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The Boys and Girls Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Cerulean Girl, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Dark kittie farie

    Dark kittie farie Light & Darkness

    Hm...let's see....Well, I wasn't too sure on how to make the texts in bold but I know now!! Heheh! And thanks for cheering me on, CG!! and I wanna see the video you made, FP! ^^
    When did u join and what's ur favorite memory?
    Well...I think it was about 2-3 years ago that I joined....somewhere in the beginning of the year....and I don't think I have a favorite memory!
  2. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    OTL School has been drivin' me crazeh. Homework, homework, homework.. -faints-

    *cough* Well, my life's doin' somewhat fine right now. My real bad cold went away (Yay!) and I got back together with my best friend EVAR (who's a member here) and we're an item now. =D

    ALSO, my English teacher made us read Of Mice and Men and, I admit, it was a real enjoyable book. I got somewhat frustrated with the constant slang in the characters' dialogue, but I got used to it near half-way through.

    So, after reading the book and taking the test on it (which I believe I did fairly well in), me and 4 other students have to act out the last chapter of the book. I'm George... and I have to act out the part where I shoot Lenny in the back of the head. At least I get to hold a paper gun. xD;

    I'll try to post often! 8D *solutes*
  3. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Ha ha

    I remember this club, Man it has been long

    Hey people I see that you are keeping this going.
  4. Dark kittie farie

    Dark kittie farie Light & Darkness

    Yeah, trying to keep this club going!! Anyways, that sounds kind of like a good book...reminds me of the story The Outsiders...that was a good story! It was sad yet....very good...I read the story twice. Loved it.
  5. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    school is annoying
    and now my dad wants me to MOV school
    its really frustrating...but if all goes well,im going to stay where i am :)...but if not...then i might be a bit more actie on sppf as they have some good internet filter(NOT)
    dark kittie farie
    heres you go
  6. Dark kittie farie

    Dark kittie farie Light & Darkness

    Ah, awesome! I'll add you to my friends list on yt, fp! hmm...new topic! XD
    Would you rather be abandoned in a cave or in the ocean?!
  7. benthekid

    benthekid Banned

    hello.i heard a bloke called lucarioLV.X joined here.u know where he is?
  8. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    I have no idea, you could check the first page and see if he's on the member list. Other than that, I have a strange feeling you're the same guy who got banned because of a wrong username just around one page ago, correct ;)?
    Feel free to join if you want, but please DO read the rules (first page) and please for the love of the mods don't post oneliners.

    Unless you want to get banned again, of course.

    Would you rather be abandoned in a cave or in the ocean?!

    Caves suck, but ocean water is cold.
    Isn't deserted island an option?

  9. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    thanks dark kittie farie,i accepted it
    and now utube is telling me about copyright information :(
    but still,im hoping that someone can COMMENT on my videos,because i never get comments...just one would be good because then i can see what i can improve in future ones
    you depend on our protection yet you feed us lies from the table cloth
    (b.y.o.b by system of a down :D)
  10. Cerulean Girl

    Cerulean Girl Cerulean Trainer

    246 pages, yay! ^_^ *updates*

    Bert: Hahahaha, sorry, I had to make it colorful and fun! ^_^ It is a 5 year anniversary, it's a huge deal! :p Thank you very much! ^_^ Yes, all the thanks goes to everyone! Wow, I can't believe u've been a member for that long, I only know how long the original members have been in the club, but hardly any of them come by anymore, I'd venture to say ur one of the oldest members of the club who still comes here regularly! ^_^ Congrats! Awwww, thanks! Yeah, I really care about the club, so I just wanted to remind ppl we're still around! :p Yeah, thank u very much! I really wish I got the promotion, but oh well! I'm learning to live with it! :p I'm gonna have my manager call the store in Utah and let them know that I'm looking for an ASM position cuz it'll sound more official! :p I'm super excited for this fresh start though cuz I don't really have any friends here anyway! :p That's nice, I can't wait to live on my own, gotta be fun being on ur a own for a bit! ^_^ Oh, I'm sorry about ur best friend, hope things turn out well! ^_^ And thanks for doing your co-owner duties! :p

    fp: That's cool, you've been a member almost a year, congrats! ^_^ That's a good memory! ^_^ You can still PM me anytime, I just got bad with getting back to people! :p I remember Pachirisu! I miss all the members who don't come here anymore! :( Oh, sorry about that, but I know for sure I saw the same post 3 times, maybe Serebii is just messing up! :(

    Dkf: It's cool, now u know! ^_^ And no prob, always glad to cheer people on! ^_^ That's cool, I know u've been a member for a long time! ^_^ I read The Outsiders too, that was a good book! I never saw the movie.

    pokefan#493: Hey, welcome back! ^_^ I'm so sorry about the hw! :( Glad ur feeling better and that ur w/ur best friend! ^_^ Glad u liked that book, I only read part of it, but I didn't like it, and I absolutely LOATHED The Grapes of Wrath which is another John Steinbeck book, I hate that guy! Sorry to anyone who likes him. Hahahaha, paper gun, sounds cool! ^_^

    ts: Hey, welcome back, I haven't seen u for a while! U came back just in time to celebrate the 5 year anniversary! ^_^ Hope u come back soon! ^_^

    benthekid: I have no idea where he is, and since you haven't asked to become a member of this club and you OBVIOUSLY don't follow the rules (no one liners) I am going to have to ask you to stop posting here unless you want to become a member and follow the rules. Right now, you are SPAMing, which is NOT allowed, so please do not post here again until you do those two things that I previously stated. Normally I am very nice to people, but this club is for members only and I don't allow SPAM. I WILL report you if you do this again, this is the 2nd time, you have been warned. Thank you.

    Would you rather be abandoned in a cave or in the ocean?!
    Hmmmmm, interesting question! Well, I like the ocean better, but I'd probably rather be abandoned in a cave cuz I'd be on solid ground and I could hopefully escape, if I was in the ocean, I might drown!

    Hey everyone! ^_^ Well, a lot has been going on in my life! ^_^ Pretty much, I'm sick of living where I am cuz I feel like everyone is just using me and I go out of my way for people, but they don't go out of my way, so I'm sick of feeling unappreciated. I don't really have any true friends here, I seem to have problems making and keeping friendships, probably cuz I move so much and I typically only stay for a couple years and I'm used to losing friends. I'm gonna change that in Utah and try to find good friends who I actually like and who won't use me, so yeah. Plus, hopefully I'll find a boyfriend there! ^_^ I'm looking into housing right now and I think I'm gonna move into a house that has 3 other people living there. I'd have to share a bathroom with one other person cuz there's only 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, but that's not too bad! ^_^ I'll make my decision this week most likely, so yeah. Not much else is going on in my life, I'm finally able to be motivated at work cuz I got depressed when I didn't get the promotion, but I still have hope of being Assistant Manager in Utah! ^_^ Gotta get back to my hw, ttyl! ^_^

    ~Cerulean Girl
  11. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    Haha yeah no problem of course it can be colorful but when you just wake up and stare at some fancy colors ... :p. Yeah actually it does seem like a long time, I was like 14 back then o_O Good thing I'm 17 now though ^^ Growing up rules! Oldest member, me? Apart from you, mayhaps ;). So when are you moving? And yeah Assistant Manager does souns quite official ^^. Yes being alone is pretty neat but not for too long, well I'm not even an adult yet so yeah...But it's pretty cool. Yeah me and my friend always sort things out, we have been doing so for nearly 10 years now so no problems at all ;).

    Oh, and nvm about the co-owner duties hehe, I remember when I first refused to apply for the job but I'm pretty glad I did it now ;). Sort of my way to say thank you ^^.

    So good luck with moving! And keep us briefed ;).
  12. ArcanineOod

    ArcanineOod Peace, perfect peace

    Ugghh... We have to study Of Mice and Men in English, too. It's a good book, but I don't like it. I like books with happy endings and a fun storyline, and this book just doesn't have that. =_=

    5 years, eh? Go you lot! Well done for keeping it up! =3

    ... I need to post more, by golly! Yup yup yup.
  13. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    ever edited a post CG...just to delete it
    yeah...nearly a year of boys and girls club
    it will be a saturday im celebrating 1 yerar of this place
    and a wednesday when im celebrating 1 yr of serebii period :D
    hopefully,when i remember how to get videos from my video camera to my laptop...i'll be able to reopen my actual ccount of youtube :)
    i am so sad atm
    but heres a note
    i prefer spyroXpikachu over pokemon special...
  14. Dark kittie farie

    Dark kittie farie Light & Darkness

    Well, what's funny is ALOT of people have answered that they'd rather be abandoned in a cave. They never think of what other dangorous creatures live in the cave that could kill you easily! Anyways, what happened to all of the other members!? They never talk anymore! What's up with that? XD I mean, seriously. I miss talking to quite a few people.
  15. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    *yawns*the past...7 days
    werre rubbish and annoying ok...just to let you know
    wednesday the 4th-wednesday the 11th i have not been a happy bunny,,,thankfully for you lot i didnt take it out on you...but
    i took it out on pokemon special and infernobat D8
    but now i feel kind of better
    ive taken my pills(NO I HAVENT)
    ive killed kitty(that will be the day)
    i talked to spyroXpikachu yesterday :D
    and now MM wants to be a...priest...to get me and her married on a chatbox
    Fp IS OUT
    check the new sig...
    that picture is....yh
    by spyroXpikachu
  16. Bert

    Bert Untitled


    FP mate, ever thought of getting your brains checked, 'cause those are some friggin' weird thoughts you're sharing with us there :p.
    Nah, jk, just try to make more sense next time please, lol ;D.

    Oh DKF, dangerous animals are everywhere. Caves, oceans (sharks anyone? <_< ), forests...y'know, they could be even inside your room, waiting for you to go asleep and...haha no I'm messin' with ya :D. Sorry! :p
    Yeah most people on the list are like "Hey, I want to join!" Then after we tell'em they're welcome if they stop posting oneliners they post twice then are never to be seen again....probably devoured by cave creatures by now ;). It's a real shame though, afaik even the co-owners are inactive (I think yhyiannis is off to some country for a while and he's coming back, but yeah, I'm not sure) but yeah I'm still kind of wondering what they're still doing up there...(oh btw CG don't forget to edit the first page to '5th anniversary' ;) ).

    Aaaaaaanywaaays.....WEEKEND! Wooo!
    That's like one week closer to my Birthday (still 8 months to go though lol <_< ) and my driving license, hopefully...

    So last week has been completely rubbish, tbh. Kinda got into a few arguments with a few friends, had a bunch of homework and the weather's been absolute crap as well. I'm pretty much sorting everything out right now though, so that should be okay really (apart from the weather lol, it really does suck here in Belgium -.-" It kind of makes me wanna migrate).

    Ah well, that's it for me today kids, try to be good or else ;).

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2009
  17. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    sorry there bert XD
    i was just taking all my stuff i had in my head XD...it is trying to get out...but doesnt...now it has :D,do you think that CG will class friggin as a swear XD that would be so funny,but still
    nothing much happened
    but i now know what it feels for a tile top hit me in my genital section XD
  18. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    No problem man, just let the crazy thoughts flow and stuff like that but watch out before the "men in white" come and lock you up in one of 'em private party houses :p.

    I do hope it's not counted as swearing, because I'm really doing all I can to avoid swearing :p. It's really really hard because I swear alot normally but yeah I'm trying my best eh ;).

    Btw, please do be more careful next time, I'm still assuming you'll want an offspring some day and tile top-shaped babies are just not cuddly.
    Wow....that's a friggin' weird thought I just shared there as well....bugger.

  19. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    its funny
    hopefully we can make it to 250 pages
    yet i keep on thinking...i rly liek this club
    but i keep on wondering if this place will ever get closed
    dont you,half the members have dissapeared
    and GG quit which made me and ppl who play degrassi very sad
    yet...hes predecessor is someone called misa chan...who seems too much like GG to be true...but,i dont mind...it just move on and hope that if GG returns...people respect him like i would be if i came back from a period of time i wasnt here
    a man attempting to walk around the world
  20. Cerulean Girl

    Cerulean Girl Cerulean Trainer

    247 pages, yay! ^_^ *updates*

    Bert: Hahaha, that's cool, yeah, I know if I just woke up I'd probably be startled too! :p That's cool, 17 is an interesting age, that'll be cool when u get ur license though! ^_^ Hope u get it on the 1st try! ^_^ Yeah, ur definitely one of the veterans around here, I'm so glad we have older members who still come! ^_^ I actually like being alone, I'm very introverted and I like to keep to myself. That's good that u guys have been friends for so long! ^_^ My longest friendship where I've been best friends with someone is 3 years, that ended wonderfully as y'all know, but at least we're just friends, we barely talk anymore though. I'll let u know how ASM goes. Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on what's going on! ^_^ Hahahaha, honestly, u crack me up! :p I agree with many of the things that u said! :p Oh, and I updated the page count and anniversary thing, so it's all good! ^_^ Thanks for reminding me, sometimes I get lazy! :p I'm so sorry about the weather, I'm gonna miss sunny Southern California when I move! :( Oh, and thanks for trying not to swear, don't worry, it doesn't count as one, I'm not that anal! :p

    Lucy: We're always glad when u come back! ^_^ I know, I can't believe it's been 5 years, and still going strong! ^_^

    fp: Yes I have actually! :p I've had to delete a few of my posts cuz somehow they got posted multiple times! Congrats on ur upcoming one years'! ^_^ Good luck with ur YouTube account! I'm so sorry that things haven't been the best for u lately, hope they get better soon! ^_^ I'm also sorry for ur pain. And no, I don't count friggin' as a swear, lol, the f-word I do consider a swear though, as I'm sure most people do. Well, I'm sure one day the club will close, I can hardly see me being 50 and still being on here! :p I just want to keep it alive as long as I can! ^_^ I'm just hoping that members will stay active as long as possible and the day when no one comes here anymore is when I'll close the club. But I try to be as optimistic as possible! ^_^ Well, I hope that man didn't think he was Jesus, that's probably why he drowned! :p

    Dkf: lol, I agree with Bert, my first thought was of eels and sharks in the ocean! :p Yeah, I'd probably rather be abandoned in a cave, but I wouldn't like the smell better, that's for sure! :p Basically, u can die anywhere. I know, I always wonder what happens to people, I wish we'd have some of the older members come back once in a while just to say hi, but most of the time it never happens! :( I'm always glad when people just come and talk on here, it's good to keep in touch with everyone! ^_^

    Hey everyone! ^_^ Well, life has been crazy once again! I can't remember if I shared this or not, but I finally found a house! ^_^ It's the one I was talking about earlier. Anyway, the contract is in the mail, so I gotta pay the 1st month's rent along with the deposit when I get it! :p Then I'll be close to being broke, so yeah. :( It's kinda sad, the only thing I'm spending money on is gas, not lying, I haven't spent money on anything other than gas since October 23rd! Not too bad, it seems like forever even though it hasn't been a month yet! :p I'm excited, only 1 1/2 months left in Cali! I'll be sad to leave the state, but honestly, there's nothing left here for me. I've pretty much lost all my friends. I don't have a best friend or even a good friend I can talk to here anymore. I've kind of pushed everyone away from my cuz I just don't want to deal with them anymore. I find most of the people I was friends with annoying, or I just don't want to be around them. So I basically only talk to my work people. It's kind of sad, but whatever, I'm just hoping I'll make more friends in Utah! ^_^ Plus, I've been depressed for a while too, so I'm hoping a lifestyle change will change things! ^_^ I've started packing, I still need my parents to get me boxes, but I cleaned out my closet and only left the clothes I'm gonna use in there. I can't wait to get everything packed and actually move there! ^_^ My room is gonna be pitifully small, everything is gonna be pitifully small, but I'll just have to sacrifice that for living life on my own! ^_^ I just REALLY hope I get my car, that's the scariest thing right now. Alright, gonna end my rant, I'll talk to u guys later, take care! ^_^

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