I must say, but it still needs to master the attack just like Gible with draco meteor.

So Iris received Kibago from the village's elder... I always thought Shaga gave it to her for her birthday or something... Oh well

Pendra was just so cool, it was so damn big and strong =D (though lost to Doryuzu) I just love that centipede X3 but its voice sounded kinda wrong to me :/ that reminds me, I really like the voice of Tsutaja when it got throw around by Pendra, I really find it lol. I also find Doryuzu in its drill form funny as well!

Looks like Iris is getting the same case as Ash and Dawn, her Doryuzu is the new Chari/Mamo, can't wait to see how she's going to make it obey to her :) Hope it's not gonna be like the other 2, I really want to see something new this time.

I also really liked the ending, Iris was just being sarcastic about telling Ash to get Pikachu to battle him, he actually did it 4 real, typical Ash, he's just so cute~

Anyway, overall, I really love this ep, it was funny & enjoyable, I also really pleased with the fact they've played alot of musics from M12 OST as BGM for the ep, listened to them made my day :)


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Kibago's so cute what a great episode to show off it's moves, & develop Iris as a character. I like the contrast between Kibago listening to Iris & being happy when it's praised to Doryuzu basically not listening to her much like Ash's Charizard & Dawn's Mamoswine.

Also really enjoyed the training battle between Iris & Dent it was funny watching Yanappu use weaker version's of it's moves & Ash's training session with Pikachu was good for a laugh.

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Pendra sounds awesome IMO. I want to see more of that pokémon, hopefully in a full battle.

The Dragon Sneeze thing and the Dento VS Iris actually made me laugh, something I didn't do in D/P at all... ever.

Iris is simply fantastic. Shes just like misty but at the same time completely diferent.