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The breathing pokedex is here :D


Poketopia king
Hi, my name is AJ, I was born the exact year pokemon was released, I am so happy that I got into it as soon as I was 5. Now I have played every pokemon game but pokemon green. I can literally tell pokemon by just looking at them. Even though I'm 16, I still get teased at school for playing it, but hey, i love the series.

I have strong pokemon so if you want to battle, then go and ask me. I usually battle with my team on my sig, but I also have some other pokemon. I can also trade for those who need a pokemon, so just PM me if you want anything.

Other than that, I am happy to be a member here.


Welcome to Serebii! its great to have another experienced member onto the roster =) here you will find all sorts of people who all love pokemon in some way. This comunity is pretty dang helpful and nice so if you need help with anything feel free to ask me or another one of the seribii members =)


Poketopia king
Thank you. I just have some trouble with EV training since my Liligant's sp is only 112 at lvl 40, is that anything to be concerned about, i mean I have a hard time raising her because I can rarely find trainers who give sp EV values


Well-Known Member
Welcome to serebii. Always nice to meet another experienced battler.

Lady Legend <3

Hey, you can't be the breathing pokedex - I already am!

Lol, just kidding! =P

Welcome to the fourm! it's good to see yet another poke-nerd around. ;3


Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.