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The Boys and Girls Club

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Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
iHi everyone! This is a club where boys and girls can GET ALONG and talk about stuff! Feel free to join it! I started it because of the feuding between the Boyz Klub and the Its A Girl Club. To join, just read the rules, follow them, and make a post and ask to join! ^_^


1. NO flaming
2. NO arguing, get along with everyone! :)
3. RESPECT EVERYONE! Don't insult people, treat others nicely so there are no problems! :D
4. NO cussing or bad language (read "Help with the club rules" for specifics)
5. Follow all the rules of Serebii.net (if unsure of them go here http://www.serebiiforums.com/newforums/rules.html thank you!)
6. NO SPAMing (Stupid Pointless Annoying Message)
7. No "oneliners" (look under the "Help with the club rules" spoiler for clarification)
8. Most important...HAVE FUN!!! :D

If you are found breaking these rules, I, or one of the co-owners will give you a warning. Please follow the rules! :) If you get 3 warnings, then you get a temporary ban. 1st TB: 1 week, 2nd TB: 2 weeks, 3rd TB: 3 weeks. Anything after 3 Temporary bans, you are PERMANENTLY banned from The Boys and Girls Club. :( Sorry everyone.

Help with the club rules

List of Banned Words: (These are words that are NOT allowed in the club. May NOT use them or cover them up with asterisks (as seen here, this is just to clarify which words are NOT allowed). Please use a substitute word.
- hel*
- dam*
- as*
- bi***
- ba*****
- cu**
- sh**
- fu**

*Please note that these are not the only bad words. Please just try to keep what you post appropriate for everyone, these are the words that you will automatically get a warning for, but if I see something that I find inappropriate, I will be sure to let you know.

How to Avoid Double Posting: First of all, you should not be double posting in the first place. It is against Serebii and club rules! Double posting is when you have one post, and then another post that you posted right underneath it. If someone else posts after you, then you are free to post again. If there else something else you would like to say, just edit your post!

If you would like to edit your post:
1. Click on the edit button at the BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER of your post. It should be next to the quote button. It will only appear on anything you have posted.
2. After you have done that, just enter whatever you want to add or edit in your post and click “Save” at the bottom right of your post!

If you have already double posted:
1. Copy your post(s) and then choose one of your posts that you want to remain. The other(s) will be deleted.
2. Click the edit button. For more instructions, look at the instructions for editing a post above.
3. After you have inserted your other post(s) into one post, click Save!
4. Delete the other post(s). Do this by clicking the edit button, but instead of editing it, click the “Delete” button nearby where the “Save” button is.
5. Now, make sure that you only have one post. To avoid double posting again, just edit your posts from now on!


Taken from a post from Chelc a Serebii moderator: "Guys, please elaborate on your posts - oneliners are against the rules. So, this is your warning. The next time you post a oneliner, you will be infracted for it, k?"

So basically, don't post anything that is only one line long. Make it at least two. If you post a "oneliner" that is considered SPAM. This is a Serebii rule, so it is also a club rule. Here's tips on how you can avoid these "oneliners".
1. Don't just say, "I had a great/bad day", tell us why it was great/bad!
2. If you have just a little question, try to add something else to your post.
3. Also, if there's not a topic that people are talking about, start a new one!
4. Other things you can do are to tell us about something that happened to you recently, something you're planning to do, tell us about something you're involved in, ask questions about stuff, just whatever, but please make sure to keep it appropriate! ^_^

Thank you for following Serebii and club rules!

The story of The Boys and Girls Club

Well, it all began when the Boyz Klub and the Its A Girl Club were feuding. There were spies on each side of the club (this is when you could see who was currently viewing a thread) and the Boyz Klub got mad that girls were spying on them. That's when the member I call The Fullmetal Alchemist, who was then CharChar I believe came into play. He went onto our club and starting posting as a girl. He said he enjoyed gardening, hahaha, that's just one thing that sticks out in my mind, like girls are supposed to enjoy gardening (no offense) but I hate it! He was using his friend's account who was a girl, so that's how he got away with it. Anyway, after we found out it was him, we got mad. So the owner of the club, my friend rika, who is now kizara, let me take care of the whole issue (I was the co-owner). I talked with the leader of their club spukuro_248 I believe, and he said he was sorry and he didn't want for any of it to happen. So, we both made a truce and we stopped bothering each other.

That's when I got the idea for The Boys and Girls Club. I thought, hey, wouldn't it be nice for the members of the Boyz Klub and the Its A Girl Club to be able to have their own club to talk in? So, I talked it over with rika and spukuro and I offered the ownership to rika, but she said I could be the owner. So, on Sunday, October 31st, 2004, Halloween night, The Boys and Girls Club was born! I couldn't go Trick or Treating (due to religious reasons, I couldn't go since it was a Sunday) and I was bored, so that's when I decided to start it!

We had members from the two clubs start to join as well as other members! The club was an immediate success! I believe the only club larger than us was the Serebii Cafe! I don't know if we're the largest one now, but we're definitely one of the longest running ones. For the 1st month, we had new members everywhere and the club was brimming with life! The 1st year was so successful, I never thought people would never stop posting! Well, after the 2nd year, things really started slowing down, and now that the 3 year anniversary has come, the club is barely active.

That's where YOU come in, yes YOU! ^_^ I may have made this club, but it can't survive on just me alone! I need all members I can to keep the club alive! I honestly love this club with all my heart! I started it as a 14 year old girl going through some lonely times at school, and with the club, I was able to make new friends! I was so happy to be able to have friends from all over the world! Things got better at school eventually, don't worry (I had transferred to a new high school in my sophomore year, it was tiny, so everyone knew everyone, that kind of thing...) but I still loved going to this club! I still love going to this club! It's practically the only reason I come to Serebii (other than Water Spirit's fanfic and keeping in touch with people) so that means this club is very important to me!

So, I hope this story has told all of you why this club is so important to me! I am so happy that I could start it and get to know all of you! Let's keep it going as long as we can! Long live The Boys and Girls Club! ^_^

Club status: 256 members; 260 pages; YAHOO!!!!! :club: We have reached more than 200 members!!! We've reached our 5 year anniversary!!! :club:

Club members

1. Cerulean Girl
2. MetalGardevoir
3. Lightning
4. KyogreFan
5. The Fullmetal Alchemist
6. Nightwolf
7. pyramid
8. Psyboy
9. Bart-kun
10. SkarmoryFan
11. rogue271
12. roodude15
13. MistyMix89
14. Doom Of Light
15. MewSkitty
16. chipsyketchum
17. Crystal Butterfree
18. pokemon_pirate
19. :StarScreaM:
20. MidnightWolf
21. PixieDust
22. Scorching Kamekaze
23. monkeyguy8989
24. Brown Eyed Girl
25. leafgreeniscool54321
26. kizara
27. Relient(K)utless
28. Keeper of Fire
29. Toad man
30. Water Spirit
31. Shadow the Hedgehog
32. Fudge
33. soaken28
34. orca
35. Helsing
36. aquaorca
37. jim
38. PokeProf20
39. Lord Eliwood
40. Nessie
41. Peach
42. Helix Irving
43. Emerald Eevee
44. Ancinet Gardevoir Trainer
45. lugin1212
46. Tess
47. Deltora Master
48. DragonMaster91
49. Samot
50. Pokelan
51. Nike
52. Cherry
53. darkeevee17
54. Wobbuffet fan
55. 1240 Whitetail Drive
56. Colonel O'Niel
57. Mysterious_trainer
58. Raibolt
59. ninja
60. ARTI
61. Mew123
62. texaiyan
63. topgun
64. Nintendomaster
65. Terminus
66. Shadow Shedinja
67. Mitzi
68. Mot
69. Kid Sid
70. latios10
71. Professor Ivy
72. Wrath_of_Mew
73. Yusuke Urameshi
74. Ratboy
75. teamrocketgirl7
76. Max Slasher
77. Mantis
78. Jimmy P.
79. Supernerd
80. pesky_kid
81. Lil Flareon
82. Riku fan
83. Oxidizer
84. pokemaster101
85. butler_fakegroudonmaker
86. Ryu Tck
87. Shadow Dragon Night
88. Blissey_Beam
89. Wailord3000
90. Shining Lugia
91. Mudkip_luv
92. Frostbite
93. Lil Sweetn3ss
94. Mudkip girl
95. Lee Ansem
96. lara lynx
97. Hyper Chibi Absol
98. SnoringFrog
99. Yukari
100. Zoids11
101. Shining Kyogre
102. Chaos Zero
103. taylor
104. Swellow_
105. BeAuTiFuL mAy
106. landon
107. Lopmon
108. azul kingdra
109. Crystal Suicune
110. baton of winds
111. Dark Mew 486
112. Beaniebabie
113. FightingBlaziken
114. daksunt
115. cobaltzero
116. Earth's Demon
117. Shadow Forte.EXE
118. videogamer09
119. GunsoBalds
120. Chao Master
121. DivineDeoxys
122. clammyshazam!
123. creepy_kecleon
124. MegaGirl
125. Dark_fan_92
126. Pokeshipping Togetic
127. Ratchet & Clank
128. ~?Töpåz Rîzårdon?~
129. Zapdos39
130. Choice
131. Ash_May
132. Zodiac
133. kennychan007
134. foxkitty
135. Wooper the glooper
136. Celebi93
137. Slorg Master
138. XxGreivousxX
139. Jason goes to hell
140. dabou
141. Ex_Kyogre
142. JimmyKudo
143. DAGourley13
144. el buitron
145. Shiny Blaziken
146. Maseki
147. Missi2010
148. AnimeStar
149. FireKero!
150. Manyula
151. DriveshafT
152. Uysl
153. May's Boyfriend
154. Capn Zangoose
155. Your-CLONE
156. manafi001
157. lucario x
158. Blades
159. darkpkmn fan1
160. jirachi314
161. Dark kittie farie
162. Shukaku
163. Suicune619
164. ash ketchum Devan ketchum
165. Mazaru Wildfire
166. Jaster
167. LostFreak815
168. ~Dark Latias~
169. Willow's Tara
170. top8inU.S.A.
171. Munchlax42
172. Pokemon Master Lucarioxys
173. Torchibusken
174. ~#Nyolun#~
175. Pachirisu
176. moonchild
177. dragonlord
178. Bert
179. pokemon rulez!!!!!
180. AJslashSD
181. sea princess
182. Scyther23
183. Cacaruka
184. Pokemaggot
185. Golde
186. alen1995
187. masteroftime
188. Magical Togetic
189. undead
190. celbii
191. mewmew202
192. Angelic Pika
193. Jillel
194. 00hbani
195. paradise
196. Universe Chaser
197. mr.kitty96
198. mangaeyes
199. Meowth9
200. theplushinator
201. Mewluvr200
202. Hornswoggle
203. Randomosity
204. lucariofan116
205. Miltonic
206. griffins_guardian
207. BlazikenBud
208. GiratinaShaymin<3
209. John_pokemonsquare
210. yhyiannis
211. ~GreeN~
212. Emperor Giratina
213. treespyro
214. PikaHeart
215. Brando95
216. -*Lovely Floatzel*-
217. Orangee
218. wingullpie
219. Master of All
220. super_sonic914
221. Maxwell_Heartz
222. super_sonic914
223. Munchy_Lax
224. GymLeaderJP
225. pokemonmaster333
226. -WOLF-
227. fango pango
228. brandyjay
229. GymLeaderJP
230. ShinyCollector007
231. Babey_blue
232. Bisasam
233. Rattata the Mighty
234. ilovemyfreindsalot
235. alteredegoX
236. BCountz
237. rosso1111
238. pokefan#493
239. ArcanineOod
240. granbull guy
241. LucarioLV.X
242. Shining Suicune
243. SpyroxPikachu
244. Shining-Platinum
245. Dragon_Theif
246. ashvsmay00
247. par0003
248. MKFC
249. torterra09
250. Happy Happiny
251. DecodexMe
252. Chimpchar
253. mistycerulean
254. 7 tyranitars
255. Devastator2000
256. Machamp-X

Club positions

1. Cerulean Girl - Club leader
2. chipsyketchum - Girl co-owner #1
3. Lightning - Girl co-owner #2
4. PixieDust - Girl co-owner #3
5. kizara - Girl co-owner #4
6. MistyMix89 - Girl co-owner #5
7. mewmew202 - Girl co-owner #6
8. ArcanineOod - Girl co-owner #7
9. MetalGardevoir - Boy co-owner #1
10. The Fullmetal Alchemist - Boy co-owner #2
11. Bart-kun - Boy co-owner #3
12. Jimmy P. - Boy co-owner #4
13. Shiny Blaziken - Boy co-owner #5
14. Bert - Boy co-owner #6
15. yhyiannis - Boy co-owner #7
16. Shining Kyogre - Club secretary
17. pyramid - Official Banner Maker #1
18. Bart-kun - Official Banner Maker #2
19. Brown Eyed Girl - Official Banner Maker #3
20. PokeProf20 - Official Banner Maker #4
21. rogue271 - Official Banner Maker #5
22. Suicune619 - Official Banner Maker #6
23. Jimmy P. - Official Banner Maker #7
24. Capn Zangoose - Official Banner Maker #8
25. Angelic Pika - Official Banner Maker #9
26. John_pokemonsquare - Official Banner Maker #10
27. ArcanineOod - Official Banner Maker #11

Explanation of Club Positions

Club leader: This person is in charge of the club and is responsible for everything that goes on in the club. This person may do whatever they like without any permission from anyone else. This person is responsible for updating the club and making sure that everything is running in order. The leader may assume any responsibilities that they wish. Has the final decision to everything and is the only person who may ban members. ALL OTHER PERSONS ARE TO REPORT TO THE LEADER!

Co-owners: These people are in charge of a few things. Their first duty is to report to the leader if anything is amiss in the club. They help to maintain order in the club and make sure that everyone is following the rules. They are also responsible for welcoming new members if the owner has not already done so. They are in charge when the leader is not present.

Club secretary: This person is in charge of doing any secretarial tasks that the owner asks them to take responsibility for. They are in charge of making all the links on the first page still work and for notifying the leader if anything needs correction and is up to date.

Official Banner Makers: These people are in charge of making banners for the club. In order to apply, they must FIRST make a banner and THEN send it to the owner. After the owner receives the first banner, the person will automatically be made an Official Banner Maker. The procedures for making a banner are this. The banner must first be made, and then it will be sent to the owner by PM. The PM is required to have a link to the banner and a name for the banner. If the owner cannot think of a name or does not wish to name the banner, then they will put, “no name”. It is recommended to put who the banner is copyrighted by on the banner, but it is not required. They are required to make sure that their banner fits Serebii standards BEFORE sending it to the owner.

Members: The members of the club do no have any responsibilities except for this, making sure that they have read ALL the rules and follow them. They should check the first page occasionally to see if anything is new. They should let the leader know if there are any suggestions or questions. They should also have fun! ^_^

Available Positions

Official Banner Maker (multiple positions available)

Any suggestions, please PM me!

Warnings/Temporary Bans
el buitron - Warning (1)
par0003 - Temporary ban (1)

Our club banners!
PLEASE give the person who made the banner credit! Thanks!

pyramid's banners:

1. http://*******.com/lv060 Title: BAGC white
2. http://*******.com/lwnf5 Title: BAGC pink

Bart-kun's banners:

1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v425/spkuro/Club pix/bagcbannerrr.gif Title: Linoone-BAGC

Brown Eyed Girl's banners:

1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/zanney/BGC_SPPf.gif Title: Misty and Drew
2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/zanney/BAGCBanner.jpg Title: Brendan and May
3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/zanney/OwnerBanner.gif Title: Owner's Banner CANNOT USE THIS ONE!
4. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/zanney/BAGC2.gif Title: Co-owner's Co-owners' only! No-one else's!

PokeProf20's banners:

1. http://img35.exs.cx/img35/5500/BaGBanner.png Title: BAGC R&B
2. http://img25.exs.cx/img25/4923/bagbbanner.png Title: Co-owners Green Banner Makers only!

rogue271's banners:

1. http://*******.com/lfwgz Title: Jimmy and rachel

Suicune619's banners:

1. http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/2985/boysandgirlsclubspritebqh0.png Title: Diamond and Pearl

Jimmy P.'s banners:

1. http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f299/JAPlatts/Random Pokemon stuffs/BAGCBanner.png Title: Request

Capn Zangoose's banners:

1. http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k52/Capn_Droid/SPPF.jpg Title: Diamond and Pearl Silhouette

Angelic Pika's banners:

1. http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t96/Sparkie_ChuChu/BGCbanner.png Title: BestFriends

John_pokemonsquare's banners:

1. http://i330.photobucket.com/albums/l408/John_pokemonsquare/boysngirlsclub_banner.png Title: BAGC Latios and Latias

ArcanineOod's banners:

1. http://*******.com/r/99evxs/3 Title: BaGC - Pikachu
2. http://*******.com/r/2iqlik8/3 Title: BaGC- Gallade & Gardevoir

Any suggestions or comments, please PM me! Also, if you change your name on serebii, please PM me so I can change it on the club list! ^_^ Thanks! :D

P.S. This club was approved by Jasmine


Thanks to Wobbuffet fan for this awesome club card!


Thank you to Bart-kun for this cool card!
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Hi CG! Yep, I'm a coowner for once! *gasp* And yeah people, listen to the girl... rules are there for a reason! :)

Uh... can't start a topic until we've got members, right CG? I'll go spread de word... and Mistystar should be here soon... :)


Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
Ok, thanks! I forgot to add you to the member list. Oops! Sorry. :( *adds* :D

Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
LOL Ok, calm down and have fun! LOL jk! Yea! The club will be in your sig! Oops, I'll add it too! LOL

Anyone, feel free to join!

~Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
Ok Lightning and KyogreFan you're in! *adds*
Yay! More members already!

Umm... I'm going to TRY to make a banner for de club... but it'll probably be very bad, as it'll be my first try...

Yeah, anyways...

Got any subjects on ya, CG?


Cerulean Girl, I sended you a private message. Did you get it?

Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
Yes I got it Lightning you'll be a co-owner now! np!

Ok CharChar! We have our second co-owner for the boys now! YEA!

Ok, you're in Nightwolf! Yea!

Topic... what did you do (or are going to do) for Hallloween?


I went rick or treating with my dad and bro.I'm eating the candy I got right now.Yum.

Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
LOL Yea Nightwolf!

I didn't do anything because it was on Sunday and I couldn't go TOTing. :( I did go to this thing at our church called Trunk-Or-Treating yesterday and got a lot of candy, so that was good!


I never go trick or treating, so I don't know how its like. I wish I could experience it though. I'm not going to do anything for Halloween, its not any different from other years. Oh well....

Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer
*cries for Lightning* How sad! :( It's ok, I'll give you some candy! *passes candy* Hope you like it! :D


I never go trick or treating, so I don't know how its like. I wish I could experience it though. I'm not going to do anything for Halloween, its not any different from other years. Oh well....
You never went TOT?I'm sorry.I thinm everyone should be able ta go TOT.

I did go to this thing at our church called Trunk-Or-Treating yesterday and got a lot of candy, so that was good!
That does sound intresing.


LOL, thanks Cerulean Girl. Hee hee. :D

How do you guys go trick-or-treating?
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