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The Breeding Ground

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by bboy critical, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. bboy critical

    bboy critical Breeder =]


    Welcome to The Breeding Ground for all your breeding needs.

    I can breed for IVs, Natures, DW Abilities, Egg Moves, Gender, and also EV Train Pokemon for you.

    I will Trade/Breed on a first come first serve basis, Unless I have
    the pokemon you are looking for already in stock.

    I am looking for any pokemon I don't have (DWF, Legendaries, Shineys, Events, and Randoms)

    I will only Breed and Trade Legit Pokemon.

    PM Me or post here for your requests so we can make a deal.

    Current Pokemon I Have to Offer




    In Stock

    ;152;(x1) ;258;(x3) ;387;(x3) ;390;(x5) ;393;(x4)

    ;037;(x2);060;(x6) ;207;(x3) ;220;(x2) ;309;(x2) ;447;(x1)

    ;037;(x1) ;060;(x7);133;(x9) ;207;(x6) ;220;(x6) ;447;(x5)

    If there's something you want that I don't have available, please feel free to ask and i will try and get it for you.

    Be sure sure to visit often as I will update Daily what I have in stock, and also any new pokemon I have acquired for breeding.

    Thanks For Visiting The Breeding Ground and Have a Nice Day =D​
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2013
  2. bboy critical

    bboy critical Breeder =]

    Shop Is Now Open Feel Free to pm me or Reply here for Your Breeding needs =]
  3. Falconblade

    Falconblade Banned

    Gz on the shop :)
    Just to get some info, do you RNG Flawless/Near Flawless, or generally breed for 2-3 high IV's?
  4. bboy critical

    bboy critical Breeder =]

    ty =]
    But, no i do not RNG I will only Breed and Trade Legit Pokemon.
    Also Yes i can breed for 2-3 Perfect IVs
  5. Guiman

    Guiman Abra Master

    can you trade your DWF gligar with me?
  6. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    Hey, it's me again. I have always wanted a DW female gligar, so for that I can trade any starter you don't have, DW females of carvhanna, any from dream radar (good ones are ralts, togepi, and riolu) as well as a few legends. If you want I could do some egg moves, but I'm guessing you aren't an egg move person.
  7. Eeveon1316

    Eeveon1316 Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in a DWF Eevee. I can breed from any of my DWFs to make a DWF for you. My DWFs are:
    ;016; ;057; ;122; ;124; ;202; ;231; ;282; ;302; ;327; ;402; ;425; ;447; ;459; :517: :561: :585: :630:

    I've got about 27 Dittos that I can use to breed partners for the DWFs and then breed down any nature and most 31 IVs. (For Special Attack, I can currently only put 31 onto Field Pokémon; I can put the other five 31's onto anything.) I'm willing to whip up anything I can do with two hold items. So, nature and one 31 IV or two 31 IVs.

    End result is one of the above DWFs with two breedable options of your choice.

    ETA: I also have Pokérus.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2013
  8. Kiraush

    Kiraush Member

    Traded Bboy Critical an extra Rotom I had for a DWF Gligar, he was very fast and very punctual, very nice trading experience.

    Thank you again Bboy ^_^
  9. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    I'm interested in your:

    DWF[SPOIL];037; ;207; ;220; ;123; ;309; ;447;[/SPOIL]

    EM (To whatever extent you can) [SPOIL]Eevee with Wish, Curse, Tickle, or Covet
    Ponyta with Morning Sun or Hypnosis
    Horsea with Signal Beam
    Audino with Wish or Heal Bell
    Happiny with Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, or Metronome
    Treecko with Dragon breath
    Mudkip with Stomp or Ice Ball
    Turtwig with Seed Bomb
    Piplup with Icy Wind
    Chimchar with Blaze Kick or Fake Out
    I understand if you cannot perform most/any of these.[/SPOIL]

    As far as offering goes, I have:
    DW Ability:
    [SPOIL]Taillow with Roost + Mirror Move
    Trapinch with Bug Bite
    Nidoran (F)
    Pachirisu with Charge + Bite
    Bagon with Hydro Pump + Dragon Pulse
    Dratini with Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Water Pulse + Extreme Speed[/SPOIL]

    Many random other Pokémon (just ask),
    Some Legendaries (excludes events + Hoenn; most others can be provided), and
    Other EM Pokémon without DW ability
  10. Mcgustav

    Mcgustav Pokémon Trainer

    I am interested in your Turtwig, can you trade me one?

    Edit: Trade Complete
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2013
  11. Drago-99

    Drago-99 New Member

    What kind of deal could we make for a DW Vulpix with a Modest or Timid nature? Also in the market for a Modest or Timid DW Poliwag. IVs where they count would be ideal, but not necessarily required. I don't have a ton to offer, but I hope we can work something out.
  12. chickenperson

    chickenperson New Member

    I'm looking for a DWF Vulpix and Poliwag (don't care about natures/IVs). What would you take in exchange? I can offer DWF Shroomish and Ralts, as well as other things.
  13. The Master Chief

    The Master Chief A.K.A Tythaeus

    Hello i would like for a DWF Gligar please <_> oh and i can supply you with a DWF Druddigon for you to trade/breed for future customers if you dont already have it >.>
  14. blisseytank

    blisseytank Member

    Hi intrested in your DWF Dratini, Poliwag, Vulpix and Eevee.
    I can give you 1 shiny for all four of them? Or what else do you want?
  15. cRAZY_tALK

    cRAZY_tALK New Member

    Hi, I'm interested in a DWF Poliwag, any nature/IVs, I can sort them out later.

    I have DWF Nidoran, Smoochum, Meditite and Farfetch'd or a whole bunch of randoms
  16. Life_The_Reaper

    Life_The_Reaper Purifying Harvester

    Could I get a dwf skitty I can give you an adamant dwf mankey?
  17. Aldon

    Aldon New Member

    Hey! Looking for a DWF Gligar!

    Just got really into BW2 and the only pokemon I need for my team is Gliscor w/ Poison heal so I'm looking to trade for a DWF Gligar. What do you want for it? I'm new so I don't really know what to offer. The Gligar doesn't need to have any training nor have the right nature really, I just need a female with the DW ability!
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2013
  18. Ayure

    Ayure New Member

    Hey im new and since i dont have any good pokemon you would like i wanted to know if you can breed me a squirtle and an eevee please
  19. Shimmer Mint

    Shimmer Mint Cute Pokemon Lover

    Hi there! If you breed me a Skitty, what would you want in exchange for it? :)

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