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The Bridge Bike Gang! (036)

Rex Kamex

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wobbanut said:
The battle with Psyduck in this episode is great! Even though he loses, you got to love how he keeps trying, and the bike gang keeps cracking up. Not only that, this episode has the first time Misty ear-grabs Brock! Now there's a historic moment.

Yeah, it's not the same style, but it's still an historic moment. I liked Brock's scream.

And this was also the first episode I ever saw. (Actually, it was The Tower of Terror, but I didn't see all of it, so this was the first WHOLE episode I ever saw. Then again, I first saw it on video, so I had to see it whole. Okay I'm done.

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
o i liked the battle to.but i liked the bit when the fire ball golem rolls out of control and they all just kinda...split


The psyduck part was rather funny, I really laughed when watching that part and it was nice that the bridge bike gang finally became friends with Ash and the rest. 7/10 for this episode.


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pretty good epi. Cloyster and Golem where kool. Good to see some TR backstory. 8/10


little punks!
In this episode, I liked how the bike part of the games put into the anime. They even included the biking music theme. The bike gang had interesting personalities. I also liked Team Rocket's past in the gang (James being the only biker to use training wheels, XD). Exciting scene when Ash jumps over the gap in the bridge. So yeah...another great episode. (I'm sure you're all sick of me commenting on just about every episode, but the Kanto saga was meaningful to me and I have to talk about how good it was). They just do not have dramatic moments and exciting moments now like they did back in Kanto.


Turnabout Pokemon
Ha ha ha! One of my personal favorites from the first season! It had elements from the game (well, the bike theme at least) for one thing. It is also the first episode to reveal some of Team Rocket's past. This is probably the most amusing 'TR revelation', in my opinion. Heh, James would ride a bike with training wheels...that is just classic! I also found the rainy background to add to the atmosphere of the episode. And I agree with Kabuto, Ash jumping the bridge gap was a real 'hold-your-breath' moment. XD Hey, I was eleven years old back then!

Yeah, I find myself missing the first season episodes so much. They really did have a lot of outrageous but fun episodes. It really does feel like the later seasons miss that sort of 'feeling', even though I do have episodes I like from them as well.


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That Golem was so funny when he was burned.
The the trainer recalls Golem, and that pokéball is so hot and all, and he throws his ball up and from hand to hand.


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it was kinda weird how jessie + james were both part of it...


Don't die, ketchup!
This episode really made me and my sister laugh when we first saw it.


kiss my greens
Kekekeke, Big Jess and Trainer Jim. Oh man, that was funny XD; I must say, it was nice to learn about Team Rocket's background a little. I felt kinda bad for them when Ash used them to jump the bridge ^^;;

Oh well, still a cool episode ^^


Charmander master!
This was one of my favorite episodes. It has nice moments and intense moments. The battle of psyduck and charmander was funny. Any episode that has charmander in it is a good episode. I liked when they jumped the bridge. Saving the shellder was so cute.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I can't believe that a gang like that, would have Team Rocket as members.


Misty almost hurt Psyduck with a rental bike for not doing anything at all!!
Was she trying to hurt her Water Pokemon even if that's her specialty? lol

It was one of my favorite episodes.
Psyduck is just awesome. =D


Loved that episode! Chopper has cool hair.. like very awesome hair. Plus his bike was awesome. Zapdos bike!
I named my Golem in Platium after Chopper's Japanese name.

I did find the Sick Shellder to look adorble with his tounge sticking out.