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The Breeding Pool

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Ahnibal, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    Welcome to The Breeding Pool for all your breeding needs.

    I can breed for IVs, Natures, Hidden Abilities, Egg Moves, Gender, and also EV Train Pokemon for you.

    I will Trade/Breed on a first come first serve basis, Unless I have
    the pokemon you are looking for already in stock.

    I am looking for any pokemon I don't have (HA, Legendaries, Shineys, and Randoms)

    I will only Breed and Trade Legit Pokemon.

    PM Me or post here for your requests so we can make a deal.

    Current Pokemon I Have to Offer

    Rowlet, Litten, Poplio, Totodile

    Mareanie, Vulpix, Sableye, Dratini, Gible, Sneasel, Dewpider, Sandshrew, Rockruff, Cubone, Jangmo-o, Eevee, Geodude, Morelull, Bagon, Drampa, Fomantis, Pikipek, Grimer, Slowpoke, Sandygast, Carvanha, Exeggcute, Salandit, Rattata, Yungoos, Comfey, Riolu, Abra, Growlithe, Absol, Snorunt, Fletchling, Poliwag, Murkrow, Goldeen, Gloomy, Pyukumku, Crabrawler, Miltank, Lapras, Pichu, Pinsir, Cutiefly

    In Stock

    Poplio (6), Rowlet (1)

    Bagon (31 ), Mareanie (19), Vulpix (9), Abra (5) Sandygast (1), Sableye (3), Cubone (2), Gible (2), Sneasle (2), Dewpider (3), Grimer (1), Morelull (1), Salandit (2), Carvanha (1), Slowpoke (1), Abra (5), Rattata (1), Rockruff (1), Comfey (2), Drampa (2), Exeggcute (3), Growlithe (2)

    Looking For

    Shinies: Sandygast, Rockruff, Mimikyu, Dratini, Cubone and Mareanie

    Scyther, Shellder, Meowth, Skarmory

    Items:Any Rare or BP Items

    If there's something you want that I don't have available, please feel free to ask and i will try and get it for you.

    Be sure sure to visit often as I will update Daily what I have in stock, and also any new Pokemon I have acquired for breeding.

    Thanks For Visiting The Breeding Pool and Have a Nice Day =D​
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
  2. D11

    D11 Legendary Hunter

    Hey there! I'm interested in that HA sandyghast, morelull, grimer and cubone
    I have these HA not listed in your signature:
    HA Yungoos
    HA Mudbray
    HA Comfey
    HA Salandit
    HA Bounsweet
    HA Cutiefly
    HA Alolan Rattata
    Let me know if you'd like to do a trade!
  3. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    sure i just have to breed all of them for you
    but i would like
    HA sandlit
    HA comfey
    HA Yungoos
    HA Alolan RAttata
  4. D11

    D11 Legendary Hunter

    Fantastic! I have PMed you so I'll receive notifications when you respond!
  5. juffate

    juffate Not-So Normal Type

    would you be willing to trade one of your HA Alolan Vuplix for my shiny Rockruff?
  6. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    Shiny rockruff

    Yeah I can do that trade sorry I'm so late on the reply I work 12 hr shifts on the weekend
  7. silverw972

    silverw972 New Member

    Can you breed a 5iv adamant bagon with HA
  8. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    yeah i can breed one of those
    what can u offer ??
  9. silverw972

    silverw972 New Member

    1 golden bottle cap & I want the egg moves dragon dance & fire fang
  10. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    sounds good i can have it done by monday or tuesday
    i work overnight weekends so my time is limited during the weekend
  11. silverw972

    silverw972 New Member

    That's fine with me
  12. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    I got ur bagon 5iv adamant with dragon dance and fire fang
  13. sparky3000

    sparky3000 Active Member

    yo do you have these HA: Jangmo-o, Morelull, Drampa, Salandit, Comfey,Pyukumku

    I got: HA Scyther, Shellder, Meowth (alolan or regular?), Skarmory
  14. Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf Member

    I would like a HA alolan sandshrew, if you have one?
    Could it be a boy, nicknamed Jakque?

    I can give you a gold bottle cap in exchange.

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