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The Breeding Center Secret! (057)


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A Good Episode. I thought, Victreebell, was werid. It seems to come form nowhere. Unless, I'm missing something.


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A excellent episode, a very good introduction for Butch and Cassidy. Nice to see Misty actually cares about Psyduck even if she just uses him to get free things. I like Butch and Cassidy their a good replacement for Jessie and James seeing as how they've comedic relief now, it's to bad when we get to to Pokemon Chronicles Butch and Cassidy become comedic relief instead of remaining evil.


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I liked this episode. I like Butch and Cassidy's motto.

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I didn't like this episode, because i felt sorry for all the pokemon in cages, especially Psyduck.

It was nice that they introduced Cassidy and Butch though, because it gave Team Rocket a rival.


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Butch & Cassidy had a great idea here... but I'm really glad Ash & them came along and thwarted them. Too bad they didn't keep Psyduck's eyes taped up. I liked them that way XD;


This episode was the greatest because Cassidy and Butch made their first appearence here! They can make an evil plot better than Jessie and James, which explains why they're real competitive rivals who wants to impress Giovanni. But none will succeed as the heroes (who stopped Cassidy and Butch's plot) will always win and prevail!


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Watched this episode recently and i love it, Cassidy was so "nice" when announcing her breeding center. They had a good plot going there, even Giovanni approves.

Poor Psyduck is left there to get common sense (?). Then the predictable chef, he loves Psyducks so they obviously have to go back!

Oh Victreebel and Raticate i love them =D! And Misty and Pikachu saving the day.

We'll see you soon Todd!....yeah sure.

One of my all time favorites.


I didn't like how Cassidy and Butch took some spotlight from Jessie, James, and Meowth. I really think that the anime has room for only one Team Rocket trio in the anime haha. They were interesting though; very cruel and evil but that wore off mid-episode. I liked how Psyduck was almost worshipped by that guy from the restaurant though. It was good to see someone who liked the duck. James' Weepinbell was cute too (though, I wonder where he found it?). 6/10.
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I think it was good they focused more on Cassidy and Butch, it was their premiere and they were (and i think they still are) supposed to be better than Jessie and James, at least having the approval of Giovanni and other Rockets.


Great episode, i loved to see another TR members.
and Victreebell was looking little different.


It was a great episode, and with the first appearance of Cassidy and Butch the episode is even greater. I really think they should appear more often.


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This was a great episode and a nice way to introduce Butch and Cassidy. And it turns out that Misty actually does care for Psyduck.....whenever it involves her getting free food.



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Loved this episode for the introduction of Cassidy and Butch and the Psyduck-loving chef.

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Okay, I checked on some sites and apparently, James caught Victreebel 1-8 episodes BEFORE this episode, so not even Japan knows where Victreebel came from


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Really didn't like this episode. It was terrible seeing all of the pokemon in cages, and what TR did to them. I was glad to see them freed however. James getting Victreebell was very cool, even though him getting Weepinbell wasn't originally explained.



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I remember watching this episode and being very confused about where Victreebel came from. When James said that he had to check on the Weepinbell he left at the breeding centre, I was thinking, "What Weepinbell?" I thought I had missed an episode or something. I wished they had explained it in this episode, instead of waiting until an episode way after this one to explain it. Still, though, I loved seeing Victreebel bite James on the head. xD

It was cool to see some other members of Team Rocket, but I don`t like Butch and Cassidy as much as the trio. I just find them...annoying or something. It`s hard to explain.