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The Brockster Is In (658)


Miju Miju!
Why now? Obviously because DP is ending. It wasn't all of a sudden at all. It's the end of the saga, it's time to send characters off, and 90% fandom predicted this long ago.
Do people ignore the hints throughout DP? Doc Brock? His need to heal Pokemon? Overjoyed in Battle Frontier where he commandeered a Pokemon center? There's more. It's not sudden. He's been nursing Pokemon for the last several years.


Ash's fangirl
This was a great ep, very enjoyable, the BGM was very nice as well


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Figures, they only do something with one of his pokemon an episode before he leaves.

I still don't understand why they even kept him around. =[


-Brock gazes out at the open sea, aware that his time is neigh. Like a wild animal, his only goal will be to find a quiet place where he can wait for the end to come.
-Blah blah Ash and co are going places blah.
-Oh look, a Pichu...and a Cleffa, and a Teddiursa, and...Oh god, they've wandered into a Pichu short! ABANDON SHIP!
-Brock helped a female without hitting on her? I guess she hasn't hit puberty yet, although you can never really tell with this show.
-Team Rocket manages to get in a not-at-all-subtle diamond/pearl reference when they see a shiny speck near a bunch of Tentacruel. Really, guys? Can't we let this saga end gracefully, without hamfisted references to the series ti-*looks at title for next episode*...nevermind.
-Is it bad that I was half expecting James to emulate Ash's badge pose when he got that bottle cap?
-How the hell did TR get to the top of the boat after crashing on the underside of it? There's not even a rope or anything else that they could climb to get up there!
-Those tentacruel look smaller than I'd have thought. Then again...have we ever really seen a Tentacruel in the spotlight, other than the giant one from waaaaaaaay back in Kanto?
-I just love how Dawn and Ash only BARELY care that TR's about to get murdered by those Tentacruel, and they don't care at all once Brock comes back and distracts them.
-Wait, the Tentacruel were more pissed about the bottlecap getting stolen than about TR roughing them up?
-Brock? I know this episode only exists to shove you off the show by making you into a doctor, but it doesn't require a doctorate in medicine to go "hm, these Pokemon are poisoned. Perhaps we should give them something that cures poison?"
-What kind of hellish shipping system are they using where no box has a label indicating its contents? It'd take 10 seconds to find pecha berries if it wasn't for that.
-Apparently Happiny has had enough of Team Rocket's bullshit and decides to blast them off without any prompting from Brock. And here I thought the Chansey line could never be angry ever. (although I suppose there ARE sick Pokemon on the line...)
-Guys, even if you don't have enough antidote stuff to cure ALL the Pokemon, could you at least treat SOME of them before hunting for more pecha berries/etc?
-The lava cookie finally makes an appearance in the anime! THE CROWD GOES WILD!
-Happiny evolves into Chansey because...Pichu wouldn't take its medicine? well okay then.
-Behold, the first, and quite possibly last, time we'll see Softboiled used in the anime!
-...did Dawn just convince Brock to become a Pokemon Doctor by telling him he could always be near a Joy that way? If so, that's awesome.
-Speaking of the whole Pokemon Doctor bit...since when is that even a thing? Until now, Nurse Joys, and ONLY Nurse Joys, have treated sick Pokemon.
-And so, an era is a heartbeat away from ending. But one question remains: What will fill the discussion void left by Brock's departure? What will people endlessly complain about now that their favorite target is gone? Will we see a spike in Misty talk(oh dear god no)? Will more people whine about Ash and/or Team Rocket? Or will things carry on as usual, only without "Brock is SO POINTLESS" topics?

This episode was...okay. Nothing outstanding, other than the long-awaited ejection of Brock from the series. And the Pokemon Doctor profession popping up out of nowhere will always bug me if I bother to think about it.


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-...did Dawn just convince Brock to become a Pokemon Doctor by telling him he could always be near a Joy that way? If so, that's awesome.

Is this the literal translation? I've wanted to know what Dawn and Joy say to Brock after he says "Pokémon Doctor?"


Is this the literal translation? I've wanted to know what Dawn and Joy say to Brock after he says "Pokémon Doctor?"
Well, it's not a real translation. I just heard Dawn mention "Joy-san" and "itsumo"(always) after Brock went "Pokemon Doctor?" And then Brock went nuts towards Joy, so...still, take my interpretation of that scene with several grains of salt. I only know random bits of Japanese!


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Yep, Dawn said something like 'If you are a Pokemon Doctor - you can always be with Nurse Joy!' then Brock says 'Forever.. with Nurse Joy' or something.

Lets all blame Dawn for Brock leaving (and of course James for his bottlecap obsessions), heh.

Hmm.. it was a good episode, but I didn't particularly like how they had Softboiled used for the first time on a Chansey that isn't a Nurse Joy's.

I'll always have a bitter taste about this episode as it's Brock's last, but I'm not here to complain so I did like it. I enjoyed the music, and the fact that it was Brock-orientated. I never liked the sudden change in dreams either.


It's been a while...
Haven't seen it yet but....

I didn't watch it but I'm guessing it was a terrible episode.... the writers should really have made the Sinnoh return at the beginning with Ash going back to Pallet at the end. Leaving space for a reunion with Tracey, Gary, Misty, Oak, Delia and Max (you know it makes sense) and then finally some battle with Gary before he buggers off to Isshu. This episode was a filler. Like we needed any more of those this series. Brock should go to Pallet with Ash and join the party then leave. I reckon this episode will be called "doc brock.... oshit wait".
First of all, I personally wouldn't like a reunion and this ep should be about Brock. :S He rarely gets an ep to himself.
Second of all, who ever cared about Tracey?

I haven't seen this ep yet, but I hate the fact that Happiny evolves at the second-to-last ep. JUST because a Pichu wouldn't take its medicine(?). I'm very glad Brock will be replaced, though. :D I mean, all Brock ever did was go up to some random girl and end up getting jabbed by Croagunk. It was funny but it got old fast.


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You have 620 eps with Brock to rewatch. Granted he doesn't do anything in about 85% of them.
as if i didn't know the general number of episodes brock was already in. as for the rest of your post is your oppinion that frankly i am not interested in.

but perhaps i wasn't clear enough in my post i'll miss the endless NEW episodes that were always so much more awesome because brock was in them. every episode made so much better.

i am not one to tear down new characters just becuase they replaced my favorites so i'll give them a chance and try and enjoy them. but it'll probably be an effort while brock was always just so enjoyable with out any effort on my part needed.
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Hopeful for Gen 8
I liked the episode.


Your Big Buff Bro
This episode wasn't too bad. It's sad that there's only one more episode to follow in the DP series, but it's been a great ride; without a word to perfectly describe.

Anyways, I'm glad Brock got this episode dedicated to him solely, and having to help the baby/mini Pokemon. Baby Pokemon have always been a favorite of mine, likewise. :p

What I also liked about this episode was the many anime showings of Items you see in the games. Such as the few berries shown, plus the Lava Cookie from the kind old woman. Not sure if I saw one before in the anime, but it's still great to see Items, as well in, the anime.

It was saddening to see Pichu's fever was taking so long to recover, but I'm happy to see everything would work out in the end. Of course. But I'm surprised that Brock's Happiny evolves here, to help recover Pichu's fever. Though, I'm somewhat satisfied; considering Brock's team has been updated since Season 10.

Overall, good episode for Brock; but not a too bad episode overall. And now for the finale of DP next week. Things will surely grow exciting for what's to come afterwards.


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It was a great episode. Brock helps out on the sick Pokemon and Happiny evolves into Chansey. Next episode will be the last episode of Diamond and Pearl, I can't believe it's almost over.


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Jessie- Is it gold? silver? platinum?
Meowth- Rubies, sapphires, emerald? Diamonds and pearls work too.
Jamies- It isn't black and white.

Haha well the quotes go something like that anyway. Favorite part of the episode right there. Overall great episode. Plus, we finally got to see softboiled in the anime. :)


Your Big Buff Bro
So, what's the name of the last Sinnoh COtD?
Unless I'm mistaken, her name's Norma Jean.

Speaking of CotD, she wasn't too bad as well. I liked her appeal towards Brock's aid to the Pokemon she was looking after.


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Jessie- Is it gold? silver? platinum?
Meowth- Rubies, sapphires, emerald? Diamonds and pearls work too.
Jamies- It isn't black and white.

Haha well the quotes go something like that anyway. Favorite part of the episode right there. Overall great episode. Plus, we finally got to see softboiled in the anime. :)
Wait, James said? I remember Meowth & Jessie's quotes, but not James's quotes. I'll look at it later today. I have the episode recorded.

As for the episode, I thought it was OK. The beginning was somewhat boring, although we did just finish the Lily of the Valley Conference. It was nice to see a Brock-centric episode and Happiny evolving. It sucks that DP is very close to ending.

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
Another episode of the Sinnoh saga has passed, and this time I woke up for it! I got to say that I enjoyed this episode. The music was great, the plot is fine, and Team Rocket is hilarious. (if only the writers didn’t make the Unova saga Kanto 2.0)

I always enjoy episodes that focus on Brock, too bad it will be his last as a main character. Brock becoming a Pokémon Doctor makes sense to me, as a Pokémon Breeder’s job in the anime is to take care of a Pokémon to keep it happy and healthy its full life. A Pokémon Doctor does that, but focuses on keeping it healthy when it is hurt. Plus, he might get to work with Nurse Joy :)

Interestingly, Teddiursa was the only little tyke that wasn’t a baby Pokémon. Was Budew not cute enough? Are Togepi banned from the show if they are not Misty’s and/or evil? Also, that Wynaut used some attack with its feet to stop the poison sting. Unless that is Wynaut’s Splash attack, the writers are just making things up. I won’t hold that against them because Wynaut has only counter attacks and non-damaging attacks. Though they could have had Wynaut push someone out of the way and get stung with poison sting as a result .

Love TR in this episode, from James starting this mess for a bottle cap to the trio rowing for their lives. The “Maybe their Gold/ Silver/ Platinum / Ruby/ Sapphire/ Diamond/ Pearl ” gag gave me a chuckle and was a nice callback to the ninth movie. And some people think PUSA doesn’t care…
James- It isn't black and white.
I missed that part, but that makes the gag even better. This should become a once-a-saga gag.

One last thing I like was all the ingame items being used. It makes me wish you could mix up berries in the games to create useful medicine. Gamefreak should do that Gen.6.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for next week’s as it will be my last as it is the end of Sinnoh.


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Just a really, really exceptional episode; the dub was really, really well done.

The real strength of Sinnoh, in my opinion, is that it's shown some really realistic situations where the right thing to do hasn't been extremely clear. Some of Brock's lines in this episode are just so moving. Like when he says he wants to help the pokemon, but he's out of berries. Then there's his extreme sadness when he realizes that he's done all he can, and it still isn't enough; he's out of answers. He does what any kid will do, and that's go to a higher authority, Nurse Joy, looking for help that he needs-he's at the limit of his talents. But Nurse Joy can't help him, and Brock is put into a situation that people growing up are often put in: he doesn't know what to do, and he's on his own. He does the best he can, trying to stay calm and keep everyone else calm (good example is when he lets Happiny feed Pichu, as if to show, I think, that he's confident enough to let his pokemon handle this job). But it's still not enough, and if not for a little luck in Happiny's evolution, this would have been a sad, sad episode. The ending is a little anti-climatic considering the seriousness of what almost happened, but then, I think that's okay-there's no need to dwell too much on the bad things of life.


Those gosh darn Tentacruels really put a smile on my face, but my gosh how poorly Ash and co.'s goodbyes are during the beginning of this episode. What this? Happininy is evolving? Congratulations, Brock, it evolved into Chansey: formerly the best wall in the series until its 2nd gen evolution. It's too bad Brock is declining the offer to be doctor because that could'v made Nurse Joy become his woman.